Feb 21, 2017

Kuusen Madoushi V1 Afterword


First meeting with everyone. I am Moroboshi Yu who has received the gold award for the 24th final Fantasia Award.

On this occasion, I would like to thank everyone for choosing my work.

First, let me make a brief author introduction.

I am born in Heisei period. The first time I bought a PC and use Word Software to write composition was when I attended Tokyo University. I was living a no Internet, no money, busy part-time student life. I am definitely not some intellect, just a commoner you can see anywhere.

So in conclusion ── Luck played a very important factor for this author to receive the award.

Though there is saying that luck is also part of the ability, I think that I will not be able to receive the award if I had no luck.

This is why when I obtained an author’s life after so much trouble and I would like to do it until I die.

Even if this work is cut, I want to make a living in this circle for my whole life.

As long as I don’t give up, the luck factor will definitely help me someday......

Next is about this work. This work 「Kuusen Madoushi Kouhosei no Kyoukan」 is the edited content of the winning entry. It is the “While having serious battle, there is also cultivation of bishōjo, w-what should I do!?” type. As for the last “what should I do”, it is about how should the story develop from an author’s perspective!?

W-Well, t-there will be a way somehow......!?

If I try my best, it will turn out fine in the end right?......It will probably be fine.

Actually, I am being chased for the plot of volume 2 as well as the short story that will be released in Dragon Magazine now. This is the first time in my life that I am writing the afterword and the continuation, all the things I need to do are my first time, though it’s very busy, I am living every day to my fullest.

If you are interested, please take a look at the Dragon Magazine September issue (2013-Jul-20 on sale). A comedy short story has been released there.
In addition, I believe that volume 2 can be delivered to everyone by the middle of this year, please have a look if possible.

And finally I would like to thank everyone who took care of me.

First the editor N-sama. The reason this work can come out is due to N-sama’s efforts. I would like to borrow this place to offer my gratitude. For example, immediately replying to the mail received at twelve midnight, receiving a phone call at twelve midnight from a greenhorn idiot and accompanied him to the end, thank you very much. It is published without any trouble thanks to you.

Next, I would like to thank the chief editor and co from the judging group, as well as everyone from the publisher that evaluated this work, then Amami Mikihiro sensei who drew the heartful illustrations. The author has little knowledge about etiquette, so I do not know how to express my gratitude properly and have reflected on it many times. I would express my thanks towards the Tokyo metropolitan area every night before I sleep, I wonder if you will receive the telepathy of the content?

Please mail me if you received it. I really don’t have any friends, please somehow bring me along to play. Please also give me some work as well. My life is getting hard. (sweat)

And finally to all the readers.

Thank you for purchasing this book. I wish everyone who bought this book happiness.

Even so, this author is lucky in a sense. Even though I have no good looks, no good quality, no money, I still managed to live to this day. Being able to live itself is already lucky. Being able to meet everyone like this is even more so.

So then, I wish to be able to meet with everyone again mid of this year, and I will close the curtain on this note. For accompanying me to the end, really thank you very much!

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