Mar 4, 2017

Vanquish Overlord V1 Prologue


STR: Higher the value, higher the physical ability rises.
AGI: Higher the value, higher the things like reflexes rise.
INT: Higher the value, higher the brainpower rises.
CHR: Higher the value, higher the hyper realistic perception ability becomes.
MND: Higher the value, more one can immense in mental world, but also more the sanity is lost.

Factor: Alias of the man-made Nanomachines scattered throughout the world by Balthazar Asimov, waking up the latent abilities of mankind. Those who awakened to Factor are able to acquire abilities that have transcended the humanity.


──Looks like in this world, just about anything goes.

Kiryū Masato thought so as he looked at the scene before his eyes.

It was 8 PM. Inside the pedestrian tunnel with flickering fluorescent lights, Masato had sank down to the floor without even realizing that his bottom was getting soaked by the pool of water.
The scene before him was unbelievable.

Bullets and knives were flying, gun barrel and knife blade were scattering sparks.

Within that barrage of bullets and knives, two girls were trying to kill each other.

What the hell is this situation?

He desperately thought about it, but the answer was nowhere to be found.

The only thing he understood, was that it appeared that he was somehow the cause of this situation.

But why were these two killing each other because of him, he however had no idea.

Knife and gun clashed, as two "Assassins" even names of whose were unknown, exchanged glares.

"I'm saying that this guy is mine......! Back down from this, Executioner!"

"You Pierrots who kill for fun have no right to snatch our mission."

"Disgusting! Just disappear from my sight at once!"

"The one who should disappear is you!"

While throwing jeers at each other, they resumed their storm-like battle.

One of them was a blonde girl who wore a uniform.

Aside from her blonde hair, her well-arranged face, and her good style, there was nothing particularly odd about her. A skirt with a short hem peculiar to a high school girl, a dazzling white socks, a pale pink lip balm that made her soft-looking lips moist.

Her facial expression was a bit bad, but she was just an ordinary lovely high school girl with big, beautiful eyes.

──That is, if she wasn't holding the knife which multiplied infinitely no matter how many times it was thrown.

Another person on the other hand, was wearing black pantsuit and black gloves, and her black hair was glossy as if moist. It was a girl dressed in full black. Her appearance wasn't particularly unusual. Women with suits are pretty common. Black gloves are also most certainly worn when riding on bike and such.

Her face was childish and had low height, but just because she had a child face, it doesn't mean that her wearing a suit looked bad.

──That is, if she wasn't holding two giant handguns that looked as if they fused with her arms.

"......Wait for a bit, you two......Explain to me first......What the hell is this?"

Masato complained as such towards the all-out battle unfolding before his eyes.

In this world, unknown only to Insiders like Masato, just about anything goes.

It's already been hundreds of years since the development of uncontrollable Nanomachines that made abilities bloom forcefully, known as Factor that took over the bodies of all mankind.

Most of the lands on earth had sunk to the sea in height of previous war, and people lived only on artificial islands that they had constructed.

It was an age where hopeless disparate society had spread, human's worth coming to be decided by the quality of their Factor.

──One boy, was about to awaken to a certain power.

"──Don't screw with meeeeeeeeeeee!"

He who didn't know anything, got rolled up without knowing anything, and would surely be killed without knowing anything.

Such unpleasant premonition coming to his mind, the boy had yelled out of anger.


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