Oct 22, 2017

Last Embryo V2 Prologue


《Gift Game: Minotaur - The Throne in the Labyrinth》

List of contestants: Sakamaki Izayoi
1) Owns at least one Sun Authority (Regardless of Ecliptic or Helios)
2) Possessing direct lineage with a Sun Deity. Or has achievements related to the Sun.


The Sun Authority Preselection Game may be discontinued without notification. This is a precaution in every preselection games, please understand in advance.

Requirements for victory:
1) Suppress “The Monster of the Labyrinth”
2) Elucidate Labrys’ maze, destroy every ox head.

Oath: The Sun Authority War Operation Council pledges to hold the game fairly.
Second Sun Authority War Facilitators
"Laplace’s Little Demons"

Under the starry sky — lay a desolate, deserted labyrinth.

On the throne in the center of the labyrinth, a certain young maiden was trying to hold back her laughter. The girl was reading a “Geass Roll” that was made out of parchment. Although the contents of the “Geass Roll” remained unknown, it was certain that it contained something worth laughing over for her.

She stopped laughing for a moment as she composed herself. However, as she laid her eyes upon the text for a second time, she burst out in uncontrollable laughter yet again.

Having laughed at the same text for so many times, it was truly a blessing. However, from the outsider’s perspective, there was nothing as sickening as that. If she wasn’t beautiful, this action wouldn’t be approved of.

Not to mention this big labyrinth was the home of that Bull Monster The Minotaur's habitat.

There was no light nor signs of human activity, in the labyrinth the only sounds that could be heard were either from the wind or the insects. There was no end to the giggles from the girl. Her pearly white hair cloaked the back of her small petite body, despite her beautiful and neat appearance, her features resembled a maiden of a fairly young age. But her behaviour was no different from a town girl’s.

The smile faded from her mouth, and once again she read the ‘Geass Roll’.

This would have only resulted in an endless loop of laughter, however not this time.

A man who was sleeping in the shade quietly sat up. He must have been woken up by the girl’s laughter. He ruffled his gorgeous hair as a wry smile spread across his face.

“Really… how many times have you read that, are you not satisfied yet, Kurma(World Dragon).”

“What’s wrong with it? It is not like there is any other entertainment here under this cold night. Then at least allow me to be excited for my playmate that’s coming tomorrow, Bull Demon King.”

The girl called World Dragon happily shook the ‘Geass Roll’.

Compared to her lovely appearance she had quite a disturbing name.

The man known as the Bull Demon King, on the other hand, was also a striking man who would make one speechless.
With glossy black hair and a upright body figure, as well as a dominating pair of horns. Bathing under the moonlight with that appearance, he exuded a ravishing male charm.

“Also, even if it’s trouble some, please call me the “World King”. My name still has to be kept a secret. Just call me “Kuu-chan” when I am in my human form.”

“Fine, I shall take you up on the offer and call you “Kuu-chan”, however you do know that your identity will be exposed sooner or later after the meeting with Taishakuten, right?”

“Taishakuten?.......Hm? I suppose you are referring to Indra. Actually, he might not even recognise me. He doesn’t know that I am a female dragon after all. Not to mention this is my first time in a human form.”

Plus, I am also very concerned about his reaction, the girl said it with a smile.

However, what’s more important was this, she held forward the ‘Geass Roll’.

“Rather than that, look! This, this! The Sun Authority Game this time is really in high standards! Previously, the contents of the game could only be won by someone who was foolishly strong!”

The girl who was claimed to be the World King started to walk in circles as she stated that “The last winner was a fool who relies solely on brute force.” The Bull Demon King nodded in agreement after reading the ‘Geass Roll’.

“Indeed. It was just recently that there was added second victory requirement, giving opportunity to those powerless ones. However, the difficulty of the trial has also risen in order to have a complement effect. This game of Labrys is also one of those. —So, has Kuu-chan solved the mystery?”

“Of course!”

Kuu-chan stood up immediately.

It seems that she just wanted someone to listen to her. Her eyes shone with a glorious look. Pointing to two words in the text on the parchment “Labyrinth”.

“First of all, I have some uneasiness with these contents, especially the victory conditions.

Requirements for victory:
  1. Suppress “The Monster of the Labyrinth”
  2. Elucidate Labrys’ Maze, destroy every ox head.

Like mentioned above, despite stating “Labyrinth”───it was expressly changed into “Maze” later. Despite its title being written as “Labyrinth”. The creator’s intentions are obscured.───By the way, Bull Demon King, do you know that “Labyrinth” and “Maze” have completely different concepts?”

Kuu-chan placed her slender finger against her delicate lips, becoming more and more satisfied.

The issue also seemed to have raised an interest in the Bull Demon King, who crossed his legs as he sat in front of the jade throne, and began to think.

“Hmmm… I remember, a ‘Maze’ is a “path forked with several different ways”, in contrast, a ‘Labyrinth’ is where “there’s only one way that will lead you to the end”….. It’s something like this right?”

“Although it was rough, but that’s not wrong. A maze is something that leads people astray, while the labyrinth’s goal is to confine people. In other words, a labyrinth has just one entrance and exit. Hence, being trapped in a ‘Labyrinth that one could never escape’ is a metaphor and is basically hinting that it’s a prison. —No, this has nothing to do with that now.”

Cough cough, Kuu-chan restored her composure and got back to the topic.

“The next thing I am concerned is on the line where it mentioned the ‘destruction of all ox heads’. From that point of view where it says the destruction of all, it’s possible to establish a hypothesis that there is more than one ox head. Thus, there’s no relation between that and the Minotaur itself. Causing people to associate with the ox head, yet with the existence of several of it, there’s nothing that’s contradictory about it….Alright, do you understand now, Bull Demon King? As the great monster of the bulls, you should’ve gotten some clue right?”

The dragon girl exposed a provocative smile.

The Bull Demon King deliberately folded his arms in front of his chest as he revealed signs of trouble.

“I don’t actually understand most of the part that you have said…… But according to your explanation, the ox heads should be non-living things. Not referring to Minotaur, but the ox heads itself.”

Bull Demon King looked around. The labyrinth was severely damaged and there were rubbles scattered all over the ground. As he saw the weapons and decorations that had fallen onto the ground, he clapped his hand in a flash of light.

“So that was it! It was the ‘Labrys’!”[1]

“Hehe, looks like your gray cells finally woke up. I shall too slowly become more active. That’s right, the double-edged axe whose name originates from the Greek word of Labyrinth, the Labrys! Since it was originally a ox head shaped weapon that was used to represent the Minotaur, it was also an equipment during a sacrificial ceremony. In the Knossos palace, which is a prototype of the labyrinth, there were dozens of those double-edged axe marked on the wall. —Hehe, you should’ve understood by now, right?

───Ox heads were depicted everywhere on the labyrinth walls.

Reaching this point, the Bull Demon King finally nodded, understanding the violent damage in the surroundings.

“So this is why….! After destroying the axes that were on the walls of the labyrinth, it automatically makes another route, as a result, this caused the ‘labyrinth’ to become a ‘maze’!”

“Good! Right, that’s exactly it!”

Kuu-chan and the Bull Demon King point out their index fingers as they reveal the answer.

She pointed towards labyrinth that was heavily destroyed and jumped in excitement.

“This contestant named Sakamaki Izayoi must also have solved this game's puzzle! The traces left behind through the sight of this irregularly destroyed labyrinth aren’t the traces of battle, but the traces of clearing it!”

Holding the ‘Geass roll’, Kuu-chan looked towards the moonlit night as she spinned happily.

“Hehe… What kind of young man is he? Challenging this wicked game, he must be one clever kid, wouldn’t he? I can’t wait to play with him. You too, right?”

“I fully agree with that. I am also looking forward to meeting Izayoi. How much have those bastards grown?”

Bull Demon King muttered earnestly with traces of intimacy felt in it. There was no knowing just what kind of emotions those words contained.

However, as he too looked towards the moon, his line of sight was turned gentle.

“.....But, the children from Canaria’s Home have also been involved into this despite our countless efforts to not result to this.”

“Ara, yet you simply agreed to join us.”

“Well, the buddhists did sent their men over after all. It’s okay if it was Shiroyasha, but I have no interest to get along with Taishakuten. There will definitely be a day, where in the match between me and him, there will emerge a victor.”

“Oh is that so? Just how many enemies does that guy have...? Ah Ah, that’s right. Speaking of Indra, I heard there was a teenager that shares a biological relationship with him.”

The little girl smiled and put a finger to her lips as she looked towards another comrade resting under the shade. Although the distance was too far which caused the sight to not be clear, but one could definitely see the blue hair as if clad in lightning.

Was he asleep? Or was he faking it as he didn’t want to join the conversation. As the Bull Demon King and the World King put their line of sight onto him, they shook their head.

“When you live long enough, there’s always something unexpected. I had never thought that he would join our side. Even though he is by no means a Demon Lord.”

“On the contrary, he is one of the leading great heros from Indian Pantheon. If he’s willing to become a player, since I am a Sponsor, my reputation will be raised quite a bit. Which basically means that the victor of this Authority War would definitely be us ‘Avatära’. …...Hehe, what kind of face will Indra have after seeing him, I am definitely looking forward to it.”

“....How sinister of you. No matter how you imagine it, there’s only negative impact towards him.”

“Is it? I instead doubt there’s even a chance that he would understand and forgive. That is to say, if he’s still the same Indra I know that is.”

Kuu-chan(World King) puffed her small chest as she spoke proudly.

Although the Bull Demon King did not reply, but from his action of shrugging, it looked like he questioned her words. Indra she mentioned was from the time he was partly an evil god, but the current Taishakuten was a benevolent deity that protected buddhism. Bull Demon King felt that if he were to meet a relative who had sided with the demons, a conflict was inevitable.

“Well, It doesn't matter. I will keep Izayoi and Homura a company. This time, I ask that you don’t interfere this time, Kuu-chan-dono.”

“That’s okay. Don’t look at me like this, I am actually very patient!”

Kuu-chan acknowledged it while energetically raising her hands.

Yet, as she read through the “Geass Roll” again, she laughed pleasantly once again.
The Bull Demon King shook his head as if he couldn’t stand it, returned to the shade, and waited for the challenger’s return to the labyrinth. 
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1 Λάβρυς (Lábrys) is a double-bitted axe which you must have seen in pretty much every RPG, and no this is not a weapon. It was the symbol of the Goddess da-pu2-ri-to-jo-po-ti-ni-ja (labyrinthoio potnia, Mistress of the labyrinth).

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