Nov 14, 2018

Drama CD: Trouble Files Part 2

Second part of Trouble Files Drama.
Sorry it took so long, was busy with things and had no time to get down and translate it.

 A little note. I used "She" when refering to Ishi but author intentiomally did not specify the gender. Go ahead and assume whether Ishi is a guy or a girl.
In any case, enjoy.

Sep 9, 2018

Isekai NEET V1 Afterword

Isekai NEET V1 Afterword

Thank you very much for picking up this book. I want to be owned than to be the owner! I am Karino Mikata.

Now then, this is a story about the protagonist doing as he like in Another World. The self-proclaimed NEET reversed the master-servant relationship with his summoner, the Elf princess, becoming his owner and letting him do as he please.

Isekai NEET V1 Chapter 6

Chapter 6 - NEET Said So

Tifalycia won against Paulette in a 「Showdown」.

The next day after the boiling moment in history took place where 「Liberator」 won against 「Beastia」.


Tifalycia pushed into the Hero’s room with great vigor.

Forgetting to knock, what entered Tifalycia’s eyes at the same time as the door opened was──

Aug 29, 2018

Last Embryo V3 Chapter 4

Chapter 4
It was the height of summer.

The rays of the sun that were burning the skin strengthened by each passing day and exhibited their menace to its fullest. In Tokyo where the top temperature was constantly being updated for the past three days, many people had collapsed from heat stroke.

While sweat dripped down from her gorgeous golden hair, Kudou Ayato, who looked utterly drained due to the suffocating heat inside the car, called out to the female driver.  


Aug 27, 2018

Isekai NEET V1 Chapter 5

Chapter 5 - NEET’s Scheme

──To Paulette Bonaparte.

The new battlefield known as Universal Paradise (Aquatera Realm) was not that much different from her original world.

The 「Beastia」 that had summoned Paulette were a mixed race which had various types of beasts as their ancestors, a race that had a much greater variety in outer appearances than the other races.

Last Embryo V3 Chapter 3

Last Embryo V3 Chapter 3
Chapter 3
"...All things aside."

As they were walking through the woods, Prith suddenly looked up at the sky with a grim expression.

"There's quite a lot of pollution here. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to call this place the planet's Aorta, and for it to become this impure. I wonder, in the end, just what in the world were they experimenting with here?"

"The Aorta is...polluted? Is it something like what happens to the cardiopulmonary system after long periods of smoking?"

Jun 28, 2018

Isekai NEET V1 Chapter 4

Chapter 4 - NEET and Hero

Next day.

The 「Liberator」 country of Tifalycia’s group that had obtained a temporary victory and a new objective would now welcome a momentary stabilization ── or so they thought.

An unexpected development awaited before them.

「Beastia」 declared a Heroic War against 「Liberator」.

“That’s unbelievable......!”

Jun 9, 2018

Jun 3, 2018

Last Embryo V3 Chapter 2

Chapter 2
───South America, Federative Republic of Brazil.

A wind of intense humidity was blown towards the sea of trees.

Today, as usual, the world’s largest rainforest, Amazon, was engulfed with heat. This sea of trees where one couldn’t see an inch ahead without getting obstructed was like a natural fortress for those unfamiliar with the land.

Once lost in it, it would be incredibly difficult to get out of there.