Mar 16, 2019

Granblue Fantasy V1 Chapter 1

Chapter 1 – The closed off islandZanktinzelle[1]



I always looked up into the sky.

Again and again.
Chasing the drifting clouds.
My dream always lied beyond the skies.
I wanted to try going there, to not lose to the clouds spreading to infinity.

Even if my father never sent me that letter,
I believe that fact would still remain unchanged―


Granblue Fantasy V1 Intro

Granblue Fantasy V1 Intro

As I looked at how blue the sky was――

As  I looked at how blue the sky was, I started yearning to depart towards the unknown horizon.

My consciousness scattered into that distant horizon, sucked away by the blueness of the sky.

This is it. This is the end of the sky. I have arrived at last.

My dear son. I’ll be waiting on the Island of Astrals, Estalucia.

The winds of beginning had started to blow on this island shrouded in mystery.

Mar 4, 2019

Riku and Chise Afterword


Hello, this is Mizuki Nomura. I drafted the plot of this work while writing ‘Usa Koi’. Back then, the editor asked me, Do you want to try writing a heartbreaking love story? There was lots of planning from there. Back then, I asked a colleague at my part-time job about what kind of story I should write. His eyes sparkled and he got really fired up.

“I want to see a love story spanning the social strata, between a rich, sickly princess and a poor newspaper boy!”

So I was told.

Riku and Chise Epilogue

Epilogue - Promise


On the way to school today, I saw petals of frost spreading on the ground.

They were glittering under the morning sun and looked really cute, so I knelt down and gazed at them for quite a while.

Winter is coming.

It has been four months since the summer vacation ended, when I bade farewell to you for the final time, Riku-kun. It is shocking how fast time has passed.

Riku and Chise Chapter 5

Chapter 5 - The Farewell at the Age of 15

(It’s the last day… but I haven’t seen that girl...)

Riku was done delivering newspapers and returned to the shop to collect his pay.

His mind was thinking about the girl at the villa.

Today was the last day he would deliver newspapers to that house.

But he had not seen the apprehensive-looking, long-haired girl standing by the postbox.

Riku and Chise Chapter 4

Chapter 4 - The Boy She Knew Not Of

The canvas on the stand depicted a serene, slender girl with long hair. Her apprehensive eyes were looking towards Riku.
Riku added glasses to her face, emphasizing her introverted, pure look.
Last Monday, the morning after the rain, he had a conversation with the girl at the villa. Ever since then, he had been focusing wholeheartedly on drawing her image.
Before that day, the more he wanted to do her justice, the harder her introverted, serene smile became to grasp, leaving him extremely anxious.

Riku and Chise Chapter 3

Chapter 3 - The Color of The Vast, Vast Sky

Three days had passed since Chise’s mother phone call.

Ever since then, neither parent contacted each other and Chise could not find out anything more about their divorce settlement.

It was noon. Dinnertime.

Chise looked, no, glared down at the dandelion-colored plate in front of her with a frown.

The edge of the plate was indented and it really resembled a dandelion. It was so cute it could make you smile.

Riku and Chise Chapter 2

Chapter 2 - Under the skies of August, my heart thinks only of you

(Will the girl at that cottage again wait for the newspaper this morning?)

It was 3.30am.

Riku was at the village’s store, in the process of strapping the freshly printed papers onto the back seat of his bicycle. He looked up at the dark skies.

The rain had been pouring for half the night already and, while the wind was muted, the girl, her long, pretty black hair, and her dress of clear colors, would all surely be soaked by the rain if she waited outside in this kind of weather.

Riku and Chise Chapter 1

Chapter 1 - The Lonely Summer Vacation

 One moment, the white ribbon sparkled in the dazzling light of the sunset, the next, Chise’s straw hat fluttered up high with the summer breeze.

The white ribbon of the straw hat danced gently in the orange sky, like a feather coat, before finally perching itself at the tip of a large tree branch.

(What do I do now…)

The tree in question, dyed red by the sunset, was like an impish boy raising his hand up high. Chise could only look up at her hat worriedly.