Mar 1, 2019

Isekai NEET V2 Chapter 2

Chapter 2 - NEET, Soaring

The night of the day Tistel was invaded by the Hero of 「Sirena」. In Reiji’s room.

Tifalycia and Reiji ── the Ruler and Hero of 「Liberator」 respectively, were facing each other having a conversation.

「Liberator」 desperately wanted a partner to form an alliance with.

The fact that such an alliance was offered by 「Sirena」 coincidentally at the same time caused Tifalycia to be unable to hide her suspicion.

“......Isn’t it...strange?”

The race 「Sirena」 had their own history, strength, and a Hero.

To be offering an alliance towards the 「Liberator」 that had no history, strength, and an unreliable Hero──

It was strange no matter how anyone looked at it.

In fact, when Tifalycia had mentioned it at that time, Taigoubou simply tilted her head and lightly answered.

“That’s noooot the case?”

She placed a finger next to her lips, pondered, and continued.

“I believe that you know this already, but we had a liiiittle bit of conflict with 「Beastia」before. We suffered quite a bit from it you see.”


As the Hero of 「Sirena」 swung her fishing rod, even hitting her own head in the process, she made quite an exaggerated gesture, and the Ruler of 「Liberator」 could only respond vaguely.

Certainly, before 「Liberator」 had made their founding declaration, 「Sirena」 had lost against 「Beastia」 in the most recent Heroic War, and was robbed of their territory.

“Something like being robbed of territory, isn't that a very bad thing? That’s why I was very angry.”

Taigoubou pressed two fingers against her temples out of anger.

“......Umm, do you have to make such exaggerated gestures for every single thing?”

Tifalycia interrupted her without thinking.

“Hmm, mmhm, I am angry to the point that I must make such gestures.”

However, Taigoubou answered unabashedly , then began to imitate weeping...

“Then, I got angrier and angrier, and when I got angry to the point of crying ── You 「Liberator」 suddenly made a country founding declaration on the territory of 「Beastia」!”

She swirled her fishing rod in high tension and the next instant she pointed it towards them and continued with an interested tone.

“And, and, that [Authority]! Did you see it? That frustrating face of the Ruler of 「Beastia」 (EdoEdo)! Really, really, that was so satisfying~♪”

She started laughing cheerfully and showed an indescribable expression as she patted her chest, though she should not have been present at the scene herself.

“At that time,, more accurately speaking, me and the Ruler of 「Sirena」, have both totally become your fans. Therefore──”

We can’t wait to form an alliance.

Concluding with that, Taigoubou gave them time to consider it, as it was necessary, and would visit again the next day, inviting them to the Republic of Water Palace to form the alliance, and left soon after.

From then till current.

Tifalycia was in Reiji’s room pondering and pondering.

“After all......I think it’s still suspicious.”

Muttering those same words that she had repeated countless times already, Tifalycia looked at Reiji who was not taking her seriously at all.

「Sirena」 certainly did have a proper reason to form an alliance with 「Liberator」.

They had one, however...

Would that really be enough for them to consider forming an alliance where both parties were to be treated as equals──?

“Umm, please listen to what I am saying properly......”


Tifalycia could not endure it anymore and called out. Reiji just laid down on the bed, tapping his tablet without even glancing at her, and spoke without turning away from the screen.

“It’s the same thing whether I listen to it or not. Didn’t I already give my response?”


“Isn’t it fine, the alliance I mean. Just do it. And hurray if I can keep this NEET life.”

“Like I said, the thing I am most concerned about is you keeping that NEET life!! Since it’s you, I know that you must have thought about this properly though......I know...”


As Tifalycia blabbered non-stop without thinking, Reiji raised his face as if feeling troublesome...

“Rather, you only have one choice in the current situation.”

His eyes narrowed sharply.

“Are you in any position to be suspecting it?”


Tifalycia was pressured into lowering her voice, and she analyzed the current situation again.

It’s true that before she could guess the real intentions of  「Sirena」, 「Liberator」 itself would be gone.


As if to cut off her thoughts from rampaging again, Reiji spoke lazily.

“I dunno what’s making you feel so insecure. Wasn't the idea of forming an alliance your's? Did you make the suggestion without any confidence in it? Or ── are you scared what might happen when it is actually implemented?”


A teasing tone on purpose.

Those words were exactly what he would say, and they deeply impaled Tifalycia’s chest.

......That’s it.

In order for 「Liberator」 to survive, they could only use the alliance method.

It was suggested by none other than Tifalycia herself, and it should have received Reiji’s acknowledgement.

In the end, what Tifalycia felt insecure about was not the alliance itself, but having 「Sirena」 as the other party.

Controlling water currents, using the magic 『Resonance』 to synchronize the feelings and minds of the people of the same race, living in the sea city, a race that was fundamentally different from Tifalycia, a mixed blood between the 「Elf」 and the 「Infirma」.

Taigoubou nonchalantly requested to form an alliance at her territory.

At the sea city, a place that she could not even imagine, were they truly going to form an alliance?

No, could Tifalycia have a proper diplomacy in the first place──

“The king of 「Liberator」 is you, do you understand? Tifalycia.”

At Reiji’s provocations, Tifalycia raised her face.

The not so many servants. And ── the not so few citizens of 「Infirma」.

The one who would be deciding their fate was none other than Tifalycia herself.

In that case.

“Be it the country of 「Sirena」 or whatnot......I will take them on, hold my ground ── and bring back victory.”

Reiji showed an evil smile to the Ruler of 「Liberator」 who had gathered her resolve and looked straight forward.


After Tifalycia had exited Reiji’s room.

“──Why did you...not tell her? Master.”

Leu entered through the door instead of appearing from the shadow on this rare occasion and asked him.

Reiji turned around on his bed, and spoke while scrolling through his tablet.

“Hmm? What are you talking about?”

“About the alliance.”


“Master should have been working on the alliance.”

Leu continued without pause, Reiji hit his hand as if only realizing now.

“Ah, about that huh.”

Before the Heroic War ── the system during Pledged War.

The 『Race Flag』 that was enchanted with the magic that recognized everyone as a single race. By exchanging this 『Race Flag』, it forcefully removes the fence between races, and establishes an alliance by making use of the principle of carrying on the Pledged War as the same race.

Reiji had known about that alliance system ── beforehand.

“Even so, Master pretended to not know in front of that child.”

“Did I?”


Seeing Reiji pretending to the end, Leu continued to ask.


“......Even if you ask me why. There’s no real reason.”

“Why ── did you pretend not to know before that child?”

Leu had climbed onto the bed unknowingly, and she inquired seriously.

“Please tell me.”


Clanleu Shimishika, a girl that emphasized on satisfying her desire for knowledge above anything else, asked.

Facing that unfazed straightforward gaze, Reiji sighed in resignation and spoke as he switched off the screen of his tablet.

“It’s circulation, just circulation.”


“It doesn’t really have to be an interactive conversation between us, but just encouraging active co-dependence is good enough. Basically, those who are used to spoon feeding will stop thinking on their own. Someone who is in an environment where there is another party who has all the knowledge they need and is always given the most optimum solution, will become useless.”

The weak who continued to stay weak would not become strong.

To receive aid ── the weak would turn away from the fact that they were given aid.

“Therefore, giving them a moderate sense of fulfilment for having a different idea than the other party, the sense of superiority that she was better than the other party, and the sense of satisfaction that she could do it alone were necessary. Otherwise she would have just become passive, a puppet just waiting for instructions to carry out.”

“......Not only to receive, but also becoming able to provide......that is...circulation.”

“Well, of course that’s a case by case scenario. Since I have obtained a result better than my expectations ── there’s no reason to stop it, right?”

What Reiji thought of as he snickered was probably the [Authority] a few days ago.

During that [Authority], Tifalycia delivered a speech that even he was not expecting.

That kind of effect......believing in the potential of Tifalycia’s growth, Reiji pretended not to know about it.


“What is it now? Ah, I think you already know, but don’t tell her ok? Since that will make it meaningless.”

As Reiji spoke feeling troublesome, Leu made a small sigh.

“......Master is incredible after all.”

“Ain’t I? Ain’t I? You can praise me more.”

“Really......really wonderful. Always seeing ahead. I have never seen anyone as farsighted as Master.”

“Un un......that should be enough?”

“Really ── makes me want to kill you.”

“......Like I said, what’s with saying something so disturbing at times like these?”


“Don’t '?' me. Your occasional serious speech scares me.”

Seeing Reiji’s face twitching, Leu slowly blinked.

“Among feelings, the strongest are love and hate. Loving and hating hold the same they not?”

“They do not. They do not no matter how you think about it.”

“Different sense of values.”

“That’s not the issue here......Rather, can you not discreetly squeeze into my bed?”

“Different sense of values.”

“What other sense of value can there be regarding this huh!?”

Reiji raised his voice, while Leu continued without any sense of guilt.


“Haa? co-sleeping?”

“The literal meaning of it. I won’t...use my hands.”

“You will be using things other than your hands then......! Mainly things like the cloth, the cloth or the cloth.”

“I won’t. I won’t do anything sexual, I promise.”

Leu took off her robe to prove her words, folded it properly and put it below the bed, then dived into the futon again.

“......No, you only increased your degree of exposure.”

“Just for today, please.”

Those words were one-sided as usual, but sincerity accompanied them.

“Master is...wonderful.”


“I love the wonderful Master. That enough. I...thought as such......It should have been enough, but when I see Master thinking about that child ── I feel a little...insecure.”

Such a whisper was added on later.

Leu covered herself up to her mouth with the futon, and gazed at Reiji.


Revealing it did not cause any ripple in her emotion.

That expressionless face seemed somehow different from the usual.

“──────Haa, it’s an incomprehensible feeling to me.”

Hearing Reiji immediately conclude as so and shrug his shoulders, Leu closed her eyes.

“............That’s just Master.”

When she felt convinced and was going to come out of the futon ── the light went off.


“Absolutely...don’t make a move.”

Reiji said in a blunt manner, crawled back into the futon, back facing Leu.

“......Even though I don’t understand it, it’s not good to leave it alone. We should make the unknown become known. It is necessary to keep incomprehensible feelings as samples close by, to actively learn from......Well, so ── just for today.”

Those words were softly whispered.


Leu nodded as if chewing those words.

“Absolutely...won’t make a move ── just for today.”

“No, that’s not the point!?”

Reiji reflexively retorted, while Leu just smiled.

“Good night. My...Master.”

She closed her eyes, satisfied.

“────Ah. There is one thing I’m curious about though.”

She immediately opened her eyes, and got up in the darkness.

“You really are a ‘my pace’ type huh......”

Reiji sighed as the mood was spoiled, while Leu tilted her head and spoke.

“The alliance with 「Sirena」. What are Master’s real thoughts about it?”

At that critical question, the Hero of 「Liberator」 snickered.

“That’s should know about already──”

The princess of 「Strega」 opened her eyes wide.


“Yah yah, I’m so happy♪ So happy♪”

On top of the gigantic elk that was ten times the normal size.

Reiji, Tifalycia, and Leu were sitting at a safe distance from the excited Taigoubou while also being cautious of her.

Speaking of how they ended up in that particular situation──

Taigoubou had arrived riding her elk the day before. After Tifalycia and co told her that they would go ahead with the talk regarding the alliance, her eyes started sparkling.

“Oh yay!! Thank you! Please treat us well from now on♪”

“No, umm, we have not accepted the alliance yet......”

“Eh? But then, you are thinking of going ahead with it though, right?”

“......That’s...true, however...”

“Then it’s the same thing♪ Anyway, let’s get going to the Republic of Water Palace (Country of 「Sirena」)!”

“Hah......then with Leu-san’s 『Adjacent Darkness』...”



Tifalycia did not think that she would be rejected and blinked her eyes in surprise, while Leu stroked the moving black robe.

“This child can only move between places it has been to before.”

“I......I see.”

To think that there was such a condition......

Rather, she had been moving around as she pleased until now. Just how much had she been travelling around the world?

“However, then, how do we go──”

As if to cover Tifalycia’s mouth, Taigoubou happily swung her fishing rod.

“It’s alright, it’s alright. This child can become twenty times bigger so let’s ride on top of her together♪ Let’s chat about a lot of things in the sky.”

“Eh......In the it......”

“Heeh, we’re going to fly there?”

Reiji unexpectedly showed interest, so they went ahead with Taigoubou’s plan.

The elk that seemed capable of only letting a single person ride enlarged multiple times its size in an instant at her master, Taigoubou’s call.

He frowned at the similar sensation of touching a horse but got used to it soon.

Without wings like that of a dragon, the elk that could only have been floating using some form of magic principles, was running through the wind. Tifalycia could feel the sensation of flying spread throughout her skin as they got further and further away from Tistel Castle, she forgot about the little suspicion she held earlier and muttered on reflex.


Leaving aside the dragons that flew in the sky, or those who were living in the floating continent above the sky ── the 「El Blanche」, to an 「Elf」 and 「Infirma」 mixed-blood like Tifalycia, such an experience was originally unimaginable.

“To think that...there would be a day when I could fly in the sky......”

Words such as moving were not sufficient to express her current feelings.

The unknown feeling caused her hands to tremble──

“Why don’t you try saying those things after letting go of my hand?”

Reiji pointed out blatantly.

Tifalycia noticed that she was subconsciously grabbing onto Reiji’s sleeve, and let go of it in a panic.

“N-No, th-this is because I was a little insecure, or’s right, preparation for what-ifs ── Hii.”

A remarkably strong wind blew past her, and Tifalycia ended up hugging Reiji’s arm on reflex.

“They are touching me.”


Reiji spoke plainly while snickering, Tifalycia separated  again, and immediately grabbed his sleeve once more.

The feeling of floating as they were flying in the sky was very refreshing and interesting.

However, apart from that, the unique insecurity of not feeling the ground beneath her feet caused her to seek for things that would make her feel more secure, against her own will.

That thing being Reiji......surely it was because the aforementioned NEET was behaving rather calmly, to the point of detestable.

That’s right, that must be it. There is no reason other than this ── Tifalycia tried to convince herself.

“──!? Kya.”

The Black robe suddenly coiled around her.


Tifalycia looked towards the owner of the robe ── and...

“With this, you don’t have to worry about falling down.”

Even though she was expressionless as usual, she could feel an intimidating air from her somehow.

“Th......Thank you...very much......?”

“No need. It isn’t for your sake.”

Leu turned away, and Tifalycia continued with a slightly confused tone.

“Umm......thank you for going through the trouble, but I cannot move my body like this......”

With even her arms coiled up, she really could not move at all.

However, Leu decided to ignore that.



When she was about to complain again, Taigoubou suddenly started laughing after seeing the exchange between Tifalycia and co.

“I see♪ The three of you have that kind of relationship♪”

She nodded as if she understood everything, and covered her mouth with her hand while snickering like Reiji.

“The Hero of 「Liberator」 is also a womanizer huh.”

“......I can see where your misunderstanding comes from, but it’s troublesome to explain so I will leave it alone.”

Reiji spoke bluntly, causing Taigoubou to puff her cheeks in dissatisfaction.

“Eh, come on, join in! Let’s have a fun conversation!”

She made exaggerated gestures as she spoke.

“Or is it that ── you are worried about leaking intel?”


She spoke with a chilling tone.


The Destiny of the Hero Taigoubou that she had no intention of hiding...

Was just about to pressure Tifalycia, when she suddenly burst into laughter again without a worry.

“If that’s the case, then it’s a needless worry♪ Since...not only 「Liberator」, but we too have no intention of fighting against the other races in the first place.”

Taigoubou shrugged her shoulders and raised both of her hands as if surrendering, Tifalycia muttered in surprise.

“No intention of fighting against other races......?”

“Yes. That’s the same motto as 「Liberator」, right?”

“......「Sirena」 should have fought against 「Beastia」 in a Heroic War just recently though.”

“That was initiated by the other party. Rather, there has not been a single Heroic War that was initiated by us.”

“............Even if it was initiated by the other party...The fact still remains that you accepted it.”

“That’s true. However, no matter which Heroic War it was, we were in a situation where we could not refuse, you know? See, it's like how the water in a bowl that was spilled could never be collected back, if we started once, there would be a second time, then we would no longer be able to retain our credibility. We have properly protected that. Leu should be well informed on that part, right?”


Did she know about the special trait of the 『Adjacent Darkness』 Leu used, and even the habit of using it to collect intel──?

That fact caused the black robe to form into a sharp edge.

“Hmm. This is enough.”

Reiji put his hand on Leu’s shoulder, and looked ahead as he scratched his head.

“Are you an idiot? We are going to form an alliance with them, so there’s no point in worrying about any leak in intel. Rather, the matter about 「Sirena」 never starting a Heroic War is known to anyone who is a Ruler class.”


“......Anyone apart from a Ruler that lacks in studying.”

“P-Please don’t purposely fix your statement!”

“Eh what? Ruler-sama that lacks in studying.”

“Uu......Kuh......I will admit that......I am lacking in studies......but.”

“Well, it’s normal that you don’t know since you just became a Ruler recently.”

“──!? Then why purposely......”

“Do you really want me to say it?”

“──No, you don’t have to!!”

“Well, because of that, the Ruler of 「Liberator」 is a little lacking in the head, so if you want to have a fun conversation, can you talk about those instead?”


“Mu. I wanted to talk about things like Reiji-chi’s love story or the like though.”

“......I am also interested in that.”

“Oi Leu.”

Seeing Leu’s serious expression, Reiji retorted, before sighing and then said.

“I said this before, but I really have no interest in talking about things like love or affection. It’s useless to expand the topic in that direction.”

“Hmm? Is there any reason for that?”

“──Making it look as if you agree, but leading the topic towards the direction you want. I won’t fall for that, you know?”

Taigoubou asked as her mouth changed into a ‘ω’ shape, Reiji instantly replied.

“Master, please do tell in detail what lust is to you.”

At the question asked by Leu question who appeared to be even more passionate than Taigoubou, Reiji spoke with a stiff face.

“Whose side are you really on!”


Seeing Reiji retort bluntly on reflex, Taigoubou burst out in laughter as she couldn’t endure it any longer.

“Hah, seriously funny......Well, since we are going to get along afterwards, we can stop with the meaningless probing. Alright, just as Reiji-chi suggested, let’s talk about that.”

“So she says. Good for you, Tifalycia.”

“Are you asking me to continue from there!?”

Tifalycia complained about how she was totally left out of the conversation all the while and yet the topic was suddenly directed to her, Reiji returned her with an expression of ‘What is this girl complaining about?’.

“Ha? Isn’t that how it is supposed to be? I’m not really interested. Rather, who do you think I am?”


“No, I am a NEET.”

“I know that!!”

Reiji cut in a reply while Tifalycia did the same with teary-eyes.

She knew. She knew, but ── she also could not accept it regardless.

Reiji seemed to know about the things Tifalycia was thinking, so he nonchalantly changed the topic, and made an exaggerated yawn.

“Fuwa......Actually, I didn’t get much sleep yesterday so I’m sleepy. Here, reading this will give you an understanding about the historical and fictional Taigoubou character.”

Saying so, he pushed his tablet to Tifalycia.

“......Eh? Eh?”

“Well then, I’m going to sleep. Good night.”

“......Ha? H-here?”

Tifalycia asked in a confused tone.


“He's already asleep.”

“Isn’t that too fast!?”

It seemed that this NEET Hero had a talent for sleeping.

Even though he could not use the Realtà that a Hero should normally possess, he excelled in useless things......!

“Aha, Reiji-chi is really a my-pace person. So then, what does TifaTifa want to ask me??”

Taigoubou got closer while saying so, in response Tifalycia drew back and pondered.

She could not deny that Reiji was a hopeless NEET, but at the same time, he would not take meaningless actions.

......Or should be. She would like to...believe that. It would be great...if that the case.

(No No No No.)

She would not be able to advance if she started to suspect him.

Tifalycia lowered her gaze onto the tablet Reiji passed her.

On it were extremely short sentences.

『Taigoubou. As the tactician of the emperor in the ancient era, left behind various anecdotes and military art books.』

『Or, riding on elk and chasing after evil gods, fighting against them and sealing them.』

......J-Just that much?

To think that he could say he summarized Taigoubou’s biography with just that much information.


No ── it was necessary to apply reverse thinking.

What if that much information was sufficient?

Tales of Heroes were as many as the stars. However, what if he had judged the information that Tifalycia would need right now was just this much, and the rest were unnecessary...

Tifalycia closed her eyes, and took a deep breath.

Reiji seemed to have created an environment for Tifalycia to talk with Taigoubou.

That meant, there should be something that only Tifalycia could ask her, or something that he hoped Tifalycia would ask.

If he was truly not interested in Taigoubou and was determined that there was no value in talking, then he would not have created the opportunity for Tifalycia to ask questions in the first place. If it was something Reiji could ask, then he would have done so already.

──Then, what was it that only Tifalycia could ask, that he hoped Tifalycia would ask?

Tifalycia. The [Absence] between the 「Elf」 and the 「Infirma」. What only the Ruler of 「Liberator」 could ask──

“Hmmm? TifaTifa?”

Perhaps due to being in thought for too long, Taigoubou tilted her head and shifted closer, Tifalycia opened her eyes.

“You had no intention of fighting against other races from the what you said, why is that?”

A simple question.

It appeared to be a fairly natural question to ask.

“Mmhmm? There’s no big reason for that. Rather, TifaTifa can also imagine right? 「Sirena」 is──”

“No, I am asking you, as an individual ── the Hero Taigoubou’s opinion.”

Tifalycia stared straight at the girl who blinked her eyes in surprise for a brief moment.

Taigoubou, famed as the tactician that contributed wise suggestions to the king at the time.

However, she was also a Hero.

Like the incitement during [Authority], the Heroes more or less considered themselves as the best.

If not, they would not have responded to a summon that was about grasping the dominance over this world.

In that case, even if she was a advocate of peace, and actually provided suggestions towards that end, she should still have some fundamental desire deep inside.

Of course, it would be best if there were none. Tifalycia prayed to herself.

If she truly wanted to avoid fighting with other races ── that would be similar to Tifalycia’s wish in a sense.

Or it could even be said to be the ideal that Tifalycia wanted to achieve from now on.

“Fumu, I think I kind of understand what TifaTifa is thinking of, but it’s really just what it means literally, you know? Hero must have similarity to the summoner ── you know of such a rule, right? The miko of 「Sirena」, also the Ruler, seems to be a girl who thinks the same as me.”


“If I am to answer why I don’t intend to fight against other races from the start ── I will answer like this.”

Closing her eyes, holding her hands at her chest, Taigoubou swung her fishing rod, and spoke with a serious voice that was in contrast to her frivolous appearance.

“We, from the bottom of our hearts ── wish for everyone to feel happiness.”

The Hero of 「Sirena」 added a cheerful smile at the end.


Tifalycia was accidentally lost her words.

She did not want to rebut, she wanted to agree with that ideal, she was unable to hide that desire from showing.

Seeing Tifalycia holding her hands to her chest as if to hide her wavering, Taigoubou suddenly changed her tone...

“Well, even though we have such thoughts, because there’s no other race that thought the same way, we still end up getting caught up in fights as a result, and just keep getting beaten up♪”

It’s hard to do this well. She shrugged her shoulder and glanced at Tifalycia, Leu, and Reiji in order.

“That’s why, I thought of working hard together with you people (「Liberator」) who have similar thoughts, and at the same time possess some interesting strength............oyo?”

Along with Taigoubou looking down at the end of her sentence, the Elk started to descended slowly.

“We have arrived while we were chatting♪ Did anyone forget anything? Let’s prepare for landing♪”

Taigoubou stood up and smiled cheerfully, Tifalycia looked at her as if looking at something that shone brightly.

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