Dec 27, 2019

Digital Eden Attracts Humanity - CODE: 000


A Demon stood there.

An existence that couldn’t be described as anything but a Demon stood on the road.

It had a dark blue, almost black body. It had hideously curved horns and eyes red like fresh blood. The tip of its slim tail narrowed into a sharp blade.

“I see, so this is evolution. How wonderful.”

In the center of pedestrian intersection located in the center of Tokyo, the Demon stood still and laughed as it looked up at the sky.

As it opened its mouth that split up to its ears, its sharp, shark-like teeth became visible.

Its low laughter attracted the strange looks from the pedestrian crowd.

“What is that?”

“Are they filming a movie?”

“Isn’t he just cosplaying?”

While whispering to each other they passed by the Demon and left it behind.

The traffic light soon changed to red.

Even so the Demon didn’t move. Even as the cars that passed by its sides blasted their horns, the Demon still remained in its daunting pose as it gazed at the sky. In the end, one of the cars stopped right before it and pulled down the window.

“You're in the way! Move over!”

A man past forty had yelled at it. The Demon gave him a calm look.

That man who kept blasting his horn in irritation stiffened on the spot. His face quickly started to lose color.

“Please don’t bother me. I’m in an extremely good mood right now. It feels great. What I see, what I hear, what I touch, and what I feel, all of it feels wonderful. It’s as if I’ve been reborn into a new world.”

The Demon took a step forward.

Its blue body that was close to two meters suddenly moved.

It broke through the windshield and dragged the driver out. It then casually tossed aside his body, now shredded by sharp glass fragments and covered in blood.

The man flew high up and crashed at the wall of the building ahead of the intersection.

The onlookers from the sidewalk didn’t realise what happened for a moment.

"found a dude cosplaying as a demon right in the middle of an intersection during a red LMAO"

Even the person doing a live stream forgot about their video and wound up looking up at the building.

And because of that, they were too late to run away.

The Demon once again easily threw the car that had lost its driver.

But this time, it was towards the sidewalk.

There were crashes and screams.

Three people got crushed all too easily.

During that time, the Demon started to take its next action.

It spread its jet-black wings, reminiscent of a bat’s, and flew forwards, plowing into the side of a four tonne truck that was trying to avoid it. It was the truck that was smashed and blown apart however, falling and crashing into various other things as it slid across the ground.

Sparks scattered somewhere and caused an explosion.

Screams and escaping footsteps echoed.

The Demon flew about among them and killed indiscriminately.

By stabbing, twisting and chopping them to bits.

It caused a tragedy as it seemed to be learning how its body moved, dyeing the surroundings with blood.

Patrol cars arrived with sirens blaring within a few minutes. But weren’t able to approach because of the abandoned cars, so the policemen reluctantly left their cars and ran towards the Demon, then pointed their guns at it.

“Ah, this is perfect. Go ahead and shoot me. I wonder if I can still feel pain?”

The Demon directed its crimson eyes at the policemen and laughed fearlessly. It completely ignored their warnings and approached them. The policemen were holding off on firing but one of them finally pulled the trigger.

The first one was a blank shot. However, the Demon didn’t stop.

The second shot hit it directly in the right eye.

“......So it’s like this, huh.”

However, the bullet got repelled and the Demon sighed in disappointment.

“Maybe something like a tank cannon… But I suppose that’s impossible here.”

Perhaps the first shot made them lose all restraint, all the policemen on the scene started shooting towards the Demon. Even after receiving that barrage of bullets, the Demon didn’t suffer a single injury.

“Thank you for your hard work.”

It revealed a truly demonic smile and spread its wings.

With a single swing, the gust of wind blew the policemen away. The windows of surrounding buildings shattered altogether and new victims appeared.

“I’ve more or less got it. Now, what to do next?”

The Demon flew up in the sky and wondered while gazing down at the world below.

The ‘Demon Incident’ that occurred in May of 2037 spread through the internet and became known to the whole world in the blink of an eye. The video of the Demon was viewed countless times, and it stirred the fear in people.

Two months after the incident, the government together with a company called “Central Medic” had issued a warning:

“The digital virus ‘Oracle’ has exposed the whole world to threat”

This digital virus called Oracle, while being a program composed of a footage and music, had a direct effect on human bodies and rearranged their composition on the genetic level.

As a result, people infected with Oracle had their bodies changed to ‘something’ inhuman.

The ‘Demon’ that caused a tragedy in the center of Tokyo was also one of the infected.

Dr. Tenma was the one to spread Oracle, he was a researcher with Central Medic and had now gone into hiding.

Oracle had dispersed throughout the whole world and no one knew when it would be sent to their PC or portable terminals. The infection rate was alleged to be quite low but suspicious mails were never to be opened.

This announcement had put the world in chaos.

When the world seemed to be on the brink of reviving the Witch Hunts from middle ages in regards to the existence of Oracle-infected people who became known as Fectors, this time the Central Medic announced some good news. That was the development of the digital vaccine ‘Nemesis’.

Nemesis was a program with much higher infection rate than Oracle, and although it had some side effects, once someone was vaccinated with it, they would be able to defend themselves from Oracle.

Along with that announcement they distributed Nemesis for free.

And with that, the situation headed towards conclusion.

The chaos died down. But the Fector incidents still continued to increase throughout the world. Fectors with ‘Demon’, ‘Werewolf’ and even ‘Angel’ forms have been confirmed even overseas.

Fearing them, people came to a conclusion to eliminate them.

And so, ‘Health and World Keeper’, abbreviated as ‘H.A.W.K.’, was established.

Due to the appeals of Central Medic, its influence reaching all parts of the world following the free distribution of Nemesis, those in whom the vaccine's side effects were strongly present in had risen to action.

Albeit temporarily, they were able to wield powers of animals, insects and such. Putting those side effects to use, they tried seizing the Fectors that people feared.

That attempt turned out to be a success and numbers of Fector Capture Force grew bit by bit.

Central Medic had become their support and established their main headquarters within their own company. They provided them with equipment, obtained the cooperation of police, self-defence force and army of every nation, and used ‘H.A.W.K.’ to capture the Fectors.

Due to their efforts the Fector incidents also started to resolve and the peaceful world was once again in sight. And before long, people had started to forget about Fectors.

There were many who held onto such illusion.

Little did they know that true hell was yet to come.

July, 2039──

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