Oct 22, 2017

Last Embryo V2 Chapter 1

Chapter 1

The sky of the Mediterranean Sea had an impeccably clear weather.

The shaking caused by the ferry as it was dashing through the sea while scattering the water was a little on the rough side, however the blue sky and the beautiful sea didn’t let them worry about the discomfort of riding.
The transparent-looking Mediterranean Sea and salty breeze were utmostly pleasant for sightseeing. The scenery which could be said to be a pride of the natural world had quite a bit of resemblance to another world.

As it was the middle of Golden Week in Japan, there appeared to be many Japanese among the tourists. There were many people like families and lovers who were enjoying themselves on the foreshore beach.

However, it wasn’t just a bright side that could be seen between the Greece airport and the ferry boarding place. The scars that the extra-large Typhoon, “Bull of Heaven” left while passing by were severe, and there were blockaded areas along the coast as well. The palm trees that towered from high above, were bent to the right, and the olives that still bore green fruit were completely scattered all over the ground and trampled on to the point that it was painful to even look at it.

The small boat for private loaning was damaged to the point that sailing on it was impossible.

On top of that, the mysterious virus that caused the pathology that was partly similar to the smallpox was also confirmed. Since it was an incident from a few weeks ago, it was still a scar that was yet to be healed for the citizens.

Sakamaki Izayoi, Mikado Tokuteru, and Prith wondered if there really was anyone who would lend them a boat in such circumstances— However, that was that, and business was business.

The great principle of ‘those who don’t work, don’t eat’ was unchanged no matter the times. Even in such a state of emergency there was no way they would lose a customer who wanted to board a ship and offered a large sum of money.

And fortunately, hearing that a friend of “Don Bruno” manager was doing a business of boat loaning, the three of them had gained the means to head towards the solitary island floating in the Hellenic Republic – the island of Crete.

As Prith asked for the details of how Izayoi arrived from another world once more, she widened her eyes from surprise as she listened to him.

“Then what? Are you saying that when you were participating in a Minotaur Game, it was suddenly interrupted?”

“That’s right. Originally, I wanted to gather Sun Authorities in order to proceed advantageously in the Sun Authority War. But it seems the interruption came from the Game’s Host.”

And I had the Game almost solved as well, Izayoi folded his arms in displeasure.

The Sun Authority War – A Gift Game of Little Garden where people fought for the twenty four Sun Authorities.

Within the "Twelve Ecliptic Constellations", the twelve Celestial Beasts consisted of: "Aries", "Taurus", "Gemini", "Cancer", "Leo", "Virgo", "Libra", "Scorpio", "Sagittarius", "Capricorn", "Aquarius" and "Pisces".

And within the "Twelve Chén of the Equator": "Mouse", "Ox", "Tiger", "Rabbit", "Dragon", "Snake", "Horse", "Goat", "Monkey", "Rooster", "Dog" and "Pig".

These twenty-four Celestial Beasts that existed within the Sun's Orbit, were generally referred to as the Sun Authorities.

There was still time before the final selection and it was still just a preliminary stage at the moment, but there were quite a bit of participants who intended to increase their Sun Authorities even by one until the final selection.

Sakamaki Izayoi's community that was among the favorites was also one of them.

"Ah, look. Didn't Shiroyasha release more than half of her Sun Authorities in order to take the initiative in making rules? That led to the increase in the struggles and competitions. Haven't you heard that?"

"No, first time hearing it. .........But, I see. If Shiroyasha who was the former winner, released the Sun Authorities, then there must be quite a few of them roaming around, huh."

The former winner – also called as the "King of the White Night" – the Celestial Spirit governing the movement of the sun, had been selected as the production and performance committee chairman of the Game. This also served as a declaration that a former winner wouldn't be participating in the contest. That was probably a good news for the warriors who were aiming for the championship.

Sakamaki Izayoi and Prith were leaning on the deck fence of the traveling boat, and gazing at the horizon of the Mediterranean Sea.

"But with that in mind, it will be even more troubling if you weren't returned to Little Garden soon. I'm concerned that if the Sun Authority was abused, the damage would spread beyond the Authority War. Although I have made an excuse before the dispatch, please spare me from using my paid vacation any more than this."

".........What, so you are using your paid vacation? What happened to your dependable president?"

"President is unrelated to this. Because I'm working as an attendant and bodyguard of the young lady of "Everything Company". I have sent the vacation request towards that side. —Speaking of which, I expect that Ayato-ojousama would be coming to spend the Golden Week overseas with me."

Added Prith while putting a hand to her chest.

While Izayoi wasn't too knowledgeable of the circumstances, he understood just from the context that she was someone capable.

"Hmm. If you have such deep connections to "Everything Company" wouldn't it be better if you just used those means to hire a boat?"

"Don't be absurd. If they found out that Ojousama wasn't with me, it would become troublesome, you know? So let's just depend on Don Bruno's connections this time."

To Prith who gave a mature smile, Izayoi replied with a shrug.

"Well, not that I mind. At any rate ‘what you should have is foreign friends’ means exactly this. I just tried depending on Don's friends since there was nothing to lose anyway, but it seems I hit the bull's-eye this time. Thanks to that, we don't have to swim to Crete."

"Indeed. Just being swayed by the waves is fine, but I'm fundamentally weak against the sea."

"Eh? Now that's an unexpected weak point. Then, how did the great Prithvi plan to cross the sea in case we didn’t find the boat?"

Izayoi asked a little teasingly while revealing a frivolous smile.

For her who had a calm atmosphere with no gaps in it, this was quite a plain weakness. Izayoi probably tried to make her a bit embarrassed with the intentions to deepen their friendship.

However, the woman in question had a suit coat hung over her shoulder without showing a hint of being troubled.

While looking strangely puzzled, she curtly announced.

"Even if you ask me how.........wouldn't be fine if I just fill up the sea and cross it?"

".......... Hou?"

—I see. I see, so it came.

This damn benevolent goddess, planning to fill up the world's one and only Mediterranean Sea, huh?

Still, I see, so there was also that method, huh, Izayoi showed his admiration. He surely saw her in a new light now.

Putting the words that she said to the test, she pointed at the distant north, "Look, if I threw the mountain of that island into the sea, wouldn't it be just right to fill it up? Or maybe cut the whole island?" and seriously considered such things. Furthermore, if she was seriously saying that, then as expected, even Izayoi had to stop her. He would be troubled if even the place of outer world that he hadn't visited was flattened.

While Mikado Tokuteru sat on a chair that was arranged on the ferry deck, he released a perplexed sigh.

"Hey, you barbarians. Don't just judge everything by the standards of Little Garden. Also, Prith, Mount Athos is designated as a sacred place, so don't do such reckless things. It wouldn't be good to make enemies out of the Eastern Orthodox Church in the outer world[1]."

Saying that with a look of amazement, Tokuteru stared at the international economic newspaper he had in one hand and also the damage information reflected on the screen of his phone.

Although it was still covered up by the newspaper, the effects of the virus were steadily becoming an issue. There were only a few humans who were aware of the fact that it was infecting wheat and corn, however you can't stop the rumors from spreading. In Europe in particular, the wheat flour already showed the signs of a price jump. As Tokuteru glared at the page with a bitter expression, Izayoi who got behind him, read it and also grimaced.

Izayoi traced the top article of the front page with his finger.

"Sudden price jump of wheat flour by 55% in France.........? Damn, this is terrible. Would it be fine? My image of French people is that they would die if they can't eat bread."

"That's an awful prejudice......... or so I would like to say, but it's not really off the mark. In any case, France is the major agricultural country with farming territories taking a bit less than 60% of its territory. It can also be said that it accounts for one fourth of the crops produced in Europe. I don't know up to what part of France has the disease been spread, but it would become a world panic at this rate."

Mikado Tokuteru plainly spoke the words that stirred up their anxiety.

Typhoon, the "Bull of Heaven", had indeed crossed half of the world and had appeared in Tokyo. And it's scars left more harm than what was visible to the eye. It was still unknown what percentage of the saved-up grains was spoiled. There should only be a few farmers who had grasped the fact that the virus stayed at the farming areas. It was speculated that the fact that the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization had not announced these abnormal situation was because they were searching for a way to deal with the confusion that would come after it.

However, Tokuteru was not a bit flustered before such abnormal circumstances.

Rather, he was even composed.

As if Izayoi remembered something from his attitude, he asked while showing a frivolous smile.

"Hey, Tokuteru. Isn't it about time you told me?"

"Told you what?"

"Don't play dumb. The abnormal situation of this time is unmistakably world class. After all, the Twelve Guardian Devas who take the name of the strongest War Gods, have two people taking  human form to monitor the situation. And yet, both of you are simply taking a wait and see approach. If you two so felt like it, you should be able to settle an abnormal situation of this level in your spare time. .........Isn't that right? Pṛthvī Mātā ?"

Izayoi directed his gaze towards Prith while revealing a smile.

She, whose God Name was called, hung the coat on her shoulder and smiled wryly.

"Now, I wonder about that. This place is quite separated from my land, and among the Heavenly Army......... "Devas", this place is in the jurisdiction of the Greek Pantheon. When the things are heated up by the Sun Authority War, I don't want to do something like treating another person's domain."

"There's also that, but if a Mother Earth Goddess like Prith were to poorly mess with this area, there's a risk of coming in contact with the seal of the Divine Titans. It wouldn't be nice if the Titan tribe was resurrected in the present times now, would it?"

Two good deities revealed a dodging smile and talked evasively.

To tell the truth, both of them have already seen the conclusion of this matter.

The project team of Hōei Academy where Homura belonged— Until the usefulness of the medical Nanomachines that the large trading company of Western Europe, "Everything Company" invented was confirmed, this unstable situation would continue.

If it came to be that the Nanomachines that Homura took part in creating excise such rampant disease damage, they will certainly become internationally known. In the end, you can see that historical record "the world economy was saved by the Nanomachines created by Saigou Homura" has already been set in stone.

Based on this international contribution, it seemed that the research and development of the Nanomachines that he researched – the "Star Particle Bodies" would be greatly promoted.  

"Well, I can't explain the detailed circumstances, but it can be considered as a pre-established harmony up until this point. This era shouldn't receive a major change from Little Garden. Since the events that are supposed to happen are heading towards the desired conclusion, your return to Little Garden takes priority."

".........Hmm. I see, so you are leaving me out of it?"

Izayoi glared at Mikado with even more dissatisfaction. That situation looked as if despite knowing that there was an interesting game going on, he was made to keep away. He didn't seem like someone who was soon to reach adulthood.

The two Divine Spirits suppressed their laughter while looking at that state— But they were a little naive. If he was someone who would pull back with just this much, then he wouldn't have been summoned to Little Garden.

Izayoi who floated a frivolous and evil smile, took out a mobile phone and began to send a mail to someone.

"Well, that's fine. If the source is the virus, then even I have the means to acquire the information. After all, the serpent staff is currently in our possession."

".........Huh? Hey wait a minute, what are you planning."

"It's a secret, secret. We'll arrive at Crete soon. Since it's the Minotaur's birth land, there should be some clues there. I have to meet them quickly, the safety of the chibi bunch is on my mind, you see."

Yahaha, Laughed Izayoi and turned his back to the two.

Tokuteru folded the newspaper and phone, stood up and laughed sarcastically.

"What? So you are worried about Homura and others, after all?"

"It's a little different from worry. In the first place, those guys aren't ones to be summoned to the Little Garden. They do hold the Gift-like powers, however even that's not much. I don't know what Queen was thinking to have involved them in this, but it's impossible to win a Gift Game with Homura and Suzuka's powers."

In a word, he was like a victim who was involved on a whim. Izayoi concluded that he wasn't a person who should participate in Gift Games.

However Tokuteru reflexively knit his brows from his careless remark.

"That's......... quite a big remark. Isn't that evaluation a bit too lacking considering it's you? I think both Homura and Suzuka are quite good, considering they are humans."

"Is that so? Even if you look at them from the perspective of War God-sama?"

"Of course. Perhaps they were perplexed at first, but given those two, I'm sure that they already understood how to get around Gift Games. Unexpectedly, those three might have already started to take action towards clearing the Game, you know?"

Tokuteru replied to Izayoi with words that contained hidden meanings.

Three people, to put it another way, it was an evaluation that included Ayato.

However, Izayoi who didn't know about her, shrugged his shoulders with puzzled expression.

"Hmm.........At any rate, our opinions differ regarding those two. Suzuka aside, Homura has only held a reserved and passive atmosphere ever since he was a kid."

"You fool. Humans grow up. Ever since you left, it was Homura and Suzuka who kept protecting the "Canaria Family Home". It's also given that he would become strong."

Mikado Tokuteru criticized Izayoi with a glare loaded with some irritation.

Although it is said that children grow even without parent, it was difficult for the current Izayoi who hasn't even become an adult to actually understand that feeling. Because for him, Saigou Homura and Ayazato Suzuka had their times stopped as ten-years-old kids.

To Izayoi who found it difficult to agree with him, Prith told in a pleasant manner.

"Is that so? Then, how about a bet?"

"A bet? What kind?"

"About the outcome of the Gift Game. Tokuteru thinks they would win, and Izayoi thinks they would be defeated, right? It's a rare difference of opinions, so wouldn't it be wasteful if we didn't bet on it?"

Prith rolled up ten 100 dollar bills that she just converted from her purse, and showed it to Izayoi while playing with her fingers with it. It appears that she herself wants to take the opportunity to bet.

Izayoi who reflexively accepted it looked sullen for a bit, but turning back to a challenge wasn't in his nature. Izayoi who changed into a frivolous smile in one go, took out a gold coin issued by the "Thousand Eyes" from his breast pocket.

Mikado whose odds were increased by five times, was greatly surprised.

"Hey hey hey, wait a minute you two! Even if you want to bet, aren't your stakes a bit too high!?"

"Really now? Isn't that statement a bit too frail to be coming from a War God-sama?"

"That's right, President. If you are a man, I wish you'd at least generously throw in your wallet."

Tokuteru was forced to gamble by the two, however there wasn't that much money in his wallet. It was at most ten percent of the presented amount.

Although he vigorously said so a while ago, as expected, he didn't think that Homura's company alone could win a Gift Game. In order for them to win, they would need Izayoi or Tokuteru to come to their aid.

However if he were to turn them down here, the two would undoubtedly ridicule him as "The Strongest War God (LOL)" even more. Only that he had to avoid. As a Chief God, as a President and as a man.

Sometimes, it is also the obligation of a boss to spend money in order to protect his dignity.

Tokuteru who took out his mostly empty wallet, suppressed his inner anxiety, and responded with a somewhat daring smile.

".........Fine then. If you say that much, I'll take the bet. You'll be crying later, you shitty brat."

"Oh really? Aren't you faltering a bit too much compared to your vigorous speech? I surely thought that you gave your money to a woman from Kabukichō, and were full of debts, you know?"

"Hey hey, stop saying such foolish things. Don't ever threaten a married person like that even as a joke. Isn't that exceptionally effective? What are you going to do if it was overheard, please save me from that. It’s not like I was lured by the deal that I could take everything from dealer if I won or anyth—"

"Hm? No wait a minute. I honestly believe in Homura's victory."

—Huh? The two directed surprised gazes at Prith. They probably didn't expect that someone with good reasoning like her would bet on a clearly disadvantageous side.

However, she didn't appear to be afraid.

While floating a gently smile, Prith rolled up even more banknotes.

"We can raise it up if you like. Shall we also attack conditions, Izayoi?"

"No......... There's no need for that. But are you really serious?"

"I am serious. I wouldn't offer it if I didn't have any chances of winning. .........isn't that right, Tokuteru. You of all people should know that I wouldn't bet on anyone other than those I see potential in, right?"

Prith added on the bet while smiling widely.

It was just at that moment when they reached the harbor. Prith turned her back on the two men with light steps, and went out first while waving her hand.

Izayoi looked dubiously at Tokuteru.

".........What's up with you two. Did you actually bestow a Gift upon Homura?"

"No, there's nothing of the sort......... But, oh dear, that surprised me, Izayoi. Perhaps with this, perhaps it might really happen."

Tokuteru vigorously stood up and took the luggage in hands.

On his lips was etched a smile of enjoyment unlike any so far.

As for why, it was because Indra knew.

The Divine Spirit of Agriculture – the Great Mother Goddess of the origin of civilization, Pṛthvī Mātā, in a distant past, had once volunteered to be a guardian of two warriors. Both achieved such success that their names resounded throughout the world, they were seen as great men, great enough to give rise to an epoch.

The first became the King of the Gods.

The second the Vessel of the King of the World.

And now, she left behind words that implied that Homura would become the third one. What could this mean? —This suddenly became enjoyable.

(If it means that Homura would follow our steps, then it would be troubling were he to fail in such a Game. Let's have you do your best.)

Although Tokuteru protected them for five years, his evaluation of Homura's talent was still pending.

Thinking back that it was a good opportunity to ascertain Saigou Homura's ability, they stepped foot upon the solitary island of Greece – Crete.

1 Άθως (Athos) is a very important place for Eastern Orthodox. It is the home of 20 monasteries under the direct jurisdiction of the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople. To enter you need a diamonētērion (διαμονητήριον), which is a visa signed by four of the secretaries of the leading monasteries.It is forbidden for women and most female animals.

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