Sep 6, 2016

Volume 12 Afterwords


Thank you for for taking in hands this modern comedy another world heart-warming fantasy 『Problem Children Are Coming From Another World, Aren't They?』.

And also a big thank you to everyone who helped the release of this volume.

Thinking about it, this series has been ongoing for four years already.

I never thought that I would continue writing until hitting the age of 30!

I wasn't able to do everything I wanted to do, but even so, I think that safely arriving at the conclusion of the first part is all thanks to the readers.

Looking back, the days when I wrestled with the work groaning, "Not like this..." or "This isn't right..." were actually pretty fun. I'm feeling kinda moved. ...Ah, but, just between you and me, I have to admit that there were parts here and there that made me think I could've made them more interesting but you know? It was just a problem of time, and I didn't have enough time so I cut out all that stuff, and actually I cut out so much that you could make three whole series just from the length of everything that had been cut out, and whoa it was so much that I thought writing all this was healthy but, nonono, it's just good practice as a professional in this industry to do the best you can with the time you're given, and it's not like they'd just give some newcomer writer unlimited pages as well as time.
Mondaiji itself was basically created from the concept of being 'every idea that Tatsunoko had on hand’, so I guess in the end, I did it the right way, I thought. But well, with all that included, pushing past all sorts of problems and joyous moments, it's been a hectic four years. I discarded the dry life that I had before becoming a writer, but I began thinking that the density of life can raise immeasurably. In the end, I somehow managed to do something that was impossible and got my debut novel an anime and a manga adaptation. Yes, I have no regrets.

......Somehow, I talk with sadness behind it.

The second part of the series still has a long way to go!

I'm not sure how many years will the conclusion take, but fortunately, there are still indications about continuing, that's why it's very likely that I will continue writing it along with side stories. I honestly want to write several volumes about things like, Jack the Ripper London chapter, Heian Monster Story chapter, Near Future chapter, Seven Great Sages chapter, Dystopia chapter and such.

Well now, there's a very important piece of news for the readers of the Mondaiji series.

The second part, which is surely on everyone's minds, is steadily advancing. Please be at ease. I won't make you wait. I think the specific date of release is written on the wrapper of the book.

And now, the serious announcement! Information regarding the second part!

The legend about the new 「Problem Children」 is beginning――
Izayoi: But I won’t hand over the role of the main protagonist

Tatsunoko Tarou
Illustrator: Momoko

2015/6/1 Series Start!

Last Embryo 1 - Return of the Problem Children!(Temporary) -

Mondaiji series second part, start.

The arc is called "Last Embryo"

The title and cover changed a little, but the contents inside haven't changed. Please be at ease. It's the usual Mondaiji series. I wanted to make a nice announcement about it, but sadly, I heard that it rarely ever happens in Sneaker Bunko.

Also, everyone who read this volume should have already realized but, from the second part, Momoco-sensei will become the new illustrator!

Amano Yuu Sensei, many thanks for these past four years!

I requested a person because I heard that he could draw cute bunny girls, to actually join into this grandiose world, thank you very much!

When things calm down for us, I would like to go for a drink together with my old editor.

Well then Momoco-sensei, looking forward to working with you from now on. I think there will be many more bath scenes in the future, so I hope we get along.

Also to every reader, please look forward to the Mondaiji series from now on!

Tatsunoko Tarou

 Tatsunoko-sensei, good work finishing the first part of the series!

The Problem Children series was the first work for me as an illustrator, so I am truly thankful for it to have appeared before my eyes like a giant wave.

From second part onward, I pass the baton to the current illustrator, Momoco-san, show us even more excitements than before.

And now to every reader and every staff member: thank you very much for the support.

I hope we meet again somewhere!
Amano Yuu


  1. Will you translate last embryo ?

  2. too good. I read without stopping the two volumes. I hope to continue reading more of this series of hands on you. Thank you