Dec 25, 2019

Christmas Comes Not For Us - Afterword


To those I’m meeting for the first time, nice to meet you. To those who I’ve already met, It's been a while. I’m Fujimiya Kazuki.

One year since my previous work, I finally managed to get my second work out. The tastes have changed quite a bit in this one compared to the previous work, but I hope you enjoy this book just as much.

The stories, Light Novels included, are things that dye the life in colors, enriching it. In fact, my life has improved after encountering countless stories. And because of that, I hope that the stories I create manage to improve others’ lives even a bit.

And now it’s time for the words of gratitude.

Fal Maro-san. Thank you for drawing the illustrations that touched my heart. Pictures have so much strength, don’t you agree? I cried when I saw a certain illustration of Natsumi. Yeah, this is her alright, I thought. I can’t express my feelings with words. Thank you very much.

Chief editor, W-san. Once again, thank you. I’ve really, really caused you a lot of trouble. If not for you, I would not have completed this novel for sure.

There were many others who helped me create this book. Thank you very much.

Now that I have finished writing it, I once again think that there is still so much more I can do for creating a story. I will keep on writing books from now on too. I’ll be in your care from now on, too.

Winter 2017    Fujimiya Kazuki

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  1. This was truly an adventure to read. Though I read this with half-hearted motivation, it left me with mixed feelings, both impressed and disappointed. It was good, yes, it was heart warming nonetheless. Many thanks to the author and translator! Reading this was a joy I will never forget.