Nov 18, 2017

Last Embryo V3 Prologue


Hence───He had come to dream of a world in flames.

And that was by no means a metaphor.

The flames of the blazing city burned up to the heavens, and the blue sky was dyed by the black smoke.

The flames that burned for seven days and nights without going out, not satisfied only by the people that lived there, had continued to spread while swallowing down even the ruins that turned deserted.
The flashes of lightning shining within the dark clouds assaulted the mountains and rivers, broke the banks of dams and gave rise to muddy streams. The water current that was great enough to be uncontrollable, had flooded the river in an instant and proceeded to swallow the town. The raging stream coming from the mountains, mercilessly swallowed the houses, and the voices begging for help had only vanished in the water's surface.

The earthquakes that continued without stop had formed cracks in the ground, and the ashen city that was coated with the artificial concrete, had lost its function as a city so easily that it was wearisome. Even if there were preparations by the disaster powers, the only thing it could protect was the appearance. The lifelines along the buildings were broken apart in an instant, and the number one mega city of the world was reduced to large towers of ashes.

Picture of hell───That’s right, it was a picture of hell.

It would be appropriate to call this sight a scene of hell.

While the infants that had lost their parents wept, though they cried for their fathers and mothers, there were none to answer their calls, and they died, writhing on the ground as their skin was scorched black.

Tears vanished from heat before they hit the ground. Blood changed from red to black the moment it dripped.

Those caught in the crisis scattered to the four winds, prioritizing their own safety, some who ran were trampled and died.

There was no room for benevolence to sprout within that narcissism that came out due to the extreme conditions.

They who lost the dignity as human beings, seemed just like a crowd of animals fleeing from the calamity.


Suddenly, he looked up at the sky.

The sea of clouds dyed black by the smoke swirled like a living being, and the thunders sounded just like bellows of artiodactyls. The appearance of it as it scratched the atmosphere with its hooves was worthy to be compared to the bull dashing in the heavens.

However───The great beast that appeared in this devastated city was not just that one.

The King of artiodactyls wriggling in the sky.

Giant of the Death Eye laughing as he looked at that.

Dragon King creating chaos with its eight jaws.

Monkey God hiding its ashamed face as its golden fur fluttered.

Even more Demon Lords raised roars beyond the clouds of dust, trampling down the human world.

Demon Lords who could endanger human history even if only one of them appeared had assembled together and were burning down the world. If this was not a hellish sight, then what else could it be.

The Demon Lords that were the manifested calamities, just like a tempest, just like a tsunami, just like a thunderstorm, had bared their fangs towards the entire world without difference.

On the byroad of hell where there was no hope for people and everyone had no choice but to cover their faces, there was just one human───nay.

Just one beast, that vigorously roared towards the canopy of heaven that there was no such thing.


With the war cry that pricked the sky, the Demon Lords stopped their roars.

The Giant that was laughing with ridicule, as well as the squirming King of artiodactyls and also the monkey god who was hiding the ashamed face, all directed their gazes loaded with various feelings towards that voice.

That which struck at this destruction with 'refusal', was the Demon Lord with the atypical dragon shape.

The Demon Dragon with three heads───Three Headed Dragon, was looking at Saigou Homura with his blood-like ruby eyes.


Even though this was a dream, it was still a strange sensation.

Within this scorching hell that burned thunderously, without doubt, the Three Headed Dragon gazed at "Saigou Homura" with resentment. His ruby eyes weren’t looking at the city of the collapsed civilization.

With his three heads and six eyes focused on him, the Three Headed Dragon inquired about the whereabouts of the sin.

"───Just how long do you plan to keep watching?"

"───At this rate, you really won't make it in time."

"The end of everything is surely drawing near." His three heads gave out those words of warning.

The Three Headed Dragon opened his jaws so large that they could swallow the skies, seas, lands and everything of this world and told the oracle he had repeated many times.

"O Child of Zoroastrianism! Make haste and solve the mystery "Enemy of the world”! If you can't solve that mystery───Then my Hero, would become a dread tree that would continue to smoulder for eternity!"

Fulfill your mission! - The flag of the Enemy of the World swayed.

If you are unable to fulfill it, then at that time, it would be unavoidable───He said while grabbing Saigou Homura from the top of the crimson flag and pulling him towards himself as his claws dug into his body.

The Three Headed Dragon who told the oracle, tore off Homura’s limbs, gnawed at him and chewed him down.

As Homura was swallowed down the Demon Lord’s internal organs, Three Headed Dragon continued to spin those words like an echo.

“───Solve the mystery of the Enemy of the World.”.

If you are unable to do so, then there would be no value in Saigou Homura(Child of Zoroastrianism)’s existence.
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