Jun 3, 2018

Last Embryo V3 Chapter 2

Chapter 2
───South America, Federative Republic of Brazil.

A wind of intense humidity was blown towards the sea of trees.

Today, as usual, the world’s largest rainforest, Amazon, was engulfed with heat. This sea of trees where one couldn’t see an inch ahead without getting obstructed was like a natural fortress for those unfamiliar with the land.

Once lost in it, it would be incredibly difficult to get out of there.

At daytime, all sorts of snakes and beasts began to wreak havoc. To the world, this place would be referred as a wonderland. Wiping away his sweat, Sakamaki Izayoi spoke to the person beside him, Prithvi Mata.

“The Amazon is so damn hot!”

“Complaining won’t help the matter.”

“I know, but I couldn’t hold those complaints in. Look at this thermometer.”

Izayoi presented a simple weather detector held by his hand to Prith.

It displayed the temperature to be 34 degree celsius along with humidity of 82%.

Izayoi’s annoyance index was also estimated to be reaching 120%.

Looking at the sky in the distance, the clouds were gradually gathering above the rainforest. If rain was to start now, it would really be a collection of irritating elements. To Izayoi, who had tendency of getting soaked, that was an unbearable development.

“This is where a modern hell would be. Even if it’s just once, couldn’t you do something with the power of the ‘12 Devas’, Earth Goddess-sama?”

Izayoi carelessly asked for compassion. But Prithvi Mata, The Mother Goddess,  wasn’t the one to depend on her power so easily.

'Twelve Devas'───Also called, Juuniten, were a group of various gods who were feared as the strongest out the entire heavenly army that defended the world's peace.

The divine group was made up of various gods from the Middle East, Ancient India, and East Asia, most of its members being ancient war gods. Hence, it was considered to be a group of gods with one of the strongest war power. And as far as Izayoi was aware, more than half of them had descended to the outside world.

Among the ‘12 Devas’ led by Tokuteru Mikado, 7 of them have made an appearance, including himself.

War God, Indra (Taishakuten)
Mother Earth, Prithvi Mata (Jiten)
Sun God, Surya (Nitten)
God of Creation, Brahma (Bonten)
God of the Far East, Izanagi (Izanaten)
Iron-fan Princess, Rakshasa (Rasetsuten)
Guardian God of Wealth, Vaisravana (Bishamonten)

However, due to the sheer power they possess, it would be impossible for all of the 12 Devas to appear in the outside world at once, no matter how much they lower their spiritual power.

The number of gods a single world could naturally bear was three at best.

Once the number of gods exceeds that maximum number, just their existence itself could alter the laws of nature, make oceans go wild, open a fissure, and cause the sky to blaze up in deep red. Hence, if a god wanted to interfere with the outside world, they would usually send an organization which they shared their spiritual power with, or their own avatar down───yet, for some reason, this Mother Earth had manifested herself instead.

Even among the earth goddesses, Prithvi Mata who had entrusted the agriculture to humanity was a great goddess whose Spirituality was leagues above the rest. She was a goddess who possessed a unique authority, holding the achievement of humanity’s explosive growth. There was, theoretically, no greater earth goddess than her, whose deeds towards the advancement of Humanity was second to none.

The true goddess standing above all as Mother Earth, Prithvi Mata.

Although the words from Izayoi were full of hope of seeing miracles that would be made by this goddess among the goddesses───Prith shook her head with a gentle smile.

“We shouldn’t use Little Garden’s standard as our basis. The change of weather could cause great damage to Earth. And if it’s hell we are talking about, Tokyo is no different isn’t it?”
“Is it?”

“Of course. Heat surfacing from the ground, natural water with temperatures higher than human skin, spoiled air conditioning which is useless even if it was activated to its highest output. Having to work and study while exposing yourselves to these pains, that’s the sin humanity is bearing right now. What’s ahead as we continue to work and study, where’s the end of life. At last, even I wondered as a deity on whether I should’ve strived for nirvana.”
Prith looked afar as she squinted her eyes.

It’s hard to return to how it was after experiencing the convenience of having air conditioning. Even Prithvi, who was resistant to heat, wanted to finish her job quickly just to return to her air-conditioned room.

“That aside, we’ll be reaching our destination soon. Wouldn't there be more meaning in verifying the content of the delegate in order to return to Japan as quickly as possible?”

“Well, I have no problems with that. But did they really conduct the Nanomachine experiments in this forest?”

“If Saigou Homura’s prediction is correct, that’s how it turns out to be. Although I am having doubts as well.”

With dubious faces, the two changed their line of sight to the weather detector.

Speaking of the current job, there was a reason why the two had come all this way to the Federative Republic of Brazil in South America.

The reason for that was that the place where the ‘Bull of Heaven’ had an outbreak had been confirmed to be the coastal city of Brazil, Rio de Janeiro.

The city of Rio was famous as a bustling city of southern countries, and it was also the world’s largest megacity with a population of over 6 million. Fortunately, the damage caused by the typhoon was not extreme, but the extent of the damage caused by the spoilage virus was unclear.

After leaving France, the investigation team of the ‘Everything Company’ was sent here to the country with the world’s largest rainforest, the Amazon, and had just started to investigate the virus.

───But Izayoi and the others knew.

The pathogens were also spread from the island of Crete in the Greek Republic.

In order to attack Europe, the toxic particles were mixed up in the storm.

From this extremely despicable move, western countries have suffered severe damage from an economic perspective. The turbulence of stock markets and the buying of wheat flour where still comparatively meager things, compared to the fact that Brands with over a hundred years of history have been forced to temporarily suspend their business in a mere two months. It can be said that the Western European market had completely collapsed.

It was at this moment that ‘Everything Company’ introduced the Star Particle Bodies.

For Europe which was on the verge of ruin, it was truly a godsend.

“It would be more appropriate to think of it like this; Crete Island is the site where the pathogenic bacteria spread, and the Amazon Rainforest is where the ‘Bull of Heaven’ incident took place. A forest is the best place to hide it. But if you were to conduct Particle Body experiments in this kind of hellish heat, wouldn’t they just go crazy?”

As she swept away the reflective sweat, Prith smiled bitterly.

“Totally. No doubt they were insane. Hence, that’s why they thought of using human technology to create something like ‘Bull of Heaven’. For this, we have your Excellency, the Head of Accounting.”

“Wait, hold right there. Can you stop calling me that ‘Head of Accounting’ already.”

“What are you saying? You only took two months to take care of our company’s rough and unfathomable accounting. It would be wrong to not properly address you as the Head of Accounting with gratitude and respect!”
Prithvi smiled and gave a thumbs up while fanning her chest with her other hand. She came into this kind of forest while wearing a suit; Izayoi couldn’t really get whether she was just diligent or an airhead.

After all, it has only been two and a half months since he met her.

As he couldn’t find his way into Little Garden, he gradually got involved with the Security Service company that Mikado Tokuteru managed.

The principle of ‘no work no food’ is universal regardless of the world.

In age, he could no longer be considered a student.

Because while he was physically 19, according to the family register, in the outer world he was 21. If he was to live in the orphanage without a job and live a life of self-willedness, he may not have a foothold in front of the children.

As such, the job of a secret agent employed by a company operated by the ‘12 Devas’ would surely satisfy Izayoi’s passion of labor and curiosity. So, after accepting the job with high expectations…

He was met with a headache; the disorganization was far beyond his imagination.

Cooperative contracts scattered in the company's lobby, reports written in multiple languages, inaccurate compensations, receipts for unknown purposes and so on...

With that being the case, it would be appropriate to say that the satisfying feeling of enthusiasm completely disappeared.

Although Izayoi easily displayed an impression of crude and rudeness, even he had a rigorous side of him.

If there was no appropriate compensation for the properly done work, even he would be troubled by it.

"There were proposals for accounting employment before, but regrettably our line of work has many things we can’t disclose to the public. Although the many conveniences in this era has made me very happy, it becomes difficult to move when money is tight. After all, we are war gods who protect the law, not wealth. Thanks to the kind Head of Accounting, who gathered all the data within the scope of explanation, even the useless embezzlement done by President Mikado has come to light. I have to thank you."

Prith continued to nod in gratitude.

Although it was totally unexpected in Tokuteru Mikado’s case.

“Yeah...I guess it can’t be helped after all. Bishamonten is tentatively a god of wealth, but it would be unfair to demand such a delicate skill from that Uesugi-chan.”

“That’s how it is. That girl is serious, hard-working and a genius when it comes to battles, so if she could just quietly focus on physical labor, we could also relax. ”

“It was exactly how it is this time. When I was told to fly to Brazil due to the commission of ‘Everything Company’ I was looking forward to it. But I did not expect to actually be decentralized to the center of the Amazon. And here I wanted to see that hot carnival in Rio after all this time.”

“Hey, don’t whine about the work. You were appointed by the client by name, and also getting a referral fee. Be more compromising here.”

While whining about work, they continued their advance through the clusters of ivy.

However, the path, or what could be called a path, ended here. Beyond this point was the unexplored land.

Although they weren’t in any danger, they had to advance carefully but quickly or the day would grow dark on them.

As the two put down their luggage to make preparations, the phone rang suddenly with a simple beeping sound.

Izayoi could only think that the caller estimated that the forest entrance was where the electromagnetic waves would barely reach. Unpleasantly, he answered the phone.

“Hello, thank you for your call. This is the secret service. At this moment where we are working our asses off, is there anything I can help you with? Client Saigou Homura-sama.”

As he answered with sarcasm, a sigh came from the other side.

“... Why are you so irritated? Also, the client is not me, but Ayato ojou-sama, you know?”

“I don’t see the difference.”

“There’s a huge margin of difference. I’m not the one paying Iza-nii the retainer fee...sigh, forget about it. I have just returned from Charles de Gaulle Airport in France to Narita Airport.”

“You returned from France? Weren’t you in Germany?”

“I was there two days ago. I left immediately to France after obtaining a lot of experimental results, whereby to confirm the procedure of virus removal. Since the process moved on smoothly and the result was successful, I am planning to return home temporarily for a holiday. Are there any leads on your side?”

Saigou Homura’s voice was projected from the phone.

Izayoi waved his hand due to annoyance.

“Nothing. Absolutely nothing. The world is at peace, with no incident whatsoever. Say, since there's nothing for me to do here. May I leave? Not to mention there's an erotic nudist carnival in Rio that I want to see in a manner of grace.”

“....No, didn't you said that you were busy previously? There will be no reward if there's no result, that's what Ayato-Ojousama said before wasn't it?”
Homura’s jokingly reply caused Izayoi’s expression to become more silent and depressed.

To Izayoi, whom could not find a way back to Little Garden, not getting his pay was a bad problem.

Coming all this way to Brazil in vain would have to be avoided at all costs.

“How stingy. Now that ‘Everything Company’ has established itself as an international spot due to the Star Particle Bodies, it has gained enormous benefits that competes with the culmination of today’s world. Someone from such a zaibatsu shouldn’t be so stingy with money.”

“You are the one talking nonsense. No matter how rich the company is, or even poor, those who have not achieved results will not be rewarded. For now, just work and earn some money like how an older brother should….Oh right, I didn't call you just for jokes.”

Cough cough. As Saigou Homura cleared his throat, Izayoi shrugged in doubt.

“Oh? If this wasn't a prank call, does that mean you have gotten clues about the criminal?”

“That's about right. While the criminal has not yet been identified, the parsing result of the Particles Bodies has finally come out… though, something feels odd.”

“And that is?”

“The components of the two Star Particle Body types are far too different. It doesn’t seem like the particles were made by the same organization.”

Hearing Homura’s concise yet dangerous conclusion, Izayoi gave a truculent laugh.

“Heh…? Two particle bodies of different components, huh? If that's the case, then the situation certainly changes. Which means the creators of the smallpox ‘Minotaur’ and the typhoon ‘Bull of Heaven’ were two totally different organizations.”

It could be assumed that there were at least two organizations that were researching the Particle Bodies, if not more. This information was truly indispensable, so he understood the need for this emergency call.

“That's right. Being comprehensive is one of the few good points you have, Iza-nii.”

“What kind of rubbish are you talking about. I have more good points than there are stars.”

“Yea, yea, whatever you say. So, about the Particle Bodies that caused the virus, it seems that they were made through a similar process to mine—that is to say, created through a parasitic growth development with plants and animals. Well, there's no problem in this regard since I can make them powerless, but the other one, the ‘Bull of Heaven’, is a product of another level. Sorry that I can’t explain it in detail, but I have confirmed the Star Particle Body crystallization phenomenon from part of the particles of ‘Bull of Heaven’.”

Izayoi became puzzled after hearing that.

Hearing him say “Star Particle Body crystallization phenomenon” didn’t give him much of an idea about what it was.

Even if the person in question was Izayoi, he was no specialist so that outcome was natural. Moreover, he had been living in a different world until recently, so Homura’s words were a little difficult for him to understand since the science had steadily progressed in his absence.

“Ah, sorry. It’s not particularly clear to me how big the difference is. Just tell me directly. In short, just how amazing is it?”

“What are you, a child? Although it does not matter. Roughly speaking... the parasitic growth created the pseudo-smallpox that is the cause of the disease. That is still within the margins of what medical science can do. The ‘Bull of Heaven’ on the other hand is entirely in the domain of energy conservation theorems and mechanics. I remember hearing that you knew ‘Maxwell’s Demon’? ‘Bull of Heaven’ is something that was created by putting that to practice.”

Izayoi doubted his ears upon hearing that unexpected name.

Izayoi didn’t ‘just knew’ about it.

The demonic personification of the thermodynamic paradox—that was the existence known as ‘Maxwell’s Demon’. The great demon Maxwell, who ruled the realm of warmth and cold, was one of the demons who once fought Izayoi and the others.

He was a very powerful devil who could make unrestricted thermal replacement possible by manipulating the + and - boundaries. Yet, a certain thing had led him into becoming mad with affection towards his loved one, before finally ending up slain by Izayoi’s power. That being the case, Izayoi knew a lot more than Homura regarding this ‘Maxwell’s Demon’.

“So the ‘Bull of Heaven’ was created by rearranging the environmental data with Star Particle Bodies, and Maxwell’s Demon was the source of it all?”

“Yes, though the feature they used is not just that. Considering the fact that it had been moving along the coast, it can be considered that the typhoon maintained its body by separating the moisture of the sea surface and operating on the air pressure alone.”

“Hah! So anything goes, huh? I’m kinda feeling pity that such an ability lies in a perverted stalker like him.”

Homura got question marks from his comment.

“....Pervert? Stalker?”

“I am just talking to myself. Forget about it. ...Anyway, this rainforest where the ‘Bull of Heaven’ occurred could be dangerous, so I have to be extra careful, is what you are trying to say, right?”

“Well, there’s also that, but there is something that I would like you to find no matter what. The Ether Accelerator───or as we call it, E.R.A medium. If you don’t retrieve or destroy it, another ‘Bull of Heaven’ might be created. Even I don't know what it looks like, but the fact that I can’t disclose much about its functions is an issue of its own…”

As Homura’s voice became more and more awkward as he spoke, Izayoi shrugged his shoulders bothersomedly.

“Ah, I don't need any special information. It will waste the enjoyment, plus you researchers can't go around revealing secrets left and right. If it's an unknown danger that's coming, that’s what I would have hoped for. So, for the orphanage’s sake as well, keep your mouth shut.”

Izayoi laughed jokingly. Homura on the other hand had become so speechless that it was apparent even over the phone, and then heaved a short sigh.

“...... You have changed, Iza-nii.”

“Think so?”

“Yeah. You’ve grown overall.”

“As in, my body?”

“Yeah, yeah, your bo-, that's not what I mean you dumbass! Can you please stop making fun of me all the time. The international calls cost quite a lot, so focus on the matter.”

“Hey hey hey, what's the pettiness for, Mr Billionaire. I heard that ‘Everything Company’ had given you a rather impressive ‘bonus’. Can't you let your older Brother envy or admire you slightly?”

As Izayoi laughed, Homura fell silent.

In regards to the reward, the ‘Everything Company’ gave him a considerable amount of money. It was originally granted to Saigou Homura’s father who was the original developer, but his Father had passed away. However, Homura did not develop the particle bodies from scratch.

Homura only completed the degraded products that only imitated the 3S. Nano Machine Units. As such he had faced quite a bit of trouble when he was applying for a license.

The amount of investment used for analyzing the Particle Bodies was of course astronomical, and there was also funds for the orphanages which were unrelated to the research.

Saigou Homura was compensated 200 million yen for his work, with an additional 500 million yen given for the repair and management for the orphanage. In addition, 2.5 billion yen would go towards the cryo electron microscope that Homura had requested. Instead of it being loaned, the latest model would be provided for him.

Furthermore, if Homura were to uncover the mystery behind the rumored perpetual motion machine that Particle Bodies concealed, Homura in particular could yield 0.75% of the profits from the energy industry. If it could be used for practical purposes, interest which surpassed even the oil and nuclear industry could be obtained. It was hypothesized that even 1% of it would exceed the national budget of Japan, and that amount of money would be given to an individual annually.

This was the so called exceptional from exception, a broken assessment.

If he could uncover the mystery of the 3S. Nano Machine Units, Saigou Homura could receive authority on par with the world leaders.

“You can practically be considered pretty famous now. On the side of wealth, you have pretty much reached the pinnacle right? How is the view from the world’s summit, my great little brother.”

“...Idiot. That's only after the Star Particle Bodies are completed.”

“Okay, okay. So then, was this all you had to tell me?”

“That's pretty much everything… Ah, no. There's still one more question I would like to ask… or should I say that's the main reason I made this call… how should I put it…”
Homura’s speech came to an abrupt end and fell silent in just that moment.

Izayoi crooked his head, hiding in the shade to avoid the sunlight.

“What happened? If there’s something troubling you, I can at least listen.”

“No, that's not it...I mean, saying it might make you uncomfortable...”

Hah? Izayoi gave a puzzled reaction. Homura was a young boy who was polite to others, but would be frank when it came to Suzuka and Izayoi. Hence, it was rare for him to adopt this attitude.

Homura hesitated with his words for a while.

Then, starting with a cough, he decided to get to the point.

“Iza-nii… What do you think about your real family?”


Izayoi responded with a voice weirder than before towards that unexpected question. Anyone would give that kind of reaction when such an embarrassing question was asked all of a sudden..

Feeling annoyed, Izayoi scratched his head and didn’t answer immediately.

“What happened so suddenly? Did the kids in the orphanage asked anything? Or did that kind of thing appear as a subject in school?”

“Ah..actually, forget what I said! Just forget about it. Anyway, I just wanted to say to be careful when investigating that forest! You must never touch the crystallized particles with your bare hand! Never touch it! There's no guarantee that it would be fine even if it's someone like you!”

Beep. The phone hung up.

Hanging up the phone just after saying a few words of concern, how roundabout.

Overhearing the conversation, Prith suppressed her laugh while gathering the luggage.

“Hehe, how surprising. You brothers are surprisingly close with each other.”

“How was it? I originally planned to spoil this little brother of mine a little since he has been taking care of the orphanage in my place. But, didn’t he seem too gloomy?”

“It’s nothing like that. If he did not harbour any feelings for you as a family member, he wouldn't have kept the room of a hedonistic brother like you.”

A hedonistic brother───Izayoi couldn’t help but smile when being called that.

The fact he, who ran off to another world while disregarding the predicament the orphanage was in, was still welcomed by his relatives was something kind to a painful degree

“But…… A real family, he said, huh? Who is the one that taught him about these?”

“Hm? Is it not about the orphanage?”

“It would be much better if it was. …...Say, Earth Goddess-sama, do these kids absolutely have to join the Sun Authority War?”

Izayoi asked in a displeased manner, and Prith widened her eyes from the unexpected question.

“What, you still haven't acknowledged them?”

“It's not that I haven’t. I have fully recognised their efforts. After hearing the content and scale of Homura’s research, even I felt a little happy for him. ...and that's exactly why, Homura and Suzuka should live in this world, there's no need for them to take part in and win the Sun Authority War.”

Regardless of how big the issue is, there are talents that the world needs.

No matter if it was Saigou Homura who became a particle researcher, or Ayazato Suzuka who acts as the older sister of the orphanage.

They who have established their own places and reasons of existence were now stepping into another world which exposed their lives to danger. That's what Izayoi was worried about.

Prith who sensed the worries that Izayoi had, replied as she scratches her cheek.

“I see. So that's what you were worried about. How cute of you, Izayoi.”

“Stop joking around.”

“I am not joking. Rather, didn't you know about the rules of the Authority War? The Gift Game this time forbids killing among the contestants, you know?”

Eh? Izayoi gave out a strange voice.

“...Killing actually became forbidden? This is the first time I have heard of it.”

“That's how it is. Since the number of deceased in the previous Authority War reached an astronomical number, from this time on, participants are strictly prohibited from killing each other. If they are in danger, the hosts will force a defeat and provide aids. This is the rule of the current Authority War.... Are you relieved now?”

Prith revealed an impish smile.

But that being the case, Izayoi couldn’t make sense of it. If it was just a Game held in the streets, that could still be fine. But the Gift Games he loved so much were not so forgiving.

Gift Games were the games of gods and demons which only those who have reached the extremes could challenge.

They weren’t made in a way where you had to worry about naive things like human rights. If there's a guarantee of living, there must be something that the Host has planned within this rule.

And that would be a challenge equivalent to the ‘guarantee of life’.

(......Hah. It's to be expected that I couldn't just keep on playing in this world.)

Izayoi glared towards the depths of the tropical rainforest as he lightly clicked his tongue.

Since the Star Particle Bodies have a close relationship to ‘Everything Company’, there was a possibility that he could get in touch with ‘Queen Halloween’ after solving the mystery in due time.

Or perhaps, those who used the Particle Bodies for evil deeds could be from Little Garden too. By forcing them to reveal a way back, everything would be solved.

Izayoi reached out his hand towards his luggage, preparing to make depart, however…

Beep. The simplistic ringtone rang again. It was a second call from Homura.

…That guy sure seems to have a lot of free time, doesn’t he? While thinking so in wonder, he answered the call.

As he did, there was a voice similar to a hellish earthquake coming from the other side.


The angry roar has caused Izayoi to block his ear.

“By Tokuteru...you meant President? If I remember correctly, he stayed in Japan, saying he had something to do.”

“Thank goodness, so he hasn't escaped overseas…!!! By the way, I will ask you too just in case, Iza-nii. You didn't mess with the orphanage's account just because I received a huge amount of money have you?”

Due to the impolite questioning, Izayoi finally frowned from annoyance.

After being asked such crazy thing out of the blue, it's obvious that he would be pissed.

“...Huh? What the hell are you talking about? You’ve been quite rude for a while now. I haven't fallen so low that I would need to steal pocket money from a brat like you.”

“That’s true. Rather than stealing the orphanage’s money without a word, you’d instead boldly extort it.”

"I wouldn't deny that sentence. Sorry for being a good-for-nothing brother through and through.”

“You are mostly pardoned. This orphanage was originally built by Iza-nii and Canaria-sensei, so I wouldn't mind anything if it was you. In that case, the main suspect is Tokuteru after all….That bastard, I won't forgive him this time…!!!”

Beep. The phone hung up once again. The unilateral call and unilateral hang-up, there was a limit to how rude one could be. It must be the fault of the brother and loved ones who raised him.

Although Homura’s ghastly voice has made Izayoi puzzled, he decided to let it go after thinking about it for a while and not arriving at an answer.

Izayoi turned to Prith who was beside him, and asked about the future plans.

“So, what are we supposed to do now?”

“First, we will have to talk to the guardian of this land. Then, you will begin to investigate the forest using the particle detector you’ve got. I will investigate as well as I talk to the gods and spirits of this forest. I’ll come to meet you when the sun starts to set.”

“No problem with that, but can you find me in a forest of this scale?

“Fufu, I am still a Mother Earth you know. Not to mention your Spirituality is ridiculously large, finding you will be easy. There should be no problem as long as you don't go further than the the mountains ahead.”

Okay, let’s go then. Saying so, they started moving towards the forest. The two had been unusually slack, simply wanting to get it over with as soon as they could. Perhaps they were also a bit self-conceited that there wouldn’t be anything in this outer world that could prove to be a threat to them, given they experienced the battles of Little Garden.

However, it was only a few hours after this when they realised that they have been taking this experiment far too lightly.


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