Jan 1, 2020

Last Embryo V3 Side Story

I noticed I forgot to release this side story, so here it is, the final LE post.

TL: Frozen
Edit: MPT

Flying Western Restaurant

I got some money so it’s on me.

Saigou Homura, Ayazato Suzuka and Kudou Ayato had readily accepted Izayoi’s offer and just arrived at the western restaurant ‘Don Bruno’, near the ‘Canaria Family Home’.

The three of them exchanged glances as they strolled towards the door, having just heard the gist of his windfall.

"Eh? So what? You were managing the finances of Tokuteru's company, then discovered someone was embezzling their money...and then got paid for reporting it, did I get that right?”

"That's right. All the embezzlement and even some other things came to light, it was pretty serious."

"Haha, that's a job well done, Izayoi. After all, their accounting is pretty messed up."

"That's right! ...By the way, Senpai’s Onii-san, I’m also acquaintanced with a shameless researcher who tried to do something along those lines and decided to use research funds on a large TV, what do you think?"

"Oh? Now that’s something unforgivable. Let me hear the full story later." Izayoi ginned, prompting Homura and Suzuka to look the other way.

Izayoi opened the door of the restaurant on the heels of this interesting piece of information, and the bell atop it rang clearly. As he did so, a cheerful woman’s voice came from within.

".........Oh? Oh me oh my! I was wondering who it was and it turns out to be you, Izayoi-chan!"

"Yo, Madam. You seem to be in good health."

"That's my line! Oh dear, that mini superboy has turned into such a big man..."

"Who are you calling a mini boy? Our ages aren't that different, you know."

"I mean, you were pretty tiny when I met you..."

"Yeah, yeah, I get it already. Anyway, we'll be borrowing this place. Also, the usual quiche please," said Izayoi, casually placing an order which Madam accepted with a smile and returned to the kitchen.

The girl, nicknamed Madam, was a beautiful South American waitress as well as Mr. Bruno's wife. She spoke as if she were in her fifties, but was actually only twenty-three years old, only two years older than Izayoi.

Izayoi sat in the middle of the restaurant as he saw her off. He then spotted a shining ring on her ring finger and gave a small laugh.

".........I see. She is a true madam now, huh?"

"Why are you stating the obvious?" Ayato asked quizzically.

"Look, Iza-nii disappeared five years ago, right? She wasn't married then." Suzuka was the one to respond.

"She got married three years ago. It was before grandfather Ushimatsu died, you see...We still had to meet back then, right?"

"Yes. When I showed up in this restaurant, Madam was already a madam, after all." Ayato responded while hiding a small chuckle with her hand. 

Homura started looking around, apparently remembering something, and searched for someone who should have been working at "Don Bruno". Noon being lunchtime, customers were coming in without an end. They were quite lucky to have managed to get inside. 

After some time, the boy in question, Asterius, left the kitchen wearing an apron and came to the crowded restaurant with his hands occupied by quiches. 

Holding the well-balanced, 8 plates of quiches in each hand, Asterius sprinted through the restaurant without even noticing Homura’s group.

"Sorry to keep you waiting! Pumpkin quiche for two, early summer seasoned bacon quiche for four, smoked meat quiche for one and the new dried plum quiche for nine! All sixteen portions have been finished! Customers, please clear the table within three seconds and wait!" Together with Asterius' yell, all the customers moved aside.

Izayoi, Homura and others wondered what was happening, but the next moment, everything became clear.


Asterius swung both hands with a roar, and the quiche plates in his hands danced through the air and arrived at their destination.

Applause sounded for those acrobatics that delivered them to the guest seats with perfect accuracy.

Asterius put his hand on his waist and proudly puffed his chest, but an angry voice came from the kitchen.

"Hey, how many times have I told you, Ox brat!!! Don't throw cuisine at the customers!!!"

"It can't be helped right!? No way me and Madam alone can deal with this amount of people! If you have complaints, then hire someone, you hear me? Hire someone!" With a yell, Asterius headed back to the kitchen.

The entire group had witnessed the scene from start to finish and were agog, but somehow ended up bursting into laughter.

It appeared that the Minoan Prince had adapted to modern times.

".........Apparently, entrusting him to Don was the correct decision."

"He is loaded with work in a good sense eh. His performance was also well-received! Will the food come flying to us as well, I wonder?" Ayato enthused with sparkling eyes as everyone else just sweat dropped.

Thus, the company rested their wings as they waited for the Authority War to start.


  1. They made us thing that it was a typicall "mom that looks younger" character but it was me Dio!!!...I mean, she was actually young.

  2. Hey Frozen, Can you put out PDFs/ePUBs of LE if you are able. I want to be able to read them on my phone going to work/school.