Mar 4, 2017

Vanquish Overlord V1 Chapter 1 Part 1

First Encounter - Argus City
This world should be more interesting, where you can do anything you want.

Extraordinary genius Balthazar Asimov who was the developer of Factor, after lying that they were Nanomachines with the goal of improving the environment with factors, and spread them around the world, he had left this world after leaving those words behind.
Even if Factor invaded the human body, it was basically harmless, but if it met the specific requirements, it would be perfectly adapted to host’s body, and bestowed various gifts to people by reaching the awakening.

Humans who became Factor hosts, could transcend humanity just by meeting the conditions.

Simple physical strength, brain power, even the powers similar to ESP were bestowed upon humans.

Anything in short.

I want to make the world interesting. It seemed as if that wish of his was fulfilled with his death, but……

“It’s not interesting at all… dumbass.”

Kiryū Masato spit the complaint towards the blue sky while remembering the history of Factors that he was taught in class.

Presently, he was lying down outstretched behind the empty school building.

(Even though over a century had passed since the development of Factor, how come guys who are able and those who don’t still exist……? And the Unawakened and Awakened went as far as to fight each other, but isn't the domination of Awakened only increasing without finding any sort of solution? Isn’t it strange, isn’t it unfair? Just what did he want to do, that Balthazar Asimov fellow.)

Because of past war, the earth was flooded with heavy floods of unknown origin. People who had been expecting this calamity beforehand, have somehow survived with shelters and submarines, and build the gigantic artificial islands over the decades. The downfall of humanity was evaded.

However, even now after over a century had passed after that war, on top of existence of people who could and couldn’t awaken Factors, there were also many who were unable to control and were allowed to run wild.

Even now, mankind couldn’t perfectly control the Nanomachines known as Factor.

“Hard work is futile so let's just stop the development…..Damnit.”

On his face with vague expression, a blue bruise was appearing.

In addition, he was in his trunks.

If one asked why was he in this condition of having everything ripped off from him, saying it simply, it was because he lost in a fight. The opponent was a student who had finished awakening to Factor. There was no way to win.

The very little pride Masato had was shattered, to the extent that he wasn’t even able to bear the shame anymore.

“Must we Unawakened live while getting deprived like this over and over?”

“Alone, he complained while facing the blue sky.

As Masato was thinking about skipping the afternoon lessons, something fresh clung to his face with splash all of a sudden.


Raising a strange voice, he tore off the object from his face.

It turned out to be a wet towel.

“You’ve been done in again? That looks painful.”

Hearing a peculiarly husky voice, Masato moved the towel out of the way and looked above head, and there stood a girl looking at his face.

She wore the same school uniform, but from the emblem on her chest, it was clear that she was one year below Masato.

Her beautiful white panties were in full view, but Masato wasn’t agitated from this level of thing.

“Ringo, huh. Isn’t this like the first time you ever called out to me in school?”

“It’s not like I’m calling out to you because I particularly want to.”

As she was curling her hair that hung on her shoulder, she was overlooking at Masato as if he was a garbage.

Her name was Kiryū Ringo.

She was Masato’s real sister. She went to the same school and was one year below him. She had a light ashen hair and slightly tanned skin. Her slender figure was beautiful and had no faults aside from having no breasts.

Her face was also extremely well-arranged, vastly different from mob characters like Masato that could be found anywhere. It was at the level where it wouldn't be inappropriate to even call her an idol or a model.

As it was expected, Ringo was actually working as an idol and supporting the Kiryū family.

“Your foolish face is becoming even more stupid. Are you seriously an idiot?”

Crouching besides Masato’s head, Ringo poked his bruise with her finger.

“Ouch! That hurts! Don’t call your Onii-chan stupid. What, did you see everything?”

“Yes. Anyway, you saw an Unawakened child being teased and being unable to watch, you jumped in to help, and had the tables turned against you, right? Even though you are Unawakened yourself…...Just how many times will you repeat this until you are satisfied? Didn’t the bullied child run away? Even though there was no need for big bro to get involved with those delinquents, so foolish.”

“I didn’t get involved! I just said to them that doing that kind of thing wasn’t good.”

“That’s called getting involved you know, Mr. Idiot.”

With sleepy eyes, Ringo folded the soaked towel and applied it to his cheek.

It was as if she were the older sister, and he the younger brother. With this, even Masato himself, became lost about which of them was older.

“Why are you going for a fight despite knowing you would lose I wonder.”

“Mhm. You see, for guys, there are times when they have to fight despite knowing they would lo──”

“Yeah yeah, that’s so cool.”

While saying so, Ringo placed a jersey beside him.

“You brought it for me? Sorry for the trouble.”

“If you walked in that condition, even I might become treated as a pervert.”

“......I have troubled you, huh. Thanks, Ringo.”

“You troubling me is an usual thing.”

Ringo brushed Masato’s bangs and gently brushed his forehead with the back of her hand.

As he thought cold sensation felt good, his eyes met with Ringo’s.

She was expressionless, but looking at her like this, she was so beautiful that he began to doubt whether she was his little sister.

“Sorry…...for being a weak Onii-chan.”

“You’ll catch a cold. Quickly put the jersey on.”

Ringo expressly lifted the jersey she specially brought, and dropped it on Masato’s face with a thud.

Masato removed the jersey from his face and began to put it on with great trouble starting from trousers.

“That reminds me, isn’t it rare for you to be in school? Is everything fine with work?”

Folding her arms in front of her chest, Ringo said as she gathered the air in her cheeks.

“Good grief, do you remember who’s fault it is that I’m acting as idol?”

“Regarding that…...I can only show my gratitude…...But I never said anything about not coming to school right?”

While he finished putting on the trousers and was putting on the jacket, Masato showed a troubled expression.


Ringo sharply narrowed her eyes, and turned around while appearing to be displeased inside.

“Eh? Are you going already? Even though I was thinking about private sibling conversation we haven’t done in a while.”

“Class is starting. Besides, It’s not like I came to talk with big bro.”

Ringo took a breath and passed on a message to him.

“We are gonna measure the Factor after school so come to the infirmary. I was asked to inform you by the doctor I happened to pass by.”

“......Ah, is that so……”

Atmosphere around Masato momentarily became heavy.

Seeing that, Ringo held her her breath looking as if she got angry again.

“If big bro doesn’t awaken Factor at once, Ringo would also be troubled you know. If you can’t awaken a Factor before you become 18 years old, you are going to stay Unawakened forever you know? Do you get it? If that happens, then Ringo has to look after big bro all the time.”

“....Uh, even if you say that, your Onii-chan is also helpless.”

“Ever since father passed away, can you imagine just how troubled has Ringo been?”

“I know…...I'll do something about it. I'll do something about it, you’ll see.”

Disheveling his hair, Masato signed deeply.

Situation at Kiryū family was a bit complicated.

“Continuing on being idol or something as you hold back your dream is hard to watch even for me.”


“Don’t worry. Even if I don’t wake up a Factor, if I go to marine labour facilities, I think I’ll somehow manage to do around as much as mother. And then, Ringo can do whatever she desires to do.

“I didn’t say it like that. Ringo is just…”

Ringo turned back towards Masato seeming to have become angry.

Masato looked at Ringo with puzzled expression.

“......Tsk, it’s enough. As expected, talking with big bro makes me irritated.”


Ringo’s attitude quickly became childish, and she once again turned her back at Masato.

Masato didn’t get why Ringo became angry all of a sudden. Little sister in puberty means it’s difficult to deal with her in every way.

“Heey, Ringo~. As expected, you shouldn’t stand above boy’s head who’s sprawled on the ground. Your panties were in full view~.

As he called out to her, Ringo glanced back at Masato just before she was about to disappear in the school building corner.

“It’s not like getting seen by my big bro matters to me.”

Sticking out her tongue, Ringo disappeared behind the school.

Masato lied down sprawled once more, and looked up at the sky.

“Aah, I’m a pathetic big brother huh.”

Talking to himself, he closed his eyes.

He didn’t like Balthazar who made the world this way, but neither was he pleased about his Factor that wasn’t awakening no matter what.

Talent in this world, is equal to the quality of Factors. Present condition was that once you've awakened, there is some point in putting in the effort. However, in an unawakened state, it is difficult to even determine what is to be done. Even so, Masato had been working harder than usual until now in order to awaken his Factor, but everything had been useless.

It was a society where no matter whether one has talents or not, if the Factor within their body doesn’t awaken, they won’t earn the worth as a human being.

For Masato who’s Factor hasn’t awakened, it wasn’t even worth asking whether or not this world was interesting.

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