Oct 22, 2017

Last Embryo V2 Chapter 3

Chapter 3

───At the same time, in the ruins north of the Great Tree.

The limbs of the Bull Monster trembled and it had collapsed to the front.

The pain was already unbearable even with his body of a Bull Monster, yet it continued to assault him relentlessly. He was rolling around in so much pain that it shaved off his heart and soul. In the city of the Great Tree, the arrowheads of the Fixed Type Large Ballista poured down on him like a rain shower. The Large Ballista that pierced his body without sparing a single place should have been more than enough to kill the Bull Monster. However, despite feeling the pain, the Bull Monster wasn't in a state of dying.

He rolled on the ground, was in so much agony that foam came out of his mouth, but there was no signs of him parting with his life.

On the contrary, he started to become more active.

Every muscle on his body shrank, transformed, converged and compressed over and over, turning the Bull Monster into a completely different creature. He started to fear the mysterious transformation that was happening to his body.

While not understanding what was happening, he could only crawl on the ground and raise growls.

His roars reverberated throughout the ruins where he crawled into in order to hide himself. This land, separated from the city was completely uninhabited. There weren't expected to be any human presences.


His shrieks contained slight traces of human words. It was difficult to give shape to it because of the foam and saliva that endlessly gushed out of his mouth, however those shrieks indeed contained human words. However those shrieks, and also the voice that begged to live, simply disappeared within the empty space without reaching anyone.

Because he was now the monster of the labyrinth, "Minotaur" – a Bull Monster described in the Greek Pantheon. An aberration that ate boys and girls brought into the exitless labyrinth.

In other words, a type of man eater. Just as the name implied, man eater was a generic name for a race that couldn’t satisfy its hunger other than by eating races of human nature.

Within this "World of Little Garden" where various species like Eudemons and Demons existed, man eaters belonged to the races which were the most difficult in terms of coexisting. Similar races that attacked to the humans weren't few. Eudemons like Perytons that came to these lands from the continent of Atlantis, were deemed as the murderer species───races that actively killed humans by instinct. Existences like these who actively assaulted intelligent lifeform, coexistence symbiosis was impossible even in the Little Garden of gods. And also, even there, there were few who would consider helping these man eaters. No one would consider saving the one that would eat them. Anyone who saw that appearance would tremble in fear and run away at full speed.

Therefore, there was no one in that place who would help the "Minotaur".

But contrary to such a situation, the pain that eroded him didn't stop, and continued altering his body. Regaining the intelligence that was supposed to have faded away, he squeezed out the human words.

───Help me!

However, the shriek that he had desperately squeezed out, disappeared into the night sky of the ruins without reaching out to anyone. It probably wouldn't have mattered even if that place was a human habitation instead of ruins. Most likely, he would have been put to death by hunters by taking advantage of the situation.

If there were ones who wouldn't run away after seeing a man eating monster………would they be other man eaters?

Or perhaps, experienced adventurers who have travelled on demon nests beyond that of the labyrinth.

".........Now this is surprising. To think that such a truth was hiding behind the legend of the Minotaur."


Footsteps of a person stepping on pebbles were heard. And reacting to that, the Bull Monster raised his head.

The voice belonged to a boy. The boy who wore a slightly smaller robe that didn't match with his body───Perhaps, was about fourteen years old. He was considerably tall in comparison to the average height for his presumed age, and only the fact that his features still contained hints of immaturity clearly represented that age.

The sudden voice of the youth was familiar, and contained a surprising amount of power.

The boy who appeared in the ruins did not show fear before the monster, and instead he fixedly looked down on the Bull Monster as if something had caught his eye.

The monster, even while putting up with the pain, looked up at the youth.

The youth stepped towards the monster that was lying on the ground, held out his right hand and touched the monster's hair, and called out to the other person───to the young girl who wore black spotted clothes and was waiting behind him.

"Pest. Can you temporarily numb his pain?"

".........Isn't not that I can't. But is it really fine to do something like that, Jin?"

"At this rate, he would grow insane from pain. That would be troubling. He must contribute to clearing the Game with his true form."

The youth called Jin turned his gaze towards Pest - the girl who wore spotted clothes.

Pest slightly tilted her head silently to ask about his intentions.

".........It looks quite painful. Wouldn't it be better to let him die like this?"

"As I said, that would be troubling. This Minotaur.........No, it would be proper to call the current him Asterius, I guess. Apparently he seems to have fulfilled the clearing condition of the Game with an incomplete form while not being aware of it. I believe he doesn't know what is happening to himself right now."

Saying so, Jin Russel separated his hand from the Bull Monster───no, from Him.

The Bull Monster continued to stare at Jin with dubious eyes without understanding that it meant. But suddenly, the name Jin had just uttered came to his mind.


"That's right. That's your true name."

Isn't that right? Jin Russel shot a friendly smile at him.

The monster returned a gaze that said he still didn't understand it, but as Jin uttered the name "Asterius"───The body of the Bull Monster shrank rapidly, and stabilized at the same time.

Giant pair of horns disappeared below the white hair, and soft five toes grew in place of both his hoofs. It's powerful arms retained their strength, but at the same time changed into human arms.

Pest looked dumbfounded at the transformation that was happening in the twinkle of an eye.

Jin Russell nodded at him with confidence.

After a short while────The Bull Monster, "Minotaur" turned into the white-haired and dark-skinned boy.


His age was approximately in mid teens. Looking at his digits that were divided in five, the youth with white hair and dark skin was dyed with surprise. Those weren't cloven-hoofs but the very human hands itself.

"So that's your real body? You might be bewildered from the long forgotten sensation, however first of all, congratulations. You have completely regained your body and name."

Jin Russell congratulated him with all his heart, and then took Asterius───the boy formerly known as "Minotaur" close to the ruin wall. It was probably his consideration after judging that he wouldn't be able to move for a while after the sudden transformation. Jin took out the Water Tree leaves and put them into a wooden cup.

Suddenly, the wooden cup overflowed with clear water. Asterius who was starved and thirsty, he took that cup as if snatching it and drank the water in it in one gulp. As he did so, he felt his whole body being filled with power.

It was probably a transformation done during a state of crisis.

If it was just a bit late, the Bull Monster might have been reduced to yet another monster.

"Okay. First, go ahead and rehydrate yourself to your heart's content. You can tell me after that.........Now, do you remember about the Gift Games that you are taking part in?"

Jin asked with a gentle voice.

As Asterius quenched his thirst, he poured the water on his white hair, shook his head and looked at Jin.

".........Gift Games. The games of gods and demons held within this world of Little Garden, is it... Yeah, it's alright. While my memory is a bit disordered, I still remember that much."

"Alright then. We can leave leave that part out in that case. However, you from the legend should have been "The Monster of the Labyrinth". And now, you are participating in the Gift Game as its "Host". Isn't that right?"

Jin Russell asked in order to make sure. Asterius nodded.

Receiving Jin's words, The former "Minotaur" boy thought back on his origins.

───What gave birth to the Monster of the Labyrinth, was the island of Crete that floats in the Mediterranean Sea of the Republic of Greece. The legend of the "Minotaur" that was the Monster of the Labyrinth, was based on the Prince of that island.

According to the legend, the King who ruled over Crete of that period, was given a beautiful bull from the Sea God. However, as the King began to obsess over the beauty of the bull, he violated the contract he had with the Sea God and refused to return the bull, keeping the beautiful sea bull to himself. The Sea God was angered by the King's action and thus placed a curse on the Queen of Crete, causing her to fall in love with the sea bull.

The Queen ordered famous craftsmen of the country to create a puppet that imitated the cow's appearance, put it on and fulfilled her love with the sea bull, giving birth to the half-human, half-bull child.

The child Queen gave birth to, was temporarily given the name of his ancestor "Asterius", but was later renamed to "Minotaur".

Minotaur was later imprisoned by the King's command into an inescapable labyrinth, and ate seven boys and girls that were sacrificed every nine years. Minotaur was later killed by the Hero Theseus who had sneaked into the labyrinth, closing the curtains of that legend.

It was a pitiful monster that was confined in an isolated labyrinth and had been given a name of a beast by his father the King.

That was the Prince of Crete.

It was "Asterius" that meant Stars and Lightning in Greek language.

However, although Asterius recollected his own legend, he could not help putting his head against the uncomfortable feeling born inside him.

"This legend.........should be about me."

"Should be? Why the guessing?"

"No.........It's correct as far as my knowledge goes. And yet, there's no actual feelings of it. I can't draw out my memories well."

He recognized the fact that he was the "Prince of Crete".

If he closed his eyes, he could easily recall the blue sky and the sea roars of the Mediterranean Sea. The stone palace and the sun that burned with love were engraved down to his very soul.

And yet, the most important part, the memories of the days he spent on Crete was nowhere to be found.

No matter how he was reborn as a monster, he should have turned into Bull Monster Minotaur from a Prince. Since he returned to the human form like this, it wouldn't match up if he had not a single memory of his days as a human.

"I see. In other words, you have no memories of being a human?"

".........I don't know. But it doesn't matter if you think as such. In the first place, by the time I had fallen into a monster, there was no intellect of mine remaining. If you say it was the adverse effect of that, then that's all there was to it. There was just one role in this Gift Game given to the me who was a Bull monster."

"And that is?"

Jin asked while leaning forward.

Asterius didn't return an immediate answer, and looked up at the sky while leaning on the wall. Even to him who was summoned as one of the Hosts of the Gift Game, the current Gift Game was full of mysteries.

While half in doubt, he recited that role which was etched into his mind.

"........."If you want to be saved, meet with Saigou Homura". It seems that's my part in this Gift Game."

The reason why the Bull Monster and the Heavenly Bull headed towards Homura at pinpoint precision was probably because of the existence of that part. As the avatars of the trial, these two had duties to meet Saigo Homura at any costs.

However, trying to speak of it himself, Asteius' face became puzzled by the minute. While saying it himself, he once again thought that it was quite the mysterious contents.

If this was "If you want to regain your memories" he would still understand it.

However, what was "If you want to be saved" supposed to mean?

Precisely because Gift Games are called the games of gods and demons, there weren't few occasions where their contents proved to be unreasonable. But still, they were created so that they ensure minimum consistency.

It appeared that Saigou Homura who lived in 2000s and Minotaur who existed in the legends of ancient Greece had no relation whatsoever.

However it seemed that Jin Russell didn't think so. Perhaps there were some points to think about, Jin Russel deeply pondered with a mysterious face while putting his hand to his chin, and then asked Asterius.

"Saigou Homura.........That's the name of the participant of this Gift Game, right?"

"Yes. That's as far as my knowledge goes."

"Is that so.........Thank you, it proved as a reference. So then, what will you do from now on?"

To Jin's question, Asterius answered with a sharp gaze.

".........I have no choice but to continue the Game. I don't know who this man called Saigou Homura is, but there's just one player in this Game. If I meet him, it might also serve as a clue to my memory."

"If there's nothing?"

".........? Then I just kill him?"

Releasing the killing intent enough to freeze the atmosphere as if nothing, Asterius slowly stood up. That wasn't a killing intent that a youth in his teens could have released.

It was a killing intent filled with so much pressure that the small birds and animals that were hiding inside the ruins scattered and fled at high speeds. Even though he obtained a human body, his true nature had not changed at all.

The Bull Monster "Minotaur" was still living strong. Then, confronting his enemy, there was only one thing to do.

"......Are you going to eat him? That Saigou Homura."

"Yes. And I just happen to be hungry.The last meal I ate was………was it the domestic pigs from  a few days ago? That wasn't bad either, but there's nothing better than eating an actual human."

After exploiting the leaves of the water tree to their fullest, he threw away the wooden cup.

Jin stood up with a bitter smile.

".........Man eater eating domestic animals, huh. Indeed I have grasped the point. Is that the final keyword?"


"Nothing. Well, this must also be fate. If you are returning to the Game, you can take some of my comrades along. They are a bit bothersome, but they should prove to be useful to you."

As Jin said so, the human presences in the surrounding had increased.

No, probably the ones who were concealing their presences until now revealed themselves. Asterius instantly noticed that he was surrounded from every direction and grasped the great battleaxe.

───There were most likely five people hiding within the ruins.

Although imperfect, Asterius was still a monster of a legend. While it's true that he was exhausted, the fact that he couldn't sense a single sign of them until now proved that they were extremely skilled people.

"Hmph.........You are unexpectedly cautious, huh? Did you think I would eat you?"

"Did you not plan to eat me?"

"Of course not. No matter how much of a man eater I am, as one would expect, it would leave a bad feeling if I were to throw my lifesaver into my stomach. I planned to show at least that much courtesy. .........Well, whatever. Come, "Proto Keraunos(Pseudo Divinity - Celestial Bull Thunder)"!"

Asterius turned around in disappointment.

As he raised his right hand, the great battle axe came flying into his hand with rotation. The great battle axe that was supposed to have been too large for a youth in his mid teens, was shrinking to match his hand size.

However it's divine power didn't decline. Instead, it emitted lightings as if blessing it's owner who returned to his rightful form. Both of them who regained their true names, would display power beyond that of the Bull Monster.

While shouldering the battleaxe, "Asterius" glared towards the giant water tree seen in the distance───at "Underwood".

It didn’t seem like the current him needed someone's help, however he must fulfill the duty as the Host of the trial. His problem of memory might also be settled as the Game progressed.

After he fulfilled that, he would be someone with neither fate nor duty.

So that the youth can regain his memories. So that the Bull Monster can satisfy its hunger.

The moment he was about to step forth towards the waterfall of the Great Tree in order to fulfill those respective wishes────a huge rumble reverberated from its direction.

"Kh, an earthquake.........?"

Asterius who had no resistance towards the calamity that shook the earth, collapsed on the spot and examined the surroundings. However, the situation was strange for a natural earthquake.

There was also a question about the small animals in surroundings not panicking and running.

Asterius suspected it being the deed of the youth called Jin............However, Jin himself was looking towards "Underwood" with his mouth half-open.

".........Eh, no way. The plan Porol spoke of, he was serious about it.........!?"

"Hey, why are you consenting to it alone. If you know something then explain!"

Asterius raised an angry voice while on his knees due to the trembling earth. However, Jin slowly pointed towards the great tree without retuning a reply and stayed silent.

Just at that moment, from the roots of the Great Tree───was raised a spray of water so gigantic that it could be mistaken for a waterfall. Since it could be seen from these ruins that were considerably far, it undoubtedly raised up to quite the altitude.

The water spray rose so much that it made an optical illusion of piercing the heavens, however the truly fascinating thing did not lie there. The giant object that flew out from below the Great Tree, seemed to be so gigantic that it filled the great river to the brim. Its width was about thirty meters even by rough estimations.

A lump of metal that gigantic began to dash above the great river.

"Wha.........what is that thing!? Is the iron fortress traveling on the water!? Could it be a traveling fortress!?"

Asterius raised his voice before that unexpected spectacle. Considering the age he was born in, this was surely worth the metaphor of an iron fortress.

At any rate, it was a lump of metal spanning over 200 meters. Anyone would undoubtedly think it was used for military affairs.

Among the paths of the great river that flowed into many branches, it faced towards them of all things and started to dash. The moving fortress that traveled while overflowing the great river swallowed the ruins one after another.

Pest who was dumbfounded just the same, looked up at Jin after quickly coming to her senses.

"W-Wait a minute. Isn't that lump of iron coming this way?"

"Seems so."

"Seems so, huh. That's not it! Isn't it dangerous if we don't run away!"

She pulled on Jin's sleeve in panic, but as there was also the difference in their heights to consider, she couldn't budge him.

On the contrary, Jin stared at the train with a hand on his chin.

"No, well. It's a special test run, so I want to see it from point-blank range.........."

"Are you an idiot!? I wonder since when did you awaken to such masochistic hobbies, my master!? Let's just run away already!"

"No use, we won't make it!!!"

With Asterius' scream, the moving fortress that accelerated even further started  to rush madly ahead while shaving off the river banks. At this rate, they would be swallowed by the buckshot of earth and water sprays.

Stabbing "Proto Keraunos" into the ground, Asterius used its giant edge as a shield and hid behind it. He was trying to save Jin and Pest as well, but there was someone who acted faster than him.

A tiger shadow dashed as if to block the sprays like a tsunami. That tiger figure that appeared to be hiding behind the cover, grabbed Jin and Pest by the collars with its mouth and dashed towards the empty space.

(............Ridiculous, where did it come from!?)

Asterius endured to not be washed away by the torrent of overflowing river, but he couldn't hide his surprise at that tiger that appeared suddenly. As for why, it was because that tiger suddenly came flying from a completely unrelated place to the five presences he felt. That indicated that it could have attacked Asterius at any time. If he showed hostility towards Jin even if only a bit, it would've probably ripped him apart in that instant.

Jin held Pest while only his lower body got wet, and expressed his thanks to the tiger that saved him.

"Thank you White Tiger. We would've died had you not saved us."

『.........If you knew that, then don't play around too much. One way or another, you are still our master. Take a bit more care of your body.』

"It's going to be fine. Everyone was there so I believed someone would save me."

Was that trust, or simply laziness?

That pure white tiger with beautiful fur───perhaps the one that would remind of a Tiger Deity kind, soared until the safety zone, and announced in an amazed voice towards his master's passive comment.

On the other hand, Asterius who resisted the sprays was amazed towards that Tiger Deity that appeared so suddenly. It was an orient spiritual rank, but just by one look at it, he felt so much power coming from it just by a glance that his hair stood on ends.

(It's clearly a Divine.........No, a Celestial Beast class.........!?)

The superior Celestial Beast that governs the section of heaven. Protector Beast of Star Creation, created by the three strongest species of Little Garden. Even in this Little Garden of gods, they are the rare species that one might or might not encounter once in an eternity.

It was not a species that appeared in the vicinity of the human habitation for no reason.

Perhaps it was one of those comrades that this boy named Jin Russell brought along───But he didn't appear to be someone who would make a Celestial Beast obey him no matter how you looked. If they were a master and servant, he probably held the Gift that forced obedience to specific species. In the unlikely event that he does hold the Gift of Obedience, even Asterius has to be careful.

However without even giving notice to Asterius' impatience, Jin and the Tiger Deity looked at the moving fortress that dashed away above the great river.

『Hmm. The "Bull of Heaven" also started to move. It appears that the Player is inside that fortress. Does he plan to part from "Underwood" for now?』

"I guess. But it's bad. He's still here........."

Two people and the beast glanced at Asterius.

At that point, he also noticed. If the Player is indeed inside that moving fortress, he can't afford to lose sight of him here.

.........Now, what to do.

As expected, with this, Asterius stood with a face that couldn't be shown publicly───But in front of him who was in such a state, Jin and White Tiger descended and asked him a question.

"Uhhh. You can get on him if you want, you know?"

『As long as you don't hate to ride together with a bothersome fellow along the way.』

".......... I'll be much obliged. I can't do anything if I don't catch up to that moving fortress."

It was dangerous to owe a favor to someone who seemed to hold a Gift of Obedience, but he couldn't say no either. For now, catching up with that came first.

Asterius straddled on the White Tiger in place of Jin and Pest.

Then suddenly, Jin told him as if remembering about it.

"And also, that isn't a fortress. And it's not for military use either. It's only armed with ballista as far as I remember."

".........What? Then what is it?"

Asterius asked in puzzlement.

He probably felt uncomfortable that despite having such gigantic solid build, it wasn't used for battle. If it was that fortress, then it should have even been able to fight against the natural disasters───the worst enemies that attacked the Little Garden.

However Jin clearly denied that view. He knew that it was definitely not something created for fighting.

With a bitter smile, he revealed the true nature of the moving iron fortress with a bitter smile.

"That's the Super Gigantic Spirit Train, "Sun Thousand" model. It is the center and the planned site for the management of the Sun Authority War of this time.........It is the greatest masterpiece made by a guy I one-sidedly think of as a friend."


───Super Gigantic Spirit Train, Model "Sun Thousand" - First Conductor Chamber.

That lively test run gave the shock to the inside of the train no different that that flashy appearance.

At any rate, it departed while raising giant water sprays enough to swallow the buildings. The conductor Beastmen that were running around restlessly, were going right and left due to the trouble that followed after the shock.

The noisiest of them all, was one calico cat that wore long boots.

He seemed to be one of the conductors───but was he from the monster cat species?

The tip of his short tail parted into two and he walked on two legs.

While appealing with Kansai dialect to the colony of small spirits that were inside the Spirit-driven engine reactor, the calico conductor raised his voice while jumping on two legs.

"This ain't good, ya speed up too much, ya Chibis! If we pull off such speed, we can't enter the Ley Line, y'know! Drop the speed, drop the speed!"

"Won't drop it~!"

"Can't drop it~!"

"If we drop it, we'll be caught~!!!"

Ukkyaa~♪───The colony of fire spirits wearing red mantles popped their heads from the thunderously burning reactor and started to make merry. They seem to be playing around, but that probably came from the cheerful nature of the girls of the fire spirit colony. The earth sprite───a spirit wearing a two-pointed head similarly poked her head from the mountain of coal and exclaimed while pointing outside the window.

"Bull! Coming from the sky! Meruls are going to run! Can't drop speed!"

"Yeah, I get it without needing you to explain the details! But thanks, number two!"

The calico cat raised his claw.

He understood the situation, but he couldn't find a better way.

"Though, it's quite a pinch. At this speed, it'll be impossible to use the super acceleration of the Ley Line. On top of endlessly traveling around the great river and ground surface........."

"No, it's fine like that! Rush ahead, Calico cat!"

Within the disordered engine room, Porol's voice reverberated. It was unusual for him who was a leader to come to this room that was full of coal among all the foremost wagons of the train.

Confused, Calico cat took a bowing posture.

"However, Second! We'll be attacked by the bull beast at this rate! What will we do if "Sun Thousand" gets destroyed!?"

The Calico cat conductor frankly conveyed the situation despite being flustered.

Saigou Homura who had accompanied him, asked Porol while holding back his desire of wanting to inspect things like the Spirit Train reactor and the Calico cat in the boots who walked on two legs.

"Porol. I'm also of the same opinion as that.........Uhhh, that cat conductor-san. It's good that we were able to get the "Bull of Heaven" away from "Underwood", but wouldn't it be bad at this rate?"

"Hah! I'll be troubled if you lump this one with other trains! The frame of this Spirit train is made specially with 40% of it consisting of "Adamantium"! It's not going to break by a mere attack! Raise the speed and rush ahead like this!"

"U-Understood, Second!"

Porol issued the command in excitement, and Calico cat conductor tossed in the coals with great haste.

The spirits of the reactor clung to the coals that were tossed in and they immediately   started to raise their burning power.

Even while gazing at that situation with great interest, Homura asked while enduring it.

"Porol. I don't think that's the case, but does this gigantic train work on steam engine?"

"Of course not. Then the power conversion efficiency is too bad like that. We make separate nests of spirit colonies for each power section and convert it into power by mutual compatibility. "

".......... Huh? Eh, then what? Does that mean you share the energy gained from burning through different spirits? In other words, the burning energy conversion rate is 100%?"

"I think so? I'm not sure of the details.........So it's better to ask the ones in question directly. How is it, Chibis?"

"We aren't chibis~!"

"And~ it's not 100% either!"

"But it's close to that~!"

───Are you kidding me? Homura muttered in his mind without thinking. It seems being called the Little Garden of gods is not just for show. This world could be a mountain of treasure, Homura reformed his awareness.

Although, Homura couldn't become so heartless that he would be able to dissect those lovely spirits for inspection. The moral problem and ethical barriers were great. .........However if an opportunity arised, he wanted to get their skin or a hair part.

"There are a lot of points where I want to retort, but I get it for now. Let's get back to the topic. First we'll run up to the safety zone, but what about after that?"

"If we get away from "Underwood", drop the speed and enter the Ley Line, we'll be able to accelerate at super speed. We can think of a strategy after we earn some time."

Homura frowned at Porol's comment. The time he spoke of was the time limit for clearing the Game. However for Homura, that time was different. Homura and others were under the circumstances where they have to return home.

It was most important for Ayato in particular. Izayoi was probably covering for both Homura and Suzuka, but the situation was urgent for her. After all, she was the young miss of "Everything Company". It could be turning into a big problem right about now.

Homura took out his phone, and stared at the screen with  slight regret.

"I hung the call, but I made a blunder. I should've at least told him to get in touch with Prith. I want to get in touch with Iza-nii.........Porol. Can't there be done anything?"

"If it's that, you can ask Queen."

"The Queen? Well, it would be great if I could do that.........but how?"

"There's a room for special guests in this Spirit Train. You should go there."

Homura was once again surprised. He didn't think that there would be a room for audience with Queen in the gigantic train.

"It was indeed our community "Six Scars" that made this "Sun Thousand" model, but it belongs to Queen. If this was treated as a preliminary contest for the Sun Authority War, you'd better listen to her again anyway. The finalist Gift Game rules are a slightly different from the usual ones."

".........Is that so?"

"That's right. From now, in addition to "Hosts" and "Players", there's one more───"

"A-Attack~! Attack~!"

"Attack is coming~!"

"Lightning strike alert! Everyone hold on tight!"

In the middle of their conversation, two voices - young and lively were heard within the train.

Followed by a roar of thunder. Shining lighting. That lighting that fell from the heavens fell straight on the Spirit Train. The cumulonimbus cloud drew near while wriggling as if not wanting to lose it's prey at any cost.

The storm that contained its will wriggled as it created whirlpools, and began to change its shape to that of a cloven-hoofed animal.

The "Bull of Heaven" raised a sky shaking roar while firing off lightning.  


The gigantic beast scratched the sky with its hooves as it broke into a sprint. It was difficult to even accurately confirm just how wide it spreaded within the extent where the eye’s could see.

It changed the lightning to a sharp horns, took over the high density cumulonimbus, and approached with a force that seemed as though the sky would fall at any point now.


Inside the Spirit Train that received the thunderstorm and wind and shook violently, Homura fell down, unable to bear it.

However, while the driven rain flooded the river and lightning strikes shaved off the ground, it didn't seem like the Spirit Train hindered from its tracks. It's body was violently shaking, but that's all there was to it.

In order to stop a Spirit Train which was not powered by electric wires unlike that of the outside world, the only way was to destroy its body or remove its tracks. However the Spirit Train traveled at such a regulated track that it made an imagination whether there were rails laid out that were invisible to the natural world, and advanced while hitting its wheels on the earth and river.

In the violent shaking, Homura hit his head while falling sideways, but there was no time for that.

If it was a normal train, the foothold would be unstable just by traveling, and yet the Spirit Train was merely shaking while being pierced by the thunderstorm.

Homura blinked his eyes, surprised that the Spirit Train continued to travel normally even now.

"T-This is amazing. It was such an amazing storm but I haven't heard anything."

"Fufun. I'll be troubled if you get surprised with something like this. Its true power isn't only at this level. Everything will go as planned if only we enter the Ley Line. After that would be left to go towards the labyrinth of Minotaur in a straight line."

Porol who fell over with an upside down posture boasted of the Spirit Train’s abilities. However, his community constructed such a powerful Gift that it could even withstand the attacks of Celestial Beasts. As a leader, he would certainly be proud of it.

Porol who got up, held on to the handrail of the Spirit Train that was still continuing to shake, and announced as if he remembered something.

"Hey, go meet with Queen before it's too late. If it's that whimsical person, at this time, she might have even occupied the special guest room or the audience room without notice and may be enjoying the spectacle."

"Understood. Sorry about everything. I'll be sure to repay you in some way."

"It's fine I said. I'm indebted to master Izayoi in many ways. If it's his relatives, then they are like family to us. Be at ease and don't mind it."

Porol saw off Homura while waving his hand.

However to have lent him such a gigantic Spirit Train so lightly showed that he was quite a generous lad. Or perhaps he had that much of a debt towards Izayoi.

At any rate, there was no changing the fact that he was able gain a bit of time.

Homura headed towards another wagon while holding to the handrail.

However, from a place unaware to Homura and Porol who were in a tranquil state, another thread drew near.