Jun 26, 2016

Volume 11 Epilogue

The Illusion City of London was destroyed. Stone streets and spires disappeared without a trace as if everything until now was just an illusion.

However, the rivers of blood and mountains of corpses were screaming that the battle was real. The battle continued for no longer than an   hour. Giants from 「Ouroboros」 attacked just yesterday. That was followed by the resurrection of the three headed dragon as well as Maxwell’s attack and counterattack. Kouen City that was turned to ruins became silent just like 2 days ago. There were no traces left of it,  almost as if a war ravaged it years ago . If there was anything fortunate in this, that was just the fact that the dead fire dragons were resting on their homeland.


Silence fell. Everyone was trembling while looking at the scenery before them.

The spear thrown at the heart of the three headed dragon by Kuro Usagi certainly pierced through him. And there was a figure of Sakamaki Izayoi, the boy who was tightly holding the spear.

What did this mean?

What happened at the moment of attack?

Looking at the spear that deeply pierced through his heart, the three headed dragon emotionally nodded.


Each of the three heads were looking at different things.

At the spear that pierced through him, at wounded hosts, and at Sakamaki Izayoi who was there with a spear in hand.

The three headed dragon narrowed his ruby eyes and smiled as if he was fooled and nodded.

“….It's my loss. I never thought… I never thought that there would ever appear a fool who would decide to stop a spear, flying at 6th cosmic velocity!!!”

It was hard to believe that such smooth and bright smile was coming from a monster.

Certainly. You could only think about it.

The spear thrown by Kuro Usagi turned into a beam of light and rushed towards the heart of the three headed dragon. But according to the plan of hosts, it will lose against the ambitions of the three headed dragon.

To catch the dragon by surprise, there was the need for an even more reckless move.

『To catch the divine spear that had activated divinity and pierce the dragon with it when he lowers his guard』

It’s easy to say, but to bet on this move, the one who throws and the one who catches it must have unwavering will and courage.

Kuro Usagi’s throw could easily kill Sakamaki Izayoi.

But to this, she answered with a throw that did not even contain a bit of hesitation.

And if Izayoi was  planning to catch it, he must put his life on the line. A perfect surprise attack, it was something impossible to do unless both of them completely believed in each other.


Izayoi clenched his teeth.

The dragon that was about to fall noticed, and the hand which was holding the spear that pierced through his heart, trembled. With his last breath, the dragon tightly clenched the hand of the hero that defeated him, as if giving his last blessings and said:

“…..There is nothing to be ashamed of. If you do not know, then be sure to remember it. This trembling is called – Fear.”


“Yes. And, don’t forget. Even when trembling with fear, you took a step forward. That is courage.”

“No!” He violently shook his head as if lamenting.

But, the three headed dragon flared and turned to ashes without hearing his words till the end.
White body, three heads, ruby eyes. This body that the whole world feared, flared up just like the flames of the last firework and disappeared.

The crimson flag of 「Absolute Evil」 changed it's emblem into an emblem of the great alliance of 「Arcadia」, an emblem which depicted a girl on a hill – Symbolizing freedom. Emblem of the original flag that acted as a seal.

And then, a great roar that sounded like a volcanic eruption was heard.

Heroic voices, raised so high, as if the Gods and Buddhas weren't the only ones capable of shaking the Heavens and Earth.

Some were honestly happy about the fact that they survived.

Some cried seeing their comrades alive.

Some looked at the sky and talked about the future.

Among the myriad screams, Sakamaki Izayoi cried on the back of Lunar Dragon.

“No… No, Azi Dakaha!!!”

At the peak of joyful voices of the hosts who celebrated victory, Izayoi let out a regrettable scream and cried.

Human, who knew the meaning of these tears, the only human who knew what happened at the moment of attack.

Lunar Dragon who was lending his back – Kouryuu, still being in the form of a dragon saw everything with his own eyes, and said with a soft voice.

“….Even so, you won. That is already undeniable.”

With the skillful movements of manes, Kouryuu comforted Izayoi who was tightly holding the flag of freedom to his chest..

Among the victorious voices of excited people, only he knew the reason behind Izayoi’s tears..

Sakamaki Izayoi tasted a crushing defeat.


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