Sep 6, 2016

Volume 12 Chapter 2

Part 1
—— 「No Name」 Base of operation·former residential area.

The old gentleman who wore swallowtail tuxedo and bowler hat...Grim Reaper Baron La Croix, along with Head Maid Leticia and the leader of 「Will o’ Wisp」Willa the Ignis Fatuus, Observed the abandoned town of 「No Names」 that turned to ruins..

Croix let out a little sigh as he overlooked the ruined town.

“...So awful. This is more serious than I imagined. Wouldn't it be better to say that the whole town has been flattened to the ground?”

He grabbed a piece of rubble.

And it crumbled after it produced a wave of sound.

The seams and depression on the dried ground could be seen with just a glance. It was not hard to imagine the possibility of cracking if left alone.

The dust-filled street was already unsuitable for residential purposes.

Croix raised his bowler hat and watched his surroundings.

“Although the earth spirit girls had been working hard, just the farm alone would exhaust them. It might be better to just invite an earth god.”

Croix pressed down his bowler hat and started to come up with a rehabilitation plan.

On the other hand, the Head Maid Leticia showed a difficult expression towards Croix’s suggestion.

“Don’t speak nonsense. This piece of land had been protected by Lily’s clan for generations, we were only borrowing it. If we just invite an earth god by our own decision, it would be too unreasonable to her family.”

“Ah ah, there does seem to be an Ukanomitama Myōbu[1]. If the direct descendent of that spirit rank holder still exists, then it’s just right. I will report this matter to the Inari Taisha[2], and take a new Divinity.”

As she listened to Croix who was speaking of some extreme comments, Leticia was shocked.

“...Wait. Don’t tell me, you want to let Lily inherit the Divinity!? How exactly do you plan to do that?”

“That kind of thing, won’t it be fine if Alma-dono and I write a letter of recommendation? Originally that Lily girl is the direct descendant of Ukanomitama. She might be immature now, but receiving the Divinity while training is nothing much. Towards someone as hardworking as Lily, the other party will also make an exception.”

Croix spoke confidently while pressing on his bowler hat.

Although Leticia was speechless against his nonsensical actions, she felt that it was a good idea.

Despite being easily forgotten, this man was one of the most praiseworthy people from the Main Gods. Along with the Fertility God, Almathea’s recommendation, it should not be difficult.

“Myōbu doesn't possess high divinity,, but it is a Divinity worshipped by major sectors such as agriculture, industry and business. It is a necessity in city development that’s starting from scratch. Training will be better the earlier it is. If we don’t develop the city faster, how to consider the matter of 「Will o’ Wisp」migration?”

“That’s… Mah, that’s also true.”

Leticia looked towards Willa at her side.

—— After the battle with the Three Headed Dragon, 「Will o’ Wisp」migrated to 「No Name」 Base of operation. With the reason of “it is dangerous for them to stay at the North Floor by themselves”, they migrated to their Base of operation. 「No Name」 Base of operation had plenty of rooms, but to accommodate more than fifty children, it was still slightly cramped. Hence they thought it was about time to rebuild the ruined town in the residential area. But Willa, the leader, had no clear policy, she could only look down with troubled eyes.

“Sorry. Because the operation of the Community have all been handled by Jack… I am still unsure of what to do.”

Willa shook her blue hair and hung her head.

Jack who was her strategist was no longer there.

For the sake of defeating the Three Headed Dragon, he transformed into a Demon Lord and fell in battle.

「Will o’ Wisp」 actual operation authority, needless to say, was in his hands. The art pieces that functioned as the only source of meager income for the Community were also made by Jack.

「Will o’ Wisp」 as an organization, being half destroyed was not an overstatement. If anything, then there was only Willa, one of the strongest members in the North Floor who was still around.

Feeling partly guilty for the current situation of  「Will o’ Wisp」, Croix directed his gaze towards her.

“Willa-kun. I sympathize with your current state, I also respect Jack’s actions… Despite that, how can you as the leader behave like this? The duty to protect the Community rests upon your shoulders from here on out.”

Ah... Willa sank her shoulders.

Although his tone was overly harsh, at this point, she could not afford to be spoiled. 「No Name」 could provide support, as well as help in migration process. But protecting their Community could only be left to the members of 「Will o’ Wisp」.

Three months have already passed since their battle.

The memorial of the dead was already over, the time for condolences and mourning period had already long past.

Willa must also make her policies as the leader of the Community. Their outstanding strategist, the gentleman who looked after others, Jack, was no longer in this world.

Towards Willa who sank her shoulders with zero confidence, Leticia showed a gentle smile.

“Even though Croix said that, this matter isn’t so pressing. You can learn slowly. Fortunately, Willa-dono’s spirit rank is quite similar to Croix. You should learn as much as you can.”

“Un, I agree on this totally! I will learn it step by step responsibly.”

“If ever sexually harassed, look for me. I will aim at his butt and impale him.”

The Head Maid with beautiful blonde hair held her fist tightly.

Croix detected a moment of cold atmosphere and tipped his bowler hat down.

Although Willa was suppressed by the pressure, facing the two of them who were friendly towards her, she still raised her face and nodded.

“Umm...Thank, thank you very much. As a member of the Alliance Community, I am willing to practise with each other.”

“The same goes for us, Willa-dono. We wish for the contract with 「Will o’ Wisp」 to last an eternity.

“Despite that being the case, for your living expenses, please take on the various miscellaneous jobs for 「No Name」. We have already order-made your maid uniform. Please wear it once you receive it.”


Even though Willa was nervous, she still managed to reply energetically.

Leticia looked around the ruined town once more.

“It seems that the Gift Game held at 「Mines of Raging Seas」 is going to be scheduled as a monthly festival. If we arrange 「Adamantine」 mining and circulate it, then our income will be raised. If the residential area revives, it will probably reclaim the glorious scenery there once existed in the past. Major business Communities like 「Six Scars」 and 「Thousand Eyes」 should be able to process even the raw ores for us.

“—— But, I also thought about that.”

The old gentleman revealed a meaningful grin. Leticia frowned as she was interrupted.

“...What? Is there any objection?”

“No no, that’s not the case. But according to the trade situation from now on, I think there is also the possibility of having the mined 「Adamantium」 ores be monopolized by 「Six Scars」.”

What? Leticia asked back in surprise.

Croix showed an expression of holding his laughter, narrowing his eyes.

“So troublesome. Is the current generation the golden era? That Garol’s son actually has this kind of talent. It is understandable why that Kouryu who was once a drifting log would take him as a disciple. Aiya, Porol boy is so capable. This is wonderful. I sincerely look forward to his future.”

Speaking words of praise without any sarcasm, it was a rare moment for a person like him with a twisted personality.

Leticia and Willa turned their heads and looked at each other, but they still could not understand the meaning behind Croix’s grin. He spun his walking cane as he flashed a grin that revealed his canine tooth.

“...Oh right. Speaking of 「Mines of Raging Seas」, how should we handle that captive?”


“It’s that Demon Lord Alliance —— 「Ouroboros」 youth. We caught him right?”

“If that condition can be counted as captured then it’s also correct. He is now kept with Kouryu-dono.”

Croix and Leticia showed difficult expressions. Willa on the other hand tilted her head in confusion.

“Captive, who do you mean?”

“「Ouroboros」 Origin candidate… you probably won’t understand like this. One of the executive called His Majesty surrendered to us after the fight. Didn’t you also meet him?”

“Willa clapped her hands with a po. Recalling the incident of her kidnapping back then while spinning her finger.

“Ugh, the boy with white hair and golden eyes...right?”

“That’s him. And he is also the cause of this incident. Many suggested to execute him, but with Jin and Sandra being captured by them, exchanging captive might also be possible. The fact that he is an important person to those people will not change.”

“His Majesty —— the youth that led the Demon Lord Alliance 「Ouroboros」 who bravely fought at the front line.

In the fight against the Three Headed Dragon he helped Kasukabe Yō, and he also lent his power to Sakamaki Izayoi, it was really undeterminable what he was thinking when he surrendered. In this three months, he maintained silence.

The ones troubled were 「Floor Master」 instead. The prison that could keep a strong person like him was very limited. He was kept in a prison surrounded by the natural barrier of 「Adamantine」 in 「Mines of Raging Seas」 for now, but if His Majesty wanted to, he could probably break that place and then escape.

“If we are going to exchange hostage I hope the other side would send the messenger soon. There is nothing good that can come out from him being in our hands. Since now when all the Last Embryo are all defeated, there is no reason to kill him who was once a competitor.”

“Is that so?”

“That is so. In the near future, Little Garden Central Network would also take some action towards Izayoi boy. The frontal clash on the surface should not happen again, because we already won against 「Ouroboros」 in the competition.”

Victory in the competition —— such interpretation as if battling in a game, caused the two to be confused. It was pointless for them to ask as they did not know the cause. It took suitable time and location to clarify such matters.

Croix spun his walking stick and hit the ground with the tip.

“Alright! The patrol has just started, Head Maid and Apprentice Maid-dono! Let’s finish the outline sketch within these few days first, then take action for the rebuilding as soon as possible!”

“Don’t neglect miscellaneous duties. I am superior in terms of our position. Although you might be a senior member, if you think you will get special treatment then you made a big mistake.”

Leticia pointed out the facts, Croix shrugged his shoulders. Despite his return, it did not mean that his rank also returned. The things he lost were plenty.

Did that mean I had to display my usefulness and work tirelessly, Croix smiled bitterly. The three continued their inspection for the sake of completing the outline sketch.

Part 2
Izayoi, Asuka and the Mel sisters that went for the Alliance gathering walked into 「Six Scars」 branch cafe, one of the few places to rest in the mine.

Rumor has it that if the cafe was below the mine, it would cause insecurity to people, but this place had not neglected it.

In order not to let dust enter the open air Teahouse, they manipulated air current to make a wind barrier surrounding the shop, increasing the open balcony area.

Water tree seemed to have grown in the upper stream of the nearby river, the water was clear and pretty. It was not a problem to use it for brewing red tea. When the balcony make a major expansion, it would probably become an excellent shop.

The two were invited to the biggest open balcony.

On the balcony, Alliance partner 「Six Scars」 youthful leader Porol Gundark, together with 「Perseus」 leader Laius were waiting.

Upon seeing Izayoi, Laius immediately stood up.

Izayoi who made eye contact with Laius, hurried in with a ferocious grin as if he found a new toy.

“You came, Luilui. Congratulations on passing the preliminary round. So hardworking.”

“You’re annoying, shut up. Congratulated by you made me want to puke. Don’t be so conceited. And also don’t call me Luilui.”

“Don’t say that Luilui. I will also work hard to pass the preliminary, please look after me in the main competition. Relying on our alliance bond, let us take the top two spots.”

Izayoi laughed joyfully and slapped his shoulder. Laius showed a never seen before awkward cold sweat and shifted his eyes. Both sides showed a disrespectful attitude, but Laius had a reason for doing so.

To Laius, Izayoi was the person that caused the destruction of his Community. Although he was also responsible, the final blow was unquestionably dealt by Izayoi.

Laius had not been so insensitive to sit together with him.

Izayoi had considered his feeling and hence tried to find fault in him with an intimate attitude, but in outsider’s eyes it only showed a one-sided bully.

Asuka watched the scene of Izayoi playing around with Laius, sighed in amazement.

“Izayoi-san. No matter how rotten he is, he is also our alliance partner, so stop bullying him”

“Wait a minute, that red one. Don’t say I’m rotten so naturally.”

“That’s right. Luilui is just just rotting now only.”

“Almost rotten!?”

“Ara, that also seems to be right.”

“Immediate agreement!? Isn’t the meaning the same anyway!?”

“So silly. Now is the best time.”

Asuka showed a surprised grin, Izayoi on the other hand just laughed heartily.

「No Name」 and 「Perseus」 had a deep grudge between them.

However, they were also companions that crossed the death boundary in the fight against the Demon King.

They heard from Kasukabe Yō who participated in the same operation, Laius’s thoughts had become very serious. That’s why he was willing to put the past behind, taking on the same flag with them.

That said, it was only an agreement on paper. A person’s feeling was not so simple. Laius showing an awkward face could not be helped.

Because Alliance partner 「Six Scars」 leader Porol held back his laughter and returned to the main topic.

“It’s fine if you can get along, both side can stop now. Today we have come to talk about serious matter. There is also someone I want to introduce, so please show some courtesy today.”

“Someone you want to introduce?”

“En. I found a sponsor willing to provide fund for 「Six Scars」 operations from now on. Since it’s a rare chance, I took the chance to let everyone meet.”

“Hoh? Which Community?”

“I will save the introduction until the other party arrives. It should be soon if there was no accident.”

“Alright. —— Then, what has nekomimi chibi come to talk about? If it’s the contract for exclusive sale of 「Adamantine」, without proper compensation in response don’t expect us to agree.”

Izayoi showed a provocative smile. Porol also returned a smiling face that showed his teeth. This point indeed was like the feline race. It was like a lion cub before its prey.

Porol took out a paper with drawings from his bag —— something like a blueprint.

“Actually, after hearing the existence of 「Adamantine」 mine, I have already requested the dwarves to design this. Since there is noone more familiar with metal other than their race.”

“You mentioned design, so you really wanted to build something?”

“It can be counted as that. This is the blueprint —— known as the 「Spirit Train」.”

Porol slammed the blueprint on the table, announced confidently.

Hearing an unexpected suggestion, Izayoi and Asuka stared at each other, surprised.

“Ugh —— it’s called 「Spirit Train」? Meaning that the train runs on spirit energy?”

Asuka tilted her head and asked. She originally thought that it would be used for weapon or castle construction, this suggestion was unbelievable to her.

But Porol’s eyes beamed, his nekomimi stood up.

“Yes, this is the train that runs on the Gift from spirits and their passages. This is known as 「Spirit Train」. Little Garden was way too big, due to convenience issue, at most only the cities near 「Astral Gate」 were developed. The undeveloped forest, sea, resources, and Gift Games in undeveloped areas should have plenty more.”

“「Spirit Train」 is for the sake of connecting those?”

The more Asuka listened, the more confused she got, Izayoi on the other hand crossed his fingers and started thinking.

“That’s true, This city, just the Lower Floor diameter alone measures up to millions of kilometer. Undeveloped land definitely exists. But just building the train alone, I don’t think it can replace walking completely.”

“Correct. Wouldn’t Hippocamp cargo ship and Stymphalian birds flying ship be better?”

In actual fact there were many Communities that survived on such transportation.

「Two Wings」from 「Draco Greif」 was also one of those. Transport Communities were needed regardless of time and place, but since the important cargo was left in their care, trust and actual achievements were necessary. Little Garden already existed many Communities with hundreds of years of history, newcomer entering the industry was very difficult.

But Porol shook his head, pointed at the blueprint of 「Spirit Train」.

“You seem to misunderstood something, I never thought about building a normal train. You should know the passage spirits and demons used —— the Astral Vein?”

“Astral Vein?”

“Ah, that I might know. Is it referring to the Gift of 「Will o’ Wisp」 that instantly teleport using the flame of lantern?”

Asuka raised her right hand and commented, Porol responded with a nod.

“It’s slightly different, but basically similar. It existed for the purpose of letting the Gifts existing in nature flow naturally, it can be considered as the blood veins of the world. Spirits and demons can make use of this Astral Vein to instantly move to faraway places. The lantern Gift Red onee-san mentioned, probably relied on the power of Pale onee-san to make something similar to Astral Vein.”

Porol’s way of naming made Asuka uncomfortable.

Although she understood Red onee-san was Asuka, Pale onee-san was Willa, but be it Pest or Porol, why must they call her 「red person」.

“Mah, forget it. The key point is that the train called 「Spirit Train」, is a train for moving at high speed on the Astral Vein right?”

“That’s so. 「Adamantine」 is a metal that can store many kinds of Gift. Including some advantageous reasons, Astral Vein —— Little Garden’s blood vein gathered here, many Gifts concentrated to this 「Mines of Raging Seas」!”

Porol excitedly opened the mine map.

Izayoi and Asuka were also interested, they looked at the map.

“It was mentioned before, the 「Adamantine」 buried in this mine has an unusually large amount right?”

“I already heard about that from the Ochibi-sama[3]. It seems to be an amount not existed even in the God realms.”

“Yes. Metals like 「Adamantine」 and 「Orichalcum」[4] are 「Gifts of Stars」that are only refined after thousands of years in Astral Vein. It was not something that could be mass produced naturally. Hence I thought. Maybe this 「Mines of Raging Seas」... was actually a major scale reconstruction of land by someone who twisted the Astral Vein flow, forcefully gathered the Gifts or something.”

“Reconstruction, land?”

“Yes! Strong Astral Vein… Similar to the artery of Astral Vein mainly categorized into three types. Such as the water flow of rivers and oceans. Magma flowing in the earth's crust and leaf mold from trees. Also typhoon and such weathers. If careful calculations could be made to all these, for the sake of gathering Astral Vein and created man-made mountain, river and ocean, then creating a Gift gathering place is possible.”

Hah? Asuka let out a broken voice, such a thing was just too miraculous.

Indeed, if the mountain and sea could be man-made, then weather should be able to be manipulated as well.

Since typhoon and storm was nurtured by mountain and sea.

Upon considering this, Izayoi suddenly thought of some clue.

“Don’t tell me… It has something to do with the 「Sea above Mountain」 I saw during the 「Hippocamp Rider」?”

The first time Izayoi witnessed the scenery of the sea upon arriving in Little Garden.

That was the 「Sea above Mountain」 in the upper river stream of 「Underwood」. At that time he thought it was the structure of Little Garden, but if it was man-made, then it could be understood now why it was illogical.

Porol replied to Izayoi’s question joyfully.

“As expected of brother. I am also concerned why the mountain top can collect enough water to make a sea, hence I asked my teacher, it seems that the mountain sea is connected to the 「Tritonis Waterfall」 at the 「End of the World」. Meaning the water falls from the sky.”

“...This means, falling from 「End of the World」, will result in falling onto that mountain sea?”

“That’s right. Then travelling the river stream by water tree from the South Floor, after a long period of time arriving in this 「Mines of Raging Seas」, then flowing to 「Tritonis Waterfall」.”

The necessity for land to be rich, was to have a huge water flow that would not be cut.

Clear water flow, rich land, blowing Mountain Sea wind.
There existed a character that used 「End of the World」 to create that flow, making a Gift gathering land.

“Don’t tell me it’s your teacher...「Great Sage who Devastate Seas」 made this?”

“En, teacher seemed to have participated. Since he is the holder of thousand sea and thousand mountain spirit rank. But he said it was the former 「No Name」 members understanding the trick to make this.”

Haha, Porol hugged his chest in amazement. Since it was the former 「No Name」 that built this, then Canaria would also be part of it.

If it was that woman, it was indeed possible to make something this exaggerated.

Even in the Outer World, she also liked major scale and exaggerated buildings, her eyes always beaming.

When watching Itaipu Dam on top of the Iguazu Falls, she might have recalled her Community’s achievement.

“Mah, I understand the situation about the concentration of Astral Vein. Then, how do you plan to use it for transportation? —— No, I will ask this straight. What’s the speed?”

Laying your hands in the transportation industry, the first question would still be this. To travel in the vast Little Garden, a considerable speed would be needed. If they wanted to surpass other Communities’ tradition and trust, they needed the convenience far surpassing them.

But Porol just laughed, indicating them not to worry.

“Movement in Astral Vein is similar to spatial jump. If it can be realized, as long as there is Astral Vein in the place, it can be crossed within seconds or minutes.”

“Sec… Seconds....!”

“...Including cargo?”

“If not then what meaning is there. If the condition of spatial jump and the mobility of the cargo train are both prepared, it can be considered to be much more convenient than 「Astral Gate」. Considering the amount of cargo it can transport in one trip, one carriage’s load definitely is on the different level compared to a horse cart.”

As if he already anticipated the other party’s questions, Porol immediately answered.

Izayoi crossed his arms before his chest, thinking deeply about Porol’s suggestion. There was no need to lay out the rail, just building the body of 「Spirit Train」 alone, could definitely reduce the travel time between two places by a large amount.

If the 「Spirit Train」 was completed, the traffic condition of Little Garden would be revolutionized.

No, not only traffic.

If they could freely adventure regardless if the 「Astral Gate」 was there —— chances of participating in Gift Games unknown to the world might also increase.

“First we will lay the tracks connecting the 「Floor Master」 Base of operation. Specifically 「Salamandra」, 「Draco Greif」, 「Laplace Demon」, 「Thousand Eyes」 and 「Onihime Alliance」 five locations.”

“Uhuh… I only know 「Underwood」 and 「Kouen City」, where are the others?”

“「Laplace Demon」 Base of operation is located at North Floor four-digit 「Daily Walker」.

「Onihime Alliance」 Base of operation is located at North Floor five-digit 「Underworld - Shrine of Slaughter」.

「Thousand Eyes」 Base of operation is located in two-digit, but they would provide us all their branch offices..”

“Ara, you have come prepared.”

Asuka commented half impressed, half sarcasm. Since he was able to mention the topic of cooperating with all the 「Floor Masters」, he probably had already gotten their consent.

It should be the chips added for the sake of negotiating with 「No Name」, but as a member of Alliance this could be considered as lacking in sincerity. It lacked the friendliness that should be shown first.

Porol seemed to be self-aware, he slightly lowered his head and continued.

“I admit that this is very impolite. But please understand, this is preparation done for you to be at ease. The 「Floor Master」 in charge of security needless to be said, I also know about the major sponsor. Although the land authority has not been obtained, it should not be difficult with 「Floor Master」 cooperation. After that there is only 「Adamantine」 provided by 「No Name」 left, this plan can be started immediately.”

Porol explained the current situation with nervous and enthusiastic tone.

To him, this must be a major project that gambled the fate of 「Six Scars」. He was still too young as a leader, so he probably would not have many chances to participate projects of such scales yet.

Seeing as he could prepare up to this extent, 「No Name」 was already beyond surprised, and instead admired him. It was only four months since the last meeting, he could actually gather such good materials.

(Perhaps it was a good thing that the 「Floor Master」 all gathered for the post war of the Three Headed Dragon battle. According to the scale of this project, if he used the normal method to book appointments, just approving the plan would take several years.)

The incident of Demon Lord Maxwell destroying the 「Astral Gate」 also took effect in this matter.

Once 「Astral Gate」 was destroyed, even big cities like 「Kouen City」 also faced the problem of being isolated and unable to wait for aid which just happened sometimes ago.

If there was the 「Spirit Train」 back then, it should be possible to gather forces from everywhere. It would be possible to travel long distances, transport large quantities of cargo, adding a large combat power to the battle. To promote such a Gift, the time now would be the best chance when the threat of Demon Lord Alliance 「Ouroboros」 was still fresh.

(The reason Porol boy delayed our negotiation, was probably because all the chances had gathered.)

Now is the best time for business talks. This youth leader judged as so, and immediately took action. Such activeness was unimaginable from his young appearance.

“That’s how it is… I understand. Since this is the case we will forget about the matter of delaying our negotiation. —— I have no other questions, what about Izayoi-san? I feel that it is a good thing.”

“...Uh un.”

Asuka asked Izayoi at her side. His expression was still very serious.

The scale of this matter was so big that Izayoi had to consider things much more than usual. The profit and price of the transportation after the train was completed must also be decided. It was necessary to have a detailed contract. And Asuka right now had not thought about all those.

Although regrettable, at this kind of time Izayoi was still the most trustworthy person.

Without his hedonistic grins, he possessed very charming personality.

Recently, she started thinking that the reason he could not be serious for too long, was that Izayoi was actually an easily embarrassed person.

Be it Asuka or Porol, waited silently for his answer while understanding this point.

“...There is one point, I need to confirm this first.”


Porol asked back seriously as well. He understood that right now would be the crossroad of negotiation.

Izayoi’s gaze showed a never seen before seriousness. Porol on the other hand concentrated in order to respond to any question the other side would raise. He made many preparations for the negotiation today. He even found a sponsor for the project. It could be said that he was fully prepared.

However, the question that came from Izayoi’s mouth, was beyond Porol’s imagination.

“You —— Can you take responsibility?”

Hearing Izayoi’s question, Asuka and Laius tilted their heads.

Meanwhile Porol sucked in his breath, unable to respond.

As he did not expect this kind of question to be asked at this stage, Porol secretly clicked his tongue, and then pretended to be calm and asked.

“Responsibility… is it. What responsibility is it about?”

“Responsibility for the derivative environmental change caused by this invention.”

“Environmental change? What do you mean, Izayoi-san?”

Asuka was totally lost and tilted her head.

Izayoi pointed at the blueprint with his fingertip and explained.

“Now, 「Astral Gate」 opens twelve times a day. Specifically speaking, the opening of gate to normal people are morning, noon and night four times each period, in which two times are for cargo transportation. Although there are variations from different parts of the place, the differences should not be big. This you do understand right.”

“Ugh, yes.”

Asuka recalled the compiled traffic report she saw when they became the 「Region Master」. Seeing Asuka remembering the matter, Izayoi continued.

“About 200~500 horse carriages per transport. Six times a day, so by deduction, one 「Astral Gate」 could at most allow 3000 horse carriages to pass through. Compared to this, the load capacity of one 「Spirit Train」 per day, how many times do you think it is?”

Hearing Izayoi’s question, Asuka began thinking with a slight change in her expression.

“Ugh… The difference between 「Astral Gate」 and 「Spirit Train」 in terms of convenience, would be load capacity per transportation right. If we borrow Porol boy’s “Not on the same level” as a measurement, assuming one carriage is ten times that of the horse carriage. One train uses ten carriages for transportation, then each transport would be one hundred times the horse carriage?”

“No no, it’s not that simple. In reality the amount of cargo that can be put into one carriage is much more. Tens of round trips per day will become possible. Also pioneering location and city could be directly connected, so the speed would be even faster.”

Facing Porol’s bitter smile, Asuka responded in surprise.

“That really is… impressive. If this is true, then the day to abolishing 「Astral Gate」 would not be far. Just calculation alone would be several hundred times more convenient.”

“Mah, going one step further, the limitations of horse carriage is not the amount of cargo, but the weight. If heavy cargo such as ores can be transported in large quantity, the market flow now will undergo a major change.”

“Yes. If these effects multiplies together, the development of Little Garden will expand at an unusually fast pace. As a result, in the near hundreds of years…No, in a decade Little Garden will experience a huge change.”

As long as it’s through the Astral Vein, no matter the location, 「Spirit Train」 would be able to transport the cargo.

If it was as Porol said, Astral Vein was the land that Gift gathered, then there would be many eudemons and earth deities residing near there.

Because of this, Izayoi rang the alarm at Porol’s plan.

“This is what I am worried about the most. If the capability of 「Spirit Train」 is as you said, there will be many Communities swarming into undeveloped land due to traffic issue like an avalanche. It is not difficult to imagine that by then, large number of migrants and speed pioneering would trigger conflicts with the natives. There will also be Communities that were stripped of their job because of the upgrade in transportation. The 「Region Master」 that enjoyed their benefits would not remain silent. These derived conflicts, can you take responsibility?”


The problems Izayoi pointed out, caused Porol to be speechless. Izayoi did not say everything, the problems were actually more than that.

The fee collected from 「Astral Gate」 was distributed by the 「Region Master」.

The 「Astral Gate」 that 「No Name」 was in charge of was the same. The cost of using the gate was one gold coin issued by 「Thousand Eyes」, horse carriages cost five gold times per carriage. 15% of the fees collected from the usage of gate was contributed to the 「Region Master」, 35% contributed to 「Floor Master」. The remaining 50% was used as region prosperity and festival funding by the Masters, and also military funding when Demon Lords appear.

But once 「Spirit Train」 became commercialized, 「Astral Gate」 would lose its usage.

By then the 「Region Master」 of various lands would definitely object.

The reason Porol consulted with 「Floor Master」 first was also in consideration for this matter. He hoped that they would reduce the friction about this matter.

“...So that’s what it is. Brother is also an insightful person.”

“How to negotiate if I can’t even see through this kind of things. Not to mention the world I came from had a few histories of Gold Fever for my reference.”

Izayoi also gave positive evaluation for Porol’s preparation beforehand.

But because of this, he needed to use an even broader viewpoint to comment.

“...Sorry, I cannot answer if I can take responsibility. Because even I cannot determine if Little Garden will become the next Golden State.”

He seemed to know that pretending was pointless, Porol spoke the truth without any disguise.

—— The so called “Gold Fever”, was talking about the incident in North America around the year 1850.

Back then, due to the discovery of a new gold mine, a huge group of miners and pioneers swarmed in while holding the dream of obtaining the riches. As a result the city prospered, North American population boomed, entering a high speed development.

As long as the 「Spirit Train」construction assembly line completed, it would promote the mining of 「Adamantine」, 「Mines of Raging Seas」 would also receive the same development.

Miner population increasing, the shops aiming for that group of people increasing, spending power increasing, population increasing. If everything went well, it would call forth the big bubble era that would be the biggest in history.

However things would not end like that.

「Spirit Train」 could severely change the culture of Little Garden up to now.

In a few years’ time, starting from cities that were connected, everyone would wake up from the dream.

“Population increase would lead to demand increase. Demand increase would lead to expense increase. By then everything would lose balance. In the end, various zones would trigger conflicts and frictions with one another. Endangered species would also appear.”

“Just like the Yahi race[5] that was robbed of their land due to the Gold Fever?”

(...Yahi race?)

The instant Porol finished his speech, Izayoi’s eyes were consumed by heat. Asuka did not miss that moment. Despite that being less than an instance, but in that instance, he harbored an emotion similar to rage in his eyes.

But that was still just an instant.

Izayoi clicked his tongue while scratching his head, at the same time hid his passion, and made the conclusion.

“...Right. Mah, if you know that’s simple. What I am trying to say is, do not trigger that kind of incident. If you cannot provide a solution to this, I will not support this negotiation.”

Izayoi’s tone held a firm determination.

Asuka could not help but be covered in cold sweat. After all, the sponsor of the current Gift Game was 「Six Scars」.

If they made them angry and withdraw their support, it would be game over.

That gap could only be covered by 「No Name」. Unfortunately, 「No Name」 did not have that much funding.

Just as Asuka was trying to smooth things out, Izayoi seemed to have seen through Asuka’s thoughts, shrugged his shoulders and said.

“That said, this is only my personal opinion. It can be treated as one vote in the 「No Name」, just hearing it is fine. What does Ojou-sama think?”

“Eh, me?”

“Of course. We are both representative. Oujou-sama please also provide your opinion.”

Asuka was rendered speechless by the sudden request to provide her opinion. She probably did not expect the topic to be thrown to her at this point of time. Despite being confused, Asuka had detected Izayoi’s intention.

He wanted to let Asuka to act as a suspension[6].

“That, that’s also true… It is really uncomparable if purely seeking Community profit. So I do not have much objection to the exclusive sale contract. But I feel that Izayoi’s concerns must also be taken into consideration. Since the benefits and risks are not hard to imagine, profit from the rail service must also divide into within alliance and outsiders, and we must also discuss with the various Masters. —— As such when discussing about the exclusive sale contract, we must also consider the counterplan towards the negative impacts as well.”

“...Umu. I understand 「No Name」 intentions. It is to think progressively towards it, but for now it should be withheld, right?”

“Ah ah. Finalizing the directions before the game ends, giving opinions after the closing ceremony.”

Towards Porol’s question, Izayoi and Asuka nodded their heads. It was true that such topic should be put aside first. Both sides understood that haste makes waste[7]

The scale was too big after all. What they were going to begin was an investment game that had a scale so big it might affect the current state of Little Garden. Be it 「Six Scars」, 「No Name」, 「Perseus」, 「Will o’ Wisp」, nobody could answer on the scene.

Porol took out the the copies of 「Spirit Train」 blueprint, changed the topic to the directions from now on after handing a copy each to Izayoi and Laius.

But just before he began —— as if mocking them, a bold laughter could be heard.

“Pu… ka, ha, hahahahaha!!!”

“Who, who is there!?”

The unrestrained laughter echoed throughout the Mining Town.

“Really, I was wondering what you guys are arguing about… what a surprise! So funny! Of course I should laugh! The insight that doesn’t match your height, shouldering responsibilities that you do not need to shoulder, such arrogance! Really a foolish act of humans!”

—— What? The four of them raised their alert.

Where did the sound come from? No, when did he start listening?

Izayoi, Asuka and Laius were definitely not careless. To deceive their ears and eavesdrop, extraordinary technology or Gift would be required.


“Don’t move, Ojou-sama. Due to the echo of the mine, it is difficult to locate the other party.”

The 「Mines of Raging Seas」 that was built between the canyons, had the specialty of echoing loud noises and making it difficult to determine the source of the sound. If it was Kasukabe Yō, she might easily investigate the source, but Izayoi’s hearing had not developed to such degree.

(Where is he hiding…?)

He focused on seeking out the exits. As the negotiation contents were important, spies sent by other Communities was not impossible. They might have to capture the other party depending on situations.

To be able to take action no matter where the other party appear from, the three of them stood up and took stance.

At this moment, desperate cries raised from the mountains.

“Uwaaaaaahhhhh It’s a mad bull aaaaahhhhh!!!”

—— Hah? Everyone let out  a confused sound.

Common sense told them it was impossible to have livestock in the middle of a mine.

No matter how you put it it’s not possible, the four frowned. However, at the other side of the passage, dust cloud did appear from the kicking of hooves. They also felt trembles from the cafe.

Pogogogogo!!! Such rampaging noise was heard.

Since they could hear the screeching from the wheels, it should be a cargo carriage or a chariot.

But it was not only the rumbling noise on the ground.

There was also lightning and thunder roars on the other side of the dust cloud. The existence that was rampaging should be an eudemon. Sensing the presence closing in, Asuka spoke first.

“It seems we can’t run…!!!”

“Ah ah. It isn’t a normal bull that is rampaging after all. —— Alright, we will leave it to Luilui.”

“Hah!? Why me!?”

“Because you are almost rotten. It will be too late after passing the expiry date.”

“That isn’t almost rotten but already rotten!!! At least be consistent your speech!!!”

Pa! Luilui slammed the desk and dashed out of the cafe.

The reason he dashed out was because he probably understood their situation right now. Or that he considered the power balance of the organization. A powerless Community leader could only risk his life. He clicked his tongue, stood rooted in the middle of the Mining Town road.

He drew his Harpe, waiting for the mad bull rushing past the dust cloud. Facing against the slowly approaching roars and lightning, Luilui narrowed his eyes.

(Thunder roar… not only that. There is moisture in the dust cloud. Amphibious type?)

An amphibious type bull eudemon. Along with thunder and lightning, there was not many matching species. Luilui searched through the encyclopedia in his brain. Just wielding thunder and lightning alone meant it was a high ranking eudemon. There was moisture in the dust cloud, so it might have wind Gift as well.

Thunder roaring.

Hurricane blowing.

Bull eudemon clad in water ——

“—— Combining the three elements… Gift of weather? Eh, wait a minute! That isn’t dust cloud, but thunder cloud!?”

Luilui raised a scream. He could not be blamed though.

What rolled up from the ground was not dust cloud. The thunderclaps that rang in the Mining Town —— was the cumulonimbus cloud rolled up from the ground.

What the bull pulled, was a grey chariot covered by cumulonimbus cloud.

That monstrous-like bull was no ordinary bull.

Luilui who felt the spirit status screamed with a pale face.

“Don’t joke with me! Oi, the stupid combi over there! You guys help out also!”

“”Eh, don’t wanna.””

“Ok, don’t wanna!? Eh, don’t wanna!!?”

“”Absolutely don’t wanna.””

“Absolutely don’t wanna!!? Oi, what happened to the bond of alliance!!?”

“The one with the bond already died back then.”

“He was a good man. Let us clapse our hands and remember him.”

Papa, the two clapped their hands. Veins could be seen popping on Laius’s head —— However, it was too late.



Laius was knocked away by the weather bull and cried in agony.

Mondaiji-tachi continued to clapse their hands in prayer.

Porol who was sipping his tea mumbled as if suddenly discovered something.

“Ah… The tea stalk stood up.”

“Is that so, that’s great.”

Porol raised his nekomimi after discovering this little fortune. To be able to enjoy this tiny blessing at the age of eleven, it seemed that he was very hard working normally.

Seeing such peaceful atmosphere in the interior of the cafe, an amazed voice came from within the cumulonimbus cloud.

“—— What? Seeing your comrade being knocked away, this reaction is really strange.”

There was a bitter smile with a disappointed feeling mixed in the voice. Hearing closely, it felt very immature.

The man who stood up from the chariot waved his hand, the cumulonimbus cloud immediately dissipated. The two weather bulls also knelt down cooperatively.

Judging from the voice, he was the one who laughed just before.

Facing this aura that could be felt even separated by a layer of cloud, Izayoi showed a fearless grin.

“That is our line. Knocking our comrade away without any apology, what are you trying to do?”

“I apologize. But the side that rushed out is your side right?”

“So what? In traffic law the side that knocked the others will be penalized, this is the same regardless of worlds.”

Izayoi spoke as if it was natural. On a side note, Luilui was not dead.

“Is that so? That’s also reasonable. Then as one of the sponsor, let us discuss the matter in detail.”

The man walked down the chariot while holding his laughter. Izayoi and Asuka widened their eyes at this moment. The clothes that man wore was too unexpected.

The man that walked down the weather bull chariot —— seemed to be an oriental man, wore a western jacket over the non-mainstream worn shirt, looked at them with a cigarette in his mouth. After confirming the brand of the cigarette was Seven Stars[8], Izayoi was shocked once again.

An estimated age of the first half of 30s. Looking closely, his jacket, shirt, shoes, etc. were all famous brands Izayoi was familiar with. Where could he have bought those in Little Garden?

But, what really surprised them was not that.

The man filled with culture of the year 2000 —— If the two of them did not guess wrongly.

(...Oi, Ojou-sama.)


(This guy, is human?)

Yes —— The man leading the weather bulls that seemed to have some spirit status, was undoubtedly a human. And not the kind which had mixed blood of gods like Laius.

Those two had faced many gods and deities after coming to Little Garden, but the aura they felt from the man before their eyes was completely different.

If to forcefully give an example —— it would be similar to the three of them foreigners.

Despite emitting an extraordinary existence and pressure, this man’s aura perfectly belonged to human. And such a mysterious man actually walked down from the bull chariot which held divinity. It was no wonder those two was surprised.

Towards the man who did not reply to Izayoi’s question and announced that he was a sponsor, Asuka asked.

“I apologize for my rudeness, may I know how to address you? Or would hit and run criminal be a better way to call you?”

“Name? —— Ah ah, that’s true. Reincarnating as a man would need a new name.”

So troublesome, the man grumbled while smoking. To think of a new name, meaning to tell them an alias. And he was too carefree to start thinking one now.

But while thinking of a new name, the man showed a serious expression.

“Named as In… No no, following the original would not be good. Then change to Mikado… Ah ah, like this the divinity would not drop too much. And it is in line with my current duty. Alright, just like this.”


Ara, Kudou Asuka seemed to have noticed something.

It might be her imagination, but she felt that she heard this man’s name somewhere. Although forgotten, but her brain remembered vaguely an important promise with the owner of this voice. But as she could not remember when and what the promise was, she tilted her head.

On the other hand, the man scratched his head and entered a deep thought, after countless confirmation and trial, confidently spoke his alias.

“OK… I have decided! My name is Mikado —— right,  Mikado Tokuteru!”

“—— Wha?”

Everyone was stunned together. Mikado Tokuteru was satisfied from their reaction and continued.

“The Community I belong to is 「Tōiriten」
which connected to the Upper Floor. As a representative of the 「Twelve Devas」, I have come to aid the development of 「Spirit Train」!”

Announcing the perfect alias that contained his pride, In —— No, Mikado Tokuteru, that behavior, that alias, and the deplorable dispositions of the Kuro Usagi series surrounding his body.

Gathering so many deductive clues and still not seeing through his identity, in Little Garden such a person should not exist.

“Oi, Chibi nekomimi-sama. This guy is…”

“...Yes. That’s right.”

Izayoi revealed a detestable expression.

Kudou Asuka’s lip twitched.

Laius opened his mouth wide from the impact under the tiles.

Porol Gundark held his head regretfully.

The four understood the identity of the one before them in their hearts.

The presence belonged to human, but he himself who wanted to hide his identity failed to hide it. More importantly, that deplorable aura which even surpassed Kuro Usagi was telling them his identity.

Yes —— This man was none other than Kuro Usagi, 「Moon Rabbit」 Main God.

Roc Demon King said, “A useless god that only do needless things.”

Saurian Demon King said, “The delinquent brother of Heaven.”

War God 「Twelve Devas」 leader who was one of the rulers of Little Garden.

The strongest War God (LOL) 「Indra」 was this man ——!!!

1 Uka-no-Mitama is a deity of food and agriculture, she and Uga-no-Mitama (her masculin “twin”) are identified with Inari the kami of rice, food etc. and foxes (kitsune). This lead to Myōbu which is a title given to some noblewomen, but it’s also a kitsune messenger of Inari (Illustration (Wikipedia Italiano)).
2 Fushimi Inari-taisha is the head shrine of Inari-ōkami located in Fushimi-ku (Kyoto). It’s one of the 10th head shrine in Japan,look at the illustration on Common Wikipedia.
3 Ochibi-sama - Izayoi’s way of calling Jin Russel.
4 Orichalum - From the greek ὀρείχαλκος (oreíkhalkos) is a famous metal in ancient writing (most famous being in the Critias of Plato (about the Atlantis).
5 Yahi are the southern part of the Yana people, they were located in present-California around the Sierra Nevada They were around 400 at the beginning, they were almost all killed during the Gold Fever. The last male died in 1916. He called himself “Ishi”, because tradition forbid Yahi to give his real name. On a side note, “Ya-” meant person (-na for the northern dialect, and -hi for the southern) and “Ishi” meant man in their language.
6 Suspension - In there it refers to car suspension. It has the meaning of reducing the impact, which was a metaphor to Izayoi’s speech.
7 Haste makes waste - An idiom referring to people that rush things will not be able to do things properly/well.
8 Seven Stars - a cigarette brand in Japan.
9 Tōiriten (忉利天) is the Jap name of trāyastriṃśa. It’s the second heaven in the Buddhist cosmology, and naturally used to call the devas who reside there. The Japanese name mean Heaven of the thirty-three, also trāyastriṃśa is an adjective formed from the number 33 trayastriṃśat.


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