Oct 31, 2019

Isekai NEET V2 Afterword

Isekai NEET V2 Afterword

Thank you for each time. I am ‘one who forgets about forgetting itself!’ Karino Mikata.

I apologize for making everyone wait five months since the previous volume......! The second volume is finally out.

Now then, after viewing the colored illustrations of this volume, you may be imagining that......those kind of scenes have indeed increased (Wide grin).

Of course, our carefree NEET is still in good health, I will be glad if you can enjoy the main theme of Tifalycia working hard to somehow fight back against our NEET.

Speaking of carefree, I immediately remembered my house cat.

Isekai NEET V2 Epilogue

Isekai NEET V2 Epilogue
Epilogue - If There Is No Money, Just Ask From Others

“Say, Reiji-chi......What kind of magic did you use?”

The Heroic War between 「Sirena」 and 「El Blanche」 ended, the ownership of the 『Race Flag』 of 「Liberator」 changed to 「El Blanche」, the frustrated Alpha returned to the country of 「El Blanche」 (Filentania) to report the request made by 「Liberator」.

Taigoubou watched Tifalycia who was having diplomacy talks with Seire, and asked curiously.

“Did you see me do anything to her?”

“I didn’t. That’s why I’m asking.”

Reiji doing something was a confirmed matter.

Oct 4, 2019

Isekai NEET V2 Chapter 6

Chapter 6 - NEET Laughs



「El Blanche」 Jeanne d’Arc

Field: Watatsumi Palace

Victory Condition: Subjugation of the enemy Hero

Victory Reward: 「Sirena」 Cession of Enteres Island
          「El Blanche」 『Race Flag』 of 「Liberator」

“Wh......What is......”

What is happening──

Sep 6, 2019

Last Embryo V3 Interlude 2

───Spirit Train "Sun Thousand".

    The most extravagant VIP room - The Sun Room.

"......The summoning was a success, I see. You have my thanks, Queen."

The voice floating with the smoke of the censer belonged to a woman, a kimono-clad beauty with a dazzling silver hair who had watched Izayoi and Parashurama’s fight from the corner of this super-extravagant VIP room. The fan in the woman’s hand was covering her mouth - a clear sign of annoyance.

Judging by outward appearance alone, this was without a doubt a lovely and dazzling young girl. But if you looked into her eyes, you would see them shine with cunning.

The silver-haired and golden-eyed girl presently tapping her smoking pipe against the ashtray… was the previous winner of the Sun Authority War - the King of White Night, or the Demon Lord of White Night to those who feared her.

Aug 17, 2019

Isekai NEET V2 Chapter 5

Chapter 5 - NEET, Betting on the Bet

The next day.

In the room that was assigned to Reiji.

“──Only this time, I have seriously lost faith in you.”

Tifalycia muttered with an utterly disgusted face, while Reiji also played along.

“Eh? You hadn’t lost faith in me already?”

Can’t believe it! I’m a NEET you know? Are you an idiot? ── As Reiji continued talking like that, Tifalycia’s clenched fists trembled.

Last Embryo V3 Chapter 10

Chapter 10

The sixth Avatar of "Avatara" - Parashurama, the Rishi who had reached the limits of divinity for whom the concept of gender no longer existed.

Perhaps this being had even transcended the context of life itself. Its human body had long since perished leaving behind an essence that would manifest as the Avatar whenever the elites of society became too drunk with self-interest.

Jul 26, 2019

Last Embryo V3 Chapter 9

Last Embryo V3 Chapter 9
Chapter 9
The silent drizzle of rain had, suddenly and without warning, turned into a violent downpour erasing the sounds of footsteps and presence of the citizens.

This region was known for its soft ground and it would not be strange for a devastating landslide to happen with this much water falling from the sky.

Hence, fighting a bit more seriously would not cause problems in the future.

Worst coming to worst, Izayoi could always move towards the forest, but for the time being, the location was a blessing.

Jun 28, 2019

Last Embryo V3 Chapter 8

Last Embryo V3 Chapter 8
Chapter 8
───Spirit Train 'Sun Thousand' - Panorama Wagon.

    Large bath with a view on the Ley Lines.

One of the wagons of the Spirit Train was used as an outside scenery viewing spot. Right now the train had only just departed and was still merely travelling on the surface of the river. When it would finally start travelling through the sea and earth veins, however, people would have the opportunity to admire the scenery of the Ley Lines from this wagon. The dining hall and a big bath inside this carriage were used as relaxation spots for entraining Players and other guests.