Sep 6, 2016

Volume 12 Epilogue

Talking about the game’s result.

It was decided that Kudō Asuka, who collected two Gift Cards, to become the winner.

The fight between Izayoi Sakamaki and Kasukabe Yō continued disregarding the end of the Game, and after fighting for seven days and nights, Yō's spirit level got used up and Izayoi emerged as the winner for the time being.

And just like that, she became the leader of the Great Alliance with 3 legendary blunders: losing her debut match after becoming the leader, losing in a personal struggle, and failing her mic speech. After the end of the battle, she continued to shed tears:

"I-I will definitely win next time......! N-Next time I'll absolutely win.........!!!"

Until now, she remembers how much she cried back then.

Despite winning, Kudō Asuka was acting somewhat absentmindedly for the next few days.

But one day, she abruptly got dressed and declared:

"I'm going to meet Queen. I think I have to meet her at least once if I want to search for comrades and become stronger. And after that, I intend to investigate Emperor Antoku."

Leaving these words behind, she dashed and went on a journey.

"Cleaning up after yourself"- words that had definitely came from her mouth. Even if she would return someday, she would first make an independent Community, so the things she had to do were numerous, to the point that it’s enviable.

 ───As for Sakamaki Izayoi.

He didn't particularity say his goodbyes to anyone.

Taking just a bag as luggage, he decided to go fishing on a shore of some river unknown.

Since he had a place to return to, exaggerated farewells were unnecessary. Setting off for an aimless journey, he would come back aimlessly as well. He just wanted to live that way for a short while.

At any rate, Little Garden is vast. Absurdly vast.

Before aiming above recklessly, he first decided to travel around the world. If there would be hardships along the way, then they would become fame, achievements and someday, they would become a guide towards moving up, maybe. Well, okay. Would it be bad to take a few detours after getting lost on the way?

"..........So, are you going to fish in this river, Izayoi-san?"

───Suddenly, the fishing rod stopped shaking.

Getting a little surprised, he looked back and saw two familiar faces.

"Kuro Usagi and......... Gry? What’s with this unexpected search group."

『What are you saying? Isn't this a given? With Kuro Usagi-dono's ears and my wings, we can find you no matter where you are』

"Yes! We are the 「No Name」search group!"

Usaa! - Kuro Usagi's usamimi perked up.

Izayoi's smile grew wider. It seems they didn't come here just to search for him. Looking at them closely, they were packed with enough stuff for a journey. And Kuro Usagi’s usual bunny skirt  has also changed to casual clothing that’s easy to move in.

"It seems both of you are heavily equipped. With this, we'll surely be having a long trip. ........But, are you two sure about this? If a Demon Lord attacks the community all of a sudden, wouldn't it be greatly disadvantageous if Kuro Usagi wasn’t there?"

"That should be our line. Izayoi-san, surely you don't think that you wouldn't fight at least one Demon Lord on this journey, right?"

"........... Ah, of course not."

『Right? Then, take us with you at least. Travelling with legs could be tiring, so these wings are already yours. Use them as you want.』

"YES! Kuro Usagi also wants to repay you for everything!"

Getting in high spirits, Kuro Usagi raised her usamimi. If at that moment, she said something like:「Izayoi-san, I want to be together with you!」, then perhaps she could have become the main heroine, But regretfully, she's a rabbit.

Izayoi also didn't try to stop them anymore.

Traveling together doesn't sound bad. They will journey together anywhere in Little Garden.

"For the time being, we should secure a meal, but............this river is no good. Let's go to the nearest town. I'll be relying on you, partner."

『Yes. Likewise, my rider!』

"D-Don't forget about Kuro Usagi!"

Yahaha - he grasped the reins while laughing. Confirming that Kuro Usagi had properly saddled up behind Izayoi, the Gryphon let out a neigh befitting of a beast king and soared up in the sky.

As he firmly traveled through the sky, he confirmed that the wind was favorable and called out to them:

『Strong winds are blowing! I'll be flying non-stop, so hold on!』

"Go ahead and fly all you want! If it's now, I'll even accompany you to the ends of the world!"

"Yes! I heard that on the other shore is an unknown shrine! Surely, it must be an amazing place!"

That's great! - saying that at the same time, the three of them continued dashing in the sky.

They gazed at the setting sun from the heavens.

The scene of the heaven and earth becoming symmetrically dyed, truly belonged to this dreamy world. They would surely see this, and perhaps even more beautiful sceneries for many more times.

Without a doubt, their hands would reach till the ends of time, ends of the world and even beyond to another world.

For the legend about these problem children───has only just begun.


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