Sep 9, 2018

Isekai NEET V1 Afterword


Thank you very much for picking up this book. I want to be owned than to be the owner! I am Karino Mikata.

Now then, this is a story about the protagonist doing as he like in Another World. The self-proclaimed NEET reversed the master-servant relationship with his summoner, the Elf princess, becoming his owner and letting him do as he please.
I had plenty of fun writing it (Laughter-filled face). But I like to be owned than to be the owner!

Speaking about owning, I started to own a cat recently. It was love at first sight at the pet shop.

She’s just so cute, so cute that you want to eat her up, she has quite the affectionate personality, sticking close to me all day and bothering me, her appetite made me want to retort “Are you actually a noble lady born from pet shop!?”, especially, she would pester me with all her might for more food during meal time.

Thanks to that, I have been revolving my activities around my cat’s meal time recently.

My cat came to wake me up telling me it’s breakfast time, my cat came telling me to prepare for dinner and went full throttle on disturbing my work to get me make dinner......

Once the breakfast and dinner schedule is fixed, the day’s cycle is naturally fixed.

Then again, seeing her munching away at her meal, I would think “I have to earn money to support this child” and become motivated on my work. Since I have to decide a schedule to play with my cat everyday, I have to properly arrange my daily schedule, allowing me to act with a better plan than the past ── Huh?

Could it be......I am being owned?

Below is my appreciation.

First is my editor O-sama. Thank you for providing various ideas and giving concrete pointers for this work. O-sama saying “Interesting” alone is enough to make Karino’s skin ten years younger. Brilliant candy and whip, please look after me from now on as well!

Blowing life into the characters, Necometa-sama. Every character is paid attention to and drawn with super high quality, especially after seeing the character design, Karino let out an incomprehensible shout “Illustration I want to read out loud!”. Truly thank you very much.

Also, my family and friends, especially Mikawa-san, I appreciate your help on the titles.

Everyone from the editorial department and sales department with Y Chief Editor as head, Designer-sama, Correction-sama, everyone from the publisher and bookshops.

More than anything ── you all who have read up to here, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Let us meet again!

Karino Mikata

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  1. Congratulations on finishing volume 1 and thank you very much for the translations Sora!

  2. Plus they keep far longer than fresh vegetables. So my freezer always contains bags of frozen peas, frozen spinach, frozen mixed veg, frozen sweetcorn, frozen green beans..

    First for Frozen