Majo no Tabitabi: The Journey of Elaina

Majo no Tabitabi: Journey of Elaina


Author: Jogi Shiraishi
Illustrator: Azul


In a certain place, there was a traveler witch. Her name was Elaina.
Being a traveler, she came across many people and countries while continuing her long...long journey.
A country that only accepted magicians, a muscle loving giant, a youth wanting to return the lover from the grips of death, a Princess left alone in the ruined country, and the story of witch herself up until now and from now on.
While meeting unbelievably odd people and experiencing beautiful moments of some, now...even now, the witch keeps spinning the tale of meeting and parting.
"Please don't mind it. After all, I'm a traveler. I must hurry."
The Witch.――Yes, me.

Translator: Frozen

Editor: Aardvark

This Novel Has Been Licensed by Yen Press.

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Chapter 1: A Good Master




  1. What's the genre of this? Only adventure?

  2. I only read the summary, it sparks my interest, I do love female MCs. I'll hold off on reading till the volume is finished, however long that might take. Till then, this will be on my bookmarks.

  3. I love this storry, nice to read it in relax time ~ but this story doesn't have a heavy plot right? i love this PLOT, so warm :3

  4. hi is this dropped ive been waiting months but u havent posted new stuff pls tell if you done ok

    1. Not dropped but stalled for the time being.

  5. Gonna give this a try, since that synopsis makes me think of a certain Dhampir.

  6. It would be really convenient if all the chapters were put together in a PDF and made available for download, so i could download it and read it anywhere, at any time, without the need of an internet connection.

  7. Frozen, thank you for taking the time to translated this volume. This is the first time I have read the entire volume of a LN and I am truly in love with this. The stories are and Elaina is a lovely character. If you had not translated this then there would have been no way for me to read this so much appreciated. It's sad to see that you dropped this so I guess I will continue the next volume with Fushigi. Thank you.

  8. Will this novel be translated till volume 5?