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Volume 12 Chapter 9

Part 1

—Looking back in time, before the Game start.

Izayoi called Mikado Tokuteru over in a place some distance away from the resting room and actual stage.

Mikado Tokuteru stared at Izayoi with eyes saying “What do you want before the start of the Game”.

“Oi oi, what is it Izayoi? Calling me to this desolate place.”

“...Nothing important. Just that I want another reward, so I want to rip off a little from you.”

Against Mikado Tokuteru’s sarcasm, Izayoi gave a mysterious glance.

That was as if a predator was hesitating whether to jump on the prey right in front of him. Sensing that uneasiness in the atmosphere, Mikado Tokuteru released a fragment of his spirit level for prevention.

So that’s it, this was the reward he really wanted.

It was indeed a reward that could not be spoken before others. Not only was Mikado Tokuteru,
the sponsor of 「Spirit Train」, he was also the disguise of 「Indra」 that was famous throughout heaven and earth. Dangerous words such as 「Fight me」 obviously could not be mentioned.

The question was how far could Mikado Tokuteru fight with his current spirit level…

“Don’t misunderstand. I did not come to you for a fight. Just wanted to ask you something.”

“That’s all?”

Mikado Tokuteru showed a disappointed look.

Indra was a useless god that was also renowned as a problem child. So he saw Izayoi and others as his junior completely, and just wanted to spar against them.

“Mah, nevermind. Then what do you want to ask?”

“Oh. Then I will be direct… Indra(You) ranked what in Little Garden?”

Hearing Izayoi’s straightforward question, even Mikado Tokuteru could only laugh bitterly. True, this was not something that could be asked upright. Although he was the King of Gods that stood above countless Divine Beings, that was not the case in this Little Garden that was piled up by countless multiverses like particles.

Regardless of answering “above who” or “below who” would result in arguments.

Hence he changed the subject.

“Ultimately speaking, people in Three Digits had equal spirit level. 「Queen」 was the only rule breaker. The Two Digits above this – reaching 「Full Authority Territory」 – can’t even enter the battle stage.”

“...Can’t even enter?”

“Ah ah. Shiroyoruō[1] is a classic example. If she could not control the total mass of the origin of universe, she could not reach geocentrism. That person reached 「Full Authority Territory」 with just two authorities.”

「Full Authority Territory」 — Not a metaphor, that was peak of territory that could only be reached when one received all authorities within one’s body. Likewise, 「Omnipotent Territory」 referred to the territory that received all abilities, but it did not mean omnipotent literally. In outside world, they might be almighty, but because of various paradoxes starting from 「Almighty Paradox」, they cannot freely use their omnipotence. Hence in a battle they must grant a portion of the omnipotence as Gift to others, let them fight on their behalf.

“According to this interpretation, One Digit can be said to be an incomplete spirit status with partial abilities. 「End Emptiness」 is the best example. It is a spirit body that granted 「Authority to end all worlds (tales)」 to all Omnipotent and Full Authority beings.”

“...That’s just, it isn’t an opponent in the dimension of winning or losing.”

“Of course. Think about what kind of place Little Garden is. You won’t see the limit when looking up. No matter how hardworking you are, strong opponents will appear one by one.However because of this! I cannot stop wanting more of Little Garden!”

He stood akimbo, announced with a tone that showed no concern for others.

Hearing that, Izayoi went silent for a moment, then quietly spoke.

“Then — I would like to ask Indra. The Sakamaki Izayoi of now, exactly what rank am I?”

Hearing him ask the real question after much trouble, Mikado Tokuteru doubted his ears, widened his eyes.

He thought what he was going to ask with such a strange expression, to think that it was a question that was so not his style. Even a concern he worried for the first time should have a limit.

On the other hand, Izayoi himself was very serious, he had also worried about whether to ask or not for a long time.

Mikado Tokuteru smiled lightly, and spoke with a grin.

“Alright alright, I know. Then let this Mikado Tokuteru evaluate you... Umu, it isn’t wrong to say your power, wisdom, bravery can reach Four Digit. However you are a bit lacking in technique. If not counting 「Another Cosmology」, you probably can’t win against Saurian Demon King. Let alone the strongest species.”

“Then what must I do to be as strong as a Three Digit… No, there is no point in hiding up to this point. I will ask you directly, what must I do to become strong enough to defeat Aži Dakāha alone?”

Hearing such a question that threw away his shame and fame, this time Mikado Tokuteru giggled on reflex.

“That kind of thing, go find yourself. If you can’t find it here, then go out on a journey to look for it. 「No Name」 is not so weak that they cannot survive without you alone. If you are worried just find out yourself using this chance.”

Mikado Tokuteru back faced Izayoi. It probably meant that he would not answer his questions anymore.

“Mah, shameless victory, would probably be accompanied by the agony that caused even that Arjuna to shed tears. It would not be overcome easily. Even more if the opponent is someone you came to mutual understanding after a death struggle...Really. Carrying Justice (that one) and Evil (this one), it is probably very heavy.”


That last sentence, was a farewell speech towards Demon Lord Aži Dakāha. This major God that contained both the good and evil side, could understand that Demon Lord better than anyone.

“I say, Izayoi. I know I am a useless god… but your agony, I can properly understand it. Hence I don’t want you to rot away like this. Because no matter what, your legends, have not even started.”

Finishing his words, Mikado Tokuteru returned to the Live interpreter seat while holding back his laughter. The remaining would be left for Izayoi to decide for himself.

To become the gear of history and save the world?

Or to throw himself in other battles?

Regardless of choosing which side… It would definitely be joyous.

Part 2

Serpens Scorpius Sword flashed past her neck.

That masterful hit, caused people to imagine that just by a skin thick difference, the artery in the neck would be severed. Asuka fought back against the death scythe closing in on her many times on one end, while increasing the jewels for Alma on the other end.

Although it was squandering, there was a limit to the number.

This was the biggest weakness along with the time limit.

The disadvantage would grow if she entered a battle of attrition. Asuka was slowly forced into a corner, but she also began to understand the power relationship between the two of them.

(Although battle of attrition is disadvantageous, thinking it another way she only has this method! Considering Alma that has impregnable defense, our side is still in advantage…!)

No matter how masterful Faceless’ swordsmanship was, it was a poor compatibility against Almathea’s auto defense castle.

The Gifts that could break her who became the Aegis shield was indeed very few. If it could be broken, then it was definitely physical destructive power, but some special Gift.

(Victory chance will surely arrive! We can win as long as we maintain the right pace!)

She confirmed the effect while holding the reins tightly.

The presence closing in from the back stopped in her track, it was just this moment.

“...As expected of Almathea. The foster-mother of Zeus is unlike normal. Just my swordsmanship alone cannot break your defense.”

She spoke as such after stopping. Asuka saw it as a victory chance. Despite the other side might have some tactic, Alma’s charging and impregnable defense was above her.

Now was the time to decide a victor. Asuka granted another three mock divinity to raise Alma’s spirit rank. Although the amount was not sufficient to raise her spirit rank to the limit, this would reinforce her defense further.

Almathea let out a cry, she also understood now was the key moment.

“So I really don’t have a choice but to use it, huh… My, our authority’s root.”

Faceless returned her sword back into the Gift Card for some reason. Even if that sword could not break Alma, what would bare fist amount to?

—An ominous premonition, caused her hairs to raise. She did not doubt that this was the victory chance. But if she couldn’t shake off the feeling that if she charged in now, it would result in a fatal defeat.

“Never mind, don’t hesitate! Charge in at full power!”

“Understood, Master!”

The lightning discharge made the stalactite cave seem to collapse at any moment. Even if this attack could not decide a victor, she could also look for a chance again.

Turning her back on the chance of victory, was not something Asuka would do.

Even if that was...exactly what Faceless expected.

“We are going, Alma. Using this attack, finish everything—!!!”

The Capricorn celestial beast that transformed into lightning replied with a roar. The atmosphere bloated, lightning resounded everywhere. The strongest shield in Greek Mythology now transformed into the strongest spear, charging towards the enemy with her sharp horn.

Once this thunderclap rampaged, everything in existence would surely turn to ashes. The enemy that was exterminated with this attack from the celestial beast would probably not even retain a single atom.

Serpens Scorpius Sword’s sword flash could not resist. Unable to resist at all. At the moment of contact, everything in the material world would be destroyed.

(A blow on par with thunder. She could not dodge no matter what. )

Impossible to block.

Also impossible to divert.

Then what should be done – this kind of thing, thinking was not even needed.

“Aegis is impossible to destroy. That kind of thinking is the reason for your loss, Asuka.”

Sadness tinged in her line of sight. At the same time, she took out a bronze sword from the Gift Card. The instant she detected what that object was, Alma cried in despair.

Uu, not good!!!”

The charge that was originally aimed at the abdomen, twisted away as if to avoid that bronze sword. She originally wanted to cut Alma into half from the middle, only managed to scratch the abdomen of the strongest shield. Both sides of opposition, due to the sure win attack being ineffective clicked their tongues. Faceless also planned to use that move as the decisive victory.

Asuka did not know what happened at all, only slapped her back hard to endure that slightly nauseous feeling.

“So painful… What... What happened…!?”

“Escape immediately, Master! That...That divine sword, is my nemesis!”

Alma that transformed into human madly yelled. Despite not knowing why she changed into human, the true danger was not this point.

Inside Alma’s body, all spirit status had been lost now.

“Now that my spirit status has been routed, even I cannot protect you! Please look for comrades to help! Facing against that divine sword — 「Ame no Murakumo no Tsurugi」, even I cannot fight against it!”

Alma had resolved to die, and stood before Faceless.

Hearing the divine sword’s name from her mouth, Asuka could not hide her astonishment. Because the name of that divine sword, as long as one was born in Japan, nobody would not know.

“「Ame no Murakumo no Tsurugi」...!? Liar. Why would she have the three Imperial Regalia[2]!? That should be existing in my era as a memorial.”

Towards Asuka’s natural dout, Faceless replied coldly.

“...Such poor comprehension ability, Asuka. 「Ame no Murakumo no Tsurugi」 went on stage many times in history, and also gone missing many times in history[3]. This one is lost during the Heian Period. Originally it is a divine sword that only exists, but if a royalty that possesses Japanese God Pantheon’s divinity holds his sword, it will display its original power! ...Playing the role of nullifying all surrounding supernatural, Gift and magic, All Creation Tuning Divine Sword!”

That authority, caused Asuka to feel as if electric current was running across her whole body.

Nullifying the effects of Gift, that could still be understood. That was not a rare Gift. In some 「Another Cosmology」, it was an additional ability added as a side effect.

The problem was the other ability – causing the supernatural ability or spirit rank that was obtained through Gift to be unusable, that was the power in another dimension. What must she do to fight against that?

“Master, get a hold of yourself! Although that is truly a strong divine sword, the corresponding risk must also exist! Please retreat for now, and recollect yourself!”

Alma’s words made her recover her cool. That was true. Since it was a divine sword possessing such power, then she could have killed Asuka anytime.

Therefore there must exist a reason she did not do so.

“So-orry! Buy me some time, Alma!”

Despite being reluctant, there was no other way.

Asuka fled carrying Mel and Melulu. Faceless did not immediately chase after them, but put up her stance and pointed at Alma before her.

And she had also made the first mistake. Alma had already seen through the risk she carried from that series of actions.

Alma held her cut abdomen and stood upright, cold sweat broke out but she showed a fearless smile.

“...Not chasing? The you now should be able to go after my master and ignore me completely.”

“Such harsh words, the Goddess of Capricorn. This divine sword holds the authority to severe all unnatural in the surroundings. Even me as the user is no exception...”

Yes... Which meant that Faceless as the possessor also had her spirit rank weakened, physical ability reduced to a normal girl. Normally this would make the chance of winning fifty-fifty. But as Queen’s knight, even if she lost her spirit rank, she still had her superb swordsmanship.

In order to defeat her under such condition, only someone superior than her in techniques could suppress her.

(Firstly Master would be impossible. So it had to be me huh…!)

Although it couldn’t be called master of all martial arts, Alma had also cultivated very strong martial arts. She should be able to handle a normal martial artist easily.

But this girl was different. She was not an ordinary person, but an one against a thousand expert. Amongst the Celtic Mythology that had many knights, she was able to obtain the ninth seat. Hence it would be impossible not to know what kind of achievement that was. It had to be sword art that stepped into god realm.

(If she was originally from the Japanese God Pantheon, her martial art would definitely be within the top five…! Can the me now stand up against that…!?)

Alma held her wounded abdomen and readied her stance.

Faceless also brought 「Ame no Murakumo no Tsurugi」 before her eyes. The sense of stability of being one with the sword from her back to her limbs, caused Alma to feel dazed unwillingly. This girl, how much time did she spend in order to cultivate such level of swordsmanship?

(Her teacher was either Dagda or Scathach. Lugh should have changed it’s form to spear… Guh, it was such a pity regardless of who! If they wanted to compare their disciples, I hope to wait for another year![4])

Letting the similar attainment but opposite talent twin to display a human-god competition. Although this was a good thing, Asuka was still a rough gem that just started her polishing. She signed the master-servant contract against her will for the sake of honing Asuka to her preference.

Uu, even though this is a common duel, the disadvantageous condition is too severe. Not only was the cultivation time short, the opponent also took out the divine sword from 「Full Authority Territory」 (Little Garden Two Digits), Master’s chance of victory is too slim…!!! Is there no grounds for a future duel!?”

Alma who understood the hopeless situation, suggested cease fire while buying time. Since she made all Gifts unusable, it was already one step into the 「Full Authority Territory」.

And if that kind of words could stop it, this Game would not have existed in the first place.

Faceless entered the one-foot-one-sword[5] distance, tilted her blade in a stance to slash from the shoulder diagonally down, executed the slash with minimal movement.

Despite the slash moving only a few millimeter, against a bare-handed opponent it was the most effective. In response to this hard to dodge or block hit, Alma drew backwards.

Alma with her injured abdomen could not achieve body balance. Dodging horizontally would cause her center of gravity to collapse, then the second slash would truly split her into two.

But Faceless stopped her sword tip as if predicted this. The blade that stopped just before her nose shifted down to to her chest, and stabbed towards her left chest.

(Uu, it’s stabbing in! Now is the only chance to gamble!)

In sword art, stabbing belonged to dual bladed sword. The property of stabbing would easily leave the body in a defenseless condition.

And the sword she held was not a rapier or Japanese katana with a thin blade, but a rough bronze blade like the western sword. It was easy to capture with sight.

Although Alma whose right abdomen was injured reacted slower by one step, it was not undodgeable. As long as she captured the wrist that extended towards her along with the stab and then pin her down, it would be Alma’s victory.

However Faceless’ superior martial arts did not let go of her anxiety.

The injured Alma’s objective was short term duel, this was within expectation. She understood clearly that if she showed an opening the opponent would definitely take the bait, hence she used a poor move such as stabbing with a bronze sword.

Facing Alma that attempted to grab her wrist, Faceless responded with her steel boot kicking the injured abdomen.


In an instant, intense pain robbed her thoughts. If her spirit rank was retained it might be possible, but since her body was only a human now, this blank in thoughts was unavoidable.

Aiming the left chest was to make her dodge to her right. She believed that if she was kicked in the injured abdomen while her center of gravity was shifted to the right, pain would rob her of her conscious. Instead of saying it as foolproof, it was a game control like the final showdown in chess, for defeating Alma.

“Checkmate. If you don’t interfere, I can leave you alone like this…”

“Don’t joke…!!!”

“I thought so as well. Then I will do this.”

Fuu. Alma’s tendons in both legs were severed, the intense pain made her body convulse, but not taking her life was unexpected.


“You are the witness. Regardless who is the winner, nobody knowing the whole story is too hollow. Especially if I won, both the winner and loser would leave Little Garden.”

Finishing her words, she kept 「Ame no Murakumo no Tsurugi」 back into her Gift Card.

“People that was cut by 「Ame no Murakumo no Tsurugi」, even if the sword aura disappeared, spirit rank would be sealed for several days. You would not be able to stand up for the time being, but it will be healed after some time. Please do not move now.”

With that it would be one against one. It was needless to use 「Ame no Murakumo no Tsurugi」 anymore. Next would be the battle with her martial arts and Gifts.

Faceless equipped her whip sword, and pursued Asuka.

Alma laid on the ground as the loser, reluctantly watched her shrinking back.

Part 3

Kasukabe Yō, Laius and Gry's teamwork only lasted a short while.  After all, including Izayoi, once they each used their strong power, making a rampage freely, so it was a matter of course.  After the teamwork collapsed, they each fought for themselves.

But among them, only Laius' figure couldn't be seen.

(That Bastard! The Gift Hermit is damn troublesome!)

Izayoi ripped apart the 「Adamantine」 serpents while looking for his whereabouts. The helmet of hermit that received the Gift of Hades had the worst compatibility with Izayoi. Aside from the voice for commands, there was no other signs of presence.

As a result, Izayoi was forced to run around all the time to avoid receiving surprise attacks. Of course, running around for about an hour wouldn't deplete his stamina, but like this, points of Laius would be maintained. What's more, for some reason, Laius completely ignored the other two and only aimed at Izayoi.

(Now, what do do.......! It's about time to make a decision......!)

Should he aim at the other two and ignore Laius? Or should he start with the enemy who has the worst compatibility? But to Izayoi, something like that was not even worth thinking about. Floating a ferocious smile, he clinged at the corner of the cave and called out to invisible Laius.

"Luilui, Let's end the match already! Come out and show yourself!"

It was a cheap provocation, so he was aware that it would fail.

What Izayoi aimed at were the three attacks. And according to his plan, the bedrock around him started to demonify and pulsate.

(He felt for it......!)

Izayoi's hand and legs got restrained that looked as if he was taken by a surprise. Because he guessed that if he leaned on the cave with his back, then Laius would surely demonify that section of it.

And Laius would decide to deliver the final blow himself.

"Keep restraining him like that, Algol! I will finish it myself!"

Although the voice seemed to come from the far away, the owner was probably in some 10 meters away. As soon as Izayoi noticed that he came surprisingly near, he immediately tore off the restrictions on his right foot and at the same time kicked down the ground and destroyed it.

"Is that all you've got!"

Along with the roar, came a tempest of fragments. The kicked up rocks flew everywhere on the opposite side like bullets and whole cave shook.

From that shock, the ceiling of the cave got cracked and stalactites started raining down like spears.

But what Izayoi aimed at was something else.

(Good, the dust cloud rose up! With this, I will know no matter where he comes from!)

Back at the White Wall Palace, Kasukabe Yō was able to detect the helmet of hermit with sound waves.

This is the imitation of it. If possible, he didn't want to use the same strategies as other people, but he had no luxury to afford that. This Gift is the most threatful among the ones that 「Perseus」 holds.

If he couldn't bring him down with blow, there would be no second chance.

Izayoi put strength to his fist.

Currently, all parts except one leg were restricted with demonified bedrock, but something like that could be released whenever he wanted. That's why he thought he might be able to bait him out if he continued to be restricted to the last moment.

He strained his eyes in order to not miss even the tiniest motion of the dust cloud.

The moment the dust cloud at the right direction jolted a bit, Izayoi widened his eyes.

"—So that's where you are!"

He threw a punch towards the bedrock that was restraining his right hand. His fist tore off the cloud of dust and accurately smashed the helmet of hermit.

But, immediately following that, Izayoi's eyes were dyed with wonder.

(—!!? Laius is not here!? Just the helmet and boots!?)

At that moment, he notice that he was the one who got baited. Laius made a decoy out of the helmet of hermit and flying boots and let them receive Izayoi's strongest blow.

Laius didn't miss this opportunity that appeared only for an instant.

"You are the one who got baited— Sakamaki Izayoi!!!"

Laius fell down from above aiming at Izayoi's back. Izayoi still had his fist pushed out and his stance was broken, so he was not aware about Laius' location.

With this, it was clearly understood which one ended up in the dark. The Gift of Leo wasn't very helpful with the star spirit killer spears. What's more Laius was coming from above and Izayoi stood below.

From his stance, attacking was impossible. But the boiling point of Izayoi who has been had, wasn't low to that point.

"Above huh!!! In that case I'll break down every part around together—!!!"

He brandished his fist, and thrust it towards the ground.

In an instant, the shock that would be mistaken for an earthquake spread through the entire mine district. The moment bedrock received a serious blow of Izayoi, it collapsed to dust with a force that it seemed like it would pierce the earth crust itself. Mountain and each part of the slanted mine started to collapse, and rock started to fall even to the audience seats.

"I-It's dangerous!"

Kuro Usagi took out 「Vajra Replica」 and started destroying the falling rocks. But she alone was not enough.

Among the screams raised in the audience from the falling rocks came a voice of encouragement.

"This is bad! Let's go Mandra!"

"Big sister should go to the right! I'll head to the left!"

"S-Sara-sama? Even Mandra-sama!"

Kuro Usagi's usamimi jumped up from surprise. Sara and Mandra got on the stage and started breaking rocks.

Kuro Usagi heard that she managed to recover the Dragon Horn, but shouldn't she and Coppélia supposed to be resting?

"Sorry, we had a reason to come here. That's why we moved in cover. In truth, It's about Sandra—”

".......Sister. It would be better to discuss about that matter later. Right now, protecting the audience takes priority."

"YES! With you two around, it would be a great help! Problem is the matter of town......"

"That won't be a problem. Every member of 「No Name」 should have come yesterday. There should be no problem if they are there"

After the words of Sara, Kuro Usagi clasped both hands together and showed her gratitude.

At that time, Shirayuki-hime, Leticia, and Croix lending their support at the reservoir of mines.

Shirayuki-hime who was holding the water from reservoir back from flooding the town, asked a question in irritation.

"Heey, doesn't head know the limit!"

"Really. We are somehow managing this because of Shirayuki-dono, but as one would expect, I want him to reflect on it. One mistake and it would have been a disaster."

"Kihahaha! Well, half of it is thanks to my teleportation!"

Silhouette of Croix displayed an amusing smile.

But, even though they were complaining, they all understood that Izayoi was the one at fault. But at the same time, they were glad that he decided to take this game seriously enough that he was even fighting seriously.

"......It's good that he's having fun. After all, I want our masters to have fun in Little Garden."

"Hmph, compared for Asuka and Yō, master is doing whatever he pleases."

From the remark of Shirayuki-hime, Leticia made a wry smile. But, both of them understood.

That this battle...Would decide the future paths of these three problem children.

Part 4

The result of the match between Izayoi and Laius, was not long before the commotion completely died down.

Izayoi’s right shoulder was mercilessly slashed, while Laius was thrown onto the bedrock.

But the one standing was Izayoi. Laius’s attack was weakened by Izayoi creating a shockwave by hitting the ground, hence not reaching the fatal level.

He did not even release a second strike before falling on the ground.

Laius lied down helplessly, grudgingly bit his teeth.

“Damn… Damn, damn it, I lost again…!!! Under such good conditions, even sacrificing my own body to attack, making sure everything went smoothly… Still, I couldn’t win huh…!!!”

Dong, he struck the ground, Laius probably steeled his determination to face this battle. Or else he would not challenge his strongest enemy.

Izayoi stared at his appearance while panting.

Just like he said, regardless of what condition, the scale was tilting in favor of Laius.

The reason Izayoi was not defeated, was simply because his fundamental ability was above Laius. Only that alone determined the victor.

—But, was that the only reason?


Izayoi leaned on the wall, nothing came out of his mouth.

He was never cornered to this degree by someone much weaker than him.

No matter how weak his opponent was he would use his full strength, that was Izayoi’s style. Then wasn’t he supposed to be fully prepared for any opponent before taking them on, then crush his opponents upon that foundation?

How about this time? Did Sakamaki Izayoi prepare any tactics against Laius and Gry, and Kasukabe Yō? Did he not become over confident due to him knowing everything about his opponents?

(...Damn. The one that lost face is me.)

The victor that did not use up his tactics, what kind of words could he say to the loser that used up everything he had.

Both sides only had tragic.

Izayoi was planning to leave just like that, but Laius spoke up unexpectedly.

“Remember this… Next… next time, I will be the winner. I will make you return the fame of 「Perseus」 one day…!!!”


Sensing the boiling fighting spirit from his back, Izayoi merely turned his head back.

There was no longer an empty-headed young master before his eyes.

The warrior that focused on his goal, stared at Izayoi with thousands of emotions.

“...Aah. Alright, come at me if you want. I will face you anytime, Constellation Knight.”

Words flowed out naturally. A smile that could not be hidden also hung on the corner of his mouth.

That was like a true smile after a long time. And also, as if he found something important back. That premonition of certainty filled his chest.

Izayoi advanced on the devastated ground in the stalactite cave, smiled after seeing the final opponent standing before him.

“...The last one remaining is you after all, Kasukabe.”

“In the end it was Gry who let me. Izayoi seemed to have a hard fight, there is only five minutes left.”

Such a long time had past, Izayoi mumbled. He did not feel much time had past, but it was true that he fought against Laius for almost half an hour.

“I made you wait for the finale. Do you want to fight another time?”

“How come? This remaining time is advantageous to me. Don’t try to run away.”

Kasukabe Yō replied with a fervent voice never heard before.

Izayoi also understood her meaning and smiled bitterly.

Seriously, one after another it was endless.

They were truly the best companions, he was so happy he almost cried.

(That’s right… Just as Ojō-sama said, the me recently is somewhat strange.)

Be it 「Spirit Train」, or the flowers in the hot spring, he only argued against what he saw.

Even though it was a joyous matter, he could not enjoy it, but rebut it anxiously instead.

Although it was fortunate he did not create trouble for others for now.

But if this anxiety could not be corrected, there would come one day when the relationship between Sakamaki Izayoi and 「No Name」 would be broken… Just this point, he truly wanted to avoid it.



“I want to temporarily leave 「No Name」. I plan to go on a journey in this Little Garden… To the current me, this is inevitable.”

Umu, Yō accepted his thoughts with a natural nod, then grinned.

“It’s alright. Go where you want to go. During the time Asuka and Izayoi left, I will protect 「No Name」.”

“...Sorry. You actually wanted to look for you dad right?”

Hearing Izayoi’s clumsy apology, Yō could not retain her laughter any longer.

“That’s fine. No need to worry. Father will definitely return. Because our real home is this 「No Name」 after all.”

That cheerful laughter, made Izayoi realize he was worrying for nothing.

Be it Kasukabe Yō or Kudō Asuka, they really became strong. They already reached the level to of Izayoi’s shoulder… No, around his feet. Then what remained, as a member of the same Community, bidding farewell in the form of a sparring fist.

“——I am Sakamaki Izayoi of 「No Name」. Have you resolved yourself?”

“——I am Kasukabe Yō of 「No Name」... Umu, I will also do my best.”

Raising 「Genon Tree」, displaying the strongest species she chose.

Yō who was covered by golden feather flare fought against Izayoi starting with 「Garuda」.

The two facing off against each other laughed together. There was no need for words.

The two warriors possessing power to shake the earth, raised the curtain for the final battle.

Part 5

—Faceless, searched for Kudō Asuka’s location with a hazy consciousness.

The risk 「Ame no Murakumo no Tsurugi」 carried was not only one. The longer she used it, the lesser the time she could stay in Little Garden as a phantom knight.

Not deciding the victor in the clash just now was a heavy loss. Alma who protected her master in the final moment could only be described as excellent.

However, that impregnable shield could no longer move. The remaining matter was to defeat Kudō Asuka.

(...Just a little more, it will be my victory. She cannot use the steel doll in this stalactite cave. This is truly a one against one duel.)

Then she would not lose. Victory was on Faceless’ side.

Question was, if the other party just ran away like that. Since the opponent was Faceless who did not have much time, then that was a method to survive. But considering Kudō Asuka’s personality, that was definitely impossible.

She was not someone who would turn her back on a battle. On the other hand, sensing this emotion that was close to reliance, Faceless could not help but smile bitterly.

After a turn in the stalactite cave, she arrived a a long straight path.

—Kudō Asuka, awaited her at the T-cross juncture.


Both side maintained silence.

Her opponent was not surprised about her not holding 「Ame no Murakumo no Tsurugi」. It seemed that the earth fairy had already investigated the situation. Then this straight path should have traps set.

Some Gifts might have been buried along the path.

No, it was definitely trapped. Otherwise she would not choose to determine the winner on a straight path. But the option of taking a detour never existed in her head. Not much time left was one of the reason, but more importantly, since Kudō Asuka did not escape, Kudō Ayato would not escape all the more.

She took out her favorite whip sword from the Gift Card, adjusted her breathing. Using steel bow to snipe from long distance, or using dual spear to face off would probably be better originally. But every time when Faceless faced against a death struggle, she would definitely use her favorite sword to do the final showdown. She was very confident of her martial art.

After adjusting her stance, just when she was about to dash in, Asuka spoke.

“I am Kudō Asuka of 「No Name」... And you?”

“...I am Kudō Ayato of 「Queen’s Knights」. Let’s have a fair and square showdown.”

This was the last.

Be it the conversation between sisters, the fight against each other, everything would end.

After the final self introduction was over, Faceless dashed forward on the straight path like a bullet.

“Mel, Melulu, Melilu! Destroy the foothold!”

Understood!!! The three sisters replied with a serious tone never heard before. They used their earth fairy power to crack the foothold, make the ground muddy, causing the dashing speed to fall rapidly.

But the opponent had already been caught once. This degree of trickery would not make Faceless retreat.

Asuka took out the Flute of Ratten, swung the flute like a conductor rod, activated all the traps at once.

The flame gemstone hidden behind the rock transformed into heat ray, continuously sniped at Faceless. Taking on the heat ray that was amplified by Asuka’s power to the maximum was impossible. If she took out the dual spear, she would be in dire situation now.

She controlled her whip sword to extend like a whip, let the sword tip to coil around the stalactite stone on the ceiling, escaped the muddy ground with that, and avoided the heat ray. However, extreme cold air assaulted her next.

The temperature in the air dropped significantly, lowering her mobility. As if already guessed her thoughts, wind blades blew out from the gaps of the stalactite cave.

The combination attack of extreme cold wind and blades. Even if whip sword could block them, the extreme cold air would disable one of her arms. Faceless admitted her thinking was too naive, and jumped forward to dodge this combination attack at the same time.

—However, it was really merciless.

The traps up to now all carried fatal destructive force.

But that straight path only left about seven meters. It would only take one more step for her. Although she could not discern if there were any traps remaining, it should be enough to determine the victor.

(Alright — Jump!)

Instilling strength into her tendons, Faceless lept with all her might, entering melee range.

And then the stalactite cave wriggled about like the stomach of a monster, baring fangs at her. The small eudemons that lived in the cave assaulted her from above, but if just level could hinder her, she would not become the Queen’s knight.

Faceless cut apart the stalactite that approached her, timing herself perfectly, but at the same time the final trap activated.

(Uu, my ears…!!?)

Kudō Asuka’s surrounding was enveloped by the wall of air. Air pressure also drastically changed at the same time. Due to the Gift of air manipulation, her three semicircular canals were disrupted. This would probably be the tactic against melee fight or steel bow.

Even the Queen’s knight also fell for it. A normal person would have lost consciousness, but to only lose her balance, must be credited to her daily trainings.

While her balance was disrupted... She saw the final trap hidden at the T-cross juncture, a thought of despair flashed past her mind.

The miniature red steel doll – Deen was readying its punching stance.

(Not good…!!! Adamantine is not limited to gigantifying Gift…!)

Yes. – In the past journeys of 「Great Sage Equalling Heaven」, she had also shrank her Rúyì Jīngū Bàng and kept it inside her ear. This meant that Adamantine did not only have gigantifying Gift, but also shrinking Gift.

If the maximum weight was retained while shrinking it, the force from the fist would be greater than gigantified. Throwing a compressed fist of hundreds of tons at the same speed, let alone death, maybe even the internal organs would spill out.

—Would she fail only after reaching this point?

The instant such failure flashed in her mind, Faceless abandoned her last pride.

“Severe her mystery, 「Ame no Murakumo no Tsurugi」!”

The divine sword was drawn again from the Gift Card. Deen would collapse under its own weight, the wall of air would also be dispersed. Then just wait until her three semicircular canals recover, it would be my—!!!


A piercing sound came from her side abdomen.


What happened – Faceless did not understand, and then saw Kudō Asuka in her bosom.

That was something that happened at the same time she drew 「Ame no Murakumo no Tsurugi」. Losing her sense of balance, Faceless stood up at the same time she drew her sword. While her three semicircular canals and balance were disrupted, she returned to a normal girl.

No matter how strong her martial art was, she could not act normally under those conditions. Let alone... Let alone being stabbed by Kudō Asuka, she never even considered the possibility.

It was truly a surprising hit.



Both sides understood that this was the end. That moment seemed to last decades.

Asuka’s both hands held the Flute of Ratten that was used to stab shakingly. The person she killed was not a normal enemy. Right now, she killed her own family. —Yes, she killed her family.

Perhaps, they shared the same loneliness, and could heal each other’s loneliness, but the only family in this world, was killed by her own hands.

But as if to console Asuka’s shaking, Faceless hugged her shoulders.

“...It’s my lost, huh.”

“...Umu, it’s my win.”

Different from before, her gentle eyes lost the ferociousness from before. This was the peace her original quiet soul displayed.

“How regretful. With this my dream is destroyed. Even though I was summoned to Little Garden much earlier than you, and continuously trained. Everything is wasted.”


Asuka reflexively asked while raising her head, then immediately covered her mouth. She could not even ask. The technique Faceless had accumulated was not something a normal person’s passion could obtain.

It was the swordsmanship that held the resolve to witness a painting of hell.

The dream that was pursued with such passion, what exactly was it?

Faceless clicked her tongue and smiled bitterly.

“Not some grand dream. I just wanted to see my family. The gentle father, gentle mother, and… Ah ah, so it’s like this, that’s why I lost huh.”


Kudō Asuka, after understanding the meaning behind Kudō Ayato’s unfinished words, could not help but let go of the Flute of Ratten.

Ding!, With this elegant sound, it brought them back to the past that was impossible.

—Through the flute notes, seeing the dream of the world she had abandoned.

The world outside the cage she longed for since young.

Crossing the walls, crossing the oceans, crossing the border.

Being together with her parents and twin sister that had already been reborn, not being bound by anything, the her that ran around with smiles.

Experiencing the dream of Halloween that she was unable to fulfil in the past with her passed away family.

That was supposed to be the remnants of the world she abandoned.

But Asuka could not stop the tears coming out from her eyes. She held up the hand of Faceless who was disappearing, watching that well-trained, ungirly palm.

“Such an idiot…! How to be a financial group’s ojō-sama with this kind of rough hand…! Since you had the time, learning tailoring or sewing would have been better....!”

“That’s not true. Queen’s knights handle maid or butler works while off duty. So no matter which I am confident to be better than you.”

“I’m not going to lose! During that jail-like female high school period, I also learned to be skilled with my hands!”

Then, let’s compare who was better.

The two swallowed back that sentence.

There was no time to talk about those hard to conclude matters.

“...Such a pity. If only you were a more irritating girl.”

“Uu, that’s my line, you stupid little sister…!!!”

I don’t agree to being the younger sister, Faceless disappeared before this sentence could not come out. Asuka wiped her streaming tears, seeing away her sister that could not receive her reward until the end.

Be it words that she wanted to convey, or the future she wanted to walk together with, her whole existence now had dispersed to the other side of the shore.

Only — As if it was the imitation of her soul, that silver white Gift Card remained.

The moment Kudō Asuka picked up that Gift Card – The gong that signified the end of Game, echoed throughout the stage.

1 Shiro-Yoru-Ō = White Night King. This is Shiroyasha.
2 The sword Kusanagi no Tsurugi (草薙劍); the mirror Yata no Kagami (八咫鏡); the jewel Yasakani no Magatama (八尺瓊勾玉). Respectively the virtues: valour, wisdom, benevolence. There are secretly kept in shrines, it’s only during the enthronement ceremony than the Emperor and some priests can see them. Wikipedia.
3 Yes. It was first lost after the battle of Dan-no-ura (1185) during the Heian period (794-1185). It should have been lost forever. But he was stole later by a monk, who lose it in the sea. And after that it was said to be recovered.
4 (The) Dagda is the 2nd most important God of the Tuatha Dé Danann. He's a father-figure, a chieftain, and a druid. He had a staff/club "which can kill with one end and bring to life with the other".
Setanta is the previous name of Cú Chulainn. He's one of the most famous and glourious hero of Irish mythology. He's also regarded as an incarnation of Lugh.
Lugh is the most important God of the Tuatha Dé Danann, and the father of Cú Chulainn. One of his epithets is Lámfada (long arm/hand) possibly related to his spear skills.
5 One-foot-one-sword (Issoku ittō-no-maai, or just Itto-ma): Japanese kendo terminology, meaning the distance that can strike in 1 step forward and guard in 1 step backward). It’s one of the 3 maai (interval).


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