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Volume 12 Chapter 1

Part 1

「Mines of Raging Seas」 - Inn of Six Scars.

Autumn rains just ended and some areas are even starting to become cold. Sounds of blacksmithing rang out constantly at a corner of the mine, this is Izayoi’s living quarters.

The bedroom clock issued a constant ‘KachaKacha’ sound.

The ticking sound of the second hand, why does it sound so piercing. Suspicious for being unable to sleep, Izayoi turned on the other side but at that moment, Ponpopopon! – the sounds of jumping were heard.

"Morning! Wake up!"

“Izayoi, time to wake up!”

“Faster wake up!”

Wookya♪ Came a group of fairies with pointed hats bringing with them enthusiastic and cheerful sounds.

Izayoi who was awaken by the excessive noises,stuck his head out from underneath the bedsheets with an unhappy face.

“……Quiet! Ochibis.”




“Correct. 『Mini Mel series』,abbreviated as Ochibi”

Don't abbreviate it!!?

The group of 3 fairies —Melun, Melulu, Melilu exclaimed.

Melun has the spirit rank of being a living documentary of Hamelin's 「Rattenfänger」, and increased her dependents due to her developing the farmlands in 「No Name」.

The fairy wearing the pointy hat is, the leader of them, Melun.

The fairy wearing the hat with 2 pointed tips is Melulu.

The fairy wearing the hat with 3 pointed tips is Melilu.

It's often said that three women together are noisy[1], but three fairies popping up in front of someone's face are even noisier. Izayoi stretched his head while still half asleep, tickled the sisters, then looked at the clock to check the time. And he stared in wonder at the unexpected time.

(Seriously? It's noon already?)

What the hell – Saying so, Izayoi hurriedly got up.

This isn't the time to tickle Melun sisters. Today they were scheduled to attend a Game. Izayoi stretched his back, and silently started to get serious in preparation for the game.

—After the battle with the three headed dragon, already 3 months have passed.

After 「No Name」 dealt with the handling of the fallen ones' memorial service and the post-war services, they headed to the lands on the Eastern side for new activities.

That location was the 「Adamantine」 Mines, that were once owned by former 「No Name」.

6 digit outer gate №565656 – 「Mines of Raging Seas」.

He opened the window, the burning sunlight and hot air, and also the smell of  metal assaulted his sense of smell.

Wind blowing down from the mountains and water flowing in the river. The fertility of the soil and the fire used for the black smithing.

The peculiar dust in the mines, adding together the ores dug up by the mining machinery to be used in the ironworks, The ringing sounds coming from the smithwork were hard to bear for Izayoi who just work up, but this also helped him become fully awake.

Izayoi inhaled deeply the sharp smell of the metal, thereby getting rid of his drowsiness. Using the smell of metal to invigorate his mind is also not bad. Just as he was fully awake and about to close the window, he heard a familiar voice.

“Izayoi-kun! What are you doing!? It’s already noon! Hurry down stairs!”

Asuka’s resonating voice reached the ears of Izayoi.

While placing his hands over his ears, Izayoi laughed softly and looked downwards towards her.

“Good morning, Ojō-sama. It’s so early in the morning and you already have so much vigour.”


“Asuka has a lot of vigour!”

“Asuka also has a lot of vigour so early in the morning!”

Calling out “Wookya♪” as they flew down from the open window, dashing straight into Asuka’s hair with an adorable sounds.

Asuka skilfully caught them, she then sighed inwardly and lifted her head to look at Izayoi.

“To be able to view a time like this as morning, seems like you have a pretty serious illness. Normally we don’t refer noon time as morning. Faster wash your face and make preparations. If you don’t manage to come in time for the preselection, then only Izayoi-san would not attend the game, eh? Or are you implying that retreating in defeat for the preliminaries is okay for you?“

Asuka glared at Izayoi from far away in anger. Defying her at such a time was not a wise decision. Izayoi won’t see the end of this if he continues this dalliance.

Izayoi waved his hand to show that he understood.

“Hai, hai. I’ll go and prepare, so wait a minute.”

And also wash my face, Izayoi closed the window while being enjoined by Asuka.

After Drinking his coffee, he then began to wash his face, followed by a shower.

Izayoi made Asuka and Melun wait for him, while finishing his preparations, and to wear on the corresponding clothes. Izayoi stood upright and unmoving, and placed his mining pick under his arm, he was wearing his architect-style clothes ordered from 「Thousand Eyes」.
“Right. Then let’s go mining!”
Letting out a soft “Haha” sound, Izayoi left the small house, his temporary accommodation. The game taking place crowded up the venue, leading to the build-up of people from the commercial, industrial and mining communities.
Looking towards the common gourd-like nose of the dwarfs and the pointed ears of the elves and many more races that even the outside world is familiar with, Izayoi let out a huge sigh.

“Well……?There are even Elves and Dwarfs here. Worthy of being a game venue able to obtain rich precious metals. There are so many famous people here. Up till now, I haven’t been able to see many eudemons, but now, in such a short while, a lot more appeared.”
“Ara, it’s like this?”
“It’s exactly like this. Shiroyasha once said, the Northern Europe’s power lies with a particular group of Gods in the 「Little Garden」 who are constantly losing power. I would think that now those with organisational power are few in number.”
After hearing Izayoi’s words, Asuka glanced around. Speaking of the Northern Europe’s power, Asuka was unclear regarding it. Elves and Dwarfs, these races only became well known in Japan a period of time after the war ended. To Asuka who came from the Shōwa era, she wasn’t familiar with these races.
“Even though I don’t understand, but there are many issues surrounding the gods. But why did the Gods weaken? Were they attacked by Demon lords?”
“En–,There are some complicated reasons. Since the Norse Gods follow Chri—”
“Ai,that was rude of me. It’s supposed to be: the Gods weakened due to the spread of Ch*****anity. It is said that after the faith energy was absorbed,there was a propaganda to belittle the main Norse God, and in that transient moment, he fell from the level of a God to that of a fairy.”
Izayoi said, casually waving his hand, expressing his disinterest in the subject.

The decline of the Norse gods is a relatively famous story, there was a scandal that the"main Norse God Odin went from house to house saying 「Believe in me!」 to gain the people's' belief ".[2]
This was a type of propaganda through belittling others religion and from there increasing one's' own power, but it indeed showed an explosive result when used in advanced civilisation.

Deities, they are beings who hold honourable glory. When they reach the point where they need to implore humans to believe in them, as deities, they are finished. They won't even be regarded as objects of faith.

"Gods of Greece, Gods of Rome, Celtic Gods, Norse Gods, et cetera. These Western Gods declined during the rise of Ch*****anity, they were being constantly replaced...... if there was even a chance for them to be saved, it would be during the Renaissance revolution, which initiated the German civilians to destroy the cultural Risorgimento, since they were lodging the mystery that derived from the arts and were hence relieved.[3] Ah then, to put it simply and in a Japanese style, it would be like this. Convert the old fashioned classical arts and Kojiki[4] to modern style, then recompile it into something the general public can accept.”

"Is, is it?"

To Asuka who was trying her best to understand, Izayoi used an analogy to explain. But there was no way Asuka from the Shōwa era would be able to comprehend the words said previously. Even though Izayoi knew this, he still said as much, which was unlike him.

Seems like I haven't fully woken up yet, Izayoi let out a bitter smile and raised his head.

"Now that you mention it, it's Kasukabe's preliminary round in the game. "

"Un. If Izayoi-kun didn't overslept, he would be cheering her on right now."

"I'm truly sorry about that. But anyway Kasukabe won't have much problems. Right now the only people who can win against her is me and Kōryū...... no, even I would only barely win."

Asuka doubt her own hearing, eyes opening wide.

Izayoi yawned not having a bit of that usual feeling of arrogance, he must be speaking the truth then.

The almighty power of the 「Genome Tree」 whose power covers a vast category made even Izayoi feel amazed.

Now, even 「Vinama Garuda」 this type of powerful existence can be materialised, that said, even if one prepares infinite means against it, it would not be considered excessive. From being a prodigy who can predict the future to her huge fire power attacks and yet still be able to operate without restrains, even Izayoi would have a tough battle.

But hearing Izayoi's words, this time, Asuka was truly astonished. Never thought that she would hear such words coming from his mouth.             
Asuka carefully scrutinised Izayoi's face with suspicion in her eyes and asked.                        

"......What happened really, Izayoi-kun. The you of today, is a little weird."                        

"Is it? I just accessed it calmly. Trying to find someone who can defeat the current Kasukabe is more difficult I suppose. Even i cannot guarantee I'll win against her."                        
"That might also... be the case."                        

Although Asuka threw a look of surprise to Izayoi, however, Asuka knew that the act of humility was an accident. It must be due to the fact that he just woke up and hence was so modest. That was the conclusion Asuka came up with, then she thought of something and spoke up.  

"Oh right. Before the game, we need to talk to Porol-kun from 「Six Scars」 about future matters."                        

"Porol? ......ah ah, that nekomimi chibi leader?"                        

"Un. We're going to talk about the usage of 「Adamantine」."                        

Asuka shook her tailor-repaired red dress and pointed towards the 「Six Scars」 flag.                        
Hearing Asuka words, Izayoi casted his glance elsewhere.                        

"The usage of 「Adamantine」... Hm. Can't we talk about this after we found ochibi-sama?"

"I thought so too, but 「Six Scars」 are the ones who provided the calculations for the game. Protecting us also requires money, it wouldn't be good if we continue to let them take care of us."

After Asuka finished, both of them put on a expression of seriousness and looked towards 「Six Scars」 flag.                        
From the battle between the the headed dragon, Aži Dakāha, it's already been three months, the lower levels continue their lives as if nothing had happened. However, not everything returned to normal. The battle with the three headed dragon left behind much damage.  

They lost Jack from 「Will-o'-Wisp」.                        

Part of a vampirificated fire dragons till today, 「Salamandra」 had yet to recover.                        
And 「No Name」 leader, Jin Russell is still missing. Even through the many search requests by Kōryū and Roc Demon King, but they still haven't found a single clue on his whereabouts.

“We can't find him even with all those methods used, seems like it really is as Willa said."

"Un, it would be better to just assume that he was won over by  「Ouroboros」 while he was helping them."

"I thought so too...... that idiot. Did he mistake his identity."

Izayoi clicked his tongue and swore. When Yō's father went to rescue Asuka and Kuro Usagi, there should have been a choice for him to return together. But Jin did not do so and continued to remain with 「Ouroboros」.

Or maybe he had another plan, but if the person who has the most responsibility in the community continues to constantly be not here, then all of 「No Name」 activities would be frozen.

It's not that there is no way to get him back, it's just that the current situation does not permit it.

Since he, as the leader was not here, 「No Name」 was forced to make certain decisions.

“However, making us make this type of policies that would affect us in the future now.
Seems like the rumours saying that 「Six Scars」 chibi leader has some abilities are true. How merciless of him.”

"But he has already patiently waited for us for quite a long time. Since the one who was the most worried when Jin-kun disappeared three months ago was Porol-kun."

I know. Izayoi echoed in his mind. Lacking a leader to make decisions, Porol fully understands the situation of 「No Name」. It would be more appropriate to thank him instead.

"We can't always depend on Jin. Us too, when it's time to make decisions, we must do it."

"I know already."

Afterwards, the two of them remained in silence and melded into the crowds. The bustling mining town was like a faraway image. If 「No Name」 was like how it was formerly, then that would have been it's most joyous moments in time.

Walking on the lane of the game venue for a while, they arrived at the cave which was their meeting point.

Looking back at Izayoi, Asuka had a subtle smile on her face and said.                        

 "......I believe that Izayoi-san understands. When that time comes, remember to make a good decision."

"Who knows. When that time comes is still unclear."

Revealing a frivolous smile like that when the dry winds blow across the mine, Izayoi walked into the cave.

That smile was the self-depreciating feeling for the first time after coming to 「Little Garden」.

Part 2

—Somewhere else.

Outside of the cave in 「Mines of Raging Seas」 there was currently a new Gift Game taking place. 「Adamantine」 ores shone inside even while inside the bedrock to the degree that they were clearly visible from outside, and the whole cave was filled with tri-coloured light.

The cave was bright enough so that they didn't even need to light the cave, if it was made into a tourism spot, it would certainly be popular. Kuro Usagi paced about the referee stage while looking around, worried about the future.                        

(Even though the mine per se is very useful, but merely using this piece of land for mining is such a waste. We need to consider the plan of developing 「Mines of Raging Seas」 into an important city.)

Kuro Usagi straightened her ears.                        

The beautiful scenery of the mines, even among the 「Little Garden」 was hard to come by.

Speaking of places with exceptional sceneries, the huge tree in 「Underwood」 is extremely famous, but it didn't possess the same potential as 「Storm mine」.                         

If we can use this piece of land for our foundation, one day, what Izayoi and the others said about surpassing the pride of "Underwood" might actually come true.

(Hai!, I cannot just be preoccupied with thoughts of the future. I need to concentrate on being the game's referee!)

Standing on the stage prepared by the cave's committee, holding in her hand a Geass Roll she raised the microphone.

"Sorry for the wait everyone! We would soon begin the Gift Game 「Adamantine Forge」, Group C preliminary round! Participants, please begin your preparations! I repeat—"

As the stone plate was releasing tri-coloured light, the participants begin their preparations.

Every streak of light contained 「Adamantine」.

If we can calculate the contents of the mine, then the result would surely surpass what we can imagine. We only need to obtain the God-like mineral equipment, even striking it rich won't be a dream. Like any other participant, one of 「No Name」 member –Kasukabe Yō was also feeling excited due to the new gift game, at the same time, she cast her glance towards the 「Geass roll」.     
『—Gift Game 「Adamantine Forge」                         

Conditions for participation: Gold coin issued by 「Thousand Eyes」
Winning conditions:

 1. Participants would be split into A-F groups in the preliminary round, the winner would be the participant who has collected the highest amount.
 2. The six winners would then compete to see who can mine the most ore.
 3. During the preliminaries, it is possible for many people to mine and then group their ore to one person.
 4. The participants would be provided with the 「Adamantine」 equipment loaned by the Host.
 5. The winner of the match would be decided by the amount of ore collected.
 6. The ore that has been mined can be placed in the Gift Card, if your Gift Card is taken away, it would mean that your ore has also been taken.
Important notice:

Any actions that are against the rules brought about by improper use of Adamantine.
All actions that are against the rules would be reported directly to the ears of the referee, so give up trying to cheat.

Participants prize:

Receive money equivalent to the amount which they mined. They would also get money equivalent to the amount of ore which was taken from them.                        

Winner's prize:

Right to order the equipment from the gathered 「Adamantine」. Anything outside this is also negotiable.

Oath: The host abides by the above, base on one's' name and flag, and would carry out the Game fairly.                        

Seal of 「Six Scar」』              
Yō looked at the important notice section and nodded her head knowingly.                        
(......Oh i see. The game goes by the method of collecting items, is it because they want to ensure talents and deal away illegal methods if winning?)

As long as there is Kuro Usagi as 「Judge Master」 on site, all actions that are against the rules would be exposed without question. By setting actions that brings about no purpose as a violation of the rules, there should be no worries of illegal methods used.

At the same time being able to ensure that there are many talents and a high collection rate.

(Two birds with one stone, if one wins like that, it would be three birds with one stone.)

Yō was fired up. Even if she had such an excellent weapon like the 「Genome Tree」, however this is two different things. No matter how many excellent gifts one had, one would not feel that it is too many.

Yō patiently waited for tyre starting signal. After making sure of the time, Kuro Usagi straightened her ears,

"Well then! Gift game 「Adamantine Forge」– begin!!"                        

Dong―! The sound of the gong resounded throughout the cave. The participants let out shouts of we've waited very long for this’ and started to move.                        
Yō placed her pick at one side, and extended both arms towards the wall.                        

If I use the earth dragon gift to dig the wall, it should be easy to obtain the ore.                         
But relying on this alone might not be enough.                        

Glancing through the 「Geass roll」, this preliminary round does not restrict teamwork. Normally only one from each community would participate, but with this, they can get many people to join to obtain victory for the preliminary round. This way, those that are not very strong can also obtain victory. Victory can be obtained solely based on the account of 「Adamantine」 collected. That, is the tactic based on an overwhelming amount of people.

(Because one would obtain money equivalent to the amount they mined, others could simply obtain more hands, this way, if one uses the ordinary method of just simply mining, it might be too risky.)

Even though there is the reason of the preliminary round, but in order to remain the top within the competition, one needs to obtain as much ore as possible. Yō placed her hands on the wall, and summoned another eudemon different from the earth dragon.

(The oji-san from the giant race I saw back in the 「City of Brilliant Flames」. That race's name is―)

The hundred handed giant race – Hekatonkheir

Using a Gift of theirs that makes many hands appear from spirit power rather than substance, Yō materialized pale arms around her. If she was able to get used to the giant arms and use them, coupled with the Earth Dragon Gift, she would be able to win the game.

Kasukabe quickly activated the two gifts.

(—! ! ? % & $ # ! ! ! ?)

Her brain suffered the force of a brunt assault.

There was of course no one there to hit her.

Her brain suffered shock from the increased information that had to be processed.

(How…… How hard……!)

Thinking carefully, humans cannot even use both hands perfectly. Such as “using one’s right hand to write a letter while using one’s left hand to write an argumentative essay.”
This sort of thing, even humans need practice to accomplish. Much less using an enormous amount of arms to work simultaneously without trying once before, adding on the Earth's Dragon Gift, the power for the amount of information that was needed to be processed was comparable to a processor.

(For now, I'll turn off the Earth Dragon's Gift and calm down. Just thinking about controlling all these hands makes me feel uncomfortable. If I perceive the autonomic nerves and give each hand a single command, I might even make them automatic and it shouldn't be difficult after that......!)


As Yō was trying to increase her arms, the energetic shout of a young girl resounding within the cave. At that moment, there was a large sound of a part of the cave crumbling down.

Someone was probably deeply digging through the bedrock. But the reason Yō was concerned lied elsewhere.

Turning her head towards the place where that familiar sound came from, Yō widened her eyes from slight surprise.


"Are, isn't it Yō! You are also participating, huh!"

Blue-haired girl with a goth loli characteristics – Ayesha Ignis Fatūs looked at Yō from the top of collapsed bedrock. Looks like she was also participating as one of the members of 「Will-o'-Wisp」. Yō stared at the collapsed bedrock with surprise. In the mountain of earth that exceeded her own height, the amount of ores shining brilliantly was enough enter the preliminary group.

"A-Amazing. How did you do it?"

"Fufuun! I'm an earth spirit after all! If you manipulate the osmotic pressure[5] inside a cave a little bit and make the bedrock fragile, they would disintegrate and collapse like this!"

It's Simple! – Ayesha said with triumph. She was the earth spirit that brought along by Willa and Jack from the outside world. But although she was an ordinary earth spirit, she wasn't a pure earth spirit like Melun.

According to Jack, he found her loitering as a wandering ghost after losing her life from the natural calamity like earthquake and took over as her guardian.

After death, she naturally returned to earth and unified, after which, she reincarnated as an earth spirit.

"Is that so...... Asuka seemed to have also won her preliminary round with similar strategy"

Melun, Melulu, Melilu – Hence the reason of coming to this mine along with those three. Asuka passed the preliminary round by destroying the bedrocks full of 「Adamantine」 with the power of those three and gathered it in her Gift Card.

"That's right! This Gift Game is the stage where we – the earth spirits are unrivaled! Fufun, this time, I will be the one to win!"

Fuhahahaha! – Ayesha left while leaving behind a loud laughter.

So far, Yō easily handled everything and finished them, but the Game stage this time is this stage. And Ayesha's attribute as earth spirit is the biggest threat.

Now, what to do, Yō folded her arms as she thought about that.

Although they provided pickaxes, in reality they were not needed. It was a Gift Game where you could freely use Gifts to win, so probably various different means are needed to win.

(If I use the「Genome Tree」, I should be able to win, but I want to refrain from using it as much as I can in the preliminary round. ......Hmm, this is troublesome.)

After the fight with Three Headed Dragon, Yō diligently researched about the penalty of 「Genome Tree」. As a result, she understood that for the restoration of spirit level after imitating the Gift of the strongest kinds, about one month was needed.

Although there are individual differences between transformations to strongest kinds, Yō used that as a time limit and set up the battle. That power is absolutely not meant for the preliminary round.

Above all, there is a common principle that the trump card of the leader of community shouldn't be revealed so easily in the Gift Game. To say nothing of the fact that Yō wanted to preserve her true power in the preliminary round.

Reforming herself, Yō manifested just three hands of Hekatonkheir, and concentrated to control each of them respectively.

(If I can make them move automatically like heart and internal organs, then the work efficiency would rise in one go.......!)

Raising the concentration, she began to skillfully control the pale hands.

Breaking bedrock with one hand, thrusting pickaxe with second, and carrying out the earth with third.

For now, this was the first set. For now, digging through comes first.

Rhythmically repeated the action from one to three, she gradually increased the number of sets.

Simultaneously controlling three, six, and then nine giant hands, she dug and shaved the shining bedrock at the same time. The transparent giant hands that had pale spiritual bodies, had similar physical strength as Yō. And in addition to various mythical beasts like Giants, Griffin and Salamander, she also had Gifts from hundreds of various animals.

No matter how hard the bedrock was, for the current Yō, it was no more than scrapping a paper. The spiritual hands broke inside bedrock in a flash and kept digging through.

(Automatization of hands is done......! This Gift is more amazing than I thought......!)

After putting so much power in each hand and working simultaneously, the result are expected to be over the top. It was also possible to use countless types of tactics in one-on-one battles.

She got excited in heart for discovering such thing and continued digging.

If she continues at this pace, then she won't even lose to Ayesha. But the moment she was planning to further increase her hands and increase the pace, Ayesha's scream resounded within the cave.

"Wh-What are you doing!? That's my Gift Card!"

"Hmph. Giving Gift Cards to the likes of earth spirits is the same as throwing pearls before swine."

"Youth spirits are suited to plow the lands!"

Ayesha's angry voice and voices of others ganging up on her.

Is there some kind of trouble? – Yō strained her ears and concentrated on eavesdropping.

"Griffith-sama, please take a look! To the amount that this earth spirit girl dug up!"

"It's certainly top class among the preliminary round!"

"Ooh. Considering she is a earth spirit, she gathered quite a lot. I'll receive them with pleasure."

—Griffith? – Yō inclined her head after hearing the familiar name. What's more she heard some intolerable lines.

Stopping her hands for the time, Yō looked towards the place where the scream came from.

"Alright. Tie her up and let's move ahead. More we mine – better. And as well as taking other participants..."


"Guaaaaaaaaaa, someone hit meeeeeeeeeeee!"

For start, she knocked them down.

Griffith and others who were hit, penetrated the bedrock and were blown off to the outside. Although it wasn't a hit as strong as Izayoi's, but the hitting and blowing them off with hundred hands ended up more effective then she thought.

......However, she had a feeling that she had met that fellow somewhere before.

But Yō wasn't someone who could remember the faces of irrelevant fellows.

Casting that thought aside, Yō bend her head and gave a hand to Ayesha.

"Ayesha, are you alright?"

"Y-Yes. ......But is this okay? For you to help me?"

"? After all, isn't this a mining game? Fight in the preliminary round seems meaningless. It's not fair that way."

"That's true, but....... Well, nevermind."

Thank you – Ayesha turned away looking embarrassed. She looked like she wasn't too pleased, but still thanked her. She became more obedient since a while ago.

Yō also nodded with a smile. They both decided to return back to mining, but their ears were hit by a thunder roar that reverberated in the cave.

『—You are hindering me yet again? Imitating girl!!!』

Along with the roaring thunder, the third generation mythical beast – a hybrid of Griffith and Longma 「Hippogriff」 came rushing at them through the wind along with two Griffiths.

Seeing that appearance, Yō finally remembered about him.

"Are you perhaps...... that Horsemeat-san from 「Two Wings」 that was expelled from 「Underwood」?"

『Who's a horsemeat!!!』

Griffith Greif retorted with a rough breathing. He was the son of Draco Greif and also a half-sibling of Gryphon Gry. Several months ago, he competed against Yō in the race game 「Rider of Hippocamp」 that was held in 「Underwood」 on the harvest festival.

"I'm surprised. You came fleeing on the east side, eh?"

『Hmph, I wanted to reclaim my glory from the southern side. And, my expectations were met! If I acquire 「Adamantine」 weapon from this Game, then moving to the five digit gates won't be a dream anymore! For the 「Nameless」 like you to seek 「Adamantine」, there's a limit to not knowing your place!』


"Is that so."

Two of them responded with bothered faces.

Even though he said that, by all rights, Yō and Ayesha were from the Host's side. Even if they didn't appear in Game, they would still be involved in some way without a doubt.

But being ignorant about that matter, Griffith barked and prepared the dragon horn.

『However, this is a good opportunity. I received a debt of humiliation from you. It would be bad if I don't return it now! Prepare yourself, monkey girl!』

"Ah, okay"

She felt the power and took the posture. In 「Underwood」, she seems to have felt that he was fairly powerful, but it couldn't be helped now that memories of him were not left anymore.

—How did I win back then?

While thinking about such things, Yō entered the combat mode.

Without understanding Yō's such behavior, Griffith and roared like a beast.


Without hesitation, he charged forth with the pointed horn that was sticking out from his head. Instantly, the thunderous roar resounded within the cave. The ground where two of them were standing was hit, and hollowed out by a shockwave that made one wonder if it would create a cave-in.

But Yō didn't even try to avoid it. She slipped the Dragon Horn under her arm and stopped it in place.


Griffith raised a voice of astonishment along with anguish. That was only natural.

Last time she used a staff of Kirin and stopped the charge with it, but this time she simply caught it. For those who didn't know what kinds of death struggles she had to overcome, this was an incredible progress.

Yō, whose body stored the Gifts of Giants +α, struck the barrier of Griffith who became a Draco Greif.



He crashed on the bedrock with his right wing bent down. It was probably not broken, but with this, the flying would become difficult. Griffith barely managed to stand, however the damage wasn't small.

While scraping the ground with his hoof, he hatefully gnawed.

(S......... Strong! How in the world does some imitation have so much power........!?)

Griffith is foolish but he isn't stupid. After one exchange of attacks, he easily guessed the difference between their powers.

If the difference in strength is great, I'll try winning with speed – thinking that, Griffith raised a neigh and dashed.


"—Fighting in such a place, are you idiots—!!!"

Ayesha who saw the clash of Kasukabe Yō and Griffith at point blank range, faced towards the entrance of the cave and dashed with all her power not get dragged in it. Although she held the advantage in the Game, she was still no more than earth spirit. If she got swallowed up in their fight, she surely wouldn't come out alive.

And that was the same for other participants.

They who were digging with pickaxes were struck with thunderous roar, and started escaping full of terror.

Griffith's followers also screamed while holding the pickaxes in one hand.

"It's a disaster! Griffith-sama still hasn't come!"

"There's no other way! We have to escape!"

And they started escaping first. It might look irresponsible, but people on lower floors that could interrupt their fight were nowhere to be found.

Kuro Usagi as a judge could intervene, but unfortunately, she was eating rice crackers with one hand and drinking tea with the other. Careless fight was becoming fiercer by the second.

Running while scraping the bedrock with his hoof, Griffith roared.

『You imitation girl...... How about this!!!』

Growing the Dragon Horn, Griffith began to emit lightning throughout his body and began to fly inside the cave.

He who was a mix of Griffin and Longma – third generation mythical beast called 「Hippogriff」, released his spirit level, and created giant whirlpool in the air that could be seen clearly and charged at Yō.

The whirlpool covered Griffith's body and destroyed surrounding materials like a drill and swallowed them up. If someone were to be caught up in it, they would become a minced meat.

Although murder was forbidden in this Gift Game, Griffith who lost it couldn't care about that. On the contrary, in his voice there was a clear impatience.

Yō imitated 「Marchosias」 from 「Genome Tree」 and got ready to charge. She had no intention to run. And unbelievably, she intended to stop the blow directly.

Ayesha who was looking at the battle situation while running screamed with a pale face.

"A-Are you an idiot!? There's no way you can stop that!? Just run already!!"

While Ayesha urged her to escape, their clash was already unavoidable.

Putting both hands in front, Yō prepared to receive Griffith's charge.

"It's okay. There's no problem if it's at this level."

『Keep talking imitating girl—!!!』

Wearing whirlwind and lightning on his body, the Draco Greif howled.

Equipping the armor of "Marchosias" on her body, Yō stopped him with both hands and simultaneously released her own Gifts.





And the Gift she got from Roc Demon King in the previous battle "Grand Garuda".

After releasing five Gifts at the same time, concentrated whirlpools of power started surrounding Yō. Several tens of giant hands, covered in shining winds and flames of golden feathers appeared around Yō and gathered to protect her.

After the battle with Demon Lord Alliance "Ouroboros" and Three Headed Dragon, The Gifts Yō held were innumerable. Compared to her when she visited "Underwood" the level of battle was different.

From outsider's perspective, Griffith's inferiority was obvious.

But to Griffith who became a Draco Greif, there was no choice to back down.

Born from the genealogy of governing courage, he was not allowed to escape from battle.


Reckless to the end. While aware of losing, he didn't stop his feet.

Although Griffith transformed into rock drill, that level of power was a joke for Yō. Giant hands broke through atmosphere barrier in a flash.

The shining wings, flames of golden feathers along with giant's fists crushed the Draco Greif.


A shriek – Or perhaps a sound as if the air inside his body exploded was heard and  foams burst out from Griffith's mouth. While grasping him tightly with giant hands, Yō slowly put her hand down.

Griffith lost consciousness while twitching. Seeing her complete victory, his attendants left him and escaped together. You might think they are disloyal people, but that couldn't be helped as well. Because this fight couldn't be called a fight anymore.

Ayesha who watched the fight while hiding around debris had her breath taken and was twinkling her eyes.

(I can't believe it....... Only a few months have passed, she shouldn't have change so much, and yet...)

It was approximately half year ago when they first met her at "Fire Dragon Birth Festival".

At that time, the powers of Yō and Ayesha were about equal. Depending on the Game affinity, the scales of victory could inline on either side.

Despite so… In just a few month, there appeared a clear gap in strength between them.

Not noticing the complicated gaze of Ayesha, Yō walked toward Griffith.

After confirming that he fainted, Yō released a small sigh and picked up the Gift Cards that he carried.

"Ayesha......... and other people mined these ores with great trouble, so I'll be taking them"

With rustling sounds, she took several Gift Cards from behind the wings. Fighting and plunder strayed from the point of this Game, but It's was different in case of challenge.

In any case, seller and buyer always complain at each other. It was usual for the loser to be ripped off by the winner.

With Ayesha's Gift Card in hand, Yō walked towards the mountain of earth where she was hiding and called out to her.

"Here, Ayesha. Gift Card."

"O-Oh. Thank y—"

At that moment.


The sound of a gong resounded inside the cave.



Understanding what that sound signified, both of them raised the stiff voices.

Four cards including Ayesha's were still in Yō's hands.

『Time's up! With this the Game has ended! Currently the one with the most "Adamantine" in possession is— Oh what a surprise! It's our – 「No Name」 player Kasukabe Yō!』

"Eh, w-wait!"

Kasukabe Yō got flustered. They included the ore's of Ayesha to her without a doubt. But being ignorant to that, Kuro Usagi ringed the gong.

This is bad. If the victory ends up being decided just like that, then the lawfulness of the Game will become questionable.

Yō's hand, who started walking to protest, was seized by Ayesha.

"Stop it. Yō was one who recovered that Gift Card. The Judgment is correct."


"It's fine already! I would have been ashamed even if I had won like this!"

"It's not the matter of shame! This is about the fairness of the Game! I'm not happy to have won like this!"

Yō raised her voice unusually high. Ayesha shook her head along with her blue twintails.

The divinity of Games dwells behind the law of fairness. If you compete while abiding to the rules, then the victor could be decided without leaving grudges behind. Therefore, this kind of conclusion should not be permitted.

Ayesha also understood Yō's words. After awkwardly scratching her bangs silently for some time, Ayesha started with a silent voice.

"Even so, I still won't be pleased with this, so...... accompany me for a bit."

"After this?"

"Yes. There are many things that are needed to be discussed about the migration of 「Will-o'-Wisp」 to the east side. I wanted to have a serious discussion with Yō at least once. You can invite Kuro Usagi as well if you want."


"It's fine! You have your own things to think about, and I have mine!"

Defeated by her vigor, Yō awkwardly nodded. Usually, Ayesha was complaining more, so her current reaction was surprising. But they quickly started preparing for the next game, and began withdrawing players without even giving them an opportunity to ask questions. Yō was also forced to leave.

There might be some problems with 「Will-o'-Wisp」. Keeping in mind to ask about it in detail at another opportunity, Yō and Ayesha left the cave.

1 Japanese pun here: it's a pun on 女 (woman) and 姦 (noisy). The kanji for noisy consists of three woman (女).
2 Referring to the origin of Santa Claus/Father Christmas. Before Christianization the Germanic people celebrated Yule during Winter. The Christians absorbed, like others things, this as a part of the religion. Yule featured an event called "Wild Hunt" (a procession of ghost in the sky), Odin was the leader of this "hunt". One name of Odin was Langbarðr (long-beard). All of this influenced Santa Claus: the beard, the hunt (the horses in the hunt). See Wikipedia
3 OK Author-sama is either wrongly informed, either mixing different stuff together. I'll put aside the declining of gods which is more complicated than stated. "Renaissance revolution" "Risorgimento" and the "mystery that derived from the arts" looks like a mixing of the Renaissance which happened from 14th~17th century in Europe which started in the Italian peninsula, and the Risorgimento (resurgence, revival) which is the consolidation of the differents states in Italian peninsula from 1815~1871.
"German civilian" may refer to the Austrian Empire which were in war during these time against mostly Kingdom of Sardinia and some revolutionaries.
It looks like Author-sama mixed the Renaissance were humanist sought the Ancient Greece (and Rome) studies, with notably the revival of neo-Platonism. In the religion side the learning of old philosophy text (notably Plato) gave some different change of view: Protestant Reformation is the best example of the humanism influence.
And the Risorgimento which happen later with notably fights/wars with the Austrian Empire ("German"). For his sake: risorgimento can be translated into renaissance in italian, but it's kinda tricky.
4 Kojiki (古事記, Records of Ancient Matters): It contains various songs and poems about myths. It was composed by Ō no Yasumaro (requested by Empress Gemmei) in 711-712.
5 Osmotic pressure: a hydrostatic pressure caused by a difference in the amounts of solutes between solutions that are separated by a semipermeable membrane.


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  2. Terms akin to "Risorgimento" are common in european history between the end of Middle Ages and the end of 20th century. With the exception of the consolidation of the italian states (and even in that, very loosely), they are often movements where the popular culture of an area (or at least a modern idea of said culture) was tried to be "brought back" with a notable increase of endorsemente in the literary, artistic, political and, where it applied, linguistic fronts. "Resurgences", in the places where it applied, also made efforts to bring back pre-christian religions, or at least religions pieced together from the preserved remains of the former; some times they managed to piece together a lasting neopagan cult, some times they became the seed for later cults, some times they gave birth to rather quacly cults and some times they plain failed.

  3. I think there is an error in typo

    "The shining wings, flames of golden feathers along with giant's firsts crushed the Draco Greif."

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