Oct 31, 2019

Isekai NEET V2 Bonus Story 2

Bonus Story - Reiji And His Princesses❤

“S-Speaking of which ── What does Reiji like?”

Tifalycia asked in a casual way, while Reiji snickered under his scarf and replied.

“It’s you ── If I answer like this, what will you do?”


“Hmm? Oh, you didn’t hear me because it’s too far?”

“T-Too close──”

Tifalycia panickedly retreated and hit the wall, Reiji stretched out his arm and pressed onto the wall.

Then as if kissing Tifalycia’s long ear, he whispered.

“What I like —— is Tifalycia, it’s you.”


As his breath caressed her ear, Tifalycia shivered and desperately twisted her face away.

“Wh-What kind of nonsense are you saying all of a sudden......I-I’m not going to be deceived.”

“What, you don’t believe me? It can’t be helped——”

Reiji raised Tifalycia’s chin while speaking.

“You want me to show you proof, right?”


He just pushed for a kiss like that —— before that, he spoke.

“——If you were courted by the men of other races like this, what are you going to do?”


Reiji unhesitantly let go of Tifalycia and shook his head as if he could not bear to watch anymore.

“Sending an opposite gender diplomat. Suddenly expressing love by going along with the other party’s conversation, then lead the pace and conquer in one breath. To be overwhelmed by just this level of atmosphere, you are so gullible.”


“Also, the opposite of like is not afraid, got it? 『To find out Reiji’s weakness. First understand what he likes』, this kind of logic is nonsensical.”

“How did you know!?”

“This kind of thing is so easy to guess──”

Reiji closed in on Tifalycia again and made eye contact with her in close distance.

“It’s obviously because I know everything about 『the thing I like』, got it?”


“See, so gullible.”

Tifalycia blushed due to frustration and shame, along with some other reason, and shouted.

“Y-You ── scum of a NEET!”

“I know what Master likes.”

Seeing Leu suddenly saying such things with confidence in his room, Reiji frowned for an instant, and said.

“Oh, un. That’s great.”


“I told you already, can you stop using 『Adjacent Darkness』 whenever you get excited!?”

The black robe Leu wore wrapped around Reiji, robbing away his freedom as if it was natural.

“I am doing what Master likes now.”

“You seriously don’t listen to others. And I can only feel danger from what you just said.”

“Do not worry. I will not touch Master at all.”

After saying so, Leu pressed Reiji against the wall with her black robe, then closed their distance after moving the robe out of the way and ── pushed her arm against the wall while gazing at Reiji without batting an eye.





Due to the height difference, Leu’s posture was gazing up, in addition, despite her saying that she would not lay a finger on Reiji, her entire body stuck to him, making it difficult to see the action as a kabedon, only Leu thought that she was doing a kabedon on Reiji.

“Do you feel your heartbeat accelerating?”

“I don’t?”

“......It can’t be helped. Then──”

At the same time Leu said so, she suddenly raised her leg and pressed onto Reiji’s crotch with her knee.


“『Matadon』[2]. Is your heartbeat accelerating?”

“It’s speeding! I thought you were going to crush them!”

“Strange. Master’s 『Tablet』 wrote that the other party will be happy if this is done.”

“That’s because the roles of the man and woman are reversed......Will a man be happy to have this done to him?”

“......! I see.”

Leu immediately used her robe to forcefully create the scenario of Reiji doing a kabedon on her.


“............Can you tell me where in this is my freedom?”

“I...have been fervently courted by Master...so happy. If possible......I wish to reach the last step.”

“As I thought......in the end, these are what you like!”

Reiji’s shout just echoed in the room.
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1 Kabedon - http://yabai.com/p/2703  

2 Matadon - Similar meaning to Kabedon but with the lower part instead.


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