Sep 6, 2016

Volume 12 Another Prologue

Part 1
———— That day on Golden Week.
Three years had passed since his brother went missing

That was the fifth of May that was too early for rainy season.

Saigou Homura and Ayazato Suzuka sat quietly under the bus stop in the rain.

Sunny day in May would probably change from seasonal indication to idiom, there was no sign of a sunny day at all.

It was originally the period when troubles came in pairs and people get worried often, adding high humidity and high frequency of rain, it was so unbearable.

The central line that took about thirty minutes on bicycle seemed to be unable to handle rain or snow, surrendered once a bad weather occurred. With that the schedule would be delayed, the density of passengers inside the bus would increase, humidity would reach a new height. The hell in present world was talking about this.

...At least, they wanted to bring a good news back.

Things were constantly changing in the world. They really did not want to go back and open the Canaria Foster Home’s gate.

Unlike his age, his mental strength was very strong, but this time it was really hopeless.

Saigou Homura sighed, then Suzuka that sat beside him squeezed out an ounce of vitality and laughed.

“...Nihaha. It really ended up like this. Mah, we really can’t do anything about money problem! Cheer up, Brother!”

“I know, Sister.”

The girl at his side —— Ayazato Suzuka also called Homura the nickname that was decided from time unknown, then looked up at the raining sky.

She should have also suffered a big shock, but it did not show from her appearance. Mental strength was definitely one reason, at the same time she was trying to encourage Homura to cheer up.

—— Today, they attended one of the patrons of the foster home, the funeral of the rich grandpa whom they were on good term with since young.

They felt sadness from the departure of their benefactor that treated them like his own children, but the real problem was during the funeral, a man that seemed like the eldest son’s words to them.

“Very sorry, we plan to withdraw our funding for your orphanage”, The two that were suddenly thrown such words, was forced out without any chance of rebuttal. It was the only patron that they thought would never withdraw, caused them to receive a big shock. With that the last patron was also lost. They were checkmated.

Canaria foster home, wa no different from disband.

“In this half year, twelve patrons were all annihilated. Three of them faced operational difficulties so it couldn’t be helped, but the other patrons’ withdrawal were obviously strange. It can only be deemed as someone’s conspiracy. Who exactly would try to crush our home?”

“Even if we know it’s too late. And there can be countless reasons to attack us. Think about it... The children from Carnaria foster home, everyone was special.”

Her tone was slightly lowered. Indeed, it might be because of this.

Especially with the growth of age recently, the children had changed from special to strange. However, Homura did not know what that meant.

“Since even Mikado-san cannot investigate. If there is anyone else that can help us ——”

At that, Suzuka vigorously held her mouth.

“...Sorry. Even if I mention the name of that person who is no longer here won’t help.”

“Don’t worry. If he is contactable, I would have contacted him long ago.”

Silent atmosphere followed after. Suzuka could not endure the awkwardness, looked up at the sky.

“...It’s always raining recently. I haven’t greeted the Sun or Moon for a long time.”

“It’s not even the rainy season yet. It was said to be abnormal weather but nothing much happened.”

“That’s right. Will sunny day arrive?”

“Who knows...Rather than that, the bus is here.”

Kada kada, the bus that was late for thirty minutes arrived at the bus stop. Once the bus door opened, the dense passengers and humidity from rain immediately made the air stuffy.

“—— Alright. First let’s cheer up, do what we can do right now!”

Pat 2
—— Canaria foster home·Front gate.

Although they were almost suffocated in the bus, the two finally returned to Canaria foster home. They were also drenched along the way by the heavy rain. Suzuka immediately took off her coat and yelled when she got back.

“Uwah. Super drenched! Unbelievable! Bath! Bath! Is the hot water ready!? Also Brother, can I go first!?”

“OK, understood. The female body is easier to get cold, Sister.”

Homura casually took off his shoes while replying earnestly. Then Suzuka suddenly stopped.

“...Somehow. The Homura recently, felt a bit like Iza-nii.”


“Nothing. I’m going in first!”

Ayazato Suzuka dashed into the bathroom. After Homura took off his shoes, he discovered the shoes of a stranger.

(...? One of them belonged to Mikado jii-san. What about the other pair?)

He tilted his head, and headed to the reception room. It was not strange for Mikado to visit, but bringing someone else was rare.

Saigou Homura walked towards the reception room with curiosity, after seeing the middle-aged man leaning on the sofa —— Mikado Tokuteru, spoke dumbfoundedly.

“Oi, Mikado jii-san. Didn’t I say before not to smoke here?”

“Un? Oh oh, sorry. I accidentally took a puff thinking nobody is around.”

Mikado Tokuteru extinguished the cigarette light while showing a friendly smile. Homura took the chance to snatch away the recently opened cigarette packet from his chest pocket.

“Areh, oi oi, I only smoked one oi.”

“Shut up. I will return you when you go back, it will be in my custody for now. Breaking the rules is bound for punishment.”

“So, so inflexible...But, you returned earlier than I thought. They plan to withdraw after all?”

He suddenly ceased his smile, and pointed out the core problem.

That man...After Izayoi and Lawyer went missing, Mikado Tokuteru appeared in the foster home with no successor, named himself as the hired manager. At first it was very suspicious, but the prepared documents were not suspicious at all, and he also knew the secret of Canaria foster home, so they let him try first.

He claimed to be the freelancer that traveled the world, and in this few years, he could understand that he was an excellent mercenary. He would become a famous person if not for being a womanizer or alcoholic.

“It’s basically the same as I thought. No intention of listening to us at all. Then no matter what weapon we have it would be useless...Even if we showed him the account book Mikado-san helped investigate, it is totally useless.”

Understanding the meaning in that last sentence. Mikado Tokuteru frowned, and held his chin.

“Like that huh...If that secret account book cannot settle this, then it must be related to some heavy weights. Sorry, I couldn’t help.”

It’s fine, don’t mind it. Although reluctant, it was our complete defeat. Canara foster home...can only be disbanded.”

For an instant, he showed a distant look.

But Mikado Tokuteru grabbed his shoulder with a strong force.

“No, it’s not determined yet. Today I come to talk about this. It’s up to you now.”


“Alright, Kudou’s ojou-sama should have finished her tour. Prepare yourself now!”

Mikado Tokuteru slapped Homura’s back, telling him to arrange his attire. Although Homura was confused about the situation, that confusion dispersed immediately after seeing the person walking down the stairs.

The moment she walked down the stairs, she naturally made an eye contact with Homura.

“...This one, is professor Saigou’s…?”

“That’s right, Kudou Ayato-sama. Ok, greet her, Homura.”

Mikado Tokuteru urged Homura to make his self-introduction. However, when Saigou Homura saw that girl, he could not help but be surprised.

The girl that was introduced —— Kudou Ayato’s blond hair, rather than saying the shine of gold, it was like the brilliance of the sun, or beautiful like the golden wheat field.

The slightly younger facial features were prim and proper, with a feeling of a Japanese mixed blood.

Judging from her height, she seemed to be similar in age, but her unique atmosphere made people feel that she was a high class lady.

Although Homura’s mind was seduced by her, he immediately deduced her identity.

“Kudou...Could it be, from Everything Company?”

“Yes. I am the daughter of the director there...Although I have a Christian name, but coming to Japan it’s better to use Japanese name. And you are?”

“...My apologies for the late introduction. I am Saigou Homura. Nice to meet you.”

“Ojou-sama is younger than you by one year, which means she is twelve. Very dignified right? And to top if off she is such a beauty.”

Ignoring the grinning Mikado Tokuteru, Saigou Homura desperately thought of the reason she appeared in Canaria foster home.

Speaking of Everything Company, it was one of the five major companies that originated from Europe after WWII. It was said that the construction of the company was related to some Japanese heroine, it seemed that this rumor was not just rumor.

“I feel that talking while standing is not good, can we sit down first then discuss?”

“Ah, of course. I am lacking in hospitality. I will prepare some tea now.”

“It’s not necessary. Because I came for the sake of discussing with you.”

That was completely unlike the quiet voice of a ten years old girl, making Homura nervous unconsciously. After adding a troublesome label at the other party, Homura asked.

“The please tell me. What have you come to Canaria foster home for?”

“I am discussing about the funding of this orphanage, and the matters regarding your father’s research.”

Hearing the other side’s reply, Saigou Homura jumped for joy in his mind from the response that was beyond his expectation. If Everything Company was willing to fund the orphanage, there was nothing better.

Homura suppressed his internal joy, calmly replied.

“You father’s research, actually I am also unsure. He passed away many years ago after all, I am not the one that managed the inheritance. May I know what kind of research that was about?”

Homura half acted, half asked out of curiosity. Since he really did not know. No matter if he needed to negotiate or accept unconditionally, he could not continue without knowing.

Kudou Ayato hesitated for a moment, after looking at Mikado Tokuteru, she took out a small bottle.

“This is?”

“The latest model of perpetual nano machine’s completed sample.”

In an instant, Homura received a great impact. He knew that his father’s expertise was energy development, but he did not expect this kind of thing to show up.

Just nanotechnology alone was already super technology, to even include perpetuity, even super technology should also have a limit.

“Wait, wait a moment! Ah, no, please wait. Since there is a finished product, why not mass produce it?”

“Of course, we let the development department tried countless times. No matter how many times we try, it was unsuccessful. This is four generations more advanced than our current nanotechnology, regardless of who we were forced to give up. It seems that your father is the real genius.”

She praised his father with her monotone. But the main topic was not that.

“Like I said just now, regardless of how advanced the technology we have, even if we have the finished product, without the design blueprint we can’t do anything. But after Professor Saigou passed away, research data was stolen by someone, the clue also stopped there. Just when I was disheartened and thought that it couldn’t be realized....Mikado-san brought me a ray of hope. That is Saigou Homura. Your ability.”


Up to here, Homura finally understood the reason.

In an instant, he threw a furious stare at Mikado Tokuteru.

“...What did you say? About our secret.”

“Sorry, there is no other choice. At least now only Ojou-sama knows.”

“Yes. This is also the reason I did not bring any servants. I heard that Canaria foster home gathered boys and girls with supernatural ability. Homura-san’s 「Thousand Magics(Proto Idea)」 was exactly the power born for the sake of inheriting your father’s research. If you can lend us your power, we will generously fund the orphanage.”

In her dark green iris and quiet voice, carried a passionate feeling as she spoke. But even Homura could also not easily recreate the nanomachine. Just disassembling alone would require specialized facility and decades of years.

Which also meant —— She, wanted to buy Homura’s life.

The price would be the operational expense of this Canaria foster home. Research fee and other would be completely covered by her.

Is this worth your life, please decide now. This was her meaning.

(...Seriously, the things Mikado jii-san brought were never normal.)

Although very troubled, the boys and girls here were all those that nobody adopted. Which also meant if they lost the foster home, these children would be homeless.

Then the answer was only one from the start.

“Only one thing, I hope you can agree.”

“Please name it?”

“If this research completed, it would create a world revolution. Based on the usage, it could change the situation the world should be in...Although I can’t remember my father, I am sure he wouldn’t want it to be used that way. If you can agree to that ——”

Homura stood up, and extended his right hand to her.

—— My life, will be sold to you. Ayato-sama.”

“Of course. I will buy it with a high price.”

They held each other’s small hand.

After letting go, Homura showed a tired look, sank into the sofa.

“..Haha, great. Damn it, I am relieved you bastard! Although I’m reluctant, but I will still thank you! Thanks, Mikado jii-san! Thank you very much!”

“Hahaha, at least call me Mikado-san you brat. Alright, call the others here. We need to introduce Ojou-sama to them.”

I know already, Homura stood up after responding. From that carefree steps, it could be seen that he was still a child.

Unbearingly watching his depart, the two sighed. Following that, the atmosphere between the two suddenly changed. Ayato and Mikado changed into warrior expression, started to discuss.

“「Saigou[1]」’s 「Homura[2]」 huh? As long as one was from Little Garden, no matter who would feel tremor from this name, Indra.”

“That’s right, Queen’s knight. Or should I call you Faceless?”

“...That name, I would be embarrassed to be called that in the Outer World.”

“No no, there is something more embarrassing than this. It was such a touching farewell, in the end you retained your persona after reincarnation, and even enjoyed your new life.”

“I, I am also confused! The master that came to visit me also said, it was really an astronomical miracle...Mah, at least I don’t have the plans to return to Little Garden.”

Her face slightly blushed, quietly looked away.

Resolving her own matters by herself, it would seem to be impossible. She only hoped not to be found by Asuka.

“However, all the surface problems have been resolved...But there might be one matter that is uncertain.”

“...You mean, he may become the new 「Last Embryo」?”

“How is that possible. I won’t let it happen. For that —— War God(I) have descended on earth.”

Just for a instant, Indra’s spirit level bloated up.

Just at that moment, sun ray peeked through the rain cloud.

No matter how long the storm continued, sunny day would eventually arrive.

Just then, they heard some panicking footsteps. The two contained that atmosphere just now, it would be alright to just receive the welcome of Canaria foster home right now.

1 Karma of the West. Although it’s read as Saigou(西業), the Kanji is different from Homura’s last name 西郷.
2 Flame.


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