Aug 19, 2017

News Regarding Amaburi Translation

Hey everyone. Frozen desu. I suppose this is my first time writing post regarding translation progress. So anyway, many of you guys have been asking about Amaburi lately so I decided to answer some those questions with this post.

Is the translation dropped/hiatus?
No, it's neither dropped nor is it on hiatus. It's being actively translated.

Where to find previous volumes/parts of it?

In respect to previous translator's request, we won't be posting translations and/or links leading to those previous chapters and volumes here. Please respect their wishes and stop asking for them or linking the PDFs/Epubs here. There are places such as Google and Reddit. A little search would lead you to what you are looking for.

When will you release volume 4?
This question is the main reason why I decided to make this post. To answer this question, we will start releasing V4 when the editing and TLC is done which is taking a long time since we want to polish the TL as much as possible and chapters are really long.

So this leads to the current problem. We are in serious need for a translation checker who would be willing to help us compare the translation to Japanese source for any errors, better wordings and such. Would be even better if that person is knowledgeable about Amaburi to some extent as well. If we get someone to help us TLC, we can start releasing it faster.

If you are skilled with Japanese language and are willing to help, please contact us at or Frozen#6394 on Discord.