Oct 6, 2016

Kuusen Madoushi V1 Prologue


One thing I must clarify first.

This should be known to everyone, effort is meant for mortals. Creeping forward on the ground or training earnestly does not suit a Goddess such as myself. Even studying is the same, completing the homework on time set by instructors, obediently accepting the examinations imposed, are things only mortals that are restricted by common sense do. I, as a Goddess, am an existence beyond humanity, there is no need to do those things.

Hng! Remember this well. My name is Rico·Flamel, the Goddess incarnate.

It seems that your thinking capacity has reached the limit for a mortal. Having that expression on your face means you were unable to comprehend what I was saying. Fine, let me explain the situation of the current world to you.

It has been ages since humanity lost the land.

The so-called survival circle did not exist on the ground. The surface had been blanketed by a type of monster called Magical Armoured Insect, humans could only migrate to Floating Cities just to survive. I was currently in one of such huge artificial constructions that floated in the sky, known as the Floating City ── Floating Academy City 「Mystogan」 ── living as a Kuusen Madoushi Division student.

However, this is only my disguise to blend into the world. The ugly mortals are envious of my beauty, even to the extent of harbouring evil jealousy, and to actually demand this Goddess incarnate to write a reflection essay for not submitting my homework, they really did not know their place.

Be it the indoor class in the morning or the actual practise in the afternoon, effort is obviously something only mortals require, this Goddess has stressed that I do not need it, but nobody listened to me in the end.

Pui, you mortals that have worn the colored glasses of common sense. I will show you girls, my power one day!

Let’s change the subject, I am currently still rated E rank by the Kuusen Madoushi Division. I have even fallen to the situation of being in the squadron with the worst performance, often labelled as F rank. By common sense, you may misunderstand that I am a so-called dunce. But I am not. Only a Goddess such as myself can become the hero to save the world.

However, why must I write this reflection essay for not submitting my homework? This is so incomprehensible. What did I do wrong?

Name: Rico·Flamel
Content: Reflection essay for not submitting homework Revision 3
Review: Rejected
Comment: This essay is supposed to reflect on the mistake for not submitting homework. Perhaps you may want to boast about your hopeless personality, but as you have already advanced to second year preparatory, staying like this will never help you catch up. To prove the resolve of your effort, please write reflection essay revision 4.

“......Eh, is this girl really from second year preparatory?”

“...It should be so.”

“Ahaha, how should I put it…...Why would the school let this kind of person continue attending?”

“...I heard that someone was reluctant to give up on her because she had rare talent.”

“Don’t tell me it’s because this kind of super delusional narcissist is not someone so simple?”

“Who knows? Could you not ask me this kind of question?”

“...Uh, then let me see the student profile. The next is...── Lecty. Lecty·Eisenach-san. Umm ~~ This girl’s profile is not detailed...But, at least her motivation for enrolling is worth reviewing.”

I-I……I have a dream.

That is, to fly freely in the vast sky, become a Kuusen Madoushi and fight against Magical Armoured Insects to protect the people of the Floating City.

Just thinking about fighting the Magical Armoured Insects caused me to shiver in fear. B-But! Fighting for the sake of protecting others is a wonderful thing, I-I think so!

Those normal people that do not possess magic are unable to fight for the sake of protecting their cherished ones……Not to mention that once killed by Magical Armoured Insects, the memories related to the dead will vanish from the normal people, but Madoushi will remember those sad memories. However, I feel that being able to remember those people is a good thing. After all, I have seen too many normal people that feel sad from forgetting their cherished ones.

In order to let my Magic Twin Sword Style be useful in protecting the important people, no matter what, I must become a Kuusen Madoushi!

I-I...I-I-I! Came here for the sake of protecting the peace of this city!

Exile Period Year 439 August 3rd
Extracted from Lecty·Eisenach’s interview on motivation
Comment: Always on the edge, very emotional when speaking. Her grades were so-so during the entrance exam, originally considered to reject her admission, but was moved by her sincere motivation and the fame of her Magic Twin Sword Style’s origin. Expecting her brilliant performance as a Kuusen Madoushi kouhosei.

“She feels like a really practical and hardworking student.”

“But good people always die fast in our division.”

“Does this girl also have some problem?”

“Eeh. Her motivation and origin are outstanding, but her performance till now does not match them. Look at this mock battle report.”

“......At one moment, she defeated the strong and the next moment she lost to the weak, she has an unstable performance.”

“That’s how it is. But her serious attitude can be affirmed.”

“Un~~ I feel that this girl should be fine. Knowing the importance of protecting others make her strong.”

“Since 「Nirvana」Chloe has said so, then I will believe in it.”

“Ahaha, stop teasing me. I’m not as great as what the Kuusen Madoushi Division Head said.”

“However, your squadron has nurtured many excellent talents. Even as an A rank squadron in the ranking battle last year, your squadron had taken first place, now promoted to S rank ── as a Royal Guard, you aren’t able to participate for this year’s ranking battle……Well, except for one member.”

“Do you mean...Kanata?”

“Exactly. That traitor Kanata·Age.”


“The time he was active as S128’s ace was not bad. His stage performance was always eye-catching, but it also reflected his poor coordination. Even so he was popular amongst the citizens...However, Kanata·Age abandoned the important trial that would decide the advancement of the squadron to S rank without a reason. And after that, he didn’t participate in any special missions, he seems to be helping out the Logistics Division now. Weren’t there rumors that his comrades treated him as a traitor?”

“...It’s not a problem. Just speaking from results our squadron still became the Royal Guard, and also I believe in Kanata.”

“...Well fine. And this girl is the last person the instructor chosen from your squadron needs to be responsible for.”

Name: Misora·Whitale
Examination content: Preparatory first year first term practical exam (Individual Vanguard trial)
Kuusen Madoushi Division classmate mock battle
Record: 0 Win 57 Lose
Comment: You can definitely win if you work hard.

Examination content: Preparatory first year first term practical re-exam (Individual Vanguard trial)
Kuusen Madoushi Division classmate mock battle
Record: 0 Win 10 Lose (67 lose streak)
Comment: I think that you can definitely win if you continue to work hard.

Examination content: Preparatory first year second term practical exam (Individual Vanguard trial)
Kuusen Madoushi Division classmate mock battle
Record: 0 Win 57 Lose (124 lose streak)
Comment: Even with effort there might be walls that cannot be overcome.

Examination content: Preparatory first year second term practical re-exam (Individual Vanguard trial)
Kuusen Madoushi Division classmate mock battle
Record: 0 Win 10 Lose (134 lose streak)
Comment: ...Recommend to drop out.

“Umm...Thi-This girl’s future seems bleak!”

“That’s how it is. Her wish is to become a Magic Cannon Blader, but her movements are dull. If she encounters Magical Armoured Insects in the front line, she would probably be the first to fall.”

“...Magic cannon sword huh. She chose a rather anachronistic weapon.”

“Something like that. That weapon also reminds me of the traitor, Kanata, so I also do not appreciate it much...Ah! I’ve gotten off track. Returning to the main topic, the squadron these three girls formed ── E601 squadron, is the weakest squadron even amongst the E rank squadrons...One month had passed since the start of school ranking battle, they are currently in ten lose streaks. Due to them being a gathering of the weakest people, they were mocked as F rank squadron by others. I want to borrow your Royal Guard’s power to somehow leverage the difference.”

“......A normal instructor would probably be very harsh. Umm, but my recommendation for a member of my squadron that can take on the instructor role…”

“Mind me, this will be the request from the Kuusen Madoushi Division Head to Chloe·Sevegny. You do not have the privilege to refuse.”

“But…...Ah! ── No, excuse me. I have something to confirm.”

“Tell me.”

“The member recommended by me, will be hired as a Kuusen Madoushi Division Instructor, right?”

“If it is the recommendation of 「Nirvana」, I swear on my pride to hire him. So, who is the one? As far as I’m concerned, I am expecting you, or maybe the vice-captain, Yuri·Flostre. If we leave this alone, there’s a high possibility that those girls might not return from the battlefield after their sorties in the future.”

“About that ── I recommend Kanata.”

“......Errr...Can you please repeat that?”

“It’s Kanata·Age.”

“── I refuse!”

“But! I won’t back down.”

“Why? Why that traitor Kanata·Age? You are also one of the people he betrayed.”

“But the person I recommended will definitely be hired by the Kuusen Madoushi Division Head right?”

“......Let me hear the reason.”

“That’s true, the reason is ──……”

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