Oct 22, 2017

Last Embryo V2 Afterwords


It's been a while, everyone. It's Tatsunoko Tarou. It has been half year, huh. The summer has passed and it became crazy cold. I can't even think of what to write in the Afterword, it's terrible.

In previous volume I wrote that there would be adventures, but it wasn't so adventurous, eh? Someone might retort, but for this Tatsunoko Tarou who pushed on with force, impulse and willpower, it would be no exaggeration to say that going to another world, fighting, playing games and boarding a train was already quite adventurous!

.........Umu, it's alright. There will be adventures from now on, so no problem.

Please expect the new volume of this Tatsunoko-sensei!

That said, just what does adventure and action actually mean, lately I've been thinking about it. Speaking of adventures, the most memorable for me are the likes of the Sega Saturn game "Grandia"! Although the one I played was the PS version! After all, PS is better than Sega, and Dreamcast is better than PS!

I have nothing to write in afterword so I'll just advertise the old game in narrative style, damnit!

"Grandia"───Staged in a world divided by the gigantic walls called "The World's Edge", an adventure action where the protagonist is employed as "Adventurer" and revolves visits various historic ruins. Finally, at the end of their adventure, the protagonists learn that the World's Edge was merely a lie, and they challenge the "World Walls" that no one has crossed before.

.........Umu, hmm, but I've written this much already you know? Just by writing the summary I fully realize its impact, no seriously. Little Garden that was introduced in Mondaiji Series was also set up as 'the City of Little Garden, city enclosed by walls' at first, however it was too shameful to have the Edge of the World which covered the entire world be nothing more than an obvious piece of design like a wall. Therefore I edited in the "Edge of the World", Tritonis Great Waterfall from the First Volume into it.

However, 'Worldview takes priority' type of composition is quite difficult to follow with plot, and in the beginning I was told that "From the choice of characters priority or worldview priority, the former is definitely a better way to go for LNs" so I didn't follow through it.

When the plan of "If you still want to write it, then you have no choice but to take on the absurd challenge of writing the text without advancing the plot!" wasn't going so well but still sent one volume away, the editor of that time replied with "It's interesting so let's proceed like this, baby!!", and as a result I stepped across the Edge of the World and arrived this far.

.........Fuh. Thinking back, it's been quite the road i have walked down.

Damn, there'll be pages left.

Let's just leave heaps of spaces and talk a little about the 2nd vol of Last Embryo.

Words like "Eh?" might've appeared among the readers of the 2nd volume. I believe I talked about it before, but originally, this "Mondaiji Series" is a story that the story written by me, Tatsunoko Tarou intersects three-dimensionally. It's an old tale, counting back nearly ten years. My winning work "EQUATION" still hasn't appeared in public! I want to write short stories like Dystopia Arc, Jack the Ripper arc, but this Tarou knows very well how slow Tatsunoko’s writing speed is! That being the case, bit by bit, the Last Embryo volume 2 cleared up the worldview that I have messed up before. For the long-time fans, most of the mystery might have been cleared up with current volume, I'm slightly regretful as I think so. As for the new fans, I would be glad if you enjoy the world mysteries that would come to light from this point on.

Next volume will come out after somewhere from four to six months (Probably)! For details, follow the Kadokawa Sneaker Bunko Twitter that give out the fastest information, and you will also be able to get some special information, you know?"

Okay! Afterword quota achieved!

To Momoco-sensei who once again drew wonderful illustrations.

To Editor 0-san who worked more than ● days for this volume (Seriously sorry about that).

To everyone else who supported me with releasing this volume.

And also, to everyone who has read this 2nd volume of Last Embryo, I give you my thanks.

Tatsunoko Tarou

Bonus illustrations

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  1. Thanks a lot for the hard work!!!

  2. Candidate Of OriginOctober 23, 2017 at 3:04 AM

    Thank you for bringing us the entire volume Frozen, the hard work that you and everyone else puts on it is really appreciated!

  3. Gracias por el gran trabajo de continuar esta serie...

  4. I absolutely loved it. I really looking forward to volume 3.

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  6. Man, we finally get to see the effect of little garden on outside world
    Does the sun authority actually represent that 24 star bodies tower?
    Does yo's time in the future already powered by star bodies, so she commented dam power plant a primitive energy source?
    Still so many question

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  8. Thanks for the volume!! i'am beggining to enjoy last embryo much more now, i was enjoying it from the start but not as much as mondaiji, maybe because i grew so attached to that story, i love the new characters but i want to see You and Asuka so much and Izayoi is still my favorite protagonist.