Feb 21, 2017

Kuusen Madoushi V1 Epilogue


Training Ground. On the day of the delayed ranking battle.

One week after the incident of Magical Armoured Insect encounter was resolved. 「Mystogan」 was returning to its usual peacefulness.

The revitalization activity was carried out with Economic and Industrial Division students at the center, while the injured personels from Kuusen Madoushi Division were discharged from hospital one by one.

“What is it, Yuri?”

Next to Kanata whose left arm was fixed with a cast suspended by bandage, Yuri was standing there. Then she sat next to Kanata who was observing the aerial battle that would be held in the Arena barrier.

“Nothing, I just thought of coming to see what senpai’s students are like......”

Unlike the usual sarcastic attitude, Yuri seemed to be treating Kanata like the days before he became the traitor that day.

Glancing over Misora and co who were facing off against their opponents from the audience seat, Kanata nonchalantly spoke.

“Did something happen to you? Your mood is somehow better than normal.”

“You are imagining things......Speaking of which, senpai was in charge of evacuation guidance during that incident right, why are you injured?”

“Who knows. In the midst of that encounter battle, I fell and injured myself when running away.”

Taking a glimpse at Kanata who spoke like that, Yuri mumbled in a displeased tone.

“......I dislike that aspect of you after all.”

“What are you saying......?”

“Ah, the ranking battle is about to start.”

“This is the squadron with Kanata as the instructor huh. What exactly has become of the squadron?”

Chloe and Lloyd who went to buy snack and drink just now joined in the conversation. Noticing the atmosphere between Kanata and Yuri became more relaxed, Chloe had an angel-like smile at the warmness.

After the battle began. Misora and co. who held confidence after gaining the actual battle experience against the Magical Armoured Insects, immediately deployed themselves according to the battle strategy.

“Alright! No one is targeting me!”

“Uu, M-Misora-san! H-Help me!”

“W-Why has Lecty’s movements become so poor!”

“U-Umm......I am still bad with making eye contact with my opponent, not to mention the three opponents were staring at me together, Umm......Uu!”

“Rico! Why are you not providing support fire for Lecty!”

“Muu, support is it. ── Fuun, eat this.”

“H-Hey Rico! Why is your magic bullet coming towards here!”

“Sorry. My hand slipped......I will properly hit the next time.”

Hey! W-Wait! Like I said, why are you aiming at me! The enemy is on that side!”

“── The one my muzzle aimed at is definitely the enemy.”

“Y-You, why are you aiming at me so persistently! Don’t tell me you hold some grudge against me!”

“......If some brute did not destroy the city street, I would have been treated like a Goddess by now.”


“In the end, the achievement of defeating the enemy Chimera and the destruction of city street cancelled each other out, a Goddess like me is also forced to write a report on the matter. It’s a rare chance for everyone to respect me as a Goddess for my active participation, but because of Misora’s fault, I have to suffer such a result.”

“── A-About that, I have already a-apologized!”

“And also Misora’s own house is included in the destruction, your father is eligible to receive war damage insurance. So you intended to scam the insurance at that time is it?”

“I-I won’t do such a thing! B-But I can’t just tell my father who is grieving over the destruction of our house ‘I am the one who destroyed the house, sorry’ like that......”

“Even if the whole world forgives you, I, as the Goddess, will not forgive you. Fall, Misora!”

“M-Misora-san! Rico-san! P-Please stop!”

“S-Shut up Lecty. Before beating the enemy, do something about Rico first.”

“That’s right Lecty, you keep quiet. Let this Goddess give Misora a beating.”

“U-Umm ── S-Sorry!”

“......Kanata senpai, how exactly are they strong!?”

“Un. Well, this kind of thing also happens.”

Yuri was speechless for a long time, while Kanata just nonchalantly replied.

Ignoring the ranking battle before them, they started quarrelling amongst themselves. Lecty who was the only one remaining could only fight a defensive battle in a three against one despite having high level Magic Twin Sword skill.

This matter was not praiseworthy even if politely speaking.

Honestly speaking ── The worst. It was F-rank squadron after all.

Chloe would normally follow up, but she was also aware that she had the responsibility for recommending Kanata as their instructor.

“......S-Say Kanata. Your job is to make those girls win in the ranking battle right?”

“Un, it does look like Kanata’s style. I don’t understand their behavior after all.”

Chloe showed a stiff face while Lloyd seemed to be amazed.

But Kanata had a casual attitude like usual.

“Nn? Is it so?”

And spoke like that.

Seeing her senpai lack of responsibility attitude, Yuri spoke in a thorny voice.

“......Senpai is irresponsible after all.”

“What is it Yuri. Weren’t you in a better mood than usual......You have such a cold look.”

“I was expecting how much those students have grown in their ability, but honestly speaking, I am disappointed. I originally wanted to request a spar against the squadron senpai had put in so much effort for......Excuse me.”

Yuri suppressed her anger and was about to leave audience seat.


Kanata quickly grabbed Yuri’s sleeve as she stood up.

“Your request is quite interesting. Alright, I will accept it.”

He spoke those words with a confident smile. Despite showing an unhappy expression, Yuri regretfully stole a few glances at Kanata before leaving. She withheld her reply.

“Ah, sorry Lloyd. Can I ask you?”

“I don’t mind, but it will cost you. What will you treat me next time?”

Before finishing his words, Lloyd immediately left for Yuri.

“Mou, I thought that the relationship between you two can finally move forward, why are you speaking such irresponsible words?”

“But you see, the reason I accepted to be their instructor is not to let them win in the ranking battle, but to make them strong enough to survive and live on. Of course winning in the ranking battle is also important, but winning the ranking battle is not my real objective.”

“So, you said something like that in front of Yuri......?”

“Why are you getting angry......Ouch! What did I do wrong ── Ouch! I-I understand already so stop kicking my shin.”

“Mou, even though Yuri is definitely different from usual today......It’s definitely Kanata’s fault so I will punish you.”

The battle became Lecty fighting one against three, but she seemed to be reaching her limit. Taking Misora’s symbol mark was only a matter of time.

“So then, how do you feel after becoming an instructor?”

Chloe asked with an amused face.

Kanata nodded with a confident smile.

“Seems like your students may become a strong opponent. Will you continue to make the squadron stronger?”

“Nn, facing strong opponents is what makes it interesting.”

Chloe noticed Kanata’s face changed after he said that. She seemed to have seen this wild and ambitious face somewhere before.

“They still have much more potential. It may be possible to aim for S-rank.”

“Is it ok to boast such big words?”

“If those girls who were called F-rank squadron eventually became S-rank squadron, that would be very interesting. They who were called weak defeated those strong people, doesn’t that make you excited?”

The greater the adversity this man was at during the ranking battle, the brighter he would shine.

Chloe knew that. He was someone who had fun when facing off against an opponent stronger than himself. He was not afraid of fighting against strong opponents, and was someone would never give up before finding a path to victory.

“Although they are still young hatchlings that are still unstable with their steps, they will definitely become outstanding Kuusen Madoushi in the future. What I can do is to do my best and guide them so that they won’t fall. They will become the Kuushi anyone will be surprised at. If it’s them.”

Now then, how should he call out to those girls who just lost.

Misora seemed to be scolding Rico, while Rico was logically rebutting, and Lecty was timidly watching over the scene with worry.

At Misora’s neck was the squadron’s symbol mark ── symbolizing the power of world salvation, the pendant with a valkyrie wielding two guns engraved, but for those girls to become the saviors of this world, there seemed to be along way to go.

As Kanata glanced over the Arena where the ranking battle was interrupted due to those girls’ quarrel, his mouth loosened.