Apr 5, 2018

Isekai NEET V1 Prologue

Prologue - No Working, Not before Losing

This world is the best.

Lying on a luxurious bed.

Tasting the delicacies lined up on the side table.

Receiving a massage from a scarcely dressed pretty girl.

Houbami Reiji muttered in comfort.

“Aah -Really the best- Another World.”

He, who looked like a mere high school student on the surface, was summoned as a Hero to Universal Paradise (Aquatera Realm) one month ago.

Three white moons floated in the sky.

Huge dragons soared carefreely.

The existence of Elves, Beast People, Spirits and magic were all real, a fantasy world like in a manga or a game.

He was fully enjoying the most out of that world.

With no friends or family, not even a smartphone or the Internet.

The common sense and morality culture he had piled up were all useless, there was not even a public institution to guarantee his identity.

In other words.

All the troublesome (boring) restrictions were not there.

It was an environment where he did not have to study in school, was guaranteed of his living necessities, and could obtain anything he wished for.

Utopia...Elysium...Tír na nÓg......

Well, the name did not matter, it was nothing other than paradise.

“Don’t you think so? Master.”

Reiji spoke with a laid back voice to the other person.

The scarcely dressed pretty girl doing the massage ── a girl with long ears from the 「Elf」, had her already trembling hands tremble even further due to the shame, making the tasteless collar around her neck clatter.

From the bottom of her heart ── she screamed with all her strength.

“There’s no way I would think so right!?”

She had snow white skin and a perfectly shaped face.

Due to the thin and scarce attire, her bountiful breasts despite her slim body were easily revealed, her face dyed red in shame, she bit her lips in frustration, and was teary-eyed.

Even though she was clearly of noble birth, she was collared and giving Reiji a body massage dedicatedly.

It was she, who was the summoner that summoned Reiji to that world as his master.

Even though Reiji was supposed to become her servant according to the master-servant contract.

“Ah...Anyway, can you press down a bit stronger?”


“Aah a bit more below. That’s right, right there. Feels good.”


Being treated like a servant, she continued to press on Reiji’s body.

“Well, looks like you have improved quite a bit on this, Master.”

As Reiji emphasized the ‘on this’ in his words, the girl clenched her fist, and muttered in a small voice.

“Uuu......Next time......Next time for sure ── I will win in 「Showdown」 and return this relationship to how it’s supposed to be......”

His master, the thirteenth inheritor to Granlem (「Elf」 Kingdom), Tifalycia Cleargreen, thought as she massaged the body of the Hero, who was supposed to be her cooperator as well as her servant.

──How did it end up like this?

“You just thought of ‘How did it end up like this?’ right?”


“‘Why were my thoughts......’ ‘It’s mind reading after all......’ ‘Eh, then, then the this and that I thought of up till now as well......!?’”


Seeing Tifalycia blocking her long ears, letting out ‘a-ah’ sound, trying not to get her mind read by not thinking of anything, Reiji smiled bitterly as if he had given up.

“How many time are you going to be fooled by this? I have said it many times already, I cannot read minds.”

“Th-This declaration itself can possibly be a lie!”

......Ah, that certainly was a possibility.

Although people would not sprout such a stupid lie normally, Reiji might.

Seeing that she no longer agreed to Reiji’s words blindly like before, then ending up dyeing her face red in shame, she seemed to have grown a little.

Reiji was slightly satisfied by it, and continued with a smirk.

“How distant, do I look like I am lying?”

“You do! And you look exactly like that!! I can even declare that there is no existence amongst all the races who can be more underhanded than you!!”

“Heh, you will go that far huh.”

Just by responding to her insistence with an evil smile, her face paled like a rabbit caught by a fox.

“Wh-What is it......I am only speaking the fact.”

“That’s right. It’s certainly the fact.”

He nodded in agreement...

“‘Since the opponent uses the most underhanded methods amongst all the races, there is no way I can win. It’s already decided that I will lose no matter how many times I challenge him in 「Showdown」. It can’t be helped that I cannot win a single time’ is it?”


The girl’s meek expression immediately changed at those words.

Strong will dwelled in those beautiful gem-like jade pupils, her expression changed from a meek one that could not even kill a bug to that of a warrior’s.

Her right hand swung in an elegant gesture.

From the hunted to the hunter.

“──Very well.”

The girl announced with her lowest tone.

“Let’s have a 「Showdown」!”

──There we go, she bit the bait.

As Reiji thought so in his heart, he spoke with a troublesome attitude to his impulsive master (Tifalycia).

“Eh, today’s 「Showdown」 is already over. We must start from deciding the method again──”

“I don’t mind you deciding the method! If I win, you must do your duty as a hero properly without complaints......!”

“And if you lose?”

“I will do anything you say until you are satisfied!”

“Ah, is that so?”

Hearing the expected words, Reiji’s attitude changed.

An evil smile.

“It can’t be helped if you go that far. I will receive your challenge.”

After confirming the contract magic formation glowing lightly along with those words, he continued as if just bringing it up as a side.

“Just to confirm with you, you are fine with anything, right?”

“......A-Anything means?”

“‘I will do anything you say until you are satisfied’?”

“~That’s if I lose! On the contrary, our relationships must return to how it is if I win──”

“Nn, yes yes, I know.”

After obtaining her verbal confirmation, Reiji stretched himself lightly...

“Now then, I wonder what I should make you do next. An elf nyotaimori[1]......Adding a ‘nyaa’ as sentence ender was done before, cat ears overlaps with elf ears..................No wait. Won’t it unexpectedly fit?”

Saying such things, he was already deciding on the demand after winning the 「Showdown」.

“T-T-Treating me like an idiot......”

The elf girl glared at him as she was trembling with anger which colored her in red.

That frustrating glare only made Reiji more pleased, he spoke with a sleazy expression.

“Just win if you feel frustrated ── Against this NEET Hero Reiji-sama!”

Fuhahahahaha, Reiji purposely laughed out loudly.

Seeing that appearance, Tifalycia creased her brows sorrowfully.

“E-Even though he’s supposed to be the Hero......supposed to be the Hero ── to think that he’s a NEET!”

Unprecedented, preposterous, incomprehensible──

No words could describe the horrible situation.


Therefore, Tifalycia thought about it for the nth time.

How did it end up like this──?

And, she also recalled that moment at the same time.

The day when everything began──

1 Nyotaimori - 女体盛り, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nyotaimori


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