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Volume 12 Chapter 3

Part 1
—— 「Mines of Raging Seas」 Residential area open-air shopping district.

The open-air shopping district that was built in the middle of the canyon curved with shops along the road like a snake.

Clothes and food needless to say, there were also many decorations made by refining the ores mined from the mine.

“It has just begun developing, and there are already so many shops. It’s more lively than I thought.”

“YES! The first game held in 「Mines of Raging Seas」 is indeed unusually prosperous.”

Kasukabe Yō and Ayesha Ignis Fatuus, along with Kuro Usagi, were shopping for Ayesha at the open-air shopping district.

There were many hidden gems buried in this open-air shopping district, but appraisal work was not Kasukabe Yō’s specialty. She originally thought that she was still the daughter of an artist, but if she had no talent it couldn’t be helped. Hence she must enjoy the snacks along the street.

Yō pointed towards the open-air shops with sparkling eyes.

“I haven't eaten lunch due to signing up for the games, both of you also want to eat? Right?”

“YES! Kuro Usagi had only eaten pancakes, so that suggestion is welcome!”

“Although you ignored your work as a judge.”

Ayesha’s words pierced the vital of Kuro Usagi. After putting aside the battle between Yō and Griffith and eating rice crackers instead, such retribution was only natural.

Ayesha snappily expressed her amazement, and chose a clothes shop.

“I am going to buy somethings, so just wait for me around here before lunch.”


“YES! Then let’s find a good shop while waiting!”

Kuro Usagi suggested with her ears stood up, then bid farewell with Ayesha.

The two started to pick a good shop in the surrounding near the clothes shop.

Ingredients obtainable from the mine was limited, but luckily there was a forest and river near here. They waited for Ayesha while eating grilled golden perch caught from the river.

When Yō finished her third one, Kuro Usagi asked Yō.

“What was the discussion Ayesha-san mentioned about? Was it regarding the Community after all?”

“I also thought so. After Jack was gone, Willa was also very depressed, it seemed that they had not even decided on the future course of action yet. She should be feeling insecure.”

Yō started eating her seventh golden perch after finishing her reply.

Kuro Usagi seemed to be satisfied after one, she voiced out her opinion while spinning the stick.

“The major force of a Community is not limited to battle power alone. Admin duty, diplomacy, workshop and others…People that displayed their talent in the respective fields were all considered Community’s major force.”

“Thinking along this line, Jack is really an all-rounded talent. Being both the Player and Host, external and internal jobs were all done properly.”

Yō closed her eyes after finishing her eighth. There were probably no other ghosts as respectable as him in this vast Little Garden.

Children loving, the pumpkin clown loved by children. Jack’s existence was not only important to 「Will o’ Wisp」, but also important to 「No Name」. He was also the first opponent that let Yō taste her defeat.

“In the end, Jack still ran away after winning. I was still looking for a chance to pay back the loss. I can’t repay his kindness towards me in 「Underwood」 like this.”


She owed Jack a favor. She also owed Jack a duel. And when she could not even repay one of them, he had already disappeared. That cheerful laughter could not be heard again.

Ayesha who knew Jack for an even longer time would surely have more memories. If letting her talk could reduce her pain, then no matter how much Yō would listen.

When Yō was eating her twenty-seventh golden perch, Ayesha walked out from the clothes shop.

“Yo, kept you waiting.”

“It’s nothing. We didn’t wait ——”

That long. Before Yō could finish her words, the golden perch in her hand dropped onto the ground.

Yō blinked her eyes, her mouth agape. That surprise was no normal surprise. That impact made the glutton Yō so shocked to the degree of dropping the golden perch in her hand.

Kuro Usagi standing beside her was the same. Usamimi stood straight, very surprised.

Ayesha who walked out of the clothes shop was just that weird.

“Ugh… That’s Ayesha, right?”

“Oh. This is the first time I, Ayesha-sama is wearing a western suit. Does it suit me?”

Unlike her arrogant speech, Ayesha replied in a modest posture. From the goth twin-tail to a western suit and tie, the childish appearance vanished after she let her long and straight azure hair down, they could even feel a little mature atmosphere.

Yō was grumbling in her heart, she didn’t expect such a drastic change just from changing the attire.

She had always worn a goth outfit regardless of participating in Gift Games in faraway places or shopping, what exactly caused her change of heart now?

Sensing such stares, Ayesha’s face tensed and sighed.

“...Mah, I also expected this reaction. Since I had been wearing my Game attire all the time before you. Once I think that it was my last time wearing it, I also have some deep feelings.”

“Last time… eh, eh?”

Yō was confused from the situation. On the other hand, Kuro Usagi drew a cold breath after sensing the reason.

“Ayesha-san. Don’t tell me you are retiring, not participating anymore?”

“Re, retire!?”

“That’s right. Gift Game player Ayesha Ignis Fatuus will retire now. I will be taking over as the Community strategist and handle operation duties, yoroshiku!”

Ayesha straightened her body and tightened her tie. Yō was just getting more panicked.

“Op, operation… That, that is saying, becoming the Host? Just changing the side but still participating in games.”

“How is that possible. In Gift Games, it is much more difficult to be the Host than the Player.”

“YES! If one wants to live as a Game Host, one must have big facilities and Gifts that can actually bring in profit, and also talents. The 「Will o’ Wisp」 now can’t even muster the funds for hosting Gift Games.”

It was rare for Kuro Usagi to use such harsh words.

Yō was the opposite, still maintaining her stunned look. She could not understand why she suddenly talked about this matter. Also, wasn’t she just participating in a Gift Game awhile ago?

“Do, don’t tell me… it, it’s my fault? Because I won with that kind of method, you.”

“Not-a-chance! I told you not to overthink it! Retiring is something I decided long ago. I will stop being a player if I didn’t obtain some achievement in this game. So… that, how to put it. Losing to Yō is a good thing in a way. It helped me to confirm my resolve. You are indeed very strong.”

Papa, Ayesha slapped Yō’s shoulder, showing a cheerful attitude.

Kuro Usagi observed Ayesha with a subtle expression, calmly asked.

“...Ayesha-san. If you are willing, can you tell us the real story?”

“It can’t be considered some secret… Mah, just a common story. I can’t support the Community even if I am a player. —— I, have no talent.”


“Tha, that kind of thing!”

“Yō-san, please be quiet.”

Kuro Usagi stopped Yō. She believed that they should only listen right now. A never seen before seriousness was shown in Ayesha’s eyes. Retire, it must have needed a very strong will.

Ayesha sat down on the nearby bench, looked up to the sky far away.

Her long azure hair swayed along with the wind from the mountain, mumbled softly as if speaking to herself.

“First-rate players that left countless achievements, were all famous characters in Little Garden. Standing atop the phantom stage, crossing the almost impossible trials, solving harsh and difficult mysteries. I have seen many Gift Games that are filled with the passion of adults and admiration of children… I myself, had a Gift Game I admired. Despite being so pitiful but still remaining as a Player was because of this.”

This matter, Kuro Usagi had also mentioned before.

Children in Little Garden all grew up admiring the flag of their Communities.

They held the wish of “Becoming an adult worthy of that flag” in their hearts, looked at the Community Players with admiration.

“...You two, have you seen the Harvest Festival of 「Onihime」 Alliance?”

“「Onihime」 Alliance?”

“That’s the North Floor 「Floor Master」. My usamimi heard that it was a Community that gathered six Oriental Onihimes.”

“Yes, it’s that Community. They held the oriental Harvest Festival two times a year with 「Killing Palace」 building as its center. Although that was the first Gift Game I witnessed, it was a very lively festival!”

Ayesha opened her hands, releasing a childish brilliance on her face.

That was a bright smile Yō had never seen before. Encompassing all the envy and admiration, Ayesha recalled the scenery of the Harvest Festival.

“The fireworks made from foxfire decorated the night sky, cauldrons full of tonics filled the castle ground! Eight dragons used wine barrels as bet on the feast, fought again and again regardless of day or night! Myōbus contributed sprout tea harvested from their Communities, competing for the best tea brewer of the year! That kind of festival lasted for seven days and seven the finale of the festival, six bright flags fluttered on top of the building. Even recalling it now is really...really, like a Game from dreams.“

The way she described with her sparkling eyes, seemed as if she was a little girl lost in a fantasy world.

But this could not be helped.

Since she was summoned to Little Garden together with Jack, then Ayesha had only stayed in Little Garden for just three years.

A western girl like her participating in Games held by oriental culture 「Onihime」 Alliance was even more so, foreign culture in Little Garden must surely be stunning.

“—— I, strongly prayed. I can also stand on such a stage. Hence I begged Willa nee-san and Jack-san, to also let me participate in Gift Games...That azure dress, was also made personally by Jack after saying ‘Yahohoho! Since you will be participating in Gift Game, then we must prepare a suitable dress.’”

“...So, so that’s it.”

Yō chimed in, at the same time she felt some impact. Because from Ayesha’s tone, she felt how important she had viewed the Player’s role.

She heard about it in the past, 「Will o’ Wisp」 made a living as a Host mainly.

Then crossing the long distance to participate in 「Rise of the Fire Dragon」 festival and 「Underwood」, must be from Jack’s kindness, wanting to let Ayesha accumulate more experience.

Accumulating achievements bit by bit in a Community that could not be considered well-off, hoping that one day she could achieve something big, she should have held onto such a wish.

—— Then why?

Retiring at this point of time, Yō could not understand.

“...Ayesha. Since you held onto such a strong thought, you should not retire. Even if it is for the sake of not wasting the days spent with Jack.”

“But like that, the children at my home will not have enough to eat.”

Using a sharp tone that seemed to deny any objection, Ayesha immediately replied.

Yō was overwhelmed by her pressure, reluctantly swallowed back her argument. In her gaze, a passion stronger than any expression she showed when she was participating in games lit brightly.

“—— Jack-san, is no longer here. He sacrificed himself under the azure flame flag. I must take action as the second-in-hand of the organization. My dream has —— ended.”

As a first-rate Player, carving her name in this Little Garden that gathered all kinds of gods and deities, this was a dream anyone in this world would have. But she gave up on it.

For the sake of continuing the new journey, Ayesha let her azure hair down, and changed into a western suit.

“...I say, Kuro Usagi. Don’t you also understand? How tedious it is to feed a few dozen children in this Little Garden.”

“YES. In the three years before summoning Yō-san, Izayoi-san and co, it was really the most tedious period in my 200 years of life.”

“I thought so too. We still have Willa nee-san, so the face as a Player is saved, but you had to work hard in the situation without any strong players. Your situation can be considered harsher.”

“No no. Kuro Usagi still have the judge role under Shiroyasha-sama’s care, so it’s still fine in terms of food supply.”

Really? The two giggled at each other. That was a smile only those determined to change from the dependent to the depended.

Ayesha stared at Yō face to face, tightly held her hand, passed on her dream to her.

“—— I will protect 「Will o’ Wisp」. Using methods even a useless person like me can use to protect. So, Yō. You must shine brilliantly as a first-rate Player on the stage. Like this, our[1] once only victory, can eventually be boasted to the children.”

The victory obtained with Jack in the 「Rise of the Fire Dragon」 festival.

She hoped that that victory could let the children hold a new admiration.

Yō’s eyes moistened, she held Ayesha’s hands back with strength.

“...Understood. I will promise with you. I… won’t lose to anyone anymore.”

“Ohoh, such daring words!”

“YES! Can I take it as a victory declaration of this 「Adamantine Forge」Gift Game?”

The serious atmosphere vanished in an instant, Ayesha and Kuro Usagi let out an evil smile.

In the finals of 「Adamantine Forge」, there were strong participants such as Izayoi and Asuka in the lead. She would not speak of victory easily as long as she knew their true strength.

But Yō grinned fearlessly.

“No. No matter who is my opponent I won’t lose. Even if that’s —— Izayoi and Asuka.”



The two were speechless. Because they didn’t expect her to answer like that.

Yō did not regret her arrogance, but instead showed a relaxed and joyful expression. Although it was spoken in reflex, she must have set her goal on this.

She tightened her grips, raised her fist towards the sky.

“Be it Izayoi or Asuka, I won’t lose. En, since I have decided so I must make my plan right now. I want to look around and see if there is a suitable Gift to be used in the mine, you two can accompany me!”

“Uu, oi! Are you serious!?”

“Kuro, Kuro Usagi must return immediately to prepare for the next preliminary ——!!!”

Kuro Usagi straightened her usamimi to complain, but nobody present could stop Yō who had started her action. Yō held Ayesha’s hand and Kuro Usagi’s usamimi tightly and marched forward.

Although part of the reason was the promise with Ayesha, she also noticed that after her rapid growth, she had always wanted to test herself.

Sakamaki Izayoi, Kudou Asuka, Kasukabe Yō.

The three of them right now —— Who is the strongest?

Part 2
—— Right now, Izayoi on the other hand.


“Guaaaaahhhhh I got beateeeeennnn!”

Participants let out wails and got planted into the bedrock. The participants that were rooted into the bedrock from head to body obviously could not continue the Game.

He felt that “using violence to win goes against the motto of the Game” and rejected this method, but picking a fight against him was another matter.

At the start he wanted to find an opponent related to earth, deciding a victor with a fair competition in mining, hence he held the pickaxe and started digging with vigor, but nearing the end of the preliminary, more and more participants started to assault others and rob the ores. Izayoi, who was at the top few, was also targeted, resulting in Izayoi sending them flying.

“—— Seriously. I never imagined that there will be so many fools to start robbing each other in a mining game. It seems like I must reconsider the game rules.”

Izayoi dusted his clothes. The objectives of the preliminary and main competition of this Gift Game were different.

The objective of the preliminary was to attract large number of miners. Just by participating in mining would be rewarded with gold coins, this was for the sake of gathering many miners.

In the main competition, weapons made from 「Adamantine」 was lent out. The objective was to let the strong display the weapon capabilities, hence promoting the new products at the same time. Also letting the participants that passed through the preliminaries confirm the usefulness of the weapons, helping to clarify the weapon capabilities.

(The reason the act of robbing is tolerated in the preliminaries, is to make it easier for the strong ones to advance to the main competition… But this seems to have a reverse effect. If the important miners got scared and won’t dare to participate again, the Game cannot continue.)

Since the goal was scheduled festival, there was a need to consider the Game balance, securing a stable source of participants. The way of the Host was really deep, Izayoi crossed his arms and laughed.

At the same time, the gong signifying the end of the game rang. Fox girl Lily, who was substituting for the absent Kuro Usagi, announced the end of the game with a mic.

“F, Group F preliminary ends here! The one who mined the most is —— Ugh, that, Tokuteru-sama! Please!”

“Oh. The most should be Sakamaki Izayoi.”

“Gre, Great! Izayoi-sama made it through the preliminary!”

Lily’s fox ears stood up and she waved at Izayoi.

Izayoi replied with a bitter smile.

(But that guy. He also possess 「Judge Master」 authority like Kuro Usagi.)

In —— No, Mikado Tokuteru willing to cover for Kuro Usagi is a good thing, but we cannot casually ask him to help, hence Lily was sent as his assistant to take up the judging role together.

Despite the person himself wanting to hide his identity, he failed to hide it at all.

If his identity was leaked it would cause a commotion, so Lily had to work hard by herself.

Izayoi rotated his shoulder. Just as he left the venue, Porol came to service him with a nervous expression.

“Good work, master Izayoi. A complete victory.”

“Losing in the preliminary is too disgraceful after all. —— Although that’s what I want to say, truthfully speaking I am probably lucky. If nobody came to pick a fight I still don’t know if I could win. I was only helped by the unbalanced part of the Game.”

Earth spirit and dwarves races that specialized in mining should not be few. Despite Izayoi possessing extraordinary physical strength, he could only fight with a single pickaxe.

If simply competing in appraising the location where the most 「Adamantine」 was, he would probably be in a difficult fight.

“Hmm… That’s quite unexpected. I thought that brother’s motto is ‘No matter what I must win!’”

“Of course I want to win. But, only a landslide victory by abiding to the rules and objectives of the Game is considered to be a first-rate Player. Because in the end, Game is only a communication tool. The actual use is to determine the winner and loser.”

Of course, there were exceptions. For example games that would affect the Community’s survival if lost, he must win regardless of the methods. Izayoi thought, a first-rate Gamer was not talking about those who had no loss record, but used to praise those who would never lose when facing a fight that could not afford to be lost.

In this case, Izayoi never thought about obtaining a landslide victory. If he had been fully prepared with Gifts that were useful for mining, there would probably be a decisive difference between him and the other participants.

The reason he did not do so was not arrogance, but the Host purposely livening the place. If Izayoi was seriously aiming for the win, it might very well be possible to scare the other participants off from coming again.

“Mining Game is just one part of the investment game we are progressing with. It would only be boring if I get serious. —— Isn’t that right?”

“That’s true… This is unexpected, I thought that brother is not someone who care about it.”

“Depending on the situation and time. Since I do things based on my mood.”

Izayoi yawned after finishing. Is that really true? Porol tilted his head.

—— But speaking truthfully, this was unlike Izayoi’s style.

At least the Izayoi that was just summoned to Little Garden would not choose the method to win nor hesitate to win. Although he made an excuse that seemed to justify his actions, the act of making an excuse was already something he would not do. Izayoi in the past would not speak much, throwing a ‘Because it would be boring’ and finished.

In that case, the only reason he could think of was only one.

Simply speaking, he was not passionate about the Game.

“...Moody period?”


“No, nothing, do you have any plan later?”

“I am thinking of how to provide reception for Tokuteru. He is still a sponsor, so we must make him happy. The preparation is left to Luilui and Gry now.”

Izayoi showed a bitter smile at this moment. Gry referred to the gryphon Gry. Although using Therianthropy Technique, he might be able to handle the welcoming  job, but he was still not used to the customs of humanoid beings. He walked around naked in the Community ground just not long ago, and angered the girl group. They could not estimate how unprecedented Mikado Tokuteru was, but they couldn’t let a man who would be naked on the first meeting to do the job.

Just as Izayoi began to think of some strategies, Porol shook his head and smiled.

“Ah, Izayoi brother. I probably know what you are worrying about, why don’t you leave it to me. It won’t develop into the situation you imagined.”

“Hoh? Is there a way to restrain that stripping maniac?”

“It’s the opposite. Don’t think of a way to stop him, but provide a place where stripping is fine. Why don’t brother also join in. I think it can let you relax.”

...Uhuh, Izayoi observed Porol while holding his chin.

Izayoi definitely did not rate him poorly, but to have predicted his thoughts and actions, it seems that he must re evaluate him. This youth named Porol was even talented than Izayoi thought.

He heard that in the alliance meeting at 「Underwood」 back then, he lost to Jin Russel. It might be because of that, Izayoi unconsciously looked down on Porol.

“En. How should I put it, it’s that. You obviously have such a brilliant mind and way of words, why did you lose to our Chibi-sama?”

“Ah ah um?...Ah ah, talking about the alliance formation matter. Aiya, I really gained a lot from that time. The reason I lost was because of the cards I held and lack of information, so this time I put in a lot more effort, negotiating only after preparing irrebuttable contents.”

Porol pushed his spectacles and grinned.

Knowing to turn failure into experience at the age of 11 was really unsettling, but he indeed possessed the ability to boast it. This point must be evaluated frankly.

This youth, would become an irreplaceable ally of 「No Name」.

“So reliable. Then I will leave the troublesome matter in the hands of my ally, let me also enjoy the reception.”

“Oi oi brother. You belong to the welcoming side.”

“What, it’s fine to let me go help? I don’t mind, but I would only use my style to service the other party.”

“...No, leave the reception to us, brother go enjoy yourself.”

Izayoi laughed heartily, Porol could only laugh bitterly.

Afterwards, after discussing the hotel address for the reception, the two parted. Although Izayoi did not have much expectation, he suddenly remembered the origin of Indra.

—— Indra was originally an evil God of 「Zoroastrianism」[2].

Since this was the case, he needed to ask him some matters.

—— Mah, though asking won’t change anything.

Despite not expecting anything, it might be possible to bring some moisture to his withered heart. If he was a real God, he could also give him a divine prophecy. Izayoi also carried achievements equivalent to it after all.

Even so, if it could not resolve his withered state ——

(Then at that time… I would let the strongest War God-sama to worry for me.)

Holding his fist alone amongst the crowd.

Izayoi showed a trace of smile, walked towards the hotel Mikado Tokuteru resided in.

1 Our here refers to Ayesha and Jack.
2 OK, this topic is a bit complicated to explain. In Zoroastrianism you have an opposition between the “good” Yazata (and Ahuras) and the “bad” Daeva. If you know a bit of Hinduism you can see it’s actually the opposite (Deva vs. Asura) there. It’s complicated because you only see Vedic-deities as “enemies” in the Vendidad (Avesta: Vî-Daêvô-Dāta : given against the Daevas) which wasn't written by Zoroaster himself. In the oldest text wrote by Zoroaster (Yasna) it’s not the case. FYI Indra appear in Vendidad 10.09.


  1. You should consolidate your glossaries. Chapters 1 and 2 have the metal as "adamantine" while this chapter has it as "diamond iron".

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