Just a Story About Miyamoto Sakura Being Cute

Just a Story About Miyamoto Sakura Being Cute.

Author:  Daisuke Suzuki
Illustrator: rurudo

Alternative titles:
Miyamoto Sakura ga Kawaii Dake no Shousetsu.

Miyamoto Sakura is cute. Why, you ask?
1) She looks cute.
2) The way her expression is constantly changing is cute.
3) The way she gets so easily excited is cute.
4) Still remembering the proposal from when we were small is cute.
5) Her tits are surprisingly big.
...See, with all this together, how could she be anything but?
And so this novel exists to admire her, the purest novel in the world.
Incidentally, my name is Oogami Hikaru, I'm Sakura's childhood friend, and apparently the reincarnation of the Norse Deity Odin.

Translator: Frozen

Editor: MPT

Volume 1 [Epub]

Colored Illustrations
Chapter 1