Apr 5, 2018

Isekai NEET V1 Chapter 1

Chapter 1 - NEET, Master-Servant Reversal

Located at the east side of one of the three main continents, the Zestis Continent, which stretched along the East-West direction, with forests occupying the majority of the country, was the Country of the Elves, Granlem.

The seventh province, Tistel, located at the North-Western end, that had a major part of it connected to the neighbouring 「Beastia」 Union, Entara, played the role of Granlem’s gate.

Ninety percent of the already narrow province was occupied by forest, hence there was no castle town or citizens.

What was there was just a small castle and a bare minimum number of servants, as well as a candidate to the throne in name only.

That’s why ── the secret ritual of Hero Summon was literally the trump card for Tifalycia Cleargreen, Lord of Tistel, thirteenth inheritor to the throne of Granlem.

──Ages ago, Aquatera Realm broke into a magic war which involved all races, the [Seventh].

The six races possessed individual magic systems. As a result of them, which held the hegemony of the world, hurled powerful magic against one another that could destroy the world seven times, they saw the danger of all races facing extinction, and came up with one solution.

That was the construction of the absolute law, Great Contract Magic, which possessed the power to magically enforce any and all contracts.

All races pledged under The Cube, which was created by assembling the complex magic systems of each race, to be non-violent, thereafter the chaotic and barbarous conflicts disappeared from the world.

Pledge for the beautiful peace. For eternal harmony.

However, no matter how ideal it was, problems between countries still occurred.

Realizing the limit of how much non-violence could resolve the problems, the races thought up of a system to make violence possible under exception.

That was the war authorized by having the two opposing races prepare detailed rules and decide on a field, then pledging under the Great Contract Magic that their entire race would strictly abide by those rules ── Pledged War.

Henceforth, all political conflicts between countries forbade killing of the opposition, then liberated a limited usage of offensive magic. All were decided using Pledged War.

Pledged War.

A certain race summoned a Hero from Another World to fight as the commander, and brought that race an overwhelming victory.

That race noticed that if the Hero had the power to affect the history of their original worlds ── called Destiny, it would greatly affect Pledged War.

In that way, every race became enthusiastic in summoning a Hero, causing Pledged War to be called Heroic War.

Of course, the Hero Summon which could call out a Hero from another world could not be done by just anyone.

Speaking of the 「Elf」, it was the special authority currently allowed only to the members of the Royal bloodline──

(Royal blood is also flowing in my veins.)

Queen of 「Elf」 ── Clairlycia Cleargreen, being the older sister of the Ruler, she committed the 『Absolute Taboo』 and was called the worst stain of Granlem.

However, to Tifalycia, she was more gentle and intelligent than anyone, accepting even the servile 「Infirma」 without any discrimination, her most beloved mother.

She could not tolerate the royalty for saying 『Glad that she died』 to her mother no matter what.

She must somehow summon an excellent Hero through Hero Summon, making her own existence indispensable in the 「Elf」, so that she could clear away her mother’s dishonor──

Ever since her mother passed away, Tifalycia had been living with that sole thought as her driving force, that’s why the Hero Summon could be said to be her once in a lifetime gamble.

The glowing magic formation represented the calling of a Hero, making her feel her entire body tremble due to the excitement.

(......It succeeded......)

Hero Summon was considered on another level even amongst the various difficult ritual magic.

Tifalycia had invested many years of preparation for that moment.

Light gradually converged, returning the stone chapel built outside the castle back to its original dimness.

Tifalycia’s eyes narrowed from the bright light, as she confirmed that there was a silhouette on the altar, her chest raised in expectation.

A Hero must have a noble wish in order to be summoned to another world, so that it would be easier to establish a contract afterwards. Pioneering spirit, exploring of the unknown, desire for world domination......individuals possessing such kind of wishes must contain a powerful Destiny which could change history itself in their original worlds.

(──What kind of person will come?)

A little bit of anxiety and nervousness.

A greater expectation above all.

Before Tifalycia’s eyes completely adapted, she called out to the silhouette.

“Welcome to Aquatera Realm──!”

Through the Hero Summon, the Hero’s name was automatically translated and etched into the brain of the summoner.

The name she would be calling countless times from then on.

Hero ── Houbami Reiji.”

Light dissipated, and that figure cleared up.

Hero Reiji was──

A youth.

His age was around the same as Tifalycia who was sixteen.

A plain yet weird attire that gave off a uniformed feel from top to bottom. A school bag hung on his shoulder. Humans from another world having strange attire or objects in their hands were nothing special by then, but his physique was rather slim, and he did not look like he had held a sword or shield even once before.

Despite already changing the world’s history, unable to abandon the spirit of exploring the unknown, those people would more or less experience some sort of battle.

For example, 『Arthur Pendragon』 summoned by the 「Dragonne」, or 『Napoleon Bonaparte』 summoned by the 「Beastia」, had in fact showed remarkable battle results.

However, the youth before her did not look like someone of their caliber in any way, no aspiration or desire could be seen from that ambitionless expression.

Normally speaking, shouldn’t he be more flustered after being summoned to another world, or be shocked or something......?

(──No, that’s rude.)

Judging a person by his looks was a foolish act.

Rather, the fact that he was not shocked might be his nobleness.

......Though he only seemed to be in a daze no matter how one looked at it.

(No no no no.)

Tifalycia retorted herself once more in her heart.

Hero’s power is Destiny!

Destiny was treated equally as mana in Aquatera Realm.

The higher that power, the greater the Hero’s Authority ── Realtร  would become.

In other words, Destiny was exactly the evaluation of the qualification for another world’s Hero.

Recollecting herself, taking a deep breath, Tifalycia tried to look at Reiji’s Destiny.


The result once again shocked her.

Destiny is...zero......?”

Destiny could be measured by just sending a minuscule amount of mana to the irises.

As long as he was another world’s Hero, his body would definitely let out Destiny.

However, there was absolutely none in him.

Unprecedented. Completely out of expectations.

(Don’t tell me......is it because I’m a failure?)

In other words.

The Hero Summon had failed──?

“Oi you there, you can’t just summon me out of the blue like that.”

Tifalycia raised her face at the youth’s voice.

His voice was more composed than she thought, yet as sluggish as she expected.

He crossed his arms, frowned his brows, clearly showing dissatisfaction.

“Not giving your own name, calling my name on your own. And to suddenly feel disappointed for some unknown reason on top of that......Another world these days are quite horrible.”

“Ah......E-Excuse me. I am Tifalycia Cleargreen. I am the Lord of Tistel, the seventh province of Granlem. Granlem is──”

“Aah you can skip that.”

Reiji waved his arm as if it was too troublesome, then scratched his head and spoke with dead fish like eyes.

“Instead of that, what’s the deal with summoning a NEET to another world? Are you an idiot? You want to die?”


At the same time as that mutter, Idea Language mechanism activated, allowing Tifalycia to understand the meaning of the term.

NEET: Not going to school, not working, a society leech that does not study or contribute.

Towards Tifalycia, who was blanking out by a bunch of words far from Hero like joined up together.

“Ah? Did you just think that I’m not a NEET because I’m still a student now?”

Reiji seemed to misunderstand that reaction, causing his mood to worsen, then strutted closer to Tifalycia, and glared at her from a close range.


He heaved a sigh and shrugged his shoulder exaggeratedly, not minding Tifalycia retreating on reflex from having a male suddenly getting close.

“You don’t get it, you just don’t get it. Look, ok? NEET is not a term like how people defined them to be originally. Do you understand? Not going to school, not working, those are just on the surface.”

His words became more passionate. His voice got louder.

“School? Don’t go if too boring. Work? Don’t do if too troublesome. Don’t do things you don’t want to do. Rather, don’t do things apart from what you want to do! The resolve of a person actually carrying out such an obvious matter! It is not something as shallow as what those people label!”


“Basically, NEET is all about the spirit!!”


The meaning...could not be comprehended.

No, what he said could be understood. The Idea Language were created for the sake of solving the language problems between the various races. Due to that, while regrettable, the words went through.


“......Umm......in other words, you are......that NEET?”

“That’s what I have been saying since just now. Rather, it’s tiring to keep standing so can I just sit down?”

Saying so, he immediately sat down on the altar.

“Haa......Even though I’m tired from going to school after such a long time today. What kind of penalty game is this for summoning me to another world on my way back? Seriously ridiculous.”

He grumbled out with his arms crossed, feeling troublesome from his heart.

Tifalycia was...


The girl, who in order to clear away her mother’s dishonor, held on with extraordinary willpower, worked hard, put in all her effort, and finally succeeded in the summoning ritual was...

“Then, eh, about having you fight in the Heroic War as a Hero is......”

“Hah? I won’t do that obviously.”


Rejected like a matter of course.


The sound of something snapping came from inside Tifalycia’s head.

“S-S──Stop fooling around!!”

As Tifalycia raised her voice, a corner of her heated up mind thought as if it was another person’s matter.

Aah, how long had it been, since the last time she felt that much emotion.

That much ── That much anger!

“Y-Y-You, do you not understand your own position!? Hero is an existence chosen to carry the responsibility and the great expectations of the entire race, or you can say the country the summoner belongs to, you know!? To reject that──”

“Who cares.”

Who. Cares.

With just two words in response, Tifalycia felt that she might collapse.

However, the Hero, who was already lying down and not sitting, looked at Tifalycia.

“Ooh, a beautiful blonde elf girl looking so fragile is wonderful. Good, show me more.”

She almost wanted to throw a punch. It was the first time since she was born that she wanted to beat up someone.

Not knowing how Tifalycia thought, Reiji continued in a lazy tone.

“Rather, even though I don’t know a single thing about this world, telling me to become a Hero and carry the responsibility of a country, can’t you understand that I’m troubled to give a reaction?”

“Th-That irritating way of speaking......”

No no no, calm down.

Taking a deep breath, Tifalycia calmly ruminated over his words.

──Not knowing about the world, so such a reaction could not be helped.

It was certainly so.

“......I understand. First, let me brief you on how this world is established, and why you have been summoned.”

“Ah, un. Make it short.”

Not interested. His face clearly showed that, but Tifalycia intentionally ignored his face and spoke.

In the past ── There were no intelligent species existing in this world.

Beautiful sky and sea, rich land with a large variety of plants and animals.

During the peaceful flow of time, 『They』 appeared at the same time, it could be destiny in a way.

From seven different worlds which received the fate of ruination, seven races transported to this world through the 『Gate』.

Boasting excellent fighting ability, the 「Dragonne」.

Living in water with the ability to control the flow of water, the 「Sirena」.

Shunning other races while having beautiful appearances, the 「Elf」.

Possessing various kinds of physical abilities, the 「Beastia」.

Gentle but having many idealists, the「El Blanche」.

Having no contact with other races, the mysterious 「Strega」.

And not possessing any magical conception, the 「Infirma」.

Except the 「Infirma」 which had no means of fighting nor territory to fight for, the rest of the races fought against one another to obtain the hegemony of the world.

It was when the war carved the threat of extinction deeply into those races.

In order to avoid the worst case scenario of total extinction of all races, they created a world law together──

“......That is called The Great Contract Law, a law to enforce the contract to be carried out.”

Outside the chapel, at the place Tifalycia’s finger pointed to.

A Cube was floating in the blue sky, releasing mysterious light.

Maintaining a slow and constant self-rotation, that was exactly the manifestation of the absolute magic that was implemented on all the races living in Aquatera Realm without any exception.

“Under the great magic, we have established the contract of 『Forbid Fundamental Fighting』(TLN: FFF organization), making the act of harming others impossible. Even so, when fighting still occurred between the races, the Heroes summoned from other worlds as exceptions will be the center role to fight in Heroic War──”

“Aah hold on a moment. About that The Great Contract Law...”

Reiji, who was unexpectedly listening properly, spoke without changing his lying posture.

“I get that it has magical enforcement power for the sake of ensuring the contract is carried out, are there other conditions to use that? For instance, is it impossible for 「Infirma」 who cannot use magic?”

“......No, since it is a magic that is casted on this world itself, the mana of the individual does not matter. In fact, when 「Infirma」, who cannot use magic, establishes a contract with the employer, it also uses that. What is required is just the 『Mutual understanding & Agreement』 between the two parties.”

“『Mutual Understanding & Agreement』 huh......won’t it be difficult for the entire race to acknowledge? If there are those who dislike violence, Heroic War cannot even be carried out.”

“No, Heroic War is established by the representatives of the races ── between the Rulers.”


“They are individuals acknowledged under Great Contract Magic to be their races’ representatives, and they establish a special contract to decide for their races. Heroic War is established under this authorization──”

“Aah, that means it’s useless even if others complain huh. If the Ruler decided to do it, it represents the race’s will then.”

“You can say that, but......in the first place, although you are free to use offensive magic during Heroic War, the ultimate principle of 『Forbid Killing』 still have to be kept. So there isn’t anyone extremely against it.”



“Nothing. By the way, this 『Mutual Understanding & Agreement』, does it also apply to this Hero Summon used to summon me?”

“Of course. The moment the Hero responded to the summoner’s plead, both sides have reached mutual understanding and agreement, hence automatically establishing the contract. The Seal of Race will be somewhere on the body as proof.”

“Eh, no way, seriously? Where, where?”

Reiji got up and took off his outer clothes, making himself half-naked.

“K──Kyaaaa!? WW-Wh-What are──”

“Well, I want to confirm that obviously. Aah this?”

A flower seal appeared on his chest where his finger pointed, but the embarrassed Tifalycia stubbornly looked away.

“I-If it’s Six Flower in Full Bloom, that’s the Seal of 「Elf」!”

“Seal of 「Elf」......Aah, it’s about the seal of the contracted race appearing huh.”

“Th-That’s right......Hurry up and wear your clothes already!”

“You’re making such a big fuss over only the upper half of a guy. You should have seen it before, right?”


“......Haah, never huh. I see. Well, I don’t know if you are bad around guys, but you sure are a selfish one for summoning me yourself.”

“There’s no way I can specify the gender......!”

“Well, I suppose. You won’t be summoning a NEET if you can specify those details.”

“......Rather, the person coming from another world to be summoned as a Hero should only be someone who has agreed.”

As she stared grudgingly at Reiji, he tilted his head.

“If you are unsatisfied, you can send me back to my original world, you know? Though I don’t know if it’s possible.”

“It’s obviously not possible!? I would have done it long ago if I could!!”

She could no longer reverse it. Her eyes became watery.

Even though she finally, finally summoned the Hero.

With his Destiny zero, furthermore, motivation zero and delicacy zero.

What he had was a weird conviction of not doing anything he did not want to do, a NEET Hero that could not really be called a Hero.

That NEET Hero purposely sighed out loudly, and shamelessly spoke.

“Well, it can’t be helped if I can’t return. I will have you take responsibility for it then.”


“I told you, right? I’m a NEET. And unlike those improper NEET, I’m an elite NEET. You, who have summoned this elite NEET here, are responsible for providing the suitable environment for me to do what I want like in my original world!”

“Wh......What shameless words you are saying so proudly......”

“Or are you a scum who doesn’t care about the person you selfishly summoned!?”

“Who is the scum here!?”

“Well, honestly speaking, it’s already absolutely unforgivable the moment there’s no Internet here. I barely forgave you because you are a beautiful girl, and an elf on top of that, you know?”

An instance of killing intent welled up. It was her first time thinking of killing someone even as a joke since her birth.

......She already, already wanted to just give up on everything.

When Tifalycia was about to fall into despair she had never felt ever since her mother died, Reiji spoke to her.

“Well, the practical problem is, didn’t something actually go wrong? Something about that summoning ritual.”

“There is no way that can happen!......Not...supposed to.”

Not...supposed to......As Tifalycia was thinking about it, she raised her face after noticing Reiji looking at her with an evil smile.

“I-In the first place, only a minority of people in 「Elf」 can summon a Hero ── Only people carrying the royal blood can!”

“Heeh, you are a member of the royalty huh.”

“Y-Yeah. Royalty’s......A person connected to royalty.”

“Hmm, connected to the royalty of 「Elf」, huh.”

“Y-You got a problem?”

“Well, not really?”

While gaining distrust at those words with implications, Tifalycia continued.

“Currently, us 「Elf」 do not have a Hero. If other races fight us, we will be in a serious disadvantage. Therefore, I have summoned the Hero for the sake of the 「Elf」, and established a contract──”

“That’s it. The problem is the contract part. That Great Contract Magic must have gone wrong.”

Reiji pointed at the cube floating in the sky.

“Only that is impossible.”

Tifalycia confidently spoke.

Great Contract Magic is the eternal absolute law created by constructing with the [Absolute Unique Magic], which includes the prestige of all the races. Not anyone can escape from its effect.”


“......You seriously don’t believe it, do you?”

“Well, because I never actually saw it. I was certainly summoned, but I don’t really feel any enforcement power activating. Rather, I still don’t feel like working!”

At the Hero’s forceful speech, Tifalycia sighed, then pushed out her chest and recollected herself.

“──Fine. Then I will show it to you in practice.”

“Hmm? About establishing a contract?”

“Yes. I will give out a simple condition to actually make a contract right now. Then you also──”

“No, that won’t do.”


“If you use what you prepared, I won’t be able to tell if it’s from Great Contract Magic or ── the magic used by 「Elf」.”

“Ah, no, what 「Elf」 uses is mainly [Analytical Magic]......Not to mention, umm, I...”

“No matter what you say, I don’t have any objective evidence to judge whether that’s true at this moment. So it should be me to give out the condition, isn’t that so?”


He unexpectedly thought through properly.

Ignoring Tifalycia, who was having such rude thoughts, Reiji fished around in his school bag, and took out a tasteless metallic collar from inside.

“For example, I want to make you wear this. Let’s see, 『Unless I decide so, you must keep wearing this collar contract』, what is necessary to establish it?”

“......Umm...why...that contract......? Maybe it’s different in your world, but a collar is worn by livestocks and pets in our world, so it has a very humiliating meaning......”

“Un, that’s the same in my world.”

“Then, even more so──”

“Even more so, you would not do that normally, right? In other words, it’s about testing the enforcement power of Great Contract Magic by making you do something you would never do without establishing a contract.”


There’s something wrong here and there, but it was at least logical.

It’s not like she would continue to wear it forever, it could not be helped if it was to test the effect of the contract.

After at least confirming the surrounding, Tifalycia took the collar and closed her eyes.

“Then......「I, Tifalycia Cleargreen, under the Great Contract Magic, will wear this collar and pledge to Houbami Reiji──

In an instant along with the declaration, something like pale light spread out, and Tifalycia naturally wore the collar in her hand onto her thin neck.

“With this, as long as you do not cancel this contract──”

While saying so, Tifalycia’s hand was deflected by light with a zap sound as she tried to take off the collar. A small magic formation appeared for an instant.

“Like this, the power of Great Contract Magic prevents the collar to be taken off.”

“Heeh......I don’t really have to do anything, but a declaration from one side alone can make it happen huh.”

“No. I don’t even have to declare. Since what’s necessary is mutual understanding and agreement.”

“Aah, by mutually understanding 『Unless I decide so, you must keep wearing this collar contract』, and with both parties agreeing to it, just that is enough huh. Some sort of light is the proof, and the Rulers will be doing this in the case of Heroic War.”

“Yes. When it’s between individuals, it will only affect the two people involved, but the contract between two Rulers will affect the entire race.”

“I see. Now I get it.”

“......Then, this collar──”

Please take it off.

Before she could finish.

“Aah, that will explode if taken off, so it’s impossible.”

He shamelessly...

Spoke some incomprehensible things.


“Do you know about plastic bomb? Well, you can simply think of it as explosion magic. About that, it’s already fixed in a form that defusing it is impossible. So it’s impossible to take it off. Well, it’s another story if you are fine with everything above your neck being blown away.”


Not sure how it worked, but taking off the collar would cause a magical impact that would blow away everything above her neck. Knowing just that, Tifalycia removed her hands from the collar in a hurry.

Then, noticing that doing so would not solve anything, she screamed again.

“T...T...Take it off! Please take it off! In a way that won’t blow off my neck!!”

“HAHAHAHA ── Well, didn’t I say that it’s impossible? I also don’t know any method of removing it without it exploding.”

“W...W...W...W......Why this......”

“Well well, there’s no harm even if you don’t take it off, right? Don’t worry about it.”

“I will worry!! There’s no way I won’t worry about it!? Please think about it from my perspective!!”

“Aah that’s it.”


Reiji’s voice changed to a cold tone.

“What I want to tell you is that.”


“Well, I heard about Hero, contract, and various other things, if I summarize all that...

You just one-sidedly became my master, right?”


Reiji, who was supposed to be lying down, stood up.

Facing directly before her, he spoke with a sarcastic smile.

“Coming to this world is treated as automatically acknowledging the contract? Reaching mutual understanding and agreement at the moment of responding to the summon? Without a choice, one-sidedly being summoned and establishing a contract ── Can you accept that? Try thinking about it from my perspective.”

He shrugged his shoulder and turned around.

Slowly ── he turned his head back.

“Furthermore, on top of the summoner being in the weak faction currently without a Hero, she is also a ruined royalty despite inheriting the royal bloodline.”


Why...does he.

Before she could ask, Reiji narrowed his eyes with a sharp glare.

“Looking at the eyes of the person you are talking to, showing minor conspicuous reactions, speaking with a voice loud and clear ── these are the traits indicating that you have a serious and honest personality. An honest person has a strong inclination to avoid lies by instinct. When calling you a member of royalty has a possibility of causing misunderstanding, you unconsciously changed your words to correctly express it.”


While Tifalycia opened her eyes in shock as the habit she herself was unaware of was pointed out one by one, he calmly continued as if expecting all her reactions.

“Forced to have a powerless person as master. One-sidedly establishing a contract, holding onto the initiative ── even if I myself wished for living in another world, I would not feel good, right?”

He laughed and laughed foolishly.

Only his eyes were coldly staring at her.

Tifalycia thought. She had to think.

What if.

What if, since the moment he was summoned to the chapel, all the while until now.

If he had been acting only with the current situation in consideration.

Showing an unmotivated attitude on the surface, while calmly, slyly observing the world, thinking about the individual known as Tifalycia, if that was the case──

──No, not what if.

The reality was just like that.

Reiji had clearly simulated the current situation.

As for why ── If Tifalycia had been cornered by those sound arguments up to that much, she could only continue with one sentence.

“......Then, what should I do......to make you accept?”

The contract established between the Hero from the Hero Summon and the summoner was just vaguely appointing the summoner as the master, and the Hero as the servant.

According to the contract, the Hero would have the seal carved on them and be unable to change their master, basically unable to leave for any race outside of the race the summoner belonged to, but ── there was no restriction apart from that.

That was originally sufficient.

The Hero did not care about the contract, they only wanted the battlefield where they could fully demonstrate their own abilities, enjoying hot-blooded action.

However, he was different.

Tifalycia herself could not help but acknowledge the unfairness pointed out by Reiji, hence making a certain amount of revision like a compromise was necessary between the Hero and the summoner.

What kind of unreasonable demand would come out......

As Tifalycia gulped and tensed up her body in vigilance.

“Aah sorry about making you scared.”

Reiji casually waved his hand to swipe away the tense atmosphere up to then.

“I’m not really complaining about being summoned, alright?”


“What I’m saying is that the backer behind me in another world, my caretaker being an uncertain factor worries me. You don’t seem reliable no matter how I look, right?”


“It’s the truth, isn’t it? I have already said this much in fact.”

Certainly, she also felt that she had some problem after being told by the NEET that much.

“Th-That’s why I’m asking what I need to do to make you accept it!”

“Hmm, let’s see, something too troublesome would be dull......Aah that’s right.”

Reiji changed from deep in thought behavior, and did a palm fist tap.

“I will have a simple 「Showdown」 with you.”


“Isn’t it a great idea? An easy to understand black and white method.”

“......What exactly is that kind of method?”

To Tifalycia’s question, he took out his wallet from his pocket and deftly rotated it to drop a coin onto his palm.

“How about guessing head or tail?”

“This is truly...simple, but......what can you tell from the outcome of this?”

Winning or losing did not have any relevance.

As Tifalycia asked doubtfully.

“Any and every thing.”

Reiji smiled with  mysterious confidence.

“The reason a Hero is summoned is for the Heroic War. In other words, there’s nothing easier to understand than a showdown. Showdown is obviously related to luck as well. I am worried about your reliability on this point. That’s why I want to feel relieved. So that I can laze around by being under you without reserve.”

“......No, please be reserved on that.”

She thought while at least retorting to him.

The Heroic War was certainly about 「Showdown」, and the result could be affected by luck.

As killing was forbidden, the victory was not purely decided by fighting strength. Compatibility, momentary luck......in fact, luck could also be said to be the most important factor in determining the outcome sometimes.

Wanting to check the luck of the summoner who would be making him fight in the Heroic War could also be understandable.

However, she also wanted to avoid determining her luck with the head or tail of that one coin──

“Aah, by the way, the result is irrelevant.”


“Of course, winning would be great. But the objective this time is only to make me feel relieved, isn’t it? Then, it will be fine if you let me think that I can follow you.”

“............Just that, is it?”

“Of course.”

──Oh what. She thought about what kind of bizarre demand he would make.

Basically, he was saying that he wanted to test if Tifalycia was a suitable master for him.

(I’m glad......)

Seeing Tifalycia patting her chest in relief, Reiji spoke with a bright smile.

“Oi oi, what did you think I am like? I’m just an unmotivated, doing only things I want to do, a normal person, you know?”

“Ah, that’s totally not normal, rather, that’s the worst.”

Making sure to emphasize that part, Tifalycia calmly continued.

“However, though I am being rude, I have a doubt. As the summoner, and as the master. Do you have some other bizarre demand or something?”

“No no, I have said it before, try thinking about it from my perspective. As the master ── the person whose words one must listen to unconditionally, I hope that the person can be superior than me, isn’t it obvious to think so?”


That could only be thought of as natural.


Seeing that Tifalycia deeply nodded.

“Then, contract established!”

Reiji suddenly clapped his hands, and extended his hand straight to the surprised Tifalycia.

A hand thinner than what she expected. Watching him flipping the coin around his fingers deftly, Tifalycia spoke.

“......Ah, please wait a moment. Which side is the head of that coin?”

If she did not confirm that first, then there would be no showdown to talk about.

“Aah sorry about that, I didn’t tell you. Head is the side with this drawing, tail is the number......oh you can’t tell it’s number huh. Anyway, it’s this side.”

There could be a possibility of making a mistake by just looking, so she took it with her hand, turned the coin around, and confirmed the drawings on both sides.

“Although both sides look like only drawings, but......I understand the difference.”

Saying so, Tifalycia returned the coin.

Reiji spoke cheerfully.

“Then without further ado. 『Is the top of this coin head or tail』 ──Make a guess.”

The coin rested above his palm.

He thrusted out his hand just like that.

And asked.

Tifalycia watched his every action, and confirmed that he would not be doing anything else.


『Is the top of this coin head or tail』?

No, leaving aside whether it was head or tail.

Reiji’s palm.

It’s ── opened no matter how she looked.

“Umm......You hand...is still open.”

“Un, it’s open.”

“............Emm...I can see it, you know?”

“You can see it well. ──So?”

Reiji tilted his head as if asking whether there was a problem.

That calm expression gave off an irritating feel.

“......Are you treating me like an idiot?”

“Idiot? Not really.”

“In that case, please ask a proper question. I won’t accept the victory of a showdown with this kind of obvious result.”

Tifalycia spoke without hiding her anger while pointing at the coin on his palm.


Reiji showed an obvious troublesome reaction, and smirked.

Without moving his palm, he spoke.

“Then 『Is the bottom of this coin head or tail』. How about this?”


An unmotivated tone. A way of talking that clearly relayed his unserious attitude.

Tifalycia’s blood rushed up to her head in anger, and began to think seriously on how to answer Reiji to impress him.

“I will specially give you a hint. You will definitely give the wrong answer.”

A calm voice. A perspective gaze.

Looking at that smiling face, yet without any intention to smile, Tifalycia opened her eyes wide as if cold water just poured over her head.

......If she thought about it.

Tifalycia summoned the NEET Hero Reiji.

He was sloppy and unmotivated just as he looked, not a decent person.

Would such a him, despite the result being irrelevant, choose such an obvious showdown?

──There was no way that would happen.

In the first place, determining the quality of the master with just luck decided with a coin was not suitable.

In that case, the idiotic answer of the 「Showdown」 must have some catch.

『Is the bottom of this coin head or tail』

It was a situation where the top was showing 『Head』. In other words, it was a situation where anybody could tell that the bottom was 『Tail』, so what was the reason he asked about the bottom?

Seeing Tifalycia thinking seriously, Reiji spoke.

“Oops, you seem to be in distress all of a sudden. What could have happened?”

Hearing those provocative words, Tifalycia only twisted her expression without talking.

That just now was clearly to disrupt her thoughts. Obstruction appeared ── In other words, it was the same as admitting that there was some trick in the showdown.

As expected, there was something about the coin.

Most likely the plan for Reiji’s assured victory.

And there was a high possibility that he was testing Tifalycia’s judging ability, observation ability, deduction ability in seeing through that plan.

(If there is a trick......a plan of assured victory......)

Think. Think.

Tifalycia even forgot to breathe.

“It can’t be helped. I will specially give you another, a big hint.”

Reiji’s words sounded like a lifeline to her.

Seeing Tifalycia raising her face and straightening her long ears, he spoke.

“The result of any and all events with the element of showdown across all ages and places ── has been decided before it started.”

The result had been decided before it started......?

──Before it started?

At that moment, an inspiration flashed across her mind.

If the coin itself was fake from the start?

Of course, Tifalycia herself had touched the coin with her hand and confirmed it many times.

However, that was only to remember the pattern for head and tail of the coin, and not considered the possibility being a fake.

First, who was the person that induced her to confirm the pattern?

──It was Reiji himself.

Plan of assured victory, fake coin, inducing ── there was no doubt about it.


Tifalycia unconsciously laughed out loud, and Reiji watched her without any change in expression.

“Oh, what is it? Did your head turn strange?”

Ignoring his irritating words, Tifalycia breathed out.

“Regrettably. I have seen through the trick in your trap.”

“Hou? Then let me hear your answer.”

Tifalycia pointed her finger at Reiji’s face and spoke.

“I will be frank, the bottom of this coin is 『Head』!”

The visible top was 『Head』, the hidden bottom should have been 『Tail』.

If that was how it should be normally, the fake bottom would be 『Head』, same as the top.

Most likely, when Tifalycia confirmed the patterns on the coin, or after that, he used another coin ── a fake coin with both sides as 『Head』 to replace it.

There was no doubt that he could easily do something like that with his dexterous fingers.

“......Fu...you did it.”

Reiji, with his eyes closed, spoke as if praising his long-term rival, and flipped the coin on his hand over.

And then ── gently told her.

“Well, it’s the normal 『Tail』 though.”



Leaning her body closer, actually touching the coin on his hand, confirming that it was a number by knocking on it, Tifalycia was...

“Wh......Why...Why is it......?”

From her heart. From the bottom of her heart.

Glared at the question giver as if she could not be convinced.

Facing that inquisitive glare, Reiji emotionlessly spoke.

“Why? You ask a funny question. Obviously, this 『Determining the master with a luck game using a coin is nonsensical, so there has to be a trick to assure victory in this showdown, then it will be fine to answer the reverse of what is obvious since there is a trick』 deduction is what I incited you to make.”


“That’s just a simple psychological incitement by making use of cognitive dissonance. At least, I threw out a real hint, you know? When I mentioned about the unfairness of the contract, which part of you was I looking at? Why did you think that I am not a sloppy guy contrary to how I looked?”

“Th-That’s because you──”

As she said so, she noticed.

Getting to the truth by deducing from the words Tifalycia said.

Pointing out her personality through habits Tifalycia herself had not noticed.

Reiji had been observing Tifalycia ever since he was summoned.

Calmly observing, examining.

To get a grasp on the person known as Tifalycia Cleargreen.

As she felt that was the case, she thought that he would not behave like how he looked, and make it just a simple coin guess.

“That’s right. That’s the real hint I gave, the real hint I had to give. If you have followed the hint and thought that I am not as simple as how I looked, become vigilant and view me as a threat, you would have taken a step further in your answer. Of course, a serious and upright person as you are, you will absolutely not view me as a threat though.”

“......Then, then, the two hints you mentioned just now are...”

“Aah, of course they are strategies to guide you towards the wrong answer.”


“Look here, let me ask you back, why must the question giver unconditionally provide the question answerer advantages?”

“That’s...out of kindness......”

“Ok you stupid girl.”

“S-Stupid girl!?”

“How many people in the world you live in have that kind of kindness? Why has 「Elf」 been forced to the point of not having a Hero?”


“I’m not really saying that expecting kindness is bad. I’m saying that you must hold the corresponding resolve if you are expecting kindness. In this case, it is the resolve for the possibility of being deceived. If you only think that you are deceived without having that resolve, then it is the responsibility of the side being deceived.”

Just like stating the facts.

Reiji indifferently piled up his words.

“If you don’t want to be mistaken, then doubt. If you don’t want to doubt, then have the resolve to be wrong. Without resolve, without doubting, only to lament when after getting wrong is ── just an idiot.”


“Well, I 『already know』 that you can’t do that though. Just like looking at the answer while solving the question.”

Already know. Already know ── Tifalycia’s personality, preference and inclination.

And if he already knew her personality, preference and inclination, then he also knew how she would think, reach what kind of conclusion and how to act.


“Didn’t I say so? The result has been decided before it started.”

He laughed foolishly and lightly shrugged his shoulders.

That behavior, which only felt irritating before, made her helplessly feel coldness.

Tifalycia muttered as if something drove her to.

“You are......you, who exactly are you?”

To that question of Tifalycia’s.

Reiji smiled thinly.

“I said it many times already. NEET, I’m a NEET. I don’t do things I don’t want to do, only do things I want to do ── for the sake of what I want to do, I have maintained my identity as a high school student, built up a superficial social relationship, completely honed myself in the way of con artist (Social Hacking) ── a NEET.”

──Tifalycia did not know.

In a world far away, a number of inexplicable incidents occured.

Once, every public institution within the country were hacked, losing control for tens of hours.

Once, an infamous international major criminal organization was destroyed from inside due to a sudden internal conflict.

Once, a territorial conflict just ended with a totally incomprehensible reason.

All of that was done by only one person......with scrupulous conversation technique, detailed human observation only, the good neighbor (Social Hacker) completely grasped on the target ── the con artist known as [0/2] (One SecOnd) caused all those.

He, who wore the surface identity of a high school student, caused all those major incidents with the reason being because it would be interesting.

A summoner from another world such as she would never know it.

Just, what Tifalycia knew was that the youth known as Reiji was an abnormal Hero with zero Destiny, but possessed the 『Power』 she was seeking for in the actual meaning.

Certainly, he might not have the qualification to be a Hero in the normal sense.

However, that magnificent observation ability, conversation technique, were what Tifalycia wanted more than a normal Hero.

(If it’s this person ── if I can learn the techniques of this person......!)

Once that thought bloomed, Tifalycia suddenly moved closer, to the distance their faces almost touched...

Hero Reiji......”

Held his hand still holding onto the coin, and spoke from her heart.

“Your power ── No, please teach me those techniques!”

An instant.

Just an instant, but Reiji opened his eyes wide and was definitely surprised.

A declaration that surprised him even though something like being summoned to another world did not.

To that straightforward request, Reiji showed a ferocious smile like never before.

“......Teach, teach huh ── I see, that’s a little interesting.”

“......! Then...”

A feeling never more positive.

When Tifalycia unconsciously showed her elation.

“Un. Don’t wanna.”


Tifalycia let out a voice unthinkable for a beautiful girl, blinked her big eyes a number of times without understanding what he said.


“Did you not hear it? I said don’t wanna.”

He dug his ear.

The nonchalant Reiji looked at Tifalycia, who was in a condition of ceased thinking, and spoke.

“More importantly, for the time being, can you let go of my hand?”

The instant he said so.

A small magic formation deployed on Reiji’s hand which Tifalycia held, and forcefully pushed her away with a zap sound.


Tifalycia was the only one astonished.

She remembered that reaction.

“J-Just now is Great Contract Magic──”

Light of contract.

What. How. Why──?

As Tifalycia fell into a great confusion, Reiji spoke with his usual sloppy expression in a smirk.

“You still didn’t notice? The real objective I was aiming for with this 「Showdown」.”


What Reiji wanted to see from guess the coin was Tifalycia’s qualification as a master.

“Y......You said that the outcome of this showdown is irrelevant──”

“Aah, yes I said that. The actual outcome of the showdown is irrelevant.”


“But I also said this, right? 『master should be the superior person』. Then, you nodded at that. You also believed that it was right. It satisfied the condition of 『Mutual Understanding & Agreement』.”


“Under Great Contract Magic, establishing a contract does not require words. What’s necessary is 『Mutual Understanding & Agreement』. In other words, at that instant, you have established the contract 『master should be the superior person』. ──Now comes the question.”

Reiji said.

To a foolish student. Gently. Like lecturing.

“Between a person requesting to be taught, and a person teaching that person, who do you think is superior?”

“Don’t tell ── me.”

The reason he suggested the 「Showdown」 of coin guessing.

It was not to test the qualification of Tifalycia as the master.

It was to make Tifalycia believe (forge the contract) that he was superior (the master), and reverse the fundamental master-servant relationship between the summoner and the Hero──?

Furthermore, it was not just for the sake of not letting the Hero belong to any race other than the summoner’s, but 『unconditionally listen to whatever that person says』 such absolute master-servant contract.

“N-No way......Because the contract of the Hero Summon is──”

“Unrelated it seems? Just like this.”

He randomly spoke 『Sit』 from his mouth, and Tifalycia sat on the floor along with the order.

“Well, I get the feeling that the contract established through Hero Summon is just a superficial one in name only according to your story. There’s no conflict with contracts established normally afterwards, right?”


“Aah, don’t worry, relax. The seal is still there, it means that there is no conflict and is still effective. The contract established just now is also something like 『believe to be superior』 and 『unconditionally listen to anything』 such vague interpretation, so there won’t be much enforcement power.”

More importantly, it would be more fun with a master (backing), adding that quietly, he once again lied down on the altar, and rested his chin on his hand.

“Well, that’s how it is.”

Towards Tifalycia sitting before him with a humiliated expression, he spoke with a good smile.

“Please take care of me from now on, Master.”


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