Oct 28, 2017

LE SS Collection - Delinquent Girl on the Cliff

Delinquent Girl on the Cliff

"I saw someone that looked like Kasukabe You on the other side of that cliff."

That was her last eyewitness report.

It's been one month since Kasukabe You - the leader of the great alliance went missing.

Kuro Usagi and "Six Scars" Sharol Gundark who came to search for the unexpectedly disappeared Kasukabe You, arrived at the southern mountains of Little Garden.

There was no road on the mountain district covered by overgrown trees, only about a few animal trails could be seen here and there. Just coming to this place that was more than four thousand kilometers away from the human habitation, was troublesome.

Kuro Usagi came from mountain woods in a light manner and examined the surroundings on top of the cliff.

"The eyewitness report about You-san was certainly about this area―――"

"W-w-wait just a minute! If elder sister Kuro Usagi runs that fast, I won't be able to catch up!"

Usa? Kuro Usagi tilted her usamimi and looked back.

Sharol came out of the woods while covered in sweat and desperately arrived behind Kuro Usagi.

"O-oh my......! S-sorry. It seems I was acting a little impatiently!"

"No, well..........It's understandable. It's because just a bit is left till the Authority War, right?"

Feeling out of breath, Sharol showed a strained laugh while scratching her nekomimi.

Kuro Usagi's Usamimi jumped up as she strongly nodded.

"That right! It's unquestionable that the power of You-san, who's our leader is essential for us "No Names"! .......And yet, she disappeared so suddenly. Our worry as both "Hosts" and "Players" won't go away!"

Mgh! Kuro Usagi's ears pricked angrily into the sky.

Sharol showed a wry smile towards the nervous girl and scratched her cheek.

"Hahah, That's quite the hardship, huh? Well, for us "Six Scars", it would be a great help if "No Names" who are our allies would win through it. We'll cooperate as much as we can!"

"YES! It really helps us!"

Sharol raised her tail and gave an immediate consent while Kuro Usagi raised her usamimi and bowed.

"No Names" of East side and "Six Scars" of South side.

This relation of the communities was long, continuing from the previous generation.

For that reason, Sharol who was familiar with Southern side was requested for guidance. The person they came to search now, was the leader of the great alliance that their communities were part of. Without a doubt she was essential personnel for the participation in Sun Authority Game.

Since there was no knowing when Sakamaki Izayoi would come back to Little Garden, she was currently someone who could be called the biggest battle power. She must be brought back at all costs.

Sharol went up to the mountain in question, stood at the summit and overlooked the surroundings.

"............Nn? There's a fragrance of the waterside coming from the vicinity."

"Since we are searching for the traces of life, that's where we should head to, right?"

"Well, naturally. But there's also the smell of some Eudemon, so let's proceed carefully!'

Sharol jumped down from the cliff. At any rate, rather than a lady, Kasukabe You was more of a feral child who had knowledge about the world. Last time she disappeared, she was muddy to the point that she was mistaken for some kind of animal.

When the beautiful head maid saw her appearance, she sighed saying "She took after her father in the one thing that was the most undesirable!"

The two slowed down their pace and walked towards the waterside in order to inspect the area, and before long, the giant plants appeared in front of their eyes and they simultaneously raised their voices.

"Uwaa.........! What is that!?"

"I wonder if it's the cage of Ivy?"

Kuro Usagi said with a docile face. The cage of that giant Ivy was growing thickly, appearing as if to cover the lake that was between the mountains.

While touching and observing the Ivy closely, Sharol knitted her brows.

"This is the western Hedera rhombea. But, It seems it was turned gigantic by some sort of Gift. I think it would take a fairly long time if you considered making it grow this big......"

"It might be better to think of it as a seal that took a lot of time to make."

"Okay. Should I break it open?"

"Ah, you should not do that."

At that moment, the voice came from within the ivy cage.

Kuro Usagi who was familiar with that feminine voice, perked her Usamimi and rushed to the Ivy.

"Y-You-san!? Are you the one trapped there!?"

"Yes. To be honest, I came because I was asked to lend a hand with the restoration of the unicorns. But...............I was caught by a poachers' trap, and it ended up like this."

A dejected voice came from the other side of the cage. Kuro Usagi's Usamimi stood up as she got surprised.

"S-Such a thing. To think poachers who are able to make traps that could even seal You-san still exist on lower levels........"

Kuro Usagi couldn't help but be at loss from surprise.

Girl caught in the Ivy cage―――Kasukabe You was the current leader of "No Names" and also the leader of a Great Alliance of Little Garden. Presently, even in this Little Garden of Gods, she was acknowledged as being one of the superior people. It was unexpected that Poachers that are able to trap someone like her were still scattered around.

While thinking about that, Another voice―――voice of the Unicorn came from inside the Ivy.

『This time, our tribe has caused you trouble, Kuro Usagi-dono.』

"Ayaya!? This voice is the one from back then!?"

『Yes. I'm the Unicorn that you saved when I was assaulted by the Kanbatsu monster. I wholeheartedly congratulate you for assuming "Floor Master" position of East. That was an unexpected delight after coming all this way for the rehabilitation. I don't know what kind of fate linked us in this world.............That said, It looks like we have caused you big trouble yet again.』

My apologies, the unicorn muttered regretfully. As their horns have the power of healing, their lives were always targeted by heartless poachers. Even though they came all the way to this mountain district aiming for peaceful lands, they were still found by them in the blink of an eye.

Anxiety of unicorns should be unfathomable.

『If it wasn't to protect us, there's no way that You-sama would've fallen for such an impudent trap. It's so frustrating. How can I even apologize........』

"It can't be helped. Don't mind it. We'll outweigh their trap."

You comforted the unicorn and gently brushed its mane.

Sharol fixedly looked at the cage of Ivy as her Nekomimi stood up.

"But it doesn't make sense. If it's elder sister Kasukabe You, then there's no way you wouldn't be able to tear apart an Ivy cage like this right? Are there some kind of circumstances?"

"Yes. I think there should be a parchment about the structure of this cage of Ivy there somewhere.............But, I wonder if Sharol can read it? It was unreadable for me."

"Me? Not elder sister Kuro Usagi?"

"That's right. Because the characters written there look similar to the language you showed me before. I was wondering if Sharol being from Cait Sith would be able to read it."

Hahaa, Sharol moved forward as her nekomimi stood up.

She was the descendant of the Cait Sith that were considered to know various languages. In particular, she was considered to be the most knowledgeable among the Cait Sith. Her lineage in particular was deemed to be one of the most well-known among the Cait Sith.

You probably hoped that it might be possible for her who was the main force of the "Six Scars".

"It's certainly my turn now. Wait a little bit. I'll quickly translate it."

Sharol who stood before the cage of Ivy dropped her luggage and begun the translation of the contents. Kuro Usagi approached You who was on the other side of the cage of Ivy and said.

"You-san, I'm glad you are safe. I was worried, you know?"

"Sorry. If no one came after one more day, I was planning to wrench it open with brute force, but............this is also a Gift Game, after all. I think It's righteous to win by clearing it."

That's true, Kuro Usagi agreed as her usamimi perked up.

Something like winning by any kind of method was a reasoning only permitted to the weak.

A person who stood at the top of an organization was not permitted to do that.

If she couldn't declare that she cleared the Game without a shred of shame and sorrow, she wouldn't be able to win the hearts of people in the true meaning of the word. The battle quality was required from her who was the "Floor Master" of the East.

She probably waited for reinforcements with that thought in mind.

"I think that's typical You-san. You are our leader because of that!"

"Thanks. But I think the unreadable "Geass Roll" is a little unfair. Is this allowed?"

"It's allowed. In the Gift Games, the one who can't read is in the wrong. ........But, it's unusual. "Gift of United Protolanguage" should always be used with different languages in Little Garden according to the concept of backward calculation of historical facts known as "All Languages Will Eventually Unite".

Various eras and races were called in to the world of Little Garden.

The reason they who should originally be unable to exchange words were able to understand each other was because the Little Garden was always wrapped up in this Gift.

Humanity will eventually be united by the single language.

The form that Little Garden which was the third point observation universe, an uneven space-time, gave to the backward calculation from Omega was this "Gift of United Protolanguage".”

"Well, if it was not possible to read and write, it would be impossible to hold Games with Eudemons, right?"

"YES! So with that in mind, there is a high chance that this "Unreadable Characters" is a Gift in itself, but............How is it, Sharol-san?"

Can you read it? Kuro Usagi tilted her usamimi as she inquired.

Sharol who was looking at the content without lending the nekomimi to her voice, was concentrating on reading with an extremely serious facial expression. Such a facial expression was rare from her who usually was cheerful to a bottomless degree.

Sharol muttered like a monologue as she traced the letters with her finger over and over.

"The character hieroglyphs seem close to Celtic..............But they are unknown hieroglyphs. It's not Ogham or Runes either. Judging from the point that the western Hedera rhombea so that it signifies woman was used, I wonder if we can judge the practitioner to be a woman............In that case, are these hieroglyphs the same kind as "Goth"?"

Sharol traced the characters while half in doubt.

But, nothing happened.

"..........There's no response. It seems to be something anyone would be able to read after they comprehend it. Supposing that's the case, could this be that this had an incomprehensible nature from the start? Then.........No, it can't be.........!!? Not "Unreadable Characters" but instead "Unobservable"―――!!?"

What the hell!!?

Sharol vigorously stood up with her nekomimi springing up.

"W-Wait a sec, elder sister! T-This is unbelievable! It's a breakthrough!!! T-T-This is one of the original Protolanguages that vanished!! F-Furthermore, this is the Celtic Protolanguage of BC 2000 class!! It's a super-super-rare class item!"

Glancing back Sharol who was hopping in amazement, You tilted her head in wonder.

In contrast, Kuro Usagi raised her usamimi in similar manner in amazement.

"A vanished Protolanguage.........!!? I have heard about it! It's one of the Protolanguages of mankind that stopped being used in later eras along with the advance of humanity and became unobservable! You mean it's the ancient Protolanguage that was being used at around the Age of Gods era.........!!?"

"That's right! The current Celtic Protolanguage is presumed to be BC 800 at oldest, but this Celtic Protolanguage is obviously a thing from even before that! They are the characters from the era that corresponds to "The Book of Invasions"!"

"Those who become impossible to observe have their Spirit Rank erased", there exists such great principle in the world of Little Garden. This was commonly called as "No Former[1]".

For example, the "Book of Invasions" that Sharol spoke of was a fake historical book of Celtic mythology that was modified along with the introduction of Christianity. This fake historical book was a story of Celtic myths modified by Christian doctrines to incorporate other religions and also the reflection of that ideology. The Gift Game "Táin Bó Cúailnge" that Kasukabe You and others once went through in the "City of Brilliant Flames" was also one of them.

Through the modification by the storytellers that came later, things true histories of which became impossible to observe — civilizations and histories that burnt out within human history, or even the futures that became unreachable, all these things fell under 'No Former'.

However―――by all rights, once it was lost, it should stay as impossible to observe in Little Garden. You tilted her head while looking at the "No Former" Gift written on her Gift Card.

"But "No Former" is called as such because it can't be observed, right? Then why does it exist in Little Garden?"

Kuro Usagi also nodded at that extreme question.

Raising her nekomimi and finger, Sharol stated her opinion regarding the "Unobservable Characters".

"Elder sis Kasukabe. It can be assumed that this hunting Game is a really ancient thing that was made at the dawn of Little Garden. I think before one knew it, it became a vanished protolanguage and had lost its power."

"Right. And so?"

"Perhaps, the vanished protolanguage regained its power by some kind of trigger―――moreover, it was the event that happened most recently. This, in other words, might mean that the "characters that became unobservable" had "moved into the observable time flow". Could it be that some kind of major "Paradigm Shift" had occurred?"

With the change of times, the unobservable characters had changed to observable.

Kuro Usagi clapped as if she realized something.

"Maybe it happened when we defeated the Demon Lord Aži Dakāha.........?"

"I'm sure that's it! When elder sis and other defeated the Demon Lord, it caused the largest scale "Paradigm Shift", changing the era to the one where the "Book of Invasions" was discovered and the oldest Protolanguage has changed! Since it is currently the exhibition period of Authority War and the next period isn't decided yet, won't they remain to be unreadable characters!?"

Ohh.........Kasukabe You raised a voice of admiration.

She probably didn't think that she would be able to solve the mystery of the "unobservable characters" in such short period of time. As one would expect, it was something only the one who assumed the "Floor Master" position of the South could do.

Swinging her tail around while her heart raced, Sharol embraced the "Geass Roll" where the Game contents were written.

"I have heard that the ancient Celtic Civilization was a society of strong women. If it's the Gift left from dawning of the era, then this "Geass Roll" is undoubtedly something that a Goddess class ancestral spirit has left behind! If we bring this back and investigate it, it should be able to strengthen our "Authority of Host Master"―――"Der gestiefelte Kater"!"

Unya~♪ Sharol Gundark shook her tail and joyfully spun around.

On the other side, Kasukabe You noticed something important while holding her chin with her hand.

".........No, wait a minute. In other words, it doesn't change the fact that this Game is impossible to read and comprehend, right?"

"Huh? .........Ah, right."

Everyone suddenly fell silent. Frantically trying to read it but being unable to reach the answer, it appeared that there was no changing that she was a novice Master.

No, in the first place, if the current thought process was correct, it could be concluded that there was no way to read and understand these characters.

Kasukabe You breathed a deep sigh and called out to the unicorns.

".........Sorry. It seems I have no choice but to destroy it along with the water field."

"Come again!?"

"What did you say, nya!?"

As Kuro Usagi and Sharol raised voices of shock, the unicorn informed them of the situation within the cage of Ivy.

『Truth be told......... this huge cage of Ivy has its roots spread throughout this lake, and destroying it will just make it absorb all that water and regenerate. Destroying the Ivy cage is the same as drying up the lake.』

The main reason why You hesitated to destroy it was probably this.

Even though the unicorns came here for rehabilitation, with this, they would lose the reason of coming all this way. A clean waterside was absolutely essential for the place unicorns lived.

If they lost the waterside they found after great trouble, they would have no choice but to depart on a wandering journey yet again.

But Sharol who understood the circumstances raised her nekomimi and cheerfully laughed.

"What, so that's how it was! In that case, wouldn't it be fine if you just come to our "Underwood"! The situation is like this, so I will talk to everyone about it!"

『.........Would it be alright?』

"Of course! Even if I look like this, I'm still the main force of "Six Scars"! I won't let anyone object to it! We could also protect you from poachers!"

Sharol gave a thumbs up. For unicorns suffering from poaching, there was the resistance with living in human habitations and perhaps they weren't able to hold the discussion with "Six Scars".

Kuro Usagi quietly announced as if to give a push to the bewildered unicorns.

"Please be at ease. "Six Scars" just like "Will-O-Wisp" are alliance communities that we "No Names" trust to the highest degree. I'm sure you will be accepted as good companions."

"Yes. Other horse Eudemons also live around there so I'm sure you'll get along well."

『.........Understood. If our lifesaver Yo-sama and the "Aristocrat of Little Garden" Kuro Usagi-dono say so, we shall abide to it.』

The unicorns nodded appearing as if they resolved themselves.

Kasukabe You hit both her cheeks, took the "Genome Tree" from her chest and fired herself up.

"Okay! If that's been settled, then I'll blow apart this cage of Ivy!"

"YES! Let's also take refuge, Sharol-san!"

"Got it! .........but before that. Nee-san's firepower will end up destroying this "Geass Roll" along with it, so I should hold onto it and not part with it―――"

Sharol pulled the parchment towards herself. However, as she took a few steps while holding it, the "Geass Roll" ceased to move.


She kept pulling. However, there was no signs of it parting from the cage of Ivy.

On the other hand, Kasukabe Yo transformed her "Genome Tree" and prepared for combat.

As Sharol perceived the signs of burning, she felt herself go pale.

"W.........Wait a minute, elder sister You! I haven't escaped yet―――!!!"

She screamed.

But Kasukabe You ignored her.

You who had Golden Wing Flames dwelling in her right hand, possessed another Gift along with the "Genome Tree".

It was the fangs of a certain Serpent Dragon that was said to gnaw the Yggdrasil. Kasukabe You who prepared as if to overlap both Gifts released the Golden Wings and Black Flames from all over her body and yelled.

"Just the right chance.........to test my new weapon.........!!!"

"Wait! Seriously, wait!!! I haven't escaped yet!!! Also, this "Geass Roll" can't be replaced if it gets burned!!! It's a super precious document so... no, wait a minute, seriously wait!!!"

"I see. Then do your best and protect it."

Don't be unreasonable――――!!!

Along with such scream, a gigantic heat haze was raised up from within the cage of Ivy.

Was it a Black Dragon, or was it a Divine Bird?

Sharol who was engulfed in the flames that burned every tree to nothingness also used her trump card, but her body sustained major burns the moment she saw that scene. She who somehow escaped the instant death was able to hold on to her life with the power of unicorn horns.

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1 For those who forgot, the meaning is “Those who cannot become anyone/anything”


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