Jun 26, 2016

Volume 11 Chapter 6

Part 1

───Airborne Citadel, courtyard.

A violent impact shook the castle.

Taking shelter in the outskirts of the castle, Lily and the senior group children hugged one another for support. Lily who was trying her best to comfort the junior demi-human that were on the verge of tears, thought about the main force of "No Names" that were participating in the battle.


Kuro Usagi onee-sama - she embraced the others while murmuring their names. No matter how strong the enemy was, they still resisted without a shred of fear. And then seized victory. No matter how severe the situation, they would surely obtain victory like they always did, they strongly believed so.

But the present condition was far more severe beyond their imagination.

Feeling an unknown phenomenon from the courtyard, Izayoi and Croix exchanged glances.  Pushing the rim of his bowler hat, Croix's hair stood on ends from recalling the event from 200 years ago.

"Not good..............That fellow, already wants to end the contest..........!?

"Don’t tell me, is it the "Another Cosmology" of that lizard!?"

"No, that's another trump card he possesses! It's name is Khvarenah (Halo of the Supreme Ruler)! A gift that summons the power to pull the trigger to eschatology in the form of unimaginable sweltering heat."

Izayoi clenched his teeth in anxiety from Croix's words.

"He still had such a trump card...........!? He really is resourceful, that shitty lizard.......!!!"

"But this is the greatest chance! That can not be used simultaneously with "Avesta"! You must grab this chance and escape from here! I will save as many people as I can and run!"

But could they make it?

If it was him 200 years ago, then it would be possible to instantly transfer the whole castle, but because he lost spirit level in the outside world, carrying such a large object is now impossible.

Izayoi only grasped the situation partially, but he could tell that the threat felt from the outside was abnormal. Izayoi pressed his right and wanted to run over to repel the Three Headed Dragon’s attack, but he was restrained by Croix.

Izayoi stared at Croix who caught his hand, full of hostility.

"...........Let go, Shinigami. There's no time to take shelter right? If i don't do it, then who will"

"That's my line! If you fall then who can beat him!? Even if you blocked this with your power, the next one will still kill us!!"

"So what!!! If we don't survive this now it’s game over!!! Isn’t it!!?"

As if trying to convince each other, the two yelled at each other. However both had reasons not to compromise. Thinking that since it came to this, when they were about to use their last resort, Lapko IV appeared between them and stopped both of them.

"Both of you, stop it!"

Pomf! Lapko IV appeared along with a light tune.

She forced her way between them and pointed towards the cliff and announced.

"Last stage of the battle plan will begin soon! Both of you take your positions!"

"Oi you, can't you tell the situation!? Who will protect the castle if I don’t!?"

"These girls will protect!!!"

Against those words with the resolve of death, Izayoi was unable to respond.

"She.................Koumei's daughter will protect the castle. You should accept it and commence the final preparations."

Lapko IV answered back in her small body.

The moment she touched Izayoi’s head, his whole body suddenly emanated some light.

Looking back and forth at the glowing body with unknown reason, Izayoi was speechless as he held back his anger.

"Wh.........what did you.........!?"

"Sakamaki Izayoi. There's an anonymous message for you. 『Return one of the Sun authority stolen by "Ouroboros". Then we will be even. ─── Do your job properly.』- is the message"

Sun Authority snatched away by "Ouroboros". Sending someone to return it. There is just one person who would do something like that in these state of affairs.

The girl grasped Izayoi's hand tightly, used her palm-sized body to persuade him desperately.

"This is an unexpected development and aid, but with this, all conditions for victory are assembled. If we endure the next hit, the first and the final chance will come. That's why, please believe in your comrade...............In Kasukabe Yō."

Part 2

Kasukabe Yō who was fighting on the ground shuddered and lost her breath from the aurora released by the Three Headed Dragon who was falling to the ground.  

"This is bad..........Lily and others who are on the castle will.......!"

She clasped the "Genome Tree" in hand and dashed towards the sky.

"Bloodstained Jack was nursed and took cover in the shade. She couldn't judge if he would live or not, but everything that could be done was done. All that's left was to pray. Now, she dashed towards the sky to save Lily and company. If jack was alright, he would've done the same. But losing one wing didn't mean that the three headed dragon lost his abilities, approaching him would be quickly retaliated.

(Leticia's side is beyond exhausted and only I can fight an aerial battle.......! I have no choice but to stop it...........!!!)

But, could she do it by herself?

Perhaps she could defend it with the most tenacious power displayed like last time by luck. But before, it ended with the disappearance of spirit level. Her father just repaired it, but the possibility that it is irreparable this time could not be denied.

After all, there was still Izayoi in the Airborne Citadel.

Then leaving her post to fight without orders might cause danger to everyone.

Above all, if it was him, he'd laugh and eliminate it no matter the circumstances───

(───Wrong. It's not that. Wasn't that the reason of yesterday's crushing defeat..........!!!)

If it's Izayoi, he would shoulder all kinds of trouble.

The sense of dependence that existed in her heart, became the final wall between the relationship of him and the others. Because she had continuously entrusted him with all kinds of trouble, as a result, she unconsciously lost his reliance.

And so, Izayoi alone risked his life. He had no choice but to risk it.

Then the one who must change wasn't Izayoi. In fact, the one who should muster courage and change was ─── not him, but Kasukabe Yō’s side...

(Here......If I don't risk my life here, I can never call him a comrade again.......!!!)

Grasping the "Genome Tree", Kasukabe Yō flew with max speed. Standing between the Airborne Citadel and Three Headed Dragon, she imitated the strongest beast from her knowledge.

Vinama Garuda held a powerful anti-god/anti-dragon gift but, it didn't reach the three headed dragon. In that case, what needed to be manifested now should be something else.

She heard that Azi Dakaha was not a divine spirit or a dragon species, but Eschatology instead. Then the thing he's trying to shoot, is probably the aurora that pulls the trigger to Eschatology.

Then, the necessary attribute is not anti-god or anti-dragon, it's anti-Eschatology spirit level.

The knowledge of the eudemon that was suitable to counter it from the book she once opened with an admirable and envious look.

No, the creation of the strongest species!!!

""Genome Tree"..........Form "Quetzalcōātl"───!!!"

Instantly, a star shone from the palm of Kasukabe Yo.

"Genome Tree" limitlessly increased the spirit level and took a mass equivalent to a planet. Bishop's staff based on snake and rooster appeared, and on it's tip was a dragon skull with opened fangs.

The origin of the spirit level that Kasukabe Yō called out, was one of the pillar from the gods that existed in B.C. 400. Incarnation of Venus that granted primal human flame of civilization and evolution.

Divine spirit holding the flames of origin - Quetzalcōātl.  

If Azi Dakaha's flames call the end of the world, then these flames of origin are the opposite Gift.

The Three Headed Dragon compressed the spirit flames in his mouth while gazing at that flame in surprise.

"Useless! Just the original dragon won't stop my "Khvarenah"!!"

"I will show you!! The path I have taken won’t lose to the likes of you!"

If the spirit level is the proof of one's way of life...

Then this spirit level, emitting the brilliance of a star, was the light of Kasukabe Yō's life.

With the godly staff that represented her whole existence in hand, she ignited the flames of origin with a cry.


Flames of origin showered down from the sky.

The spirit flames of ending shot out as if to pierce the sky.

Their clash dramatically changed the surrounding environment.

The cold dawn sky was dyed crimson from the heat and flared just like a setting sun. Atmospheric temperature rose so much that it felt like they were inside a volcano, and the sudden pressure change invoked four tornados. Just one of these aftershocks would be enough to annihilate the population if it appeared in human habitation.

The aura from their clash could even destroy the complementarity that balanced the world.

Only several seconds passed since the beginning of the clash and the scales of power already determined the winner from the two.

"───kh, ah...........!!!"

The flames of origin started to get pushed back by the spirit flames of the end. "Khvarenah" boasting the power of the strongest fire Gift, could mercilessly burn down even the abyss of Gehenna.

Just barely resisting it was already a miracle.

Kasukabe Yō turned her head and looked at the Airborne Citadel.

There were probably children from "No Names" still left in that castle. In addition to that, there were many injured and refugees taking shelter. Yō beared with everything she shouldered and revitalized herself.

Must not be defeated.

Must not lose, must not lose by any means.....!!!

She desperately endured the pain from both her burning hands and fought back. But with just that, the difference in ability wouldn't be complemented. Spiritualism was already at limit. There was nothing to increase it.

Regrettably, the firepower was still not enough.

The flames of fire dragons were just drops in an ocean. Leticia and Kouryuu’s final trump cards must not be used yet. The war potentials to intervene in that battle was already exhausted.

(Damn...........Damn damn damn it, I won't be able to protect alone..........!!)

The whirlpool of aurora drew near. Bitterness rather than pain forced her on the verge of tears.

Even while mustering all her strength, victory couldn't be seen. The heavenly voice sneered at her as if saying that this was her limit. No matter how closely one imitated, a power of a human couldn't defeat a single god. To change this situation, one more person is needed.

If there was at least one ─── just one more would do, a strong person of the highest class........!

"............My my. I thought whether the daughter of Koumei stood a chance. As expected, I had to make an appearance huh?"

At the sudden voice from her back, Yō's heartbeat accelerated reflexively.

At first she thought it was Izayoi, but his aura and smell differed.

It was an aura of an even younger boy ─── His Highness of "Ouroboros" said so with a sigh.

"This is a special service, Koumei's daughter. I will help you. This is a loan, so remember to return it afterwards."

The young boy with white hair and golden eyes giggled behind Yō's back.

His Highness extended both hands and grasped her shoulders, then announced while releasing sunlight from his whole body.

"───"Avatara" Activate. Surround the ten heavens and shine, "Another Cosmology".........!!!"


Pain ran through her whole body. But along with it, some power ran through Kasukabe Yō's body faster than the speed of light.

Her consciousness almost flew from the torrent of life force that continuously changed as if resonating with the "Genome Tree". Every sense that Kasukabe Yō could perceive now was expanding with great momentum.

In her hands, ten universes existed respectively now.

Wisdom, that should be unattainable by the humanity.

Power, that should be unattainable by the humanity.

Starlight, that should be unattainable by the humanity.

Power transcending the existing rules of the universe poured into her body as if drowning her. That total amount of miraculous power was about to crush Kasukabe Yō's very soul. Hurts...It hurts - She seemed about to burst into tears any moment from feeling the extreme pain.

Before the omnipotent perfection, just a single girl’s vessel wouldn't hold.

(Hurts, hurts, hurts, but───!!!)

───With this she might be able to protect.

Feeling a potential of victory, she roused her spirit. Even if she couldn't win, it's possible to shift the trajectory of the attack left or right from the Airborne Citadel.

Before long, the flames of origin changed the trajectory of the spirit flames of demise, it brushed past the Airborne Citadel and blew up beyond the horizon.

The Airborne Citadel strongly shook and jolted from the graze, but it didn't lose the floating power.

Just as relief filled her whole body ─── at that moment, she was assaulted with a hostility that gave her the chills.

"...........You. You were able to defend yourself against my sure-kill "Khvarenah"?"

The voice rang as if from the depths of hell. It was decisively different from the carefree voice of Three Headed Dragon that they heard until now.

He was angered by Yō for wounding his pride.

That meant that she was recognized as an obstacle and a clear opponent.

(...........Bad. There's no escape.)

No, the Three Headed Dragon wouldn’t let her get away. Demon Lord whose dignity was wounded after his strongest Gift was defended, wouldn't let his prey get away even if they run to the heaven and hell.

Cold sweat trickled down.

At the same time, Kasukabe Yō resolved herself to her fate.

The almighty feeling from a while ago was already gone. Probably because there was also no sign of His Highness. And, all the power that could be used was already depleted. There was also no spare energy to escape.

The Three Headed Dragon spread the remaining wing and attacked Yō with countless blades ─── scattering fresh blood in the sky.

Part 3

—— At this moment.

Wails from the children entered Jack’s ears.


Lost consciousness awoke from sharp pain and nightmare. Blood flowed out without a trace of slowing down.

This body, had it already reached the limit? A fake smile floated at this thought.

Thinking back, it was a really embarrassing outcome. Clearly announcing 「I am “Jack the Ripper”.」, only to end up being seen through not long after the battle started.

There was only the most important riddle left now —— “Who is Jack?” this question alone, but with only this left, there was already insufficient spirit level to participate in the battle.

—— Yes. Jack was indeed a serial killer that murdered a lot of people, but he was not “Jack the Ripper” kind of specified individual.

In England and Ireland area, the name “Jack” was very common, just like Japan’s “something-taro”, a commonly used name.

“Jack o’ lantern” and “Jack the Ripper” type of names being similar was also because of this. Apart from these, some monster or murderer were also crowned with the name “Jack”.

Yes. This was the real identity of “Pumpkin the Clown”.

In the past, as a pumpkin clown, he had sworn for eternal salvation in the red light district. That was not a place like the high class brothel that provided meticulous care. It was such an underground district with a dreamy atmosphere, where for pleasure, people bought and discarded woman who sold their bodies for a living.

Serial killer “Jack the Ripper” appeared in that forked road to hell.

The reason the police could not find the specific criminal no matter how much investigation was done —— was because the person called “Jack the Ripper” did not exist at all, it was just that simple. That is to say the murders committed by “Jack the Ripper” were crimes committed by various different criminals.

And they were not adult males. Due to economic instability, poverty increased the number of prostitutes, and more unloved children were born.

The lower levels of the city was full of abandoned children seeking motherly love, their rampage triggered this incident. Murder was not done by an individual, but a serial prostitute murder committed by an unspecified number of criminals.

That was the true identity behind the monster “Jack the Ripper” which did not exist.


Even now, closing his eyes would still cause him to recall some flashbacks.

Recalling the red light district then —— children who cried 『Can’t we live in the world without love』.

Recalling the wailing children, recalling the inquisitors sent by the church —— using the name “Jack the Ripper” for execution.

After recovering from his insanity, Jack swore to shoulder all the sins they committed. If anyone who robbed the future of children were to appear, next time for sure, he would fight for the children.

And now.

Far above in the sky, sounds of sobbing children due to insecurity reached him.

(Lily-san...and, children of “No Name”...!!!)

His body was gradually collapsing. After this body completely collapsed, this London City would also crumble to nothingness. But that was fine.

To activate his last resort, Jack held his Geass Roll tight.

(...If, it can’t be cured...If this feeble life still has something to do!!!)

The most despicable means imaginable from the Taboo. To use the technique that might render the atonement of more than hundred years to zero, Jack poured strength into his arm.

If that could protect the future of the children.

If sacrificing this body to the last moment was for that wish!!!

(I...Falling to Demon Lord is fine ————!!!)

Part 4
Like a red flash that pierced through all.

Murderous blades that closed in on Kasukabe Yō stopped after grazing her face, a shadow possessing burning pupils appeared before her.

Perhaps, that was actually the incarnation of heat and passion.

Not only the clothes, even hair and eyes emitted flame; side view of a sinister face that people might mistake as a citizen in hell.

Noticing that it was the Jack she was acquainted with, Kasukabe Yō called out his name with a trembling voice.


“...Kasukabe-san. Lastly, I have a request.”

Last request.

Yō understood that it was not a metaphor, but truly a last request.

Yō nodded shakily, then Jack spoke with a cheerful smile like normal.

“「Will o’ Wisp」...Please take care of those children. They are all children that bear a sad past. So by your own hands, please guide them towards the righteous path.”

“Understood. I promise you.”

Towards the smiling face that encompassed all resolves, she returned with eyes filled with the same amount of resolve. Jack let out a light laughter in relief.

—— Yahohohohoho!!!

Letting out a laughter that prayed for the blessing of all children, Jack kicked the air with his flame springs. His posture was a red flash itself. Nothing else could describe it.

Jack’s air kick reached the maximum theoretical speed —— Sixth Cosmic Velocity, carved a deep wound in Azi Dahaka’s side abdomen.


The Three Headed Dragon let out the clearly anguished voice for the first time since the start of the battle. Although partly because of falling he couldn’t dodge, but that was not all.

Pure speed.

Undefendable sharpness.

“This speed, this slash! You...stepped into Demon Lord’s territory!?”

That was the worst possible deprivation imaginable.

Despite the lack of time to read the Geass Roll so it was unsure, but Jack definitely wrote a lot of rules that unconditionally granted Host advantages. People apart from poets doing this would create enormous logic error, it would only take minutes before the Game was forced to end.

Adding on, bloated spirit level would definitely self-destruct, even after death he would be punished by heaven. Guardian Saint Peter and Queen would not remain silent. This was equivalent to staining their trust to Jack who pleaded them that he would walk on the righteous path. They probably already listed Jack as a conquest target in the Heaven’s army.

But putting these behind his mind, Jack jumped back and forth continuously.

“Divine punishment is already within expectation! This body originated from evil! Then annihilating “Absolute Evil” at the end of this evil path is just as I wish.”

—— “Countering great evil with evil”. Jack’s eyes showed such resolution.

Heaven’s army would not rush here now anyway. Then at the end, adding a moment of glory on his brutal life would also be good.

The Three Headed Dragon was slashed some two hundred plus times before landing.

Every bleeding, every clone released, was all peeling away at Three Headed Dragon’s armor.

Azi Dahaka immediately used his single wing to perform an all-direction annihilation after finally landing, but it was like slow motion to the current Jack.

The knife, that was supposed to easily shatter like glass, was reconstructed, became even stronger from the reconstruction of the game, and shaved the flesh unstoppably.

On the other hand, Jack’s life was reaching its end.

“Ku, pain…!!!”

Sharp pain, like stakes directly hammered into the bones. Jack stopped in his track from the sudden pain, then started dashing as if to escape that pain.

“Not yet...let me, hold on a while longer…!!!”

There was no more bleeding. His body morphed into Astral, changing into an existence similar to light particles. Enormous energy was gained from this, now it was only left to exhaust it.

His agony was only an hallucination. The reason it continued to corrode his body, was because his painful memories from his own spirit were reflected on the surface of the Astral.

Watching him aching all over his body, the Three Headed Dragon raised his three heads and questioned.

“...”Countering great evil with evil”. That kind of thing, is it worth for you to throw yourself into hell?”

“Of course. That’s why I chose deprivation. Regardless of the price, I will not regret it.”

Wiping away fresh blood from the corner of his mouth, he howled to the Demon Lord.

Knowing all the consequences, he still chose to abandon everything.

Good deeds accumulated till this day. Accumulated trust. Countless smiles directed towards him.

Even if he could not be called an outstanding clown anymore, it was fine to close the curtain of his life as a serial killer. Because of such resolve, Jack turned into a Demon Lord.

“...Is that so?”

It was a voice that seemed to be considering Jack’s reply carefully. It was impossible to determine the feeling within it.

The Three Headed Dragon did not strike at Jack’s vulnerability, only watching quietly.

Then the words he spoke...carried a very tranquil tone.

“Very well. Then let me forgive you.”


He stopped his feet that were about to step out.

To the confused and surprised Jack, the Three Headed Dragon spoke seriously.

“As a member of Gods, I forgive you. If the punisher of evil is evil, there is only evil left after the deathmatch...That is too lacking in salvation. Hence, I, as an evil God approve of you. The path you walk contains a trace of justice. I will guarantee the brilliance of the blade that is stabbed at this "Absolute Evil”.”

That voice despite being tranquil, was a supreme and powerful oracle.

—— “I, am the absolute evil. You, act out of justice.”

Cross it, across my corpse lays absolute justice.

No matter how much fresh blood stained your life. Even if you discarded all the glories till today.

I promise you this moment of justice, this evil God declares so.

“...Hah, haha, hahahahahahahaha!!! This! An evil God will guarantee my justice? Uhu (Aah), this is great! It’s truer than anyone’s guarantee in the world…!!!”

How magnanimous was the oracle. How humongous was his caliber!

This was the caliber of the Demon Lord that carried humanity’s evil!!!

Flashing his canine tooth from a guffaw as if his morale was boosted. That laughter did not belong to Jack the Clown, but the laughter from him being his past self.

Severing his unforgivable past like someone else’s, Jack kept escaping by thinking “I(Ore) and I(Watashi) are different”, finally united himself as a whole now.

“Let me declare my title now! I am Demon Lord Pumpkin the Crown! Demon Lord Azi Dahaka’s heart...will be taken by Jack!”

The monster dashed like a red flash. Sprinting with the exaggerated speed of Sixth Cosmic Velocity.

The Three Headed Dragon waved his “Absolute Evil” flag, silently announcing death sentence.

“Avesta activate. Rival and return, “Another Cosmology”…!!!”

Against Jack that turned into the Astral body, the Three Headed Dragon also turned into an Astral body to counter.

In a battle of fifty:fifty, both sides crushed each other’s body as well as they dug out flesh and blood. Although Jack regained immortality, his Game did not have much time left.

Running like the starlight, Jack maintained his speed as a light particle and dissipated. The outcome from the battle between the two, was only Three Headed Dragon.

Jack’s spirit level already completely disappeared.

The proof of his path —— evil God’s heart had been peeled open.

Part 5
—— Airborne Citadel·Precipice.


That entire battle.

Izayoi witnessed it with eyes devoid of emotion.

A death fight that lasted less than a minute. The countless wounds left on the Three Headed Dragon by Jack, undoubtedly represented hope.

Despite this, Izayoi spoke out as if spitting blood.

"This.......This big Idiot"

Jack might have passed away satisfied, but Izayoi still wanted to reprimand him.

Not to blame him for sacrificing himself. but furious towards but furious towards Jack who had thrown away all his belongings and his whole life that he cherished until today. If he overcame this battle, Jack and No Name should be able to create more treasures and carve their paths.

Croix held his shoulder, shaking his head sideways persuasively.

“Izayoi-chan. I understand your feelings of scolding him. But now isn’t the time for that.”

“...I know.”

Swallowing all his bitterness, Izayoi turned to Lapko IV.

“Execute the final battle plan. This time, we must definitely finish off that Demon Lord.”

All Lapkos transmitted Izayoi’s speech to everyone.

Kouryuu, who had defeated the two headed dragon on the ground took out his Geass Roll, raised his head and watched the vaguely vanishing moon in the sky.

“...Already reached this stage? Then, I also have to resolve myself. —— Befall, Lunar Dragon!”

The fading moon’s existence continued to expand.

If it was not playing tricks on the eyes, the moon seemed to have been enlarged.

But that was no hallucination. The fading moon was literally falling towards the ground.

Kouryuu removed his eyepatch, releasing the artificial eye that was the medium of Moon Authority·New Moon.

The two moons that were divided by heaven and earth shook and resonated above the sea, revealing fangs towards each other. Kouryuu transformed from his human body into sea dragon which was his original form, the moon also imitated his appearance.

“Great Sage Who Devastate Seas” Kouryuu Demon Lord’s Game, made use of the moon’s phases to create super gravity, and temporarily transformed himself into a star spirit.

The moon in poems often came in pairs, to represent the sea surface of “Great Sage Who Devastate Seas” reflecting the moon.

The necessary condition to truly separate heaven and earth, was to crush the artificial eye of Kouryuu who governed the sea.

But it ended there. Kouryuu changed into a Celestial Dragon after merging with the Lunar Dragon. In this case Azi Dahaka must shatter Kouryuu in order to end the battle. What was left was only to kill or to be killed.

On the other hand, Leticia also activated her Host Master that was supposed to be preserved, raising the Sun Authority. She originally thought it was a power she would never use again, but against an opponent like Azi Dahaka, there was no reason to hide it.

Leticia raised her head and controlled her breathing, relieving her anxiety.

(This is my final move...It’s all up to you, Master…!!!)

A twin headed snake coiled around the staff representing Asclepius.

At the same time it was raised, the horizon of dawn transmitted a roar that shook the atmosphere.

Anyone who experienced the battle of [Underwood] should know. The ruler of Vampires that once became a Demon Lord who killed her comrades and disrupted the peace with countless magic beasts

The Incarnation of Zodiac, possessing a humongous body that could even cover the sky.

Giant Golden Dragon —— Leticia Draculea’s other form.


The giant dragon rushed from the horizon straight for Leticia.

The giant dragon that fused with her displayed her will in those eyes, staring at the Three Headed Dragon on the ground.

“Hng. Lunar Dragon and Solar Dragon. Is this your trump card?”

Not hiding the shining heart in his breast bone at all, the Three Headed Dragon calmly took his stance.

Despite one of his wings being destroyed, the heart that was his weakness dug open, the Demon Lord’s spirit did not shake. It could be said to have raised even more.

People that could force him into this state could be countable with both hands.

The organization that fought him 200 years ago was just a thin line away. However the most crucial and strongest fighting strength, lost the human factor without him noticing.

Hence the former [No Name] and their alliance communities were forced to use a sealing method.

“...Such a short, but fierce battle. To decide the fate of Little Garden, nothing is better than this.”

Could they reach this Demon Lord’s heart?

Raising the 「Absolute Evil」 flag high and fought continuously in what seemed like eternity, would it be meaningful?

Now, the answer would be revealed.

“Now come, oh great heroes. And overcome me.... Over the corpse of mine, justice awaits you!!!”

He would not wait for his enemy. Obstacles still existed before his eyes.

Then crush the obstacles! Faster than the enemies!

Wings were irrelevant, the Three Headed Dragon spread his single wing and leapt. The aerial battle between him who was wingless and the two Celestial Dragons capable of flight, it was obvious which side had the advantage.

Therefore, the Three Headed Dragon would break his enemies’ advantage head on.

The Three Headed Dragon fought like this regardless of time.

To those that declared to be heroes themselves, insisted that I was the final peak they arrived at.

Amongst them, there were also those who understood they couldn’t win, but still fought for their loved ones.

Because she understood that simple honesty, that radiance —— his Creator, for the sake of humanity, shed her tears.

—— “Zoroastrianism” Evil God Mother, she spoke so.

“In this world, nothing more wonderful than humans exists.
Hence I am sad. Because their perishment, is absolute.”

Yes. Perishment.

It would lead to perish.

Humanity would perish regardless of their struggles.

Although “Zoroastrianism” had the motto of praising the good and punishing the evil, that was only depicted from the viewpoint of gods. Her viewpoint from a strength far surpassing the structure of “Zoroastrianism”, seen through all of humanity’s ending.

That’s why she wept.

Because she deeply loved those humans that impeached her, she wept.

Wishing to wipe away her tears as much as possible, the Three Headed Dragon resolved to become the oldest Demon Lord —— an existence referred to as “Last Embryo”.

Clarifying the reason for humanity’s perishment, refining it, then creating their future from their victory.

Carrying the most sinful flag “Absolute Evil”, serving her until the end of the world.

After speaking out all his plans, Three Headed Dragon held her and swore.

—— The sins that you shouldered, please let us shoulder it together.

And now, the contract could finally be completed.

(I will not compromise the result. As the Final Trial of Humanity, I will crush you…!!! )

As a representative of the trial, showing mercy would be meaningless. Hence he used all his power to destroy the challengers.

The Three Headed Dragon roared towards the two Celestial Dragons.


The three super dragons shook heaven and earth. The Three Headed Dragon took on Lunar Dragon’s assault squarely, immediately using his trump card.

“Avesta activate. Dualism construction, Another Cosmology…!!!”

The opponent's spirit level was added onto his own body. With this power, the numerous advantages were ineffective against the Three Headed Dragon. It was impossible to beat this power without sharing the same Cosmology as the Three Headed Dragon.

But, the Three Headed Dragon immediately realized a change.

(What happened...Only Lunar Dragon’s spirit level was added…!?)

Leticia and the vampires came from the far future, a race born in the timeline outside the boundary of possibilities. A primate species of human’s next generation.

And the gigantic Solar Dragon, was a personification of human civilization’s remnant —— Flying in orbit of the Sun, an incarnation of a satellite. The giant dragon that was created from the legacy of humanity as the strongest species, an existence that encompassed the Cosmology of humanity.

But the chance provided by this trickery was only a moment.

Three Headed Dragon immediately discerned the truth from his enormous knowledge.

“Legacy created by humans! Then I will fight it with “Khvarenah”!!!”

The Three Headed Dragon concentrated his internal heat in his mouth while descending.

At this moment, the enemy’s movement came to a complete halt.

Leticia aimed for this moment, played her final card.

“Gift of Ophiuchus...A single moment is fine, please grant me the power to restrain him…!!!”

A Giant Golden Dragon compressed its massive body, changed into chains that bound the dragon and wound around him. The gigantic mass was retained in the chain, even the Three Headed Dragon was restrained.

“Petty tricks…!”

“Right now! Ignore me and attack, Kuro Usagi!!!”

Following the voice of Leticia, a strong divine energy was released from the group of fire dragons. Sensing that this Divinity was the same one he felt at the start, the Three Headed Dragon revealed his fangs and mumbled.

“Indra...No, wrong. Moon Rabbit survivor!!”

Originally a race exterminated 200 years ago. And in her hands held the Victory Spear.

He remembered the shape of that spear.

But the Three Headed Dragon would not be astonished by this fact. Watching Kuro Usagi taking a stance with that spear, he raged.

(How foolish! Even now you try to use the authority of Universal Truth(Brahman)! Did they not understand Avesta’s ability!?)

The Indian Gods - The Sun Trinity Mystical God held the the spear of absolute hit and absolute victory. That was the authority of “Destined Victory” the Gods reached after manipulating the truth of the Universe, a type of ‘Another Cosmology’.

Once that was used, regardless of target, Avesta would automatically oppose and neutralize it.

The after-wave from doing so would cause the two Celestial Dragons to lose their lives. The collapsed London City would be completely obliterated. In the final moment of the finale they were relying on that stuff? The Three Headed Dragon raged.

Kuro Usagi and her spear released divine energy, aimed at the target while discharging lightning.

“My race’s hatred! Be avenged right here!”

The spear containing tens of thousands of wills, locked onto the Three Headed Dragon’s heart.

Foolish, as the Three Headed Dragon sighed and used his Avesta ——


Avesta, did not activate.

That’s right, the Three Headed Dragon only focused on the shape of the spear, and miscalculated in the crucial point.

The Trinity Mystical God that converted to buddhism renamed to “Brahma”.

And created the dual faith concept of Indra and Brahma.

The replica born from the dual faith concept of Indra and Brahma, was of course not ‘Another Cosmology’. In other words, Indra's Gift resided in this spear.

(That’s right! This spear is born from the Gift of my main God! There is only one meaning. Zoroastrianism’s cosmology is also resided in this spear!!)

200 years ago —— The regrets of those comrades who sacrificed their lives to let Kuro Usagi, known as God’s child, escape.

For the sake of pain from the past, and the lives of comrades that were lost today,
Kuro Usagi exhausted her full strength to attack.

“Pierce him —— Brahmastra Replica ——!!!”

With speed similar to astral —— Sixth Cosmic Velocity, the spear of absolute victory was thrown. Azi Dahaka’s whole body shivered from the never seen before vigor.

The spear raced towards the heart in a straight line, reaching the heart without a moment's delay.

No escape, defeat. Only such philosophy remained in his heart.

But Three Headed Dragon, the strongest Demon Lord, swept everything away with his nobleness.

“Don’t underestimate Demon Lord ——Underestimate 「Absolute Evil」!!!”

He torn off the seal that carried the mass of a star with brute force.

Leticia raised an unrecognizable cry and dissipated, collapsing on the ground in her human form.

The spear with Sixth Cosmic Velocity pressed close.

Azi Dahaka used his experience from the previous battle as foundation, channeling into Astral form by himself.

—— Who could believe it?

In that instant of a moment, the Three Headed Dragon completed two evolutions.

Arm strength to shatter the stars, and a movement method that surpassed starlight.

The two Gifts human wisdom could not touch, he managed to bring it out with just his spirit.

If there existed someone who could predict such a situation.

“—— Ah ah. I knew it, you will dodge it.”

There was only one. One that envied the existence known as Demon Lords and firmly believed in the nobleness they possess.