Jan 1, 2019

Isekai NEET V2 Chapter 1

Chapter 1 - NEET, Waiting On Bed

Originally belonging to the 「Elf」, currently the sole territory of 「Liberator」, Tistel.

Deep within the forest, in a certain room of a small castle that did not even have a castletown.

Beautiful platinum blonde hair shone brightly under the sun.

Despite being slim, the bountiful chest portrayed femininity perfectly.

And the girl with long ears that were the proof of the 「Elf」 blood that she had ── Tifalycia Cleargreen, was somehow wearing a servant’s attire, and with her refined face full of smiles, she spoke to the youth in front of her ── Houbami Reiji who held a smartphone with one hand, appearing bored.

“Here, Master♡ Aahn♡”

She took a spoonful of the food placed on the side table, and then carefully brought it right next to Reiji’s mouth. He opened his mouth feeling rather troublesome.

“Aah......munch munch.”

“Is it delicious, Master♡”

“Hmm......Seems like the chief chef has improved? The quantity was slightly less than my preference, but I could feel a lot of effort has been put into it. Well, it may just be me getting used to the food on this side too though.”

“That’s great♡”

“Un, well, it’s fine that it’s great and all, but can I have a moment?”

“What is it, Master♡”

“Yeah, be it Master♡, or Aahn♡, or That’s great♡......Don’t you feel embarrassed saying those lines? Or are you a pervert that feels pleasure when saying embarrassing things?”

Reiji displayed an “Uwah, stay away from me” reaction.

Tifalycia’s perfect smile started twitching.

Finally, her body started trembling──

“I......I──It’s impossible not to feel embarrassed!?”

She broke down.

She threw her headdress onto the bed to show that she had enough, and returned the spoon to the side table.

The master of this castle and the current queen of 「Liberator」 ── Ruler Tifalycia Cleargreen pointed at him as she could not bear with it any longer.

“Wh-Whose fault do you think it is that I have to do th-these kinds of embarrassing acts!”

“Eh? Whose fault?”

As Reiji asked back with a serious expression, the finger that Tifalycia had thrusted out lost its strength and lowered, and she muttered quietly with an expression filled with regret.

“Uu......Kuh......Me......It’s my...fault for losing in the 「Showdown」 against you......”

“I know right.”


Thinking back on what happened in that showdown, it seemed as if Tifalycia finally had control over the situation, but it was actually all according to Reiji’s intentions. She had no chance of victory no matter how she struggled, reaching that point was also her own responsibility.

Tifalycia had no complaints regarding that. She could not say it even if she did have some.

What she did have complaint about though was...

“Even though it was working well at first......”

“Hmm? ──Aah, {Since it’s too embarrassing to endure it with a serious attitude, just treat it as an act. That way I won’t feel embarrassed}, was it?”


Why was that...

“Well, you did think through about it more or less. In fact you did well until halfway through. However, you had forgotten about one important thing.”

As Reiji continued on with a serious expression, Tifalycia fixed her posture without thinking...

“......What...is it?”

And asked seriously.

“That embarrassment itself is the good part!!”

The Hero who could be seen pumping his fist with all his might, made her feel the impermanence of life.

The Hero of 「Liberator」 was such...such a......

Unaware of Tifalycia’s deep resignation, Reiji emphasized.

“Embarrassed, ashamed, but also feeling pleasure at the same time......agonizing over a dilemma like that is absolute justice. Nevertheless, what are you doing hiding it like that? Are you an idiot? Do you wanna die?”

“Th-Th-This person......!”

“How many times have I said this before that the punishment will lose its meaning if you don’t feel punished?”


It was...just as he said.

Leaving aside Reiji’s intention for now, letting Tifalycia experience the embarrassment and shame herself, would drive her to reflect deeply on it in order to not want to experience it again, and it should become the nutrition for her growth from next time──

“Well, personally, I only wanted to enjoy the expression of a beautiful elf girl twisting under shame, the rest doesn't really matter.”

“Does not matter!?”

As Tifalycia retorted on reflex, the worst Hero smirked and was about to open his mouth...

But he suddenly fell down face up.

──No, he did not fall down, he was pushed down.

By the girl who appeared from Reiji’s shadow, or to be more precise, the black robe the girl controlled ── the Magical Artifact 『Adjacent Darkness』.

“......Even though I would agonize however much for Master’s sake, if it was me.”

The girl wearing an undergarment-like attire while in a riding position ── the [Quad-Blood Princess] of 「Strega」, Clanleu Shimishika stated so. Before the dumbfounded Tifalycia could raise her voice in protest, Reiji yelled.

“Gaaah, I told you not to appear all of a sudden, Leu!”

The robe pushed him back down again before he could jump out, as he fell back on the bed, Leu immediately sprawled her body over him.

“It’s alright. I have understood Master’s fetish. I will properly follow it. So──”

“Understand what I want to say before understanding my fetish!”

Reiji, who ordered around Tifalycia that should have been his master, and was pushed down by Leu that should have been his servant, desperately struggled around to escape from the robe’s restraint.

“Haa......Well that’s that. The idea itself is still not bad though.”


“Punishment cannot be avoided. Then in that case, how to receive it would depend on your own effort. That consideration itself is leaning in a good direction.”

Spoken with a half-hearted attitude, it took her a moment of delay before realizing that Reiji was praising her.

“Th......Thank you...very much.”

“Breaking down right after I saw through you and poked a bit, you are still so naive.”

“Kuh......Y-You did it on purpose after all......”

That provocation was to make Tifalycia return to her usual self.

“Well? Who knows?”

“Uuu......I still have to learn about a lot more things......!”

Tifalycia muttered and grabbed ahold of the bed sheet in frustration, as if to hide herself. Reiji curved the tip of his lip upwards, then immediately continued as if nothing happened.

“Well, you just have to squeeze and squeeze out your intelligence dry to make up for your lack of mana.”

Tifalycia Cleargreen. the Ruler of 「Liberator」 (The Queen of those without a place to go).

The reason that she, who was from the royal bloodline of the 「Elf」, was in such a position was because she had half of the blood of 「Infirma」, the only race amongst the seven races that could not use magic, the weaklings that had to serve under the other races.

She was called [Absence], and she had no mana to use magic──



The unexpected denial caused Reiji to raise his face.

Leu, who let her robe wriggle around, sat up on the bed and spoke.

“Being unable to use 「Elf」 magic...does not mean she has no mana. The proof is──”

Leu suddenly turned her gaze to Tifalycia...

“Eh. Wai──Eh, wh-what are you!?”

And robbed Tifalycia of her freedom with the black robe in an instant, while she stretched out her hand towards the back of Tifalycia’s right ear from the front.

Stroke stroke.

She touched the ear as if covering it.



Tifalycia’s body jumped in surprise, leaking an arousing voice that even surprised Reiji.

“Like this, she properly has the『Mana Spot』.”

“Mana spot......?”

Reiji asked back on reflex, Leu nodded and spoke while still touching Tifalycia’s right ear.

“It is the place where the mana circulating in the body gathers. If mana is blood, 『Mana Spot』 is something like the heart. Every race excluding 「Infirma」 has this kind of 『Mana Spot』.”

“Fumu......In other words, having that 『Mana Spot』 means having mana, being unable to use magic means she doesn’t have the power to convert that mana into magic?”

“Yes. Rather, her being so sensitive to it means that her mana itself is quite plenty. If you consider mana alone, it’s to the point of being able to use 『Adjacent Darkness (this child)』......What a closet pervert.”

“Ah......uu...nn...e-enough already......remove...your...hand......ahh...kuunn.”

“......Ah, whatever, but why is she panting so much?”

“When races that use magic conduct sexual acts, they also exchange mana with each other along with body fluid. In order to make that exchange smoother, the area where mana gathers becomes sensitive.”

“Then, that means──”

“『Mana Spot』 becomes a seikantai[1] for races that can use magic.”

Seikantai......Erogenous zone?



As if reacting to Reiji’s shout, Tifalycia’s body made a great jerk.

It seemed that it was caused by Leu’s skillful hand movement.

“Seriously. By the way, the 『Mana Spot』 of 「Dragonne」 is called 『Reverse Scale』, it is said that something terrible will happen if you touch them there.”

As Leu spoke blandly, Tifalycia, whose cheeks were flushed red, would leak out moans from time to time, desperately enduring the pleasure and shame, but she managed to counterattack.

“E......Eno──Enough──Stop it!”

Escaping from the robe’s restraint, Tifalycia counterattacked from the back and pushed Leu down while breathing heavily.

“Fu...fufufufufu......the tables...have been turned. I will make you feel the same thing I felt......!”

While saying so, Tifalycia tried to touch Leu’s 『Mana Spot』, but soon frowned upon realization.

“H-Huh? Wh-Where......?”

While she was searching for the spot, Leu got up after pushing Tifalycia away using her robe.

“By the way, the location of 『Mana Spot』 varies from race to race, and also depends on individual physique, it is impossible to guess without the person themselves telling it to you.”

“Wha ── Then...Then why do you know mine!”

“You said it yourself. When you were alone in your room.”

“Eh......EH!? Y-You just intruded──!?”

“Forgetting about my ability is your own blunder.”

The robe wriggled around as if to show off.

“Ah ── by moving through the shadow......how d-despicable!”

“That’s the best compliment. Thank you.”


Tifalycia bit her lips in frustration while Leu looked down on her with composure.

“Hmm, that means it’s around here huh?”

Reiji moved to the back of Leu unknowingly, and the instant he touched the area below Leu’s left shoulder blade...


From Leu’s mouth, a voice that was completely unlike her leaked out.

“Oh, so it was as I thought. Only this area is unnaturally hidden away.”

Reiji continued to stroke that exact area, Leu bit her finger to desperately suppress the voice that she was about to leak out and turned around.


The normally expressionless Leu leaked out an aroused sigh with a flushed face. The pleading gaze let Reiji ascertain it for himself.

“Oooh......there really is one, this 『Mana Spot』. Oi oi, isn’t this super important?”

Normally, a culture commonly practised in a civilization would hardly be documented.

Calling the opposite sex by nickname being equivalent to proposing for marriage was also one of them, since it was a common sense in the other world, there was no need to purposely document it.

“It’s quite difficult to learn the widely practised culture of a civilization without coming directly into contact with it for a long time......I’ll have to consider other methods to learn them.”

When Reiji let go of his hands from Leu as he started pondering, Leu slumped poweressly onto him.

“Hmm? Oh, sorry sorry. I think I stroked for too long. Just wanted to test it out a little so ── Huh, uoo!?”

In contrast to the powerless Leu who rested her head on Reiji’s shoulder...

The black robe ── 『Adjacent Darkness』 had become rougher than usual and had restrained both of Reiji’s arms in a blink of eye.

With that, Reiji was robbed of his freedom similar to a stringed puppet, as he saw the eyes of Leu looking up at him ── he noticed that those red pupils were more moist than usual right now.


“The one who made me feel like this is ── Master.”

While saying so...

Leu crawled closer to him, and took Reiji’s hand.

That hand...was pressed against her modest chest.

At the same time Reiji’s hand was full of a soft and squishy feeling...



Leaked out a voice that was a lot more aroused than usual...


Pleaded while glancing upwards.

Towards that irresistible, appealing to instinct appearance, Reiji was──

“──What are you doing!!”

Tifalycia interrupted at the last moment.


The sudden disruption caused the robe’s restraint to weaken, allowing Reiji who recovered his rationale faster to escape the predicament he was in with a hair’s breadth.

“That was close......Almost went along with the dangerous flow.”

“......I forgot...you existed.”

Reiji sighed in relief, while Leu clicked her tongue.

Tifalycia glared at the two of them and spoke with her arms folded.

“Have you two forgotten the original objective!”

“Ah? Objective?”

“......What is that?”

“Leu-san definitely remembers it right......You are just playing dumb right......!”

Staring at Leu from the front, confirming that she looked away, Tifalycia sighed.

Then took in a bigger breath...

“It’s the world’s movement after the [Authority]!”

And shouted with all her might.


──Ten days after the [Authority] when the contract which liberated the 「Infirma」 was established with all the other races.

The world did not change as much as Tifalycia had expected it to.

“I had believed that it was due to the prohibition against exploiting the 「Infirma」, which caused the specifications of the Heroic War to change......every race seems to be rather cautious of us.”

“Well, there’s that. We more or less did change a part of the cogwheel that makes up this world? They can’t just recklessly make a move.”

The person who was responsible for that change was lazily lying on the bed and suppressing himself from yawning out of boredom, a hopeless case.

“Don’t you feel even a little bit of responsibility......”

“I don’t. Not even a little bit.”

Reiji showed how little he cared with his thumb and index finger almost touching, Tifalycia, on behalf of the world, deeply sighed.

“You’re the worst as usual......”

“So then, specifically, tell me in what way did which race and which Heroes not make a move?”

“Eh......in what way did which race not make a move?”

Making a move aside, how should she explain in greater detail on how they did not make a move?

While Tifalycia had a question mark floating above her head, Reiji moved his gaze towards the expressionless girl standing next to him.

“There are three major concerning matters.”

Accepting Reiji’s question naturally, Leu's black robe raised three fingers, and she spoke while lowering one.

“First is the Hero of 「Dragonne」, Arthur Pendragon. Because 「Infirma」 was not important to them in the first place, they immediately declared that they will not use 「Infirma」 in the Heroic War. The Ruler also acknowledged it.”


Why did she know this?

As if refusing to answer that question, the black robe ── 『Adjacent Darkness』 wriggled.

“Ah, they do seem like the type to say that. Certainly, 「Dragonne」 are pure battle maniacs......Their magic system is 『Dragon God Metamorphosis』, this is also a part of their battle specialized Heroic War. I also saw through their inner thoughts during the [Authority]. They are just how they look, it’s not really bad.”

As Reiji grinned and urged her on, Leu lowered the second finger.

“Next is the Hero of 「El Blanche」 Jeanne d’Arc. She also supported on not using 「Infirma」, but the Ruler objected, so it was dismissed for now. It is said that she is going to continue persuading.”

“Even the actual last boss race that uses the cheat known as 『Prophecy (Prediction Magic)』 cannot ignore the words from their Hero huh. Isn’t conflicting opinions between the Hero and the Ruler a good trend?”

“Eh, even intel on the 「El Blanche」......”

In contrast to the Tifalycia's astonished face, Leu and Reiji showed composed expressions.

“By the way, 「Dragonne」 and 「El Blanche」 are clearly treating 「Liberator」 as an enemy.”


“That’s obvious.  Especially since the 「El Blanche」 seems to have some sort of noble justice mission known as the 『Noblesse Oblige』? Even though the 「Infirma」 should have been saved by the 「El Blanche」, 「Liberator」 ended up snatching the spotlight from them.”

「El Blanche」themselves claim to have come from a world that overlooked the land, messengers from the realm of heaven so to say ── proclaimed as 『Angel』, 『Administrator of the World』, they saw other races as one grade below them. It was also 「El Blanche」 who would declare something like 『Revere us, then we shall save you』 to the other races.

Reiji evaluated their ability as the 『Last Boss』. Their sorcery, known as 『Prophecy』 and their purely enormous mana pool had exterminated the world six times over in the [Seventh] before, and it could be said that the world would have eventually fallen into their hands if that war had continued normally.

Leu seemed to have obtained intel from even that 「El Blanche」.



「Strega」 had completely shrouded their entire existence itself in mystery, even the location of Dillide, the country of 「Strega」, was unknown.

Even though it could be said that they had appeared back on stage for the first time after decades during the [Authority] that took place some time ago, how did she obtain intel from that race──

Leu tilted her head in wonder at Tifalycia's astonishment.

“......? What’s strange about investigating my own race?”


In the first place, Leu was a 「Strega」.

Because they had been near each other for so long, and Leu herself also was too different from the image of the 「Strega」 that she had, she ended up completely forgetting about it.

No ── who exactly was Leu in the first place?

Her appearance and magic system undoubtedly were proof of her being a 「Strega」, but her existence itself seemed to be too outrageous ── ignoring Tifalycia’s behavior that held such fundamental doubts, Leu continued.

“Only the 「Strega」 is incomprehensible. Hero Faust arbitrarily isolated the 「Infirma」 within the territory.”

“Isolated within the territory? They were also strange during the [Authority], 「Strega」......”

“It’s like what Master thought. The Hero and Ruler of 「Strega」 that attended the [Authority] were both fakes.”

“Eh!? F-Fakes!?”

“As I thought. Their reactions were too deliberate. Well, the other races were likely to use replacement as well.”

“It’s the [Authority] you know......!? If such a thing is known by the other races──”

“「Strega」 does not care if all the other races join forces and attack them. In the first place, the interior of 「Strega」 itself is an utter mess.”

“Just hearing all these make me feel like it will be easy to conquer.”

“I advise you not...to do it. It will definitely become troublesome.”

“......Well, it probably will be like that since Leu said so.”

Seeing Reiji immediately overturned his opinion, Leu nodded and continued.

“「Strega」 does not seem to be doing it with any intentions in mind, but I also cannot see them as doing anything meaningless.”

“Exactly an incomprehensible bunch huh......That’s the most troublesome. Well, the Hero being Faust is very incomprehensible in itself already.”

Reiji tapped his tablet and smiled thinly.

“......? Is there something strange about it?”

Everyone in this world probably had the same question as Tifalycia.

But at the same time, to people from Reiji’s world ── the Heroes’ world, it would be incomprehensible.

That’s because──

“『Faust』 in my world...is the name of the protagonist in a super famous literature (Fiction).”

“The protagonist of a...literature (Fiction)?”

What was displayed on Reiji’s tablet was...the cover of a book.

It was 『Faust』, written by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

“Though, this is a world where Napoleon and Taigoubou would fight each other, so nothing would surprise me at this point anymore.”

Even so, amongst the numerous existing Heroes that were famous in history, one of them being non-existent (Fiction) was a bit concerning.

And on top of that, he became the Hero of 「Strega」, whose movements were utterly incomprehensible in this world.

Leu, the princess of that 「Strega」, controlled her robe to raise three fingers and bent one.

“By the way, 「Elf」 is taking a wait-and-see approach because they do not have a Hero. The Ruler of 「Beastia」 was just changed so they are too busy with that. And both the Hero and Ruler of 「Sirena」 announced that they would follow the pace of the other races.”

「Elf」 taking a wait-and-see approach because of their disadvantage of not having a Hero was understandable. 「Sirena」 announcing something that seemed meaningful but was actually insubstantial was also expected.

And then.

“「Beastia」 seems to be in trouble.Swapping the Ruler before the term’s completed. This is just as if they are asking the other races to take advantage of that gap.”

“......I believe that the 「Beastia」 do not want to be hearing that from you.”

「Beastia」 would probably be the race that took the most major action, or rather, were forced to take.

The reason for that was none other than 「Liberator」 ── More accurately, Reiji, their Hero.

Despite winning the Heroic War against the 「Liberator」, Edolas, the Ruler of 「Beastia」, lost in a direct duel with Reiji, and was temporarily robbed of the Heroic War authority, an authority which could decide the fate of the race depending on the scenario.

“No matter the reason, betting the Heroic War authority is a foolish act. Taking responsibility for that is natural.”

Like what Leu blandly stated, 「Beastia」 was probably criticizing him for the same thing.

Regardless of his unfinished term, Edolas was immediately dismissed of his role. The 「Beastia」 that was made up of [Perrito], [Koshka], [Renard], [Cuniculus], [Schaf], the five species parliamentary, was already in a heated argument over who was going to be the next ruler.

“The courageous and bold ruler during war times is a short-sighted foolish king during peace times. Even that fellow also doesn’t have a reason to prevent it.”

As Reiji emphasized on the phrase ‘that fellow’, Tifalycia muttered.

“Napoleon Bonaparte......”

That true identity was the blood-related little sister that had molded her older brother to be the Emperor of the World, Paulette Bonaparte, and controlling him from the back.

“Napoleon Bonaparte is...actually actively inciting this argument.”

“......For what reason would she be doing that? Even though it will only worsen the chaos......”

“That’s obviously because she is thinking about what’s ahead. You can see various things during chaos. Like how someone truly thinks of someone.”

As Reiji spoke of it joyfully, Tifalycia felt a cold shiver and hugged her shoulders.

“Anyway, laying a hand on 「Beastia」 now would be foolish. It’s suspicious how their policy has been shaken up so much. Rather, there is a high possibility that she is using this situation as a bait to lure other races.”

“I feel the same.”

Compared to Leu who was keeping up immediately, Tifalycia was about to fall behind.

Just how far ahead had Reiji and Leu predicted?

(──I can’t...be disheartened......!)

Shaking her head sideways, Tifalycia reorganized her thoughts.

She knew that they were excelling. There was no need to feel depressed about it. Rather, try to see ahead──

“U-Us 「Liberator」 also have a problem.”

Perhaps because she interrupted all of a sudden, Reiji and Leu looked over with surprise.

That reaction caused Tifalycia to shrink back a little, but she pulled in her chin and took out the documents that she prepared ── or rather, the real purpose of her coming to this room.

“Please take a look at this.”

“Eh, don’t wanna.”

“Immediate denial!”

“Rather, you wanted me to read it no matter what, so you lost the 「Showdown」......and even did that punishment game earlier, right?”


“Well, I can read it if you really want me to, but......do that one more time.”

“P-Please grant me this favor......Master♡”

Reiji’s grinning face turned serious after her sudden flirtatious mode.

“Hou......impressive. Such ad lib is quite effective. Well, it’s laughable when you consider that a Ruler is doing it normally, rather, aren’t you embarrassed? Are you alright? Do you feel like dying yet?”

“......Uu...I feel like I’m losing important things one by one since I met Reiji......”

“A beautiful elf girl losing important things one by one......Superb!”

“You are so...!!!”

“Master. I think that this document is important. If you don’t want to read it yourself, I can read it for you.”

“──Ok got it, I will read it myself. I will read it immediately. Gimme.”

Reading the intention of his follower that differed from what she actually said, Reiji instantly yielded and skimmed through the papers on his hand, then immediately returned them to Tifalycia as if he lost interest.

“Geez, I thought what’s the big deal, but it’s just finance.”

“Finance......Please take a look carefully.”

“I know without needing to see it. Rather, I got ahold of that data one week ago.”


“This territory cannot be self-sufficient since its productivity is low in the first place. Then the occasional trade with 「Beastia」 also ceased, and the connection with 「Elf」 is completely severed, so the income becomes zero. We are completely relying on savings currently, and cannot last even 20 days ── this matter right?”

“You......already know this, is it?”

“Look here, manually gathering the information by using servants, then doing the calculation yourself......such a tedious work, using a smartphone to take photos and calculate is much faster right? Also, the conclusion is obviously one word. Basically ── Doomed.”

As Reiji somehow spoke such with confidence, Tifalycia suddenly realized.

“C-Could it be that...a contingency plan has been thought of──”

“Hmm? There’s no way I would do that.”


“I have said this many times before, don’t rely on a NEET. I don’t do things I don’t want to do, I only do things I want to do. There are times I can answer your expectation, but fundamentally I don’t!”

Reiji snickered as Tifalycia realized how unwise it was of her for having an instance of expectation.

“............I was foolish.”


“Kuh......E-Every single time......!”

Tifalycia clenched her fist, and immediately told herself to calm down.

Reiji’s way of saying things was irritating, but what he said was reasonable.

Even if he didn’t say it out loud, it was honestly not a good thing to completely rely on the more excellent people beside her.

First, think about it yourself.

Remembering what Reiji had said in the past, she began to think while saying out.

“Currently, Tistel is in a worse position than 「Beastia」.”

Just as Reiji said, this land had very low productivity.

Also, because most of the territory here was classified as holy ground that had a different ecosystem compared to the normal one ── a magical territory so to say, what the vast forest area could produce was only lumber and oil, edible things would only be a small quantity of fungi.

In the first place, lumber was the center of their economic development through trading with other countries, after [Authority], although minute, the 「Infirma」 who had obtained freedom would migrate into Tistel (Country of 「Liberator」) at fixed intervals.

Having more citizens was a good thing, but it would be meaningless if they could not make a living.

If the 「Beastia」 was said to be revealing their shortcomings, 「Liberator」 would be clearly waving their shortcomings on a level above that.

──No wait.

Just now, Reiji had said that 「Beastia」 could be using their shortcoming as a bait.

In that case, if 「Liberator」 could use the same move......?

Tifalycia observed Reiji without thinking, but soon denied such a thought process after seeing the NEET looking over with a smirk.

In the first place, even if she used the same move, she did not know the actual method to achieve it.

Reiji and Leu seemed to have already predicted the method to a certain degree, but asking them directly would be meaningless.

Rather, she simply did not want to.

She would absolutely be treated as an idiot.

“What is it? Got something you wanna ask?”

Reiji asked in a lazy tone as he lied on the bed with one hand supporting his chin, Tifalycia turned her face aside.

“There is nothing.”

“That so?”

Seeing Reiji strangely smiling as if satisfied, Tifalycia was further certain of it.

As expected, she felt that Reiji had read her thoughts.

Then all the more she could not ask him.

......Of course it was not obstinacy, she would not grow otherwise. He wanted Tifalycia to be able to think independently at least. To become able to discuss with him on the same level.

Using their weakness as a weapon was an idea that Tifalycia did not have in the past.

What Tifalycia would immediately think of when 「Liberator」 (Own country) was unable to self-sustain, were extremely obvious methods such as relying on other countries.

To such a method, Reiji would probably answer her 『Alright, an idiotic girl』 immediately.

Not limited to 「Liberator」, there was no race that would lend a helping hand to another race without compensation ── he would say something like that.

In the first place, Tistel (Liberator) was too fragile as a country.

That’s why they would receive help was what Tifalycia thought, and Reiji would say that’s not the case.

Even if they received help, it would be meaningless if unfavorable conditions were attached.

What was necessary was a cooperative relationship on the same standing.


“If we formed an alliance......”

Tifalycia muttered half unconsciously, and unexpectedly got a response.

“Heh, there’s system for alliance? Even though the races are against one another?”

It was Reiji who spoke those words half-teasingly.

“Eh......You do not know?”

Hero ── People from another world not knowing about it would only be natural, she was surprised that Reiji did not know about it because he gave her an impression that he knew everything.

Leu probably felt that as well, she stared at Reiji and opened her mouth.

“......It was when Heroic War was still called the Pledged War.”

Pledged War. It was a story before the Hero appeared in this world.

“Ah, it’s the story about when snatching the Seal of Hero was still snatching the 『Race Flag』 that symbolized the race huh.”

The current Heroic War was about snatching the Seal of Hero, basically determining the victor by touching the Seal of Hero, such an orthodox method, but in the past Pledged War, instead of that seal, there existed 『Race Flag』 which signified the same thing.

“The『Race Flag』 itself has been enchanted with 『All races recognized as the same race magic』. That 『Race Flag』 will be exchanged. By doing that, both sides will recognized as the same race.”

“So that same race, for example, if I obtained the 『Race Flag』 of 「Beastia」, the I will temporarily become 「Liberator」 as well as 「Beastia」......in other words, becoming 『Dual Race』?”

“......It’s just in name. But that name in itself is important.”

“Hypothetically speaking, even if two Rulers decide to cooperate with each other and they pledge not to hold a Pledged War between their races under the Great Contract Magic, there will still be loopholes. However, by exchanging the 『Race Flag』 enchanted with the magic ‘become the same race’, both the races will be forcefully acknowledged as the same race, the principle of the Pledged War will be lost. Therefore, that is what is called an alliance. Fuun.”

“By the way, the『Race Flag』 itself still exists now......it seems. Since it had already turned into Heroic War by the time I was born, I had never seen the one for the 「Elf」 myself, but it should be carved with the Six Flower in Full Bloom.”

“If there is a 『Race Flag』, it’s possible to form an alliance. However, whether there is any race that will accept the alliance or not is another story altogether.”

At Leu’s harsh supplement, Tifalycia was unable to speak up.

“Well, on top of having strong individuality and personalities, those Heroes also have achievements of their own in their former world, so it will be hard to imagine those Heroes joining hands.”


“Rather, before all that, we don’t even have the 『Race Flag』 itself. Even the seal representing that is also ── Hup.”

In the middle of his talk, Reiji took off his top and bared his upper body, Tifalycia’s face turned bright red when she saw that.

“Hii......Wh-Why did you suddenly strip!?”

“──Just as you can see, it has become a situation where you are not sure if there is one or not. Hey oi, look properly.”

Reiji pointed at his chest with his finger where instead of the original Six Flower in Full Bloom seal, there was a round frame that seemed like only a trace of it.

“Mine as well.”

The seal on Leu’s snow white thigh was the same round frame similar to Reiji.


“That’s...well, isn’t it because THAT judged that we are no longer 「Elf」?”

Reiji pointed outside the window, and snickered after showing her the floating Cube ── Great Contract Magic.

The Great Contract Magic that was the law of the world.

That Cube had completely acknowledged Reiji and co as 「Liberator」.

Understanding this fact through the seal was more astonishing than she thought.

Ignoring the moved Tifalycia, Reiji shrugged his shoulder and said.

“Well, if this is supposed to be the seal of 「Liberator」, it just feels too sloppy.”

“──There is no such thing.”

Watching Reiji and Leu’s seal warmly, Tifalycia spoke from the bottom of her heart.

“The shape can be anything. However, if we know that ── this is our mark...”

Seeing Tifalycia tightening the grip of her hand that was held at her chest, Reiji grinned.

“That’s true, there is no need to fuss over the shape. Then...”

He wore back his shirt and took one step closer to Tifalycia, and while she was confused ── touched the collar at her neck.

“It’s fine for this to be our 『Race Flag』. Since the shape can be anything.”

At the same time as he declared as such, a faintly glowing magic formation spread out.

“......?Ha? ────D-Don’t tell me...”

Tifalycia instantly noticed, she hurried to the full-length mirror, confirmed that a round frame was carved onto the collar, and opened her eyes wide.

“Oh, as I thought, this much can also be decided. So decisive of you, Great Contract Magic-chan.”

Hearing that clearly convinced tone, Tifalycia shouted with vigor at Reiji.

“Wh──Wh-What the heck have you doooone!!”

“What is it, isn’t anything fine? Then isn’t the collar just fine too?”

“Even though anything is fine, isn’t there something better!? Of all things, a collar......!”

“No no, isn’t the 『Race Flag』 only used when forming alliances? Then, if you decide to form an alliance, that collar must be taken off, right?”


“The collar...will be taken off, you know?”



I wonder why?

Even though I kept challenging Reiji to 「Showdown」 in order to take it off.

When Reiji spoke of that just now, I don’t feel as happy as I thought I would......


“Ah, n-no, of course!”

“Then, for that sake, try to do your best?”

Although it was in a teasing tone, after realizing that he was encouraging her, Tifalycia stopped on spot.

Could it be ── the alliance method itself was positively evaluated?

The delayed joy started seeping in bit by bit, but she didn't want him to find out as that would be embarrassing.

So, Tifalycia tried hard to suppress her expressions and continued.

“I will try hard even if you don’t tell me to.”

“Umu. Then since I will be sleeping now...”

“Yes ── ah that’s wrong, you have to come as well, Reiji!”

“Eh? It’s only been ten days since [Authority]. There are still plenty of reserves, shouldn’t it still be sufficient for now?”

“They'll be over in just twenty days you know!? Don’t you have any sense of danger!”

“Let me teach you something nice. In my world, there’s this saying 『Things will come to those who sleep and wait』, so if you sleep, things will turn good on their own──”

“That’s a lie! I don’t know if it’s really a saying in Reiji’s world or not, but I at least know that this is an excuse to slack off!”

“Hou, not bad......Well, there is really a saying with such a meaning, but it’s also the truth that it’s an excuse to slack of. Well, there’s nothing you can change even if you know that. Rather, where exactly do you want to go when you tell me to go?”


“{I have not thought about the actual details on how to go about it......However, since the objective is to form an alliance, I can only go look for races that seem willing to form alliance} or something along that line is what you are thinking?”


Tifalycia became speechless, and Reiji spoke lazily.

“In that case, sleeping and waiting is better.”

“That other people business kind of attitude won’t──”

As Tifalycia was about to continue.

“──Eeh, isn’t it great, things come to those who sleep and wait is the best♪”

All of a sudden.

From outside the window, a loud ── overly hyped voice spoke.

Faster than Reiji and co could reflexively turn around, the black robe’s sharp tip stretched out of the window, and stopped before the eyes of that girl.

Slender body wrapped in a mini cheongsam-like attire, the girl that clearly applied makeup blinked her eyes that would leave a great impression on others, ignored her side pony fluttering in the wind, and happily floated there.

──No, upon closer inspection, the girl seemed to be riding on a horse-like animal with two horns growing on its head.

What was flying was that animal.

A horse that grew two horns ── Divine beast. Fishing rod-like...accessory. And that cheerful and casual tone.

Seeing Reiji comparing her with the smartphone screen, the girl tilted her head and asked.

“Hmm? What’s the matter? Is there something on my face♪”

Her appearance suggested that her age was similar to Reiji and co or even younger, but as there was the example of Napoleon = Paulette, the surface age could not be trusted.

......That’s right.

In other words, she was──

“Ah~ I see I see, I forgot to say the important thing. I haven’t introduced myself yet♪”

The girl kept her high pitch, and was about to continue...

“──There’s no need for that.”

And was interrupted by Reiji.

“Surname Kyou, family name Ryo, last name Shyou. The commonly known name is ── Taigoubou, right?”

That was the same name as the Hero of 「Sirena」.


Tifalycia’s shock was delayed.

“As expected. With just the key item, you immediately know my identity......Yababa[2].”

As if she found it funny, she laughed out heartily. And kept laughing.

“Haa......so funny♪”

After laughing her fill, she narrowed her eyes and looked at Reiji and co who felt left behind...

“That’s righty. Just as you see.”

She calmly opened up the cloth at her chest area to reveal the 『Three Convened Jade』 seal carved at there.

“Once again, I am the Hero Taigoubou from 「Sirena」♪ Pleased・to・meet・you♪”

Right hand touching her cheek making a peace sign, and finished off with a wink.


In the Zeganda Sea, at the Tian Lai Archipelago, was the sea city of 「Sirena」.

Their absolute Sorcery 『Resonance』 allowed them to share senses with others upon fulfilling some conditions.

Using that magic, they reinforced communication within the race, causing them to have significantly less internal conflicts compared to other races.

Hence, to the public, they had a strong image of pacifism and gentleness, their Hero Taigoubou was also often seen that way, however...

“......I can’t take it.”

Seeing Reiji furrowing his brows on this rare occasion, the girl that bore not a speck of resemblance to the Hero of 「Sirena」 that attended the [Authority] ── the real Taigoubou puffed her cheeks in grief.

“Eeh, aren’t you terrible for saying that all of a sudden?”

“The one being sudden here...is you.”

Leu spoke stiffly, and Tifalycia followed up.

“Th......That’s right. Even though there’s no Heroic War, why did the Hero of 「Sirena」 enter the territory of Tistel──”

“Isn’t it because she meant no harm?”

Reiji answered immediately, and continued naturally.

“The auto defense of Great Contract Magic will only work in the case of malicious intent. Being able to enter means there is no malicious intent, that’s without a doubt.”

“......Rather, I’m wondering why Reiji knows about that though.”

The activation condition for the auto defense magic of Great Contract Magic was exactly like that, but it was not strange for the act of the Hero from another race entering the territory itself to be treated as malicious intent.

At least Tifalycia thought as such, and she believed that there being no Hero entering another race’s territory apart from Heroic War was the proof.


“Well, because I tried it myself actually.”


That basically meant...Reiji entered the territory of another race on his own, and it would be a big problem to Tifalycia.

“Rather than that...”

Cutting off that topic, Reiji suppressed the strangely cautious Leu and spoke.

“You, aren’t you originally male? According to history.”

In fact, the Hero of 「Sirena」 that attended the [Authority] was also male.

“Eh? Let me think about it......it’s been so long that I forgot♪ But then but then, the current me is completely a girl you know?”

Saying so, she boldly flipped up her short skirt.

Her slim and healthy white thighs were revealed up to near the root...

“If you want ── want to try it for yourself?”

The girl smiled alluringly.

Reiji clicked his tongue before feeling erotic.

“............As I thought huh. Since Faust can exist, I thought that you being female is also possible.”

He scratched his head, and complained about how troublesome it was.

Seeing Reiji behaving unlike himself and seriously complaining about the trouble, Tifalycia asked in a small voice.

“What is...going on......?”

It was unclear whether Tifalycia knew about the Hero she summoned herself, but she did not have any information on the Heroes of other races.

And the best method of obtaining it was to ask the people that came from the same world.

“The famous person called Taigoubou in our world is mainly divided into two types.”

“Two types?”

“The historically existing person, and the fictional character.”

“Fictional character you say......”

“The Taigoubou that existed in history......Old man Ryo Shyou, was the tactician of China’s Emperor at the time. On the other hand, the Taigoubou written in the famous fictional tale The Creation of the Gods was a taoist that was like a deity......Ah, well, in this world’s term, it means a super human that can use special magic.”

Subsisting through mist, immortal, transcending humanity, known as sennin. That itself could be said to be a creation, its trait was immortality and it was also possible to transcend gender.

“The Taigoubou in The Creation of the Gods had an incredible description of riding an elk divine beast that had two horns to fly in the sky. That’s what it is right?”

Reiji pointed at the horse-like animal flying in the sky ── the elk turned its head away.

And the master riding on its back...

“Hmm. Hmm, too bad! Half correct...about there♪”

Purposely taking a pose for every small matter, she pointed at herself.

“I am just・my・self♪”


Taigoubou iterated the same thing, laughed as if in relief upon seeing Reiji furrowing his brows, and showed a meaningful expression.

“In the first place, the Hero summoned by Hero Summon is something like the concept of that Hero. Since it’s a concept, transcending time or causality, even the existence itself, the Hero will be summoned in the ideal state, which wields the most power.”

──For example, the Hero of 「Beastia」 Paulette Bonaparte was summoned as Napoleon Bonaparte.

And she manifested in that age appearance.

The Hero was summoned in the most ideal state.

“............I see. Since it transcends existence, that fictional creation can also be included huh.”

Hearing Reiji speaking to himself, she nodded.

“Yes yes. Therefore, I am summoned as the historical figure, fictional character, a product of someone’s imagination, and at the same time, the Taigoubou that is neither of those, something like that. ──By the way, instead of Taigoubou, please call me Ryo-chan♪”

In a cheerful voice at times, in a hyped voice at times, she spoke of the core of Hero Summon, it was too difficult for Tifalycia to understand every little detail.

“Summoned with the ideal image of anyone......?”

Just that part alone was too difficult to accept, she looked seriously at Reiji without thinking.

“Ah, no no. Didn’t I say originally? Only Reiji-chi is different right♪”

“Reiji-chi......you say?”

Ignoring Reiji who reacted to a different portion, Taigoubou narrowed her eyes.

“Reiji-chi is not conceptual, you are properly fixed in spacetime, in other words, not transcending existence, but actually existing. Because you are a confirmed existence, you have no Destiny, and also cannot use Realtà. How it became like that is......because the summoner Tifa Tifa is an [Absence] after all? That’s what I thought though.”

“............I don’t...really understand but...”

In the first place, the other party was not someone whose words could be fully trusted, there was no need to seriously listen to them.


“At least I am greatly convinced that this person is a failure of a Hero......”

Tifalycia stared towards Reiji like that, while he simply ignored it.

“So. That Hero-sama of 「Sirena」 has come here for what purpose?”

As if pulling the topic back.

The instant Reiji asked so, Taigoubou’s lips curved into a crescent moon shape...

“Of course, to grant Tifa Tifa and yalls’’ wish♪”

Spreading out both arms, she made a gesture as if to welcome everyone.


Tifalycia muttered despite being surprised by that big gesture.

“A・lli・ance ── want to form one with us?”


“──We’re in.”

Seeing the contrasting figure of the dazed Ruler and instantly answering Hero, she laughed as if feeling joy from the bottom of her heart.

1 Seikantai - Leu’s speech is always in hiragana, so the spelling せいかんたい is in her speech, which converts to the spelling for 性感帯.  

2 やばば - https://www.tofugu.com/japanese/gyaru-go/


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