Oct 22, 2017

Last Embryo V2 Epilogue


Suddenly, the long missed sea roars tickled the inside of his ears.

That sound, being a vivid reminder of his times as a child when he ran about on the shore, was undeniably the roars of the waves of the Mediterranean Sea. He clearly remembered bustling about along with friends of the same generation under the palm tree while using its leaves’ shade to hide from the sun.
Judging from the humidity of the sea breeze it was still the early summer.

The Mediterranean summer had a tendency to dehydrate easily, and it had long been suitable for cultivating olives.

Even if you were playing on the seaside, hunting or harvesting, it was a great season.

Wrapped in the gentle light leaking through the trees, he quietly shed a tear.

Because this warmness───was a little bit too gentle for the after death dream.


He slowly opened his eyes. It was a room that was too tidy to be called an abandoned house.

While this house made from chalk stones slightly differed from the ones from the time he lived in, he could see the traces of many years of diligent study put into it.

When he thought that the genealogy that existed in Minoan Civilization of Crete had remained in modern era, he became a little happy.

Listening closely, he could hear the voices of boys and girls coming from the room next door.

"───As one would expect from "Everything Company". I did not expect them to give us protection without even asking about anything. It wouldn't be enough no matter how much I pray to Ayato-ojousama."

"Fufu, it wasn't much. But, it's nothing that strange. If the current matter goes well, even within "Everything Company" Senpai might acquire the same level of authority as the company director. Otherwise, it's impossible to neglect the situation like Particle Body researcher being abroad without even a passport. Even Edward Grímnir of Development Department was feeling uneasy about it."

"It might be so in case of Homura, but I'm just his companion to the end!"

Suzuka raised her thumb, her voice being bright for some reason..

Asterius straightened up with a bitter smile on his face, and opened the door leading to the next room.

After confirming his appearance, each of the three greeted him with a different surprise.

"Yo. Is it fine to get up already?"

"No problem.........But this, what's going on? Why am I still manifested? What kind of sorcery did you people use?"

From Asterius who couldn't hide his bewilderment, this time it was Homura and Suzuka's turn to get surprised.

"Oh? It's somehow different from what Iza-nii said. I've heard that if you cleared all of the victory conditions of Gift Games, then you could force the Host into obedience without a need for a dialogue."

"Something like forcibly reviving them even if they died, it really is a Little Garden of Gods, huh. ───Don't you feel anything?"

Being pointed out by Homura, he suddenly put his hand to his chest. He could certainly feel something like a link between his current self and Saigou Homura. It appeared that the contract of obedience was in effect even in the outer world.

Seeing Asterius in such a state, Homura smiled widely and put his hands on his waist.

"Fufuh. Well, it's like that. Sorry about it, but we have to participate in this Sun Authority War from now on. I'll have you cooperate whether you want it or not."

".........I don't really mind that. But will I also be living in the outer world until the final selection?"

"Of course. However I won't give you any free meals. Let's just say you are sixteen years old, I'll have you work in Don Bruno's French food restaurant to earn your living expenses."

He was quite well prepared to have already planned to that extent.

(Why did they save me.........would it be boorish if I asked something like that, I wonder.)

It was also true that he was in need of battle power. However, it appeared that his fundamental reason lied elsewhere.

That was surely a reason of a good-hearted person, one which him who was a Bull Monster wasn't able to understand.

Asterius couldn't help but reveal a bitter smile.

"Well, after this, let's discuss what happens from now on. It's the first order, Asterius."

"This island was your birthplace, right? Even if you want to go for sightseeing, there's not even a guide remaining due to the given recommendation to take refuge. But if you like, we can take you to Knossos Palace?"

Asterius' eyes grew wide out of Surprise from Suzuka's words.

".........Does it still remain? Knossos town, in this era?"

"Rather than just remaining, it's among the top class historic ruins of Bronze Age. I also want to see things like that once in a while to broaden my information. .........Well, we are staying here perfectly illegally though."

"Now now. This is our hard earned Golden Week, we are allowed that much."

Saying so, Ayato ran towards the door in half-run.

As she opened the door, the brilliant light of the sun filled the room. This house being on high ground made it possible to have an overview of the town and the chalk townscape filled their view.

───Just for an instant, the scenery of bygone days floated up in his mind.

However that was truly just for an instant.

As expected it appeared to have lost the colors of his native land, and the townscape he once gazed at was vastly different from before. But this was something that couldn't be helped.

Because the period he lived in was counted back to BC.

Would it not be unavailing if the land hadn't evolved even after thousands of years had passed.

".........Even this hill has completely changed."

"Oh, is this a familiar place?"

"Yeah. Knossos Palace also isn't too far from here. It's direction would be───"

The four left their respective houses and started walking. Before long, after finishing their self-introductions, they started heading for the biggest tourist spot of Crete.

They mutually felt that from this point on.........they would be keeping each other company for a long time to come.


It wasn't just Homura's group staying on Crete.

Izayoi who was transferred in a similar manner, was trembling from anger all over his body as he gave a small shout.

"Why.........Even though the Spirit Train returned to Little Garden.........Why was it just me that was returned to outer world!!! Isn't this funny now, you rotten Queen!!! What kind of harassment is this!!!"

I bet there's no real meaning behind it, but still!!!

.........He barked indiscriminately. It appears that even he had become desperate.

But as a matter of fact, he understood it. Taking in mind the nature of the labyrinth, it was natural for Izayoi and others who entered from the gateway to be returned back to Crete.

Tokuteru who also returned full of wounds, and Prith who tended to Gryphon Gry's wounds looked at his state with strained smiles.

"We came all the way to Greece but it was meaningless.........we can't say that for certain either, huh? That we were able to make contact with "Avatära" who are the highest winning candidates is a big feat."

"You say that, Tokuteru. But isn't the requirement for participation for every Player to gather at the time of opening ceremony?"

Prith asked in a curious manner.

Tokuteru shook his head and informed her with serious look.

"That’s not it. My prided son appears to be a member of "Avatära"."

".........What! You mean, that Arjuna? Was he the one who injured you?"

"Yeah. He transformed into a young boy in order to earn the entry qualifications, but he's as strong as ever. I got defeated surprisingly fast."

This is troubling, sitting cross-legged, he hit his knee. But the anger from the time he clashed with him couldn't be felt now.

Prith, also being the oldest Divine Spirit felt something in that state of his.

".........I'm surprised. Aren't you quite composed? I thought you would rage even more, you know?"

"Well. Thinking calmly about it, I can easily guess that there was someone that tempted him. The one I should really be angry at is that person. I can scold my foolish son after that."

Tokuteru quietly burned with fighting spirit.

While it was true that he was attached to "Avatära" that was Avatars of Sun as well as the King group, it was certain that "Arjuna" was a guest general and an outsider. When it came to participating in the final selection, one must either have a Sun Authority or be related to the sun itself.

There must definitely be a Sponsor who tempted him from the shadows.

".........I think it would be better for us Twelve Guardian Devas to gather up and have a meeting once before the opening ceremony. There's also those who are taking part in the final selection."


Izayoi didn't believe his ears from what Tokuteru said.

"Oi, wait a minute. Twelve Guardian Devas are the Heavenly Army, aren't they? Aren't you guys the Sponsors?"

"No, it's not us. Kuro Usagi seems to be participating as a judge though. Those who manage Games and establish the rules are only the previous winner and the community designated by them. .........Well, you'll know when you attend the opening ceremony. Rather than that, what are you going to do before then?"

From Tokuteru's question, Izayoi was at a loss for words.

As expected, he thought someone would pick him up when the opening ceremony started, but at the moment Izayoi was one penniless young man excluding the fact that he was remaining in the family register. While it wasn't hard for him to live even with that in mind, he didn't have self-confidence to live until the opening ceremony without causing trouble.

That being the case, there was just one course of action remaining.

"Ah.........Mr. President over there. Does the Shibamata Taishakuten company have a room to employ one guy and one Gryphon?"

『Mu, me too, huh? I'm also fine with spending time until the ceremony in some forest.........』

"Don't say stupid things. What will you do if a Gryphon like you gets spotted by some brat? They wouldn't be able to sleep at night due to excitement, would boast about it everywhere and finally would be made fun of as a braggart and become a target of bullying, all of that would come as a set. Are you still fine with it? It wouldn't be good, would it?"


The Gryphon became worried over Izayoi's super-hypothesis, but it wasn't like it had no persuasiveness in it. Even though the scales were different, it was not like that never happened in Little Garden either. There's also the example of 'The Boy Who Cried Wolf'.

Tokuteru accepted Izayoi's proposal while smiling broadly.

"Sounds fine. Other employs also became curious after hearing rumors about you. Also, my company is based on piecework payment, so you are paid according to the work you do."

"............I see. So that's why Prith is rich and the president has holes in his purse."

Being poked in a sore spot Mikado quickly turned his gaze away, while Prith puffed her chest with pride.

When the company in question is managed by the Twelve Guardian Devas, there would surely appear quite outrageous jobs to do.

There was still quite a while before the opening ceremony.

Izayoi floated a wry smile as it appeared that he wouldn't be bored until then.


───In the middle of them returning home, as they aimed to leave Crete.

Inside the large plane of "Everything Company" Homura suddenly recalled the words Queen and Scathach had said to him.

"───When the battle ends you will quickly understand the reward contents."

He certainly remembered that those words contained such a nuance in them.

As soon as the game was over, they were quite concerned about any troubles that may be pushed upon them, but as the final day of the Golden Week approached, all thoughts about their rewards and such completely left their minds, and they fully enjoyed their vacation on the island of the Mediterranean filled with the aroma of early summer.

Or perhaps, this absurd situation where they could do completely as they pleased on this island of the Mediterranean Sea, empty after the evacuation advisory, was in itself the reward, Homura had concluded to himself.

He didn't have a good impression of the Golden Week as some kind of trouble appeared every year, however a fun thing like exploring the island like this with the kids from the same generation, and playing around at beach, was an event that never happened in Homura's life before.

Although the sea for the first time in a few years was somewhat cold, thanks to the luck of being blessed with a clear weather, it made possible to swim at daytime.

.........Asterius being with them was probably a good luck. For Homura who belonged to the indoor faction, playing around at beach with the girl from the same generation was more high hurdled than he imagined. Speaking specifically, he was troubled where to look. As expected of a German person, her body development was amazing.

Carrying such pleasant memories in heart, Saigou Homura and others met their final day there, and they proceeded to play games appropriate to their age even inside the plane. Asterius who had a special background of being a person from BC era, had rioted quite a bit when the plane took off, but after they went above the clouds he burned into his mind the sight of the Mediterranean Sea visible from the sky.

Asterius appeared to have gained the fundamental knowledge about games and they passed time playing poker and simple board games.

But only Homura was summoned into the inner VIP room.

".........Development Manager? Of "Everything Company"?"

"Yes. It seems he really wants to meet with Senpai and talk about something........."

Homura stood up and walked to the door leading to the special room.

Well, if the other person was someone with the position of Development Manager, he wouldn't mind meeting them once. That person would also find it difficult to communicate from now on without even knowing Homura's face.

It was instead unnatural that he was someone who he never had the chance to meet before.

.........Next, He would open the door and find Queen inside.

He slightly expected such a conventional outcome, however it appeared there was no such amusing development.

The one inside were the top of the 3rd university department Laboratory───aliased, 3rd Research Center, lab manager Carla Grímnir and the person claiming to be her older brother.

".........Ah. So you are Saigou Homura?"

It was a man with an arrogant attitude, leaning on the sofa with his legs crossed.

Lab manager Carla who was next to him responded with a playful smile.

"Oh my, you've gotten quite burned by the sun, Homura-kun. Being together with the student council president and Ojousama, you've had a beauty on each arm, didn't you! As the lab manager I'm quite worried about what kind of time you have spent there!"

"There was nothing like what you are imagining. .........By the way, is this person the Manager of Development Department?"

"Yes. This is my brother, Edward Grímnir. He has a little difficult personality, but I hope you can get along with him."

Homura switched his gaze to the Dev. Head.

Man with chestnut hair and glasses───It appeared that he was the Dev. Head, Edward Grímnir.

The beauty with curly, blond hair next to him was the lab manager Carla, but they didn't appear like siblings in any way. Or perhaps they weren't connected by blood. Carla was obviously a woman with 100% pure Germanic features and blond hair as characteristics. She had a gentle smile, figure with smooth curves, and moreover was a sociable perfect beauty.

Compared to her, this man was indeed dressed in style───but it somehow felt that his current appearance was different from his natural one.

(.........What am I even thinking.)

It appears that his common sense was shaken up after going to another world a little while ago.

Shaking his head with a wry smile, Homura did a self-introduction.

"Nice to meet you, Edward-san. I'm Saigou Homura, the Particle Body researcher at Houei institute 3rd research center."

"Hm, aren't you quite courteous. It’s as if you are using a fixed self-introduction. With such a greeting, it somewhat lacks the appeal."

Without even introducing himself, Edward looked uninterestedly at Homura while still sitting cross-legged. As expected, he got slightly irritated at his attitude, but he was used to this gaze.

At Homura's age, it was normally impossible to be doing activities at the forefront of the laboratory. There were many cases where he was faced with such an attitude and was ostracized out of jealousy.

───But it was slightly different with this person.

Rather than jealousy, he directed a gaze that said he had no interest in him, and then he uninterestedly threw a nearby envelope on the table.

"Let's leave out haggling and flatteries. We are Equal(Fifty) from the standpoint of performing business."

".........I don't think that's the attitude of equality, but got it. So, what's your business?"

"I was told explain the conclusion of the current matter to you. The virus that "Bull of Heaven"───The calamity publicly called as Typhoon #24, has spread throughout the world is unexpectedly serious. Our company's Particle Bodies are to be appointed to control the situation. Is there anything you have to ask regarding this?"

Homura's eyebrow twitched.

While saying that "He came to explain" he asked whether "He had any questions".

It was logical at a glance, but reality was the exact opposite. This was the exchange to find out what Homura himself thought and what he noticed with his own eyes.

Saying it frankly, this man came to appraise him.

The youth called Saigou Homura who researched the Star Particle Bodies.

(It would be fine to just ignore it.........but I feel uneasy.)

For what reason did this man come here. And why did he say something that was like testing him. It might not be bad to lightly test the waters just to investigate those reasons.

After holding on his reply for a bit, Homura sat down on the Sofa and continued.

"Questions.........huh? In that case, I'll ask without reserve."

"Go ahead."

"I'll ask without beating around the bush───Is there a chance that the current matter was entirely self-directed by "Everything Company?"

Uwao! Lab manager Carla raised a strange voice. She was a cheerful girl, but she probably thought that it wasn’t a good thing to say, as expected. Dev. Head Edward also opened his eyes wide.

Raising the corners of his mouth just a bit, he narrowed down his eyes and looked at Homura.

"I see. Let's hear your reasons."

"Oh? So you aren't going to deny that it is a man-made incident."

"It seems there's a need to explain it from there. I believe I said it. We are equal. You asked that to me while only having doubt as argument, right? In that case, you should have your say first."

Is that so? He shrugged and continued ahead.

"There's nothing that could be called grounds for argument. ───Well, it's a strange reason that the one who would profit the most out of this matter is "Everything Company". .........And so, when I thought about what was the goal of this incident, the first two things that popped up were "Rise of Star Particle Body fame" and "Acquisition of international authority"."

"I see. Continue."

"Making such a big appeal that it is a man-made incident by purposely crossing the Equator, is for the sake of demonstrating how dangerous this research is, and to link it to the propaganda of the final goal. When it comes to talking about building a breakwater somewhere so as not to cause the same weather incident, the first thing that would be proposed is, after all, the equator line which is blessed with a universal climate all the year round. .........Errr, then I remembered at that point. The topic that Ayato's father talked about quite long ago."

"The "Environmental Control Tower" project, right?"

"Yes. Constructing a huge tower to spread the Star Particle Bodies and improve the planet's environment such as global warming, desertification, air pollution and so on, as well as to control the drought damage or calamities like typhoon and earthquakes. If all these became possible, then humanity would dominate the whole planet in its true meaning."

Isn't it a dreamy story? Homura took a break at that. Until this matter came to light, Homura truly believed that the "Environmental Control Tower" project was impossible to realize.  

But with the appearance of the current "Bull of Heaven", the situation underwent a big change.

".........That said, I don't think that all of the "Everything Company" was involved in the matter. Besides, "Bull of Heaven" is a product that is three levels more advanced compared to our research. I'm sure there were external hands at play. Was the information leaked.........Was there a thesis that I'm not aware of.........Or is there an organization completely unrelated to it? That much is something I don't know."

Therefore, Homura cut straight to the point. He still couldn't decide on whether he could put his trust on Queen or on her close aide. The only people he trusted from the bottom of his heart were Suzuka, Ayato, and also Izayoi and Tokuteru.

Was this man a friend or foe. He wanted to ascertain that at this place.

Edward intended to appraise him, but being asked whether it was true or false in reverse, he revealed a faint smile.

Perhaps he got interested as he slightly brightened his voice and asked.

"What if "Everything Company" was the main culprit?"

"Then I would fight you. While researching Particle Bodies. In order to not let anyone abuse this research."

"As a deterrent, huh? ───Very well. Then what if the main culprit was someone else, the enemy beyond your imagination? What if it was a crime committed with countries involved?"

Bending forward, Edward cast aside his overbearing atmosphere and asked.

His listless appearance from before vanished like a mist and he looked at him with serious eyes.

Without faltering, Homura returned the blow.

"Even so───I would fight."

"You are reckless. What is the reason for that? Is that a stubbornness as a researcher?"

"No. It's my stubbornness as a human being."

The man unable to endure it, burst out in laughter.

He bend body into a く shape, and held his sides and laughed off Homura's resolve in front of the person himself.

While it was an extremely rude thing to do, Homura didn't show signs to remove his serious attitude.

It's expected that from the current matter alone, the victims would exceed from several million to maybe even ten million people. There were people who wounded that many people and destroyed their livelihood.

───That's right. There was an enemy.

The full portrait was unclear and the truth was still on the other side of the mist. Presently, he couldn't even step on their shadows.

Even so, there definitely was an irreconcilable enemy that wished for that level of large-scale destruction. In that case, even if he lacked in years, it was not a reason to avoid fighting.

Perhaps he also thought that he was too rude. While directing an even more amused line of sight than before towards Homura, Edward Grímnir told him.

"Hah!.........For a young child───To choose "Human Stubbornness" out of all things as the reason to fight! This is priceless, priceless I say! If he was such an amusing kid, you should've invited him sooner, Carla!"

"Eeh? Wasn't it you, Edward, who was being sulky until some time ago and didn't waver no matter what I said?"

"Well, that couldn't be helped. Even I would become sulky if I lose someone I respected and loved."

Kukuku, The two suppressed their laughs.

Suddenly, Homura wondered how the lab manager of the 3rd Research Center could expose such a wicked laugh but he quickly focused his mind and switched over to something else.

"Edward-san. Lab manager Carla. Since you've dropped all pretenses up to this point, please answer my question seriously. Are you.........my enemies?"

"Of course not. Be at peace, Homura-kun. "Everything Company" is innocent. We can guarantee you about that. Well, that is if you could believe in us."

Edward picked up the envelope that he threw away before and took out the documents.

"Sorry about before. I was also judging whether you were friend or foe. But it became clear with previous dialogue. We shall become your allies."

".........? What do you mean by become my allies?"

"Never mind, you will know in time. If you have something you are troubled with, say it without reserve. We shall lend you a hand without fail. Your and our enemies, are fortunately one and the same. Let's talk about that some other time. For now, let's talk about your sweet reward, shall we?"


Due to his sudden change in attitude, Homura couldn't get his answers. It appeared that he was seriously enjoying it, however he still couldn't be negligent.

However, glancing back at Homura who was in such a state, Edward fetched the documents from the envelope.

"I will also speak without reserve. "Environmental Control Tower" project had shifted to action behind the scenes since long ago. It's no doubt that the current matter served as a booster. I can understand your feelings of doubting "Everything Company". Because our company is also in the middle of searching for the traitor."

"To be even more blunt, Homura-kun who disappeared was the top ranker among the traitor list!"

From Carla's smile, Homura felt chills go down his spine. There's also the matter of him taking out the "Origin", so it couldn't be helped that he was suspected given the situation.

"However, with Ayato-Ojousama also putting a word in, that suspicion was 90% cleared. Discerning the remaining 10% was left to us. Only when we judged that we could trust you, we were supposed to hand out these documents───the documents related to the interests of the Star Particle Bodies."


"Rights, you know, rights! Saying it bluntly, it's money! From now on, Homura-kun can acquire 0.75% of the profits earned by Star Particle Bodies!"

As Carla told him in cheerful manner, this time it was Homura who became wide eyed and stood up.

"0.75% of p-profit!? Is that true!? That would be astronomical amount of money, you know!!?"

"Yes. This is also means to tie you down.........and also because you are quite liked by the president and his wife. You could say it's a reward loaded with various expectations."

Edward revealed an unpleasant smile and told him. However, the person concerned didn't care about that now. Homura simply calculated the yearly reward that could be earned from the interests and he almost became dizzy.

Even at the present stage where they were one-sidedly directed into medical treatment, they would earn from hundreds of millions to billions in one year. If the Star Particle Bodies were completed, that number would be raised many-fold.

If that much money would be paid in a period of year, the orphanage management would also stabilize. On the contrary, he would be able to reconstruct it or add more buildings as much as he pleased. He wouldn't have to worry about the large TV anymore.

The two who were looking amusedly at him who became dizzy from the amount of money, talked about the hereafter plans while handing over the documents.

"To roughly say about "Environmental Control Tower", it's close to your guess. I think it would be a talk of a distant future, but in the end, it would be decided to be constructed on the Equator line."

"At present, there are twenty four places as candidates. Please look over that as well."

Then, Homura suddenly came to his senses.

"───On the Equator line, twenty four places?"

"That's right, something wrong?"


He shook his head and replied ambiguously.

But Homura couldn't help remembering the incident that happened in Little Garden.

(.........Game of competing with twenty four Sun Authorities. Don't tell me.........its reward is.........)

Examining the interest papers, Homura gulped his saliva. If Homura's thinking was correct, then there might be some kind of close relation to the Authority War and this interest.

Grasping the papers tightly, Homura exhaled greatly.

It was a realistic reward, but if he could receive this level of thing───

(L.........Let's do this.........!!!)

Homura suddenly made a fist with his eyes shining like a kid.

Although it was a naive expectation, right now he was allowed that much.

Because the fact that this would later develop into a battle that would greatly warp the entire world───was still something of a distant future.


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