Nov 10, 2016

Last Embryo V1 Chapter 1

Chapter 1

It was a fine day during the rainy season....

The aroma of spring died out from the city along with the Sakura petals, just the season where sprouts would grow out from the earth.

The sunlight that had been shot through the window was filled with warmth, surely a good day for a nap.
Within the orphanage reception room that was under such warmish sunshine, he – Saigou Homura, having shadows under his eyes, clenched his fists tightly.

“I.. I… I did it! I finally did it, Suzuka...!!!”

“Thanks for the hard work, Homura. Looks like we will be able to spend a comfortable Golden Week.”

Tapping and putting the documents on the desk cheerfully was a girl – Ayazato Suzuka, who also returned an emotional nod. While both being fifteen years old, who could be called youngsters, Homura's facial expression was that of someone who worked all night.

Saigou Homura then removed his self-made nekomimi headphones from his neck and released two buttons of his slightly oversized clothes. The reason why it is oversized could be due to putting in consideration to how much he would grow before purchasing it. Unfortunately, he didn’t grow as much as he thought he would in the end.

On the other hand, Ayazato Suzuka was dressed up slightly more fashionably than usual.

Her hair was adorned with a flower patterned hair clip that had been roughly tied on, and she was wearing a short pair of pants that emphasized the ease of movement. Although the casual jacket that she wore lacked the brilliance, it still reflected her own vitality and strong will and thus displaying her charm. For women who are struggling with their selection of clothes to wear, they must be envious of her.

Satisfied with his work, a smile showed up on Saigou Homura’s face.

“It's not that I am trying to brag, but this thesis is truly done with my utmost effort. With just these research results presented, the Everything Company shouldn’t have any complaints about it.”

“Nihaha, you’re right. The clinical trial has already passed its verification, right?”

“Ah, yeah. The second trial has also passed at an exceptional speed. Although it seems that the 3rd Research Center used some kind of underhanded methods for it to pass.”

After doing some small exercises, the two lied sloppily onto the sofa.

It couldn’t be helped.

The curtains were shaken by the soft breeze, the lighting wasn’t bad too. For people who have worked through the night, this weather was good to the point of being brutal. Additionally, with the protection of the house, no pain and no disaster. Forbidding someone to take a nap in such weather will be what one could call ‘cruel’.

However, even though it was already noon, there was a surprising silence within the orphanage.

Considering it's daytime in a holiday, it should be a suitable time for it to be crowded with young girls and boys running around the small space they have. In the living room of this time, there should also be children who will be snatching to watch the 55″ TV that was bought in a spurt. Despite so, just for today, the silence was enough to make the orphanage feel as if it was uninhabited.

In other words, saying that it was deserted wasn’t an exaggeration.

It is possible that something had happened, an alarm sounded within his vague mind. However, as he was too sleepy, he decided to set his nap as his priority instead.

As Saigou Homura scratched his messy hair, he gazed towards Suzuka and projected a sudden and surprised voice.

"Speaking of which, today’s Suzuka..... is dressed up quite unusually. Are you going out?"
“That’s right. I am planning to go to Shinjuku together with Aya-chan. Does Homura want to join in as well?”

“I’m not going. You and Ayato should go and enjoy yourselves.”

Homura rejected the offer with a wave of his hand.

He just burned the midnight oil just to finish the thesis for his Patron after all.

He finally finished it sometime ago, just before noon. Sleeping at noon or something like that was totally unlike a normal student routine. He wished to pass the first day of the Golden Week in peace at least.

And, as if trying to crush his humble desire, his guardian's – Tokuteru Mikado's voice came from the hallway.

“Homuraaaaaaa!!! The laboratory management report, where have you left it aaaaaaat!!?”



Oh no! – Homura was left speechless.
Suzuka’s voice sounded like she went crazy.

“.....Hey, Brother. What is going on?” I won’t be angry. Quickly confess everything.”

“Sorry, Sister. If I don't write the management report, the survival of the orphanage could be at risk.”

It was not only a research thesis that had to be reported to the patron of the research laboratory.
In addition to the 3rd Research Center equipment expenses, the operating expenses of "Canaria Family Home" Orphanage has to be summarized and reported. Aside from the Cryo Electron Microscope that was requested for expanding the facility equipment, to conceal the fact that he had secretly bought a luxurious 55 TV, Homura's intervention was necessary as the representative.

An exaggerated description on the thesis, and to increase their budget.

Frankly speaking, it was falsification of information, but then again, the research itself already required a huge amount of funds. What’s left is how would they deceive each other, as long as they could gain profits in the end.

Due to such conspiracy in place, in other words, the management report has not been written out yet.

Suzuka’s face turned pale as hair stood on ends.

“Wha… What should we do Homura! When is the submission deadline!?”

“It is due at thirteen hours to be handed up along with the thesis.”

“Uwaa, doesn’t that mean you have only 1 hour left? How are you going to explain this to Aya-chan?!”

Suzuka let out a troubled scream as she held her head.

The patron’s missy wished for it to be handed up by noon today. Will I make it in time if I start now? No, it is certainly too late. If I cannot think of any other options, the survival of both the orphanage and the research will be in danger.

Next to the rushing Suzuka, Saigou Homura was trying to come up with some solutions.

Looking at him, Suzuka regained her calmness a little and asked.

“So… Is there any other way, Brother?”

“No, it is game over, Sister.”

“So fast! You are giving up too fast! Are there really no other ways?”

“Namo Amitabha”

"Praying to God for help!? You give up and it's the end of the game!? If we start immediately, we might make it!"
Ayazato Suzuka ran and took out some documents. Although her words and actions were flustering, it seemed like she had properly made the arrangements.

While rolling up his sleeves, Homura, with a sigh, picked up his pen.

“Though, Ayato-ojousama to Shinjuku...... I think Roppongi or Ginza would suit her better.”

“That’s s not it. Even Aya-chan goes to places like the movie theaters and Kanokuniya Bookstore with us…. No, this is not the time to speak about stuff like this! Well, well, write quickly write quickly! As long as you have the will, Homura could finish it in an hour!”

Yeah, yeah, Homura answered feebly and picked up the documents. Either way, he had to finish something. Ayato was an activist after all, once she knew that the report would be handed up late, she would certainly arrive immediately. Thus, we have to think of a good excuse before it develops into that situation.
Then, while thinking what sort of falsification should he come up with, in that moment — PIPIPI – a simple cellphone’s ringtone was heard.

Seeing the name displayed on the LCD screen, Homura frowned.

“......Crap! It’s from Ojousama!”

“Woahh, are you serious?”

As the both of them were looking greatly perplexed, Homura answered the phone fearfully.

Subsequently, a gentle and quiet voice was projected from the phone.

“—Thank you for your hard work, Homura-senpai. May I take a bit of your time?”

"Why of course, Ojousama. On the matter of accounting management report, there is no problem. It will be finished and be handed up in exactly one hour from now just as plann--"

“This is far more important than that, Homura-Senpai. There are couple of things that I would like to ask you.”

Ayato interrupted Homura's words. Homura was a bit surprised from the voice and raised an eyebrow. Ever since they met her, there has never been a subject more important than fund raising. After all, she – Kudou Ayato’s home state, was the patron of ‘Canaria Family Home’ where Homura and Suzuka live. Now, in Canaria Family Home, there are 78 boys and girls, not to mention food and other necessities of life, even school and sundry expenses are all provided by her home.

Therefore, expenses and related things were always the top priority that both of them agreed on. For her to skip over such top priority matter, it must be something that can't be delayed.

Homura also put on a serious expression and asked while puzzled.

“...... Ayato. Did something happen?”

“Uh, well. If I had to explain it, then I’d say that something really did happen, but it’s not like I fully understood the situation, or should I say that what should have been impossible actually became possible…”

Ayato had vague idea and her voice seemed hesitant like she didn't know what to say next. Such behavior was rare from her. As the person who was always well-reasoned, this was the first time she had put on such a shameful display.

The said person was bewildered herself, she coughed to break the awkward atmosphere and continued talking.

“In other words……. Did anything strange happened around Senpai?”


Eh? Homura was puzzled once again and tilted his neck. But it was no wonder.

To actually utter such words after being vexed for a short period of time, he could only make that response.

“By strange, what do you mean? Specifically, what kind of thing are you talking about?”

"Well..... for example, have you received any letter in a strange way?"

“Letter? Err, you mean something like a written letter wrapped up in an envelope?”

Yes. If I was to give an example… it'd be something like a letter falling from the sky, or in a situation where it was a completely enclosed room, rather than a locked-room murder, it was a locked-room mail-like thing...... Or maybe, a Calico Cat bearing a letter for you…....”


It’s started to become more and more confusing.

As her voice gradually became small, she was probably ashamed of what she had said.

Sensing that kind of atmosphere there was on the other side of the phone, Homura suppressed himself from replying “What the hell are you saying?” out of kindness, and replied with worrisome while swallowing those words.

“Ayato. Could it possibly be…… A new punishment game?”

“No, it's good that nothing happened. Please forget what I said earlier.”

“Mm, OK. After all, you do look busy. Speaking of which, weren't you and Suzuka planning to go out and have fun?"

"Yes, that is what I'm planning to do. Suzuka is an avid reader, so she's really knowledgeable about the books that even I'm not familiar with. I'll drop by Senpai's house today—"

She suddenly stopped talking. From sudden loss of words, Homura crooked his head a bit doubtfully.

The silence continued for a while.

Then suddenly, voice as sharp as a blade resounded.

“...Wait a second. Senpai, a while ago, what were you saying?”


“I think I heard some gibberish with relation to the operation report........ Could it be, it's still not finished?"


“Geh, what do you mean by ‘Geh’!? Isn't it you who told me to wait because since it wasn't data this time, you wanted to write it by hand!?"

“Namo Amitabha.”

"Begging God won't let you finish the management!"

Ayato's voice was unusually roughened because of how bad the situation was this time.

Homura clicked his tongue for this blunder while looking at the clock. It was about twelve hours now. Hurrying up, he should be able to make it by 13 hours.

Yet in other words, he would be in a trouble if she comes to take it before that. Since he hasn’t made preparations to fake the unaccounted expenses yet. There is a necessity to buy some time somehow.

However, she ignored Homura's reply and said it flatly:

".....I was a fool to believe in Senpai!! Senpai, you are at home now, right?"

"Err.... well, yeah..... so what?"

"I understand. I will arrive there soon, and then we are going to have a talk concerning the future. ...Aah, that's right. I would also love to hear the explanation about the recently bought luxurious items!"

Please be prepared – a call was cut with those dangerous words. At the same time, the sound of a car stopping outside of the orphanage was heard.

Indeed, truly a quick way to take action. He has long been prepared.

Homura frowned, and clicked his tongue the second time.

"......Seriously? This is bad, Ayato-ojousama is coming!"

"Gah, what should we do!?"

"We could never just give it up like this!! I will be escaping with the documents, Suzuka, help me fight for some time! In an hour, see you at the same old place inside the shop!!!"

"I got it. I wish you luck!"

Homura raised a strange voice and quickly stood up. It was a situation where every second counted. He took the documents in one hand, jumped out of the window and dashed in the courtyard while wearing slippers.

Given the situation, escaping from the main entrance was impossible. he planned to escape through the back door.
Foreseeing that action, Tokuteru Mikado drove his favorite car to the back door, and started shouting from inside.

"Really, each and every time, you never learn your lesson, do you!"

"Shut up! but nice timing, old man Mikado!"

"Stop calling me an old man! Hurry up and get in Homura!"

Homura quickly jumped into the back seat. At the same time, Tokuteru immediately stepped on the pedal.

With such unexpected acceleration, Homura hit his head and became a bit angry. But it was undeniable that he appeared just at the right time to give a helping hand. He held his head while thanking him quickly and picked up the management report.

While Tokuteru was driving slightly faster than the allowed speed limit, he asked Homura

"Geez, this really has become a usual event. Before long, you might lose the favor of Ojousama."

"Don’t say that. Aren't the cigarettes you love so much also included in expenses? I know about it, you use the name of the lab to buy dozens of those Mild Seven cigarettes."

"What are you saying, that's just a tip, a tip. Are there even clients who pay the employed mercenaries with money alone?"

Tokuteru laughed loudly without any embarrassment.

This man called Tokuteru was the orphanage manager in name, but in reality he was the free agent who traveled around the world. Although the title sounded questionable, he was a man who found Investors for the orphanage, looks like he had quite a big connections.

When they approached the red light, Homura turned his gaze towards the outside.

As it was the first day of Golden Week, the streets were crowded with students.

It was noticeable that they were walking around with everyday clothes.

".....That's right. Five years has passed already, huh?"


"It's nothing. For the time being, let's go to the usual coffee shop. I'll quickly finish up the report by then"

"Got it. —By the way, Homura"

Tokuteru gazed at Homura through the car's mirror and talked with a slightly stronger tone.

After a little hesitation, he asked with the usual voice.

"Recently, did anything strange occur around you?"


What? He asked in a surprised voice and stopped his hands.

"........Err, strange in what way?"

"Let’s see. If I were to give some examples... did you receive a letter in a strange way? Like letter falling from the sky, or maybe finding it in a locked room that no one can enter, rather than a locked-room murder, it was a locked-room mail-like thing…... Or calico cat carrying a letter in its mouth, those types..."

"What the heck are you talking about?"

Homura replied instantly and started to doubt Tokuteru’s head.

When a 14 years old girl like Ayato said it, it could be passed as a cute and silly joke. But when an old guy, who's in his latter 30s says it, it wouldn't be amusing at all. Homura was about to ask if that joke was discussed with Ayato, but Tokuteru cut in.

"Nope, nothing. If nothing happened, just forget about it. I'm planning to stay at the orphanage for a week as I wanted to see the circumstances of it, so I’d appreciate it if you could help me tidy up the room."


He continued with a serious tone.

Looks like he was seriously worried about whether that "strange thing" had taken place.

Well, one way or the other, he is a guardian after all. No matter how strange it sounded, it would be good manners to give it a thought.

As Homura put aside the documents, he turned on a laptop. After opening the page of a comprehensive information website, he announced tardily.

"Old man Mikado"

"I told you to stop calling me an old man. I'm still only 36 years old"

"Yeah, yeah, Mikado-san. The mysterious matter you just mentioned about, or perhaps this is not what you are trying to say…… Currently in this world, a natural phenomenon that should not exist has occurred, you should have known this right?"

"As in?"

"It was often reported in the news right? Occurring in South America, there was a spread of a gigantic typhoon. "

"Gigantic typhoon? Aah, the one that will hit Tokyo soon? That typhoon?"

"Yeah that. Actually, that extra-large typhoon is full of scientifical impossibilities. —Look, it's in the featured articles of this site"

As Homura said that, he began to read the news site's contents out loud.

—The 24th Typhoon that broke out at the coastal waters of South America, after going North, crossing the Equator and heavily damaging some part of Europe, is now heading to East through Southeast Asia without showing signs of slowing down. The number of households affected by the damage are expected to be over 2 million.

This typhoon numbered 24, became known as "Cimarron[1]", but due to its abnormal route and international threat, it was soon renamed to "Taurus[2]".

It is estimated that it will hit Tokyo in the first half of Golden Week. Meteorological Agency addressed people to hold back from going out to distant places as much as possible. – Homura paused there.

"This is the hottest mysterious news that is happening now. –How is it? Do these serve as a reference, Mikado-san?"

"...... No, but it does have a great reference value on the other hand. But, what is so mysterious about that typhoon? Is the route impossible?"

"Hey, hey, what are you asking? The coastal waters of South America is on the Southern Hemisphere. Europe is on the Northern Hemisphere. In other words, this typhoon crossed the Equator which was not supposed to happen. Normally, a typhoon that broke out on that place should not be able to cross over the Equator, right?"

"Is it so? Absolutely?"


An immediate reply came along with a strong nod. Tokureru still raised an eyebrow and looked a little doubtful.

"Sorry, I don’t really understand science much. Can you lecture me a little, Dr. Saigou?"

"All right, I'll explain it briefly. This will be on the tests, so pay attention."

After clearing his throat, Homura started a brief explanation of the currently happening mysterious phenomenon.

"In simple terms, there exists a natural rotation power or the so called Coriolis force – the force that moves the vortex. That works on Northern and Southern Hemispheres on a complete opposite directions, things like sea generated typhoon always have a fixed rotation direction. As a result, the typhoon does not occur on the Equator where there is no Coriolis force in the first place, and for a typhoon to pass through it is completely impossible."

"..........Hou? So in other words, the power source is something other than Nature, huh?"

"Even though it sounds unimaginable, it's not impossible... to begin with, ever since the breakout, this typhoon's been full of mysteries. Typhoons of Southern Hemisphere always have right rotation direction. But the breakout we are facing, Typhoon number 24 "Taurus" is rotating on the left. It's suspected that its origin is truly a power completely different from nature.

While deep in thought, Tokureru put his hand on a chin and the pupils of his eyes sharpened.

"......The development of climate weapons are internationally banned. Did anyone break it?"

"It's possible. On the internet, people are saying a certain country was experimenting with climate weapons.... Personally, I thought the idea was good. The extent of its durability and the damage it caused, also the power that exceeds laws of natural world somehow feels like it has a will of its own. It looks man-made, or maybe.... some kind of supernatural existence is involved."

"The power of God and the likes? Haa... those are not the words that a rookie researcher would say."

As Tokureru made fun of him, Homura smiled and shook his head.

"There is no such thing. It seems that those renown researchers and scholars hold faith as part of the cornerstone in their hearts. I can't flatly deny the God-like supernatural existences. Besides—"

For an instant, Homura's eyes had a distant look.

While looking at the sprout leaves, Homura muttered a few words.

"Besides, we, the children of Canaria house..... aren't ordinary. If we talk about existence of unexplainable things, our existence itself is like a one big lump of mystery."

".....Yeah. It is indeed."

For a short while, there was only silence between them.

Both of them fell silent, but as the traffic light turned to green, Homura laughed while shaking his head.

"We strayed off topic, however that's the only thing as mysterious as this case. Did that serve as the reference Mikado-san?"

"It did. It served as the reference in every way….... However, now I understand what you meant. In a situation if I don’t pass through a regular gate, that type of celestial beast might manifest like that."


"Nevermind, just talking to myself. But, to think that sort of thing was happening in the world. I heard about the giant typhoon approaching, but I didn't think it was a typhoon with such strange trajectory. ....But why wasn't I aware of such a thing? Wasn't the place of the outbreak of the typhoon checked expressly?"

"Well, that. As a matter of fact, this typhoon has one more strange fact. The one that strengthens the rumor about climate weapons..... Haven't you heard anything about such a thing?"

"Hoho? That's something new. Can I request another lecture?"

"You are diligent so all right. To tell you the truth, confidentially speaking, in regions where the typhoon passed through, a new type of virus was spread without exception."

Tokureru was once again surprised and looked at Homura through the rearview mirror.

The title of Tokuteru Mikado is not just for show. Depending on the situation, it might be related to his actual business.

"The spreading of a new virus is not a serious matter, right? Was the cure found yet?"

"The existence of such cure has not been found yet. What's more, this virus not only infects humans, but it infects plants as well. There will be no doubt that the prices of wheat and corn will skyrocket this year."

These words were spoken with a joke-like tone, but truthfully this was an outrageously major incident. Starting from Europe coast to Southeast Asia, the scale of crop damage will reach unheard levels, Severe famine is to be expected.

"......I give up. If that's true, then the extinction of humanity is only a matter of time, Dr. Saigou. So there's no saving for us?"

"Of course, I'm calm like this because there is a way. So here's the main point: for virus that has no cure, the sole solution is perhaps the thing we are researching, in other words, nanomachines."

Oh? – Tokureru's interest increased yet again.

"In other words, it will begin practical use? Aren’t there still trials?"

"They're all cleared. This virus seems to be close to smallpox but the toxicity is stronger, and on top of that is its high proliferation rate, the disaster-stricken areas are also in urgent need of it. Thanks to that it passed the second phase of the examination with unthinkable speed. ....Well, Everything Company probably tried every measure behind the scene."

Homura had a wide grin on his face.

—”Everything Company", was the name of a company that appeared after the World War 2 and is counted in the top 5 trading Companies of the world.
It deals with the electronics as well as medical care, cosmetics and energy development on a large scale. But why did such world-famous large company invest in "Canaria Family Home" where Homura lives?  Here's the answer to that question:

Under the condition of transferring the technology that Homura's father created, and the complete clarification of the sample, Everything Company settled in as the Patron of the orphanage.

"I see...... Well, there is a bit of a positive side in all this. With this, your dad's research will finally see the light. I remember it was the latest model particle device..... 3rd type Star particle body (3s Nano Machine Unit). The nanomachines your father created right?"

"That's right, but i'm still unable to reproduce the complete sample. In the end, I only managed to reproduce one part of it's potential. The current progress should be about 10%."

"Ho? Then, is that 10% adapted to repel this new type of virus?"

"Not just that. I can't say it clearly yet.... But probably any existing virus, even intracerebral should be in its range. With a bit more progress, I think that it can even remove the cancer cells."

Staring at Homura who was saying that it's still not enough, Tokuteru's widened his eyes in admiration.

"......Seriously? That's way too big of a medical revolution."

"I think so too. But, the removal of cancer cells with nanomachines is a field that is being studied for a long time now. Even though I feel bad for saying this, but we are one step ahead........... having said that, that’s not really something to be exaggerated."

"Why is that, that's a rather amazing thing."

To Tokuteru's admiration, Homura shaked his head negatively.

"Don't forget. Our purpose is not a medical revolution. It's energy revolution. Even so, the complete nanomachine sample still has many unknown parts. Moreover—"

All of a sudden, Homura showed a self-deprecating smile.

"....Moreover, even though I reproduced that sample, truthfully I don't understand the structure. The only thing I can grasp is the part of the outcome of its ability and its functions. Currently, I'm just drawing the approximate designs. If we had my deceased father's thesis, there would have been even more progress."

To that self-deprecation, Tokuteru returned a bitter smile.
These words had a very deep meaning. If someone heard them, they couldn't help but to point out the contradiction.

However, Tokuteru shook his head and acted as if he didn't hear anything.

"But still, isn't that good? Going with essential procedures, starting from the passing of clinical test to spreading it, it would take a decade or two....."

"Exactly. Also, as the deal goes, if this achievement was to be recognized, I'm gonna have a talk about loaning that latest model electron microscope I have always wanted. –Can you believe it? That a single microscope costs 2.5 billion yen?"

Tokuteru's eyes opened wide in astonishment when he heard Homura say the amount of money.

"T-Two and a half billion!!? Hey, hey, a microscope that costs 2.5 billion.... Does it have diamond lenses or what?"

"Heh. Mankind's wisdom exceeds the value of diamonds. Even if it was just apparatus, the price won’t be cheap— Ah! Careful Tokuteruu!"

Homura suddenly shouted.

The moment car turned right to the alley, as if to block their way, a black luxurious car blocked the road ahead. From the event that was just a step away from becoming a traffic accident, both of them clicked the tongue.

At the moment they understood whose car that was, they looked up in the sky. ...........That is to say, people who drives that kind of car in these neighborhood, undoubtedly, there was only one person.

".........Hey Bakateru. We got caught, huh?"
"Sorry. I have forgotten that Prith has been hired as the chauffeur."

Feeling dejected, Tokuteru vented his anger on the steering wheel.

From the driver's seat of luxury car, a dark skinned, white-haired woman dressed in a suit came out and went to open the rear door.

Then a soft voice clear as bell was heard.

"............Today has such a nice weather right, Senpai. Tokuteru-san. Who wouldn’t want to travel by car in such perfect weather."


The girl's voice was as cool and calm like wind chimes.

There was no intonation in her voice, yet it sounded pleasant as it contained her unique intimacy. A peaceful smile surfaced on her face that further emphasized her lovely lips.

—But, her eyes were not smiling.

The emerald green pupils gazed quietly at Homura.

There isn't a man who wouldn't falter in front of her silent but powerful glare. While simply standing and quietly watching like this, it was honestly unbelievable that 14 years old girl was releasing such pressure. If visible anger could be measured, surely fury would fly up to the top.

—Kudou Ayato. She who is the daughter of Everything Company's president, also his junior in school and finally, Saigou Homura's employer.

That girl was so angry that it seemed that she would rush at Homura any moment now.

In front of his all-powerful master, Homura came out of car prepared for the worst.

"......Greetings, Ayato-ojousama. One hour still hasn't passed."

"I don't think the report that isn't completed now would be completed one hour later. There must be some kind of reason. .........Could you give an explanation for my listening?"

Her icy gaze was filled with pressure. The situation was already out of hand. It was impossible to deceive her no matter what reason you gave.

Then, it was time to be desperate. Better fight to the bitter and die honorably.

Homura looked up at the sky, then hit his forehead and bowed.

"I apologize deeply, Ayato-ojousama. I still haven't calculated the funds that were secretly used to buy equipment for the orphanage. To be more specific, that’s the large TV in living room."


"This immoral person wanted everyone to feel at ease in the living room. For the sake of young ones’ smiling faces, I couldn’t help but to walk down the path of evil. Can the merciful Ojousama close an eye on this out of compassion? If you close an eye on this, count me as I will owe you two, no – three favors! Please, I'll do whatever you want!"

Clashing hands together, Homura was earnestly requesting it. This kind of desperation was unusual for him.

After all, the Canaria Family Home was lacking entertainment facilities. After the lifespan of their long used 32 TV expired, the laugher in orphanage reduced significantly. Unable to watch that, Homura inevitably purchased the latest model 55 TV.

Aware of those circumstances, Ayato sighed a little.

"Three favors, right? But cheap tricks won't be enough to deceive our company's accounting department"

".......Is it no use?"

“Or rather, the accounting department won't waver no matter the amount you owed. It's the most stubborn department after all. …...So, I will pay that loan with my own pocket money."

What did you say? Homura raised his face.

Ayato smiled mischievously at Homura, then put her hand to waist and turned around to the dark-skinned female chauffeur.
"Prith. About Canaria Family Home's equipment, think of it as a personal gift from me. Although the price is not low, compared to the three favors that Senpai owes me, it would be considered cheap."

"Hey, wait,"

"As you wish, Ojousama"

The dark-skinned woman called Prith, quickly snatched the management report from Homura and put it inside the car's trunk.

"Well then, come with me. For the exchange of one favor, you will be escorting me and Suzuka today. Is that alright, Senpai?"

Ayato clapped on the seat. One misfortune after another. To gain a favor by loaning money, as one would expect from from worldwide famous Everything Company's daughter. A splendid usury.

It can't be helped given the situation.

Homura looked up for the third time and a bitter smile floated on his face.

"..........Roger. Doing that in exchange would be a cheap price to pay."

"Indeed. ........Also, while feeling a little sorry for Senpai, I have decided to live in the orphanage for a while starting today. I'll be grateful if you could arrange a room for me"

Ha?! Homura looked at Ayato, then at Tokuteru.

He just said the same thing as well, perhaps it'll become popular?

"I don't mind, but starting from today Tokuteru is also planning to stay in, and because of that there are no available rooms"

"? I remember there is one room that is not used isn't there? Is that room not available too?"

"Aah, no, but that room is......... Well, forget it."

Homura consented while scratching his head embarrassingly.

After Homura got inside the car, the sunlight suddenly dimmed down.

"......Huh? That arrived way too fast"

Typhoon #24 was predicted to arrive at Tokyo at night. No matter how you thought about it, it's way too early, although that was what Homura thought, but it was common for the meteorological agency predictions to be off the mark by half a day.

Yet Tokuteru Mikado, was looking at the weather with eyes full of unease.

"......This is unusual."

"The weather would be becoming bad, wouldn’t it?"

"Ah, it is going to be terrible. So after you return home, don't go out tonight."

Saying just that, Tokuteru drove his beloved car and rushed somewhere.

Homura also remembered to get home as soon as possible, and went to accompany Kudou Ayato and Ayazato Suzuka on their shopping later on.
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1 Wild Bull. It’s also the name of three typhoon, “cimarron” refers to a Philippine wild ox and was given as a name for typhoon. Cimarron is from the Filipino simaron meaning wild/unruly so the Wild Bull/Ox is more like a savage Bull/Ox. You see why they put it for a typhoon...
2 The Bull of Heaven. Read Taurus (History and Myth), the bull is quite “important” in all myth. Anyway, it has pretty much always been seen as a Bull. (GU4.AN.NA).


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