Feb 14, 2017

Last Embryo V1 Side Story

This is a little bonus side story happening somewhere during the Izayoi, Kuro Usagi and Gry's travels. Anyway, hope you enjoy it and happy Valentine's Day. 
Translator: Ecliplse9 TLC: Sora

A quiche Full of Memories, With Kuro Usagi, Gryphon and the Others

——Outside of Little garden outer gate 77777 “Pumpkin forest”.

It was coincidentally the morning of Sakamaki Izayoi, Kuro Usagi and Gryphon’s first anniversary since their journey. The reason why they came to this “Pumpkin forest” region which was filled with pumpkin-bearing trees that became a mess, was because they overheard a rumor that someone witnessed a pumpkin monster.

Perhaps that could be the pumpkin clown they were familiar with.

To confirm this suspicion, 2 people plus 1 beast went to “Pumpkin forest”---- When they actually arrived however, they discovered a monster that far surpassed their imaginations.

Sakamaki Izayoi, Kuro Usagi and Gry the Gryphon speechlessly raised their heads towards the pumpkin monster,

 “Hahaha. This really……is big enough!”

 “Howawa……how, how big can it be?”

 “It’s even bigger than the hills around here,that’s what the rumors claimed. I think that even the witness felt foolish to measure it.”

That’s right----that wasn’t a “Pumpkin monster”, but rather “a monstrously huge Pumpkin”.

A ladder was stacked on the neighbouring hill, it looked like they dug out the flesh from the top of the pumpkin for cooking. The reason why they didn’t start digging from below was probably because the local community wanted to make it into a landmark. By fully scraping away the inner flesh of the pumpkin and then carving a face outside, it could be considered a perfect pumpkin monster.

The dug-up flesh could also processed nearby, and sold at the street stalls there.

Kuro Usagi straightened her usagimimi, and swept her gaze across all the street stalls.

 “Cold pumpkin soup, Pumpkin omelete, Pumpkin pie, Pumpkin juice…...all of them are made from pumpkin. Is there anything different?”

 “Such as usagi nabe?”

 “That’s right! Before killing a rabbit we first have to cut the ears and drain the blood, hey! What are you doing saying such scary words with spirit! Baka!”

KAPA!!! The paper fan came sweeping down.

Hearing the conversation just now, even Gry could not condone it.

“Izayoi. It was your fault just now. Speaking of rabbit meat, compared to nabe, grilling would taste even better.”

 “That’s right! The naturally soft meat would become flabby once placed inside a nabe, yeah right, don’t say such things! Baka!!!”

KAPA! Kuro Usagi brought down the paper fan on Gry’s head. Gry nodded his head after being hit, and reconsidered.

“......That’s how it is huh. Sorry, I was wrong. Rabbit meat should be eaten raw,”

“I’ve had enough!!!”

Ugaa! Kuro Usagi straightened her usamimis and shouted.
The two of them looked towards the street stalls, not the least bothered by what they had done.

 “Well, since we rarely come by here, finding local delicaies is also not a bad thing.”

“Un. I’ll rest under the tree shade while you two stroll around.”

Gry the Gryphon went next to the Pumpkin tree and sat down to rest for a while. If he went with them, it would be either his menacing appearance scaring away the surrounding people, or running around naked after using his Therianthropy Technique, only these two options. Thus this was his decision after pondering about it.

Izayoi and Kuro Usagi strolled around the street stalls selling pumpkin products.

 “Oh right, speaking about pumpkin, I remembered something! In the past, Izayoi-san once baked pumpkin Quiche. does that mean that it’s your specialty?”

 “Rather than saying that it’s my specialty, it should be my favourite dish. I’m very strict regarding Quiche because I am acquainted with the world’s number one Quiche chef.”

After laughing, his eyes showed a sense of nostalgia. To Izayoi, that was a rarely seen calm look in his eyes.

Sensing the sudden nostalgic atmosphere around him, Kuro Usagi propped up her usamimis and proposed.

 “I see, to Izayoi-san, Quiche is the flavour of home. …...Then why not let Kuro Usagi bake one for Izayoi-san to try next time?”

 “Heh? Do you have confidence?”

 “YES! Kuro Usagi wants to erase the shame from that fish dish in the past! Let me display my capability, and let Izayoi-san know that I am a rabbit that can take care of household chores!”

Kuro Usagi straightened her usamimis, full of energy. Izayoi happily accepted the challenge.

 “Then I’ll play along with you. The topic would be Quiche, main ingredient is----r,”

 “If you dare to say rabbit, Kuro Usagi won’t hesitate to wage war on you, you know?”

After that, Kuro Usagi took out her vajra. Facing an attitude much stronger than the past, Izayoi casually shrugged his shoulders,

 “Well then, let’s use Kuro Usagi’s thigh meat,”

 “WuWaaaaaa!!!! What are you trying to make me imagine!! You big idiot----!!!”

Kuro Usagi released thunderbolt at the same time as her tsukkomi. The local community was enraged by Kuro Usagi and co for destroying the giant pumpkin that could have become a famous landmark, after being chased for a long period of time, they finally left after stealing a share of pumpkin pie.


  1. Thanks for the side story. Kinda short but funny :) Do you think you will release chapter 4 in a few days?

    1. It is being edited/TLCed at the moment. would be released when that's done.

  2. Thank you for this short and fun side story, Frozen-sama.

    On a related note, I am curious if you will never get to translating Indra and Balor's side story too. That would be a very nice read.

    1. I will get to it someday. But probably not anytime soon. Perhaps when I have more time.

  3. Plss .tell me how i the world kuro usagi became loli..

  4. Plss .tell me how i the world kuro usagi became loli..

  5. Plss .tell me how i the world kuro usagi became loli..

  6. Plss .tell me how i the world kuro usagi became loli..