Mar 19, 2018

Last Embryo V3 Chapter 1

Chapter 1
───German Joint Particle Body Research Center "Ymir".


Homura realized he had lost consciousness for a short time, after he had been struck in the back of the head. Surprisingly, he showed no signs of panic or unease following the nightmare.

That was because he had been seeing the very same dream again and again for the past couple of days.
He didn't expect to even have daydreams about it, but as he was in the middle of an experiment it wasn't that strange of a thing.

The explosion that occurred after that flash was powerful enough that it caused an earthquake.

It was an experiment that was being performed at one of the sectors’ of the research center that "Everything Company" co-founded with Germany, but not a single person, probably, could have imagined that the shock it would cause would be to this degree.

Edward Grímnir, the head of the development, fixed his glasses and overlooked the fallen Homura.

"The tremor was greater than expected, Dr. Saigou Homura. Are you alright?"

"Y-Yeah. But that surprised me. I never expected that it would destroy the "Iron Coffin" from the inside and that its shock would reach even the observation room."

"That's true. The visuals and the measurement result are here. Do verify them."

The two confirmed the recording of the moment the experimental body had exploded.

They, who saw everything from the observation room that was separated from the laboratory where the explosion had occurred, had swallowed their saliva from those results that could even be said to be overwhelming. On top of the measured data, they were shocked and lost for words from the recorded phenomenon.

It was a flash so dazzling that it would disorient one’s eyes and deprive their vision.

The measurement device that had been installed in the laboratory had been vaporized by the heat rays being generated inside the room, with no trace left of it. The fortified alloy had been superheated and was now sagging.

That scene, with molten alloy flying around and the scattered light particles falling down as they shone, was something that could even be called fantastic.

It was a small mercy that it ended with just that section of the facility blowing apart. Was the plant that acted as the model the cause of generating this local force, or was this how it was from the start?

After glancing back at Homura who put together the observation results, Edward looked at the crystallized bodies that had been stored inside the vacuum capsule.

"So these are part of the crystallized Star Particle Bodies that were used to break out the "Bull of Heaven"? Albeit we only managed to collect a meager amount, they are quite a terrific thing. I heard just one of these can embody all NBCR weapons. I wonder if that is true."

"You mean the Nuclear, Biological, Chemical and Radiological weapons, right? ......I wonder. I think that would depend on the results of the current "Genome Tree" project. We are already establishing radioactivity removal technology using particle bodies, so I would instead like to advance the technology to neutralizing NBCR weapons."

"Hmm. You have a high will. In that case, if it carried the ability of both WMDs and their neutralization, what would you come to call it?"

"Hahah. If that's possible, I'd settle with "The General Weapons" for the time being. Or if we assume that an ordinary frontline soldier could use it, it might be better to just call them armaments at that time. ...Ah, damn it. The data that was sent here is in a mess. The shock from a while ago might've interrupted the circuit."

"Is that so. Then let's grab it directly from the main server."

Edward connected to the inner line and spoke a few words.

This room wasn't the only room with the purpose of observation. The use of around three observation rooms were allowed for this experiment, and furthermore, the observed data was stored on the main server.

Manager Carla and Director Weser seemed to be on standby in the second and third observation rooms.

Just as Homura, who couldn't deal with either of them, was rather unwilling to meet either of them,

The door opened with a clank.

"Hey, pleasure house. I brought the data."  

The door to the observation room suddenly opened up and Homura was taken aback.

Moreover, the youth who entered the room was about the same age as Homura and had white hair and golden eyes. From the sudden appearance of the unknown boy Homura lost his words, but it was different for Edward.

He slightly knit his brows and clicked his tongue.

"......Your Highness. I don't remember permitting you to enter the room."


"I don't remember being given it either. I merely came here after Carla told me to bring the data."

The youth referred to as Highness pushed his way in indifferently without paying any mind to the surprised Homura.

Homura felt unsettled from the name that went beyond his expectations.

Just his white hair and golden eyes were rare enough, so after hearing "Highness", it couldn't be helped that he felt like that.

Homura observed the clothes that the youth called Highness wore. He wore a white coat different from the white robes that were provided to the researchers, and his uniform under it was worn out.

The fact that he didn't feel any disagreeability with them being worn out, was probably because of the youth's natural elegance. His appearance as he quietly walked as his white coat fluttered behind him made him think that he was someone of noble heritage.

(Hair with weak pigment......Is it Albino? There seems to be no doubt about him being a Caucasoid, but......... no, that's not the problem here. Why is someone the same age as me in "Ymir"? and what's with "Highness"!?)

Those allowed to work at the forefront Particle Body Research Center "Ymir" were only the personnel chosen by the "Everything Company", and no one else. There wasn't supposed to be anyone of the same generation as Homura there, aside from Ayato.

As Homura was lost in thoughts while staring at him, Edward stepped forth and started introducing him.

"You are meeting each other for the first time, right? He is Kalki A. Vishnuyashas. He's the son of my friend. One of the investors of Particle Body Research. As for why he's called Highness, it's the nickname that was born from that position."

"........Right, that's right. Nice to meet you."

"I-Is that so. So you were from one of the investor families...... Uhh, I'm Saigou Homura. I'm the one researching the Particle Bodies as you can see."

As homura introduced himself, the youth referred to as His Highness Kalki seemed to be surprised as he opened his eyes wide.

"......Saigou Homura? You are the one?"

"Y-Yeah. Something wrong?"

"I see. I was just surprised because you give off a more mediocre atmosphere than I thought you would. Since this inhuman guy seemed to be having fun talking with you, I thought whether you were some odd fellow that couldn't be called human, or some kind of monster."

"Oi, Highness. Just what do you think I am?"

"To say it indirectly, inhuman. To say it frankly, shitty fiend."

"Shut up you shitty brat. I'm trying to be a gentleman around here, so talk to me like one."

"Oh? I think you are established as a sham gentlemen. ...What do you say?"

HIs Highness Kalki looked at Homura after smiling a little.

Homura was lost on how to react to someone who considered him as an oddball at their first meeting, however he fully agreed with Edward being a sham gentlemen and nodded his head in reply.

"I'm sorry for being rude, But I also think that you are a sham gentlemen."


"Haha, see that! I was instead unable to hold myself back from laughing at your gentleman act!"

Kalki said it with even more vigor after having earned Homura's support.

Edward sat down on a chair and faced the other way in agitation. He probably saw that his chances of winning the argument were meager after it had turned into a two versus one.

Homura was suppressing his laughter, but they couldn't continue chit-chatting like this forever.

"The results of the analysis came. I'm starting the video."

"Got it. .........Okay, this is a good chance, Your Highness should see it as well. It may become a reference for the future."

"What am I watching?"

"The first results of the "Genome Tree" project. It concerns you too, right?"

From Edward’s words, Kalki opened his eyes wide from the surprise.

""Genome Tree" Project......Hah, what's with that? Is it really fine for it to be created in this age?"


"I'm being anxious about this super technology. Never mind that, display the results. I'll take responsibility."

Homura was full of question marks, but since he said he would take responsibility, and being urged by Edward, he revealed the analysis results. The three of them ended their conversation and directed their sights at the monitor.

".........This is..."

The video noise filled the room as if to disturb the silence.

In the middle of the laboratory where the two meter tall sapling was located, the B.D.A. - The Constant Velocity Particle Accelerator released a frequency of 32.768 kHz frequency, commonly considered as the "Definition of a Second". This caused the sapling to oscillate along with the whole facility, even after the B.D.A was stopped. The sapling evaporated along with the luminous phenomena as the fusion was happening, or that is how the current process seemed to have went.

But those surface results weren't the reason for Homura's surprise.

Edward had a smile on his face from the unexpected results of the experiment.

After cutting off the cigar's tip with the cutter, he pleasantly asked Homura.

"The fortified armor that has the same thickness of 200 millimeters as the "Iron Coffin" was instantly fused, huh? ......Now then. Doesn't seem like this was a complete failure either, don't you agree, Dr. Saigou Homura. I don't mind if it's within the measurable scope. Can you explain what just occurred?"

Edward showed a pleased smile while exhaling the cigar smoke.

Contrary to him, Homura had a sour expression on his face as he answered.

After concluding that it was something impossible, Homura dropped his gaze at the measuring instrument and continued.

".........Well, this is just me making a guess. But it appears that a heat wave and mass comparable to the sun's corona was released from the experimental body in just the fraction of an instant."

"Hah, that of the corona!?!? That's quite the absurd conclusion! So, what? You're trying to tell me that that measly, two meter sapling had a mass of millions of tonnes for an instant!?"

It’s too unbelievable!!! How to even write it in the report?!

Spreading his hands, Edward exclaimed in exaggeration and amusement.

But it wasn't like Homura told him that without proof.

Rewinding the experiment room monitor, he projected the camphor sapling that acted as the experimental body.

"Please look here. Although it is a phenomenon that cannot be confirmed because the Particle Accelerator - B.D.A. does not conform to the target standard, a slight pseudo radiation phenomenon can be confirmed. "

This time It was Kalki's turn to become confused from Homura's words.

"Pseudo radiation? What's that, something different from the radiation phenomenon?"

"Yeah. To begin with, the B.D.A. is the abbreviation for Blood Accelerator, so it's something that should be used on animate beings instead of plants. It is an accelerator that allows blood circulation of about 330 thousand revolutions per second in accordance with "Definition of a Second" in Particle Bodies taken into the body, and for example, when used for a human body holding particle bodies—ah, before that. Does Highness and Edward-san understand time-resolved particle momentum spectroscopy or semi-permanent engineering by electron transfer within a substance caused by binding mitigation of particle bodies?"

"No, don't know it. Unlike that sham gentlemen I'm no researcher."

"While I'm the head of the development I'm not a researcher. I'm someone who joined in with connections."

"Ah, guessed as much. I'll take that in mind from now on. Then I'll just stick to the simple explanation that uses a human body."

With a cough, Homura summed it up and started the explanation.

───The "definition of a second" is a field that can be defined in various ways, but here in this laboratory it is replaced by the 32.768 kHz frequency that's primarily used in clocks.

This frequency points to the one that the quartz clocks use for measuring one second, and is the frequency that is released when the crystal embedded inside the clock is given electromagnetic waves.

We confirmed that the "Star Particle Bodies" reacted to this "definition of a second" and the pathways inside the body of a parasitized creature rotated at about 330 thousand times at constant velocity. This wondrous nature is the third engine of the new era that enables the "Star Particle Bodies" to generate third Energy that's detached from the first and second.

Constant velocity motion, that uses the new 'Definition of a Second' that goes beyond the propagation time of light — the relation called the 'Third Perpetual Motion' that allows the complex-momentum necessary for Tachyon particles and Ether to be observed in the material world.

"Complex momentum is not the movement of approaching the energy from the concept of mass, but the momentum that occurs when approaching the material world from the concept of time. So the 32.768 kHz frequency is inputted in order to fixate the movement of Particle Bodies with the concept of time called the "Definition of a Second"."

".........Mhm. So it's going to exceed the existing momentum of the universe by performing uniform velocity motion on the space concept? So then, how would it be used on a human body?"

Receiving Edward's question, Homura answered as he displayed the human body diagram on the monitor.

"The overall length of the human blood vessels is about 100 000 km. It could be said to be over twice the circumference of Earth. If we apply this to the "Definition of a Second" and turn it's speed to uniform velocity, the calculation would be that it would travel the 3,300,000 km of blood passageways every second. At this level, it transcends the speed of light ten times."

With Homura's conclusion, Highness raised a voice as if he doubted his ears.

"Over ten times......the speed of light, you say!!?"

"......Dr. Saigou. Then, what of the pseudo radiation?"

"Right. It is the movement of "particles closely resembling the nature of light" that could be observed when the particles that crossed the speed of light were released from the experimental body. In addition, despite the radiation phenomenon occurring in this vibration state, the heat quantity emitted by the experimental body has not changed. In other words, radiation with no heat source......I won't know for sure until it's measured in detail, but I'm guessing this is a successive case of the possibility of releasing complex momentum exceeding the "Definition of a Second" that we were aiming for. In other words, the faster-than-light-speed  by using Astral."

Suddenly the cigar fell from Edward's mouth.

This man, who was the personification of elusive ironist, was completely lost for words. It seems these results were unbelievable to that extent.

While thinking deep down that everything was going as he had hoped, Homura set aside the excessive explanation from before.

"That said, I don't expect a human body to be able to withstand such Particle Superfluidity."

"Huh, so it's like that, huh?"

"Yeah. That's how it is with the current experiment. In reality, it only exceeded the speed of light for a mere instant. Immediately following that, the Particle Bodies along with the parasitized camphor tree have dissolved in the atmosphere, unable to retain their form."

"Dissolved in the atmosphere? Then could those things shining inside the laboratory room be Particle Bodies?"

"That's right. Here, please take a look at the atmosphere composition. The radioactive materials and fallout in the vicinity can't be confirmed. Instead, when we measured the atmospheric concentration around it, it turned out that the "Star Particle Bodies" occupied 12% of the atmosphere. The "Genome Tree" project that is underlying the "Environmental Control Tower" is looking good. Given this atmospheric state, it's also possible to reproduce the "Bull of Heaven" even if only on a small scale by using the Ether Accelerator – E.R.A. that changed the structure of the aforementioned B.D.A. Do you want to try it?"

"No need. I want to first finish up the report for now. I have to contact Director Weser about this explosion matter."

When he mentioned Weser, which was the name of the manager of this German Laboratory, Homura started collecting the data in slight enjoyment.

"That's necessary indeed. It won't be a wise move to anger that hard-faced director. Are you also having difficulty in dealing with him, Chief Edward?"

"Not so much difficulty, rather he's my old subordinate. Moreover, he seems to be convinced that I died. It seems he's in quite a good mood in his own way now after having met with the pleasant mistress from "Everything Company" Keiretsu. That being the case, it doesn't seem like a snake would come out to poke the bushes."

"Hahah. Seems like your relationship is more complicated that I imagined."

"Indeed. Now before I report, I want to ask one more thing first."

"What is it?"

"About what you stated before. Can I hear what are the conditions for a human body to withstand the B.D.A?"

Hearing that question, Homura raised his eyebrows from surprise.

Because if you broke down the current conversation, using B.D.A on a human would be out of the question.

"......What are you even asking? With the current progress of Particle Body completion, using B.D.A. on a human body couldn't even be considered. It would only end up with body fusion just like it did now. The progress of the B.D.A. research may be too low, though."

"I'm simply talking with the assumption that everything was cleared up. I have to write the report as detailed as possible. All the more if it's necessary for the planning including the future budget. And rumors say that by combining B.D.A and Particle Bodies, the human lifespan could also be greatly increased. That's a good message for drawing in the sponsors. Don't you think so, Your Highness."

While knitting his brows from Edward's speech, Kalki still nodded his head slightly in agreement.

At this point, Homura finally understood the meaning behind Kalki, who was the son of an investor, being present here.


The Head of Development, Edward's voice, despite being calm, gave off a strong will that gave no room for argument. But it was only natural. It wasn't like the research and development was being performed as a philanthropic work.

Longevity. Prolonging of Life. Perpetual Youth. He didn't know where he sniffed that info from, but it was actually partly truth.

The Star Particle Bodies that can interfere with the "Definition of a Second" wouldn't simply stop at sustaining the youth of cells, but by shifting the passage between outer and inner space they could even remarkably slow down the aging itself, or so he hypothesized.

No matter the times, there would always be hedonists baited by this kind of experiment.

They would probably laughed scornfully be it some average results, but if they heard about the removal of the virus last time, and this time's results of the research, there would be a lot of researchers from major companies who would try to move.

What's more, a lot of funds were invested in the research of "Star Particle Bodies".

It was undoubtedly "Everything Company's" biggest project that had their fortune at stake. Succeeding in the development of these Particle Bodies makes it simple to cross the corporate barrier and stand at the top of the world..

It was a matter of course to request a detailed explanation in order to draw in the investors, however, at present the B.D.A. shouldn't be used on human bodies no matter what.

".........Edward-san. Also, Your Highness. If my conjecture is necessary no matter what, then please write this in the report. "Using B.D.A. on the current human generation is absolutely impossible.""

"Oh? Impossible to be used on humans you say?"

"No. I'm saying, on the current human generation."

From the way Homura said it, even Kalki, who was listening in silence, clapped his hands and nodded.

"Ah, I see. So you are saying that it's necessary to raise humans who would be compatible with Particle Bodies during the alteration of generations, is it?"

"Yes. To begin with, in order to prolong the life of a human body, at the bare minimum it's necessary for the blood passageways necessary for the Star Particle Bodies to be able approach the speed of light; in other words, it's impossible unless at least 10% of the blood vessels inside the body are transformed by Star Particle Bodies."

"I see. And so?"

"The "Star Particle Bodies" have the ability to match the cells of the parasitized body with the Particle Bodies and proceed to alter them, and it can be conjectured that the false Smallpox from the last event was something that came from abusing that fact. Though the overwriting of cells accelerates with each successive generation, it would still be no more than a one percent variance. Therefore, the 10% barrier that reaches the speed of light is absolutely unreachable within one generation. Using B.D.A. within the next thousand years is unrealistic."

The 10% barrier that reaches the speed of light.

Homura strengthened his voice to emphasize it. Even if the "Environmental Control Tower" plan goes smoothly and it starts spreading the Particle Bodies, there would be an extremely few who would actually cross this 10% barrier..

For him, this was one line he wouldn't yield at any cost. Because were he to concede on this point, then not only "Everything Company" but some other organization might also start doing human experiments.

Their opinions clashed, giving off sparks between them.

Among the heavy silence, Highness raised his hands.

"Homura. I hate to say this, but isn't that a bit too late?"

".........Why is that, Your Highness?"

"Try giving it a thought. Even though they don't possess the "Origin", the enemy organization has progressed farther than the Particle Bodies that you created, right? In that case, I believe it would be logical to think that they used some kind of shortcut. If human experiments were done, the Particle Body research would progress rapidly, am I wrong?"


From Highness' advice, Homura received a blow as if he was hit by a blunt weapon. He tried to argue back reflexively, but he managed to hold back seeing as there were no points he could straight up deny.

It was highly likely that this organization that created the "Bull of Heaven" was performing human experiments.

Unlike E.R.A. that acted on the Star Particle Bodies in the atmosphere, the B.D.A. that acted on the Star Particle Bodies inside the bloodstream would yield far better data when tested on living humans. Normally, such inhuman experiments were unthinkable, but the organization in question was one that caused calamities and Smallpox without giving it another thought. It was quite unlikely that they weren't involved in human experiments. Setting the morality aside, for Homura's side to overtake this organization that was researching it, they would also need to perform the human experiments and keep inspecting and verifying things.

However, something in Homura screamed that crossing that line was one thing that he absolutely must not do.

".........Kh......No, even so, I can't. I can't permit using living humans for experiments!"

"Why? At this rate, would we not be technologically left behind by those terrorists? You can't dispose of the threat just by sticking through with the morals and justice as a human being."

"No, we will compensate the shortcoming in technology by strengthening the facility! We can just complement the wisdom we lack with numbers! I thought it was supposed to be the way of modern researchers to achieve that by gaining the support of the world, gathering a lot of cooperation and walking along the path of mutual prosperity!"

Homura, with his hand on his chest, appealed to Edward and Highness.

Behind his driven up impatience, there were traces of that dream of a world in flames.

".........Edward-san. Highness. I'm not saying to share Particle Bodies with the world before they produce results. But it is also the truth that in Star Particle Bodies, in this research, the whole of mankind’s potential lies dormant. It is that future potential that opens up the possibilities of reforming the desertified lands, preventing calamities by controlling the weather, removing radioactivity, and even space development. If a single wrong step is taken, I'm certain that humanity will come to regret it one day.........!!!"

Urged by the heat and emotion that was similar to conviction, Homura spoke those words.

Success that didn't follow justice. Ruin that lay at the end of blindness and compromise.

The original sin to be done for the sake of new generations, would one day become an obstacle that would threaten the survival of humanity.

".........I see. If you are going that far, there's nothing else I can say. I won't spread today's matter either."

Highness took a step back and withdrew his opinion.

Rather than being convinced of Homura's words, it was more probably because he saw some kind of reason below his desperation. Or perhaps he judged that it was disadvantageous as an investor to let go of these favorable terms, now that the Star Particle Bodies have earned international status with the "Bull of Heaven" incident.

Moving his gaze from Highness to Edward, Homura asked for his opinion.

Edward Grímnir produced a ferocious smile and narrowed his eyes as if appraising him.

"Heh......To think a day would come when a researcher would talk about the original sin. Is this the so-called ethical evolution? I remember when you spoke sharply to me. If I'm not mistaken..."

"Please stop, thinking about it now, it was quite an embarrassing speech!"

Edward held down his laughter; it seemed he didn't immediately deny his determination. After walking towards the storage where the crystallized bodies of Star Particle Bodies were stored, he took out one vacuum capsule and displayed it as if proposing an alternate plan.

"I don't think they were that embarrassing though. At the very least, those words of yours definitely marked a hit on my diaphragm. I hadn't laughed like that in three years. Right, you came at the frontline of research because of that "Human Stubbornness". Those were quite the brilliantly thought up greenhorn words that we adults can't easily say. However, if you are going to yell about that, I want you to fulfill that responsibility. Won’t you agree?"


"Now, let's have an engaging chat. The "Star Particle Bodies" stored inside this are the very first ones that Mikado Tokuteru brought to "Everything Company". Did you know that?"

Suddenly, Homura jumped up as if he didn't believe his ears.

"Huh? .........Eh, what!? Tokuteru brought them here!!?"

Homura’s voice raised in disarray. Looking at his reaction, it seems he thought his deceased father left them in the custody of "Everything Company".

But if he recalled how Tokuteru acted, such behavior wasn't surprising from him.

The one who recommended Saigou Homura to "Everything Company" was no other than Tokuteru as well.

It was probably because of that recommendation that they made an absurd choice of letting the young Homura join the laboratory.

"I-I see. Thinking about it now, it makes sense. No matter how big of a client he was for "Everything Company", there was no way his recommendation towards me would've turned out so simply. .........Ugh, what to do. I feel depressed being indebted to him more."

"Now, it seems you don't mind it that much. Even that man should be making good things out of this. You are too hasty with giving him a favor. And so, to the main question. Do you know what is the source of these Particle Bodies?"

He threw at Homura the vacuum capsule containing Particle Bodies. By default, they were stored inside the special amino-acids that make up the protein, but these particular Crystallized Bodies appeared to have been preserved as is.

Homura caught it in fluster, but became strangely confused as he confirmed the contents of it.

"Red Crystallized Bodies.........Is this material the "Origin"?"

"That's not it. Those aren't Crystallized Bodies but a blood clot. It's part of a cell sample assimilated from a Human that concealed the “Origin” Particle Bodies inside their body."

That fact made Homura widen his eyes and hold his breath.

Raising the capsule and holding it up to the light, Homura observed that red crystallized body, the clot of blood taken from a mysterious person, as if he was seeing something unbelievable.

If this was indeed a blood clot, it would overturn all current hypothesis.

With current research, the parasitically multiplied Particle Bodies were only accompanied by half degraded abilities.

This was the law that was taken as absolute in the Star Particle Body research. And yet, if there existed an idiosyncratic human who could carry the non-degraded "Origin" within their body, then it would solve all problems.

"A human who carried "Origin" inside them, and the Particle Bodies flowed as far as to even reach the internal organs......? No, that can't be! If that really is the case, not just 10% of their blood vessels, even part of their heart would be altered by the Particle Bodies in high likelihood, and such transformation in the current generation is..."

"Then, what if they were experimented on ever since they were an embryo? Or, there's even the possibility that the person themselves are the second generation Particle Body carrier. That way everything would fit, right?"

For a moment, Homura was speechless from the inhumane words Edward spoke.

"T-That.........might indeed be possible. If the fertilized egg was parasitized with Particle Bodies......No, it's still impossible! It's only been a few years since the research on Particle Bodies began, even for the outside organizations, it would be no more than ten years if you count back from the leak of the thesis! Even if such a inhumane method was used, it would still be impossible to gain the results of it if the research wasn't started at least twenty years before that! Someone who could research alteration of genetics or embryos twenty years back, someone like that-"

Shouldn't even exist, When he was about to say that, he suddenly swallowed his words.

This was the first time he arrived at that possibility.

It was because he remembered someone like that. Someone who was able to observe the process from the fetus after generation modification of the Star Particle Body carrier, and started researching more than 20 years ago.

Edward smiled in full amusement towards Homura, who got reminded of the one and only person that fit that.

"That's right, there is only one such person in the world. Only a single person who could do that. Would you not agree, Dr. Saigou?"

".......... But still, please wait. That person is supposed to be dead."

"And he is indeed dead. That fact is definite, Saigou Homura. Your father is dead. Even if there was an almighty existence in this world, even they wouldn't overturn that single fact. But what if even now, those experimental results remain within the son, no, two sons that leading person had left behind?"

Edward with a snake-like glint in his eyes, looking as if he was about to hunt for his prey, had directed a gaze at the speechless Homura. Edward sat as if he knew everything of this world, just like a storyteller that narrated legends.

After lighting the second cigar, he spoke to Homura as if giving him a warning.

"Let me tell you a little story from the past. The story of a man who dedicated his whole life to the Particle Body research, and two of his sons who were raised in a certain orphanage after his death."


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