Sep 6, 2016

Volume 12 Interlude

Part 1

—— Natural underground jail in the mountain.

Contrast to the lively mining town, in the depth of the cave without a trace of life, was the place His Highness was imprisoned. Apart from the person delivering food on schedule, he was alone.

Instead of a hostage, this treatment was more like a prisoner. Although he was not chained up, it was a cruel environment where he could only use the water from a small water tree to quench his thirst and clean his body. Originally, providing a single room and the bare minimum guarantee of living condition was the right way.


However —— to be treated this way, was because he committed too many sins.

He assaulted three main cities 「Floor Master」 governed with 「Underwood」 as first, dealing a devastating blow. Gryphon Gry also lost his partner rider in that war. The grudge surrounding His Highness was thick even in the Lower Floor. There were many voices that wanted torturing interrogation and other cruel methods for the sake of revenge. The reason it did not result to that, was because he helped Izayoi in defeating Aži Dakāha.

It would be impossible to defeat Aži Dakāha without his help, Izayoi pleaded as such. If not for that, he would have been tortured long ago.

(...Mah, it doesn’t matter anyway.)

His Highness rolled around while sitting on the rock floor. It was rare for His Highness to show a passionate expression, but his eyes were even colder now. The 「Defeat Aži Dakāha」 promise with the 「Storyteller」 was indirectly kept. If he did not intercept, 「No Name」 and their comrades would have been destroyed. With this he could temporarily guarantee Jin and Pest’s safety.

The reason His Highness did not immediately return to them, was because he judged that he had the value of being a captive. Considering His Highness was still useful to 「Ouroboros」, they would naturally mention hostage exchange.

But it had already been three month since then. There was no movement at all.

Not sure if they gave up on him or that he lost his value. But 「Ouroboros」 side must have a major change, causing him to be no longer a necessary existence.

If that was the case, he would be free. This was a good thing, he could make his life plan by himself in future.

Thanks to that, he could not muster any motivation.

(It’s easy to get out. Although it’s a mine of 「Adamantine」, but it’s just a slightly harder ore without refining. It would not even be a work for me.)

Maybe this was Izayoi’s meaning.

Since he let himself be caught, then when he wanted to leave would be up to himself. With that they would be even, it was probably that meaning. But even if he got out, there wasn’t anything he wanted to do.

The reason His Highness opposed 「Ouroboros」, was because he hated his life to be decided by others. There was no other noble thought.

Despite so, if he was forced to name some things he wanted to do… then it would only be to know if Rin, Graiya, Aura and others’ safety.

But even if he wanted to find them, there was no destination.

(To actually be found by 「Storyteller」, it is such a painful blow to me. If it was astral or god type that made contact with us, I could use 「Imaginary Star Taisai」 to completely seal it.)

He swept away the water droplets that fell onto the stalactites unhappily. He would not care about such matter normally, but he was so bored until he thought about such a trivial matter.

「Imaginary Star Taisai」 was the 「Another Cosmology」 that could seal the strongest species apart from dragon into a virtual world. Despite the effect towards non-strongest species was only halving their spirit status, in contrast, it was specialized in the limited usage of overcoming every difference in ability and obtain victory as long as it was the opponent of those two species,

Originally, the plan was to use this 「Imaginary Star Taisai」 to capture pursuers sent by 「Ouroboros」 for information, and then continue their guerrilla war.

But this plan was ruined. If Maxwell could be quickly eliminated it probably would not develop into this situation, but this was all just hindsight.

(There is nothing to do even if I get out. And regardless of where I go in Little Garden, we are still escapee… The so-called freedom, is unexpectedly boring.)

His Highness stared at the tip of the stalactites with cold eyes.

His Highness who had lived his life following orders from 「Ouroboros」, had no existing life objective. He also had no capability to do something for Rin and co. He could only wait for them to make contact now.

He clicked his tongue, it was already countless number of times he looked at the lantern in the jail.

He felt a presence on the stairs leading to outside, and it was then.

“...Hihahaha. How is it, brat, still well?”

Despicable male laughter echoed in the underground prison. Hearing that unexpected voice, His Highness stood up.

“That voice… Is it Demon King of Confusion?”

“Yes. It’s fine if you are energetic. That lass Rin and others were worried about you you know?”

Demon King of Confusion walked towards the jail with light steps. His appearance was not Sandra Doltrake, but the ape demon they first met.

“...? You dispelled the Game?”

“No. 「Salamandra」 completed a part of the game rule, after the Host and Player separated, the Great Me went to chat with the other side. We made a deal, and they would let you out. With this 「Floor Master」 would not send pursuers for the time being. Heihei, it really helped that the previous generation of Fire Dragon was easy to talk with!”

Demon King of Confusion laughed wildly. 「Salamandra」 originally had no such authority.

It was 「No Name」 that captured His Highness. If they let him go on their own, it would probably affect the bonding of the major alliance.

But what surprised His Highness was not this.

“...I don’t understand, Demon King of Confusion. Why do you still help us? Didn’t you hear about what kind of Community 「Ouroboros」 is?”

“Oi oi, that kind of thing would be clear without investigating. The Great Me is a pure Demon Lord you know? I already sensed that 「Ouroboros」 alliance is not a Demon Lord alliance long ago. It is probably some super huge God group pulling the string behind right?”

Demon King of Confusion stood before the jail while laughing. But after hearing him, His Highness was even more shocked.

This Demon Lord had a different beneficial relationship with them. His Highness was only trying to use this Demon Lord. And this Demon Lord was not foolish enough not to notice this.

Alright, Demon King of Confusion faced His Highness after saying so, staring at him while stroking his beard.

“Mah, the Great Me coming here has only one purpose. To appraise you.”


“Ah ah. What, I don’t do something so troublesome. Just asking some questions.”

Demon King of Confusion showed a disgusting smile, then sat down. He did not immediately open the lock of the jail, probably meant whether or not he would release him depended on his answers.

—— He really got looked down. This level of jail, he could break out if he wanted to. He probably wanted some information before breaking away from the Community. He was originally a mercenary type outsider Demon Lord, Perhaps he came to bargain, using 「Imaginary Star Taisai」 as compensation was also possible.

Despite His Highness feeling a little stunned, he still straightened his back and waited for the questions. If he made some unreasonable demands, he would instantly break the cage and decapitate him.

But different from His Highness’s prediction, Demon King of Confusion suddenly ceased his laughter.

“You —— Do you want to build a real Demon Lord Alliance?”

That was not a despicable smile and rough demon ape voice.

But as a pure Demon Lord, prestigious question.

“Real… Demon Lord Alliance?”

“That’s right. In the past of this Little Garden there was the largest Demon Lord Alliance called 「Seven Great Sages」, you know about this matter?”

Of course. It would be strange not to know.

「Seven Great Sages」 —— also known as 「Seven Great Demon Lords」, regardless of Eastern or Western, seven Demon Kings gathered under the 「Great Sage Equalling Heaven」 flag. They treated Heaven, Taoism, Senjutsu, Buddhism and other strong God Groups as enemies at the same time, even till now, it was still a hot topic in Little Garden.

“Yes. The Demon Lord Alliance the Great Me mentioned, in other words, is just like 「Shichiten」 that gathered Demon Lords from various nationality, coming under the same flag. And you also have the calibre to be the leader. —— Isn’t that right? The last incarnation of 「Avatāra」, the newest and strongest Hero-san (Demon Lord) who will end the 「Eschatology Decadence」.”

“...Fuun. That matter, where did you hear it from?”

“There is no need to find out. The hero that needs to collect multiple Sun Authority to complete his spirit status were not many in this world. Even Ulster’s strongest warrior and Sun God (Surya)’s son only needed one[1], but even with two it was insufficient for you. And to be able to display Leo Sovereignty’s[2] invulnerability Gift, there are only two who fits all these in history.”


“One of them is the root of the Leo Sovereignty inheritor, Greek hero Heracles. That guy, it seemed to be summonable with just one, but to maintain the complete spirit status as a God[3] or Celestial, five Sun Authorities are needed. —— But what’s more horrifying is, your complete form is even above that. Equator and Ecliptic path combined, estimated ten Sun Celestial Beasts were needed, it could only be you who contained a foreign world.”

Demon King of Confusion revealed His Highness’s spirit status with a confident smile.

And what’s more terrifying, his deduction was almost completely correct.

—— 「Avatara」 was one of the 「Another Cosmology」 of Indian Gods, it included the prevention of 「Eschatology decadence」 - 「Kali Yuga」’s inheritance that was estimated to appear at the Outer World in the future, the 「Another Cosmology」 that possessed extreme power.

The power of 「Another Cosmology」 was originally used to destroy its target 「Cosmology」, possessing ability that could even exceed Almighty Floor (Little Garden three digit).

The 「Avesta」 that Aži Dakāha used was a classic example. That was the extreme of dualism that defined itself as justice and evil’s right most side, imitating the opponent’s 「Cosmology」 and possessed itself as the direct opposition. Simply put, it had the power of ‘One against one definitely cannot win, one against many as long as the opponent did not inherit human blood, it will increase its own Gift’ that surpassed Almighty Floor. The only exceptions are the the Gifts of Divine Spirits that are contained within 「Zoroastrianism」.

The 「Avatara」 His Highness possessed could obtain the respective power from the Equator, Ecliptic path Celestial Beasts inherited in his hands. In the past, the power that blocked Kuro Usagi’s 「Brahmāstra Replica」 was this power. That was originally the Leo Sovereignty held by Heavenly Lion that belonged to 「No Name」.

He possessed the fourth 「Avatara」 incarnation Lion Celestial Beast Narasiṃha[4] that could ‘reflect all weapons in the world’ regardless if it was made my a God or a Celestial being, and reverted the fate of defeat.

His Highness also used the protection of this Gift, protected Sakamaki Izayoi from the divine spear’s attack, creating a victory chance.

“The second 「Avatara」 incarnation was probably World Dragon Kurma that used Equator Dragon’s Sun Authority to appear. It appeared to be a power that instantly expanded spirit status… Hei hei, so impressive! Originally one of them was enough for the usage of 「Another Cosmology」, but yours actually contained ten worlds of that scale. Your qualification as the 「Origin Candidate」 could even surpass 「Great Sage Equalling Heaven」.”

“...So that’s it, you sure investigated carefully. Is this the reason you want me to be the leader?”

The qualification above 「Great Sage Equalling Heaven」. Building a new Demon Lord Alliance with that, and he himself would become the strategist. However, Demon King of Confusion shook his head in denial with a bitter smile.

“No. Truthfully speaking, there isn’t any specific reason. But I just feel that if it’s you... you can help me create huge havoc the Little Garden.”

“...Just this?”

“Just this.”

There was no need for others. This kind of overly natural instant reply, even His Highness was also shocked.

There was no feeling of necessity to guess for any ulterior motive, a simplistic answer. The reason he did not lie, was because the objective of this man was simple and pure, with nothing to hide.

This Demon Lord... this short evil god that was granted Confusion spirit status did not disguise himself, simply wanting to wreck havoc in Little Garden from the bottom of his heart, wanting to let His Highness be the leader.

“Hei hei… How is it? Any ground for consideration?”

“...I don’t understand your reasoning. What can you gain from doing so?”

“I didn’t think of gaining something. Nothing at all. If I must give a reason…”

Suddenly, his smile disappeared. The Demon King of Confusion that showed an icy stare for an instant, grudgingly muttered while stroking his beard.

“...Just being expected.”

“Being expected, by who?”

“By the world.”

Eyes not shifting the least, Demon King of Confusion announced,

He spoke of the reason for his birth which was 「The enemy of the world」.

“You should also know the Great Me’s inheritance, then let the Great Me clarify it. Simply speaking, 「Demon King of Confusion」 is a Demon Lord that was for the sake of getting defeated by 「Great Sage Equalling Heaven」, a Demon Lord temporarily manufactured while cutting corners from the crust of star. —Understand what it means? The point is, the Great Me was born solely for the sake of getting defeated by the inheritor of star —— 「Great Sage Equalling Heaven」, a low-grade half Celestial being.”

Hearing the truth poured out from him, His Highness doubted his ears.

He heard that as an immature half Celestial being, 「Great Sage Equalling Heaven」 was not given a destiny and was born. She was transported together with mudslide from the star crust to surface, appearing as an incomplete form.

In order to let 「Great Sage Equalling Heaven」 awaken as a normal Celestial being, the trial (Game) that was sent out was this 「Demon King of Confusion」.

At the same time, another fact was shown.

“Then... you are the little brother of 「Great Sage Equalling Heaven」?”

“It seems to be the case. Hei hei, how cruel this is, right? The bright elder sister possessed talent and kindness from birth, while the foolish little brother was forced with useless body and evilness. It was such a disgusting way to call it as a trial for inheritance of star. And because of knowing this, that bastard could not bear to kill the Great Me.”

The non-human, non-god, non-demon 「Great Sage Equalling Heaven」.

Towards the pure Demon Lord that appeared before the originally lonely her, she did not kill him, but let him go. The her that did not awaken as a Celestial spirit, did not carry out her mission, could not rightly guide the world, and ignited the 「Seven Sage War」, that first in the history mythic war.

This was all because of her mistake for not killing this Demon King of Confusion.

“...But well. 「Great Sage Equalling Heaven」 was not the only one in the wrong. The Great Me as a Demon Lord back then was also useless. Although I abducted human girls and demon children to serve me, and robbed treasures from the riches… But there was one thing I absolutely could not do. Even though I became a Demon Lord, that act was forced into my brain, but I could not do it no matter what.”

“That is?”

His Highness immediately followed-up. Then His Highness noticed.

He was listening to this Demon Lord describing his past.

“—— Eating the organs of a live child. As a Demon Lord that resided in children's heart, devouring the blood and flesh along with the soul, only then would the Great Me complete the demonic trait of the 「Demon King of Confusion」... But well, in that kind of strange area, 「Great Sage Equalling Heaven」 is quite similar to the Great Me. No matter what, 「Eating Flesh」 is something we both can’t do.”

Despite the violent behavior of 「Great Sage Equalling Heaven」, her heart was even more dazzling than the clear starry sky, her breath was even cleaner than the fresh air on the mountains. Her pure soul rejected intaking of flesh, absolutely not swallowing it.

“The depressed Great Me grew more violent, but just that matter was something that absolutely could not be done. Knowing this, 「Great Sage Equalling Heaven」 could not even bear to kill the Great Me. Such a foolish person. All blame her who could not kill her shitty little brother… that idiot, lost the bond between her seven sworn siblings that she should truly treasure. It’s all because, the Great Me as a Demon Lord, was only a half-assed fooling King.”

Born for the sake of being defeated.

Born only for the sake of being defeated.

Facing such a person, in the far away past, she once used a dazzling smile and told him.

“It’s fine. Even Demon Lord has other choices of living!”

He did not try to understand the meaning behind his sister’s open-minded words, but lived on depending on this kindness.

In the end his sister saw hell because she did not kill the foolish younger brother. That did not mean disaster befell her, but her surrounding itself turned into hell.

“The Great Me never thought about it would be fine if she just killed me. It was not like the Great Me wanted to get killed. That was a kind of conclusion after all… But if I could not even accept that shitty destiny, then I really don’t have anything left in my life. There exists nothing more fleeting that the freedom that cannot be obtained in this world… The you now should be able to understand?”

His Highness endured the impulse to reflexively nod his head in agreement to Demon King of Confusion’s words. Because doing so would be acknowledging this man’s words was touching him.

“So the Great Me had made up my mind. ‘You, devote to evilness’ —— Since such an expectation was made, then use the cards in your hands to challenge the extreme! The Great Me wants to make everything in the world… Burn to nothingness with billion degrees!!! Let every existence that caused the birth of 「Demon King of Confusion」, implanting the regret that cannot be forgotten even after reincarnation…!!!”


Demon King of Confusion let out all his frustration that had been kept inside for a long time.

That appearance, caused His Highness to drew a cold breath. That Demon who had lived like a drifting cloud had such a degree of enthusiasm hidden, he could not discover it till today.

Then His Highness knew, the heat of that soul, was exactly what he was lacking now.

As a pure Demon Lord, this life that was constantly searching for what he should do, if it was mocked by the will of the star, by then Demon King of Confusion’s determination would probably reach a true awakening.

“Your objective is… revenge?”

“That’s also correct. No matter what kind of truth was known, the Great Me would not accept it. But, because of that, the Great Me do not want to pretend not knowing anything.”

His own life, was just in front of the deciding match against 「Great Sage Equalling Heaven」.

For that, he must first build a Demon Lord Alliance that could rival the 「Seven Great Sages」.

“...Even during the period when Aži Dakāha was rampaging, there was no sign of 「Great Sage Equalling Heaven」 appearing. It seems that the situation that bastard got caught in was even more complicated than what the Great Me imagined. Then the only way would be to spread the threat even greater than Aži Dakāha, luring 「Great Sage Equalling Heaven」 out from Heaven.”

As a Demon Lord, now was the time to put Little Garden into even greater chaos.

Making a Buddha sect, or another God Group, a huge alliance that would require even the Heaven Army to mobilize — Even surpassing the Shichiten 「Demon Lord Alliance」, using this to drag 「Great Sage Equalling Heaven」 out.

“Not a single one left. A big alliance that can become the enemy of all God Groups, built by the Great Me and you. This alliance also has benefits for you. Although 「Ouroboros」 has exiled you now, they will surely capture you soon. The Great Me needs you to be the leader and gather Demon Lords, and you can use it to annihilate 「Ouroboros」... How about it? Not a bad contract?”

“...What if 「Ouroboros」 immediately come after me?”

“They won’t. Understand? Absolutely won’t. But, they won’t let you go as well.”

Demon King of Confusion announced confidently, lifted his index finger and continued.

“This matter is only known to those related to Celestial spirit and a part of God Groups. Listen carefully. The present where all the 「Last Embryo」 have been defeated, the strong ones in Little Garden are warming up. Not because the threat has disappeared. But because large scale Gift Games that involve the Sun Authority will be held soon.”

“Using Sun Authority… Large scale Gift Game?

“Yes. Details are unclear, but as long as one possesses Sun Authority, regardless of God, hero or Demon Lord all have an equivalent qualification to participate. Right now the God Groups are having a headache to pick out participants. We can use this period to construct the Demon Lord Alliance, stand on the same stage, deliver a punch to those guys’s face!!!”

Dong! Demon King of Confusion roared after kicking the metal bar of the jail.

On the stage where all kinds of Gods and Demons can participate equally, challenging the God Group head on, questioning the meaning of his whole existence.

After he finished the speech of his ambition and pro and con, he returned to the first question, stared at His Highness.

“—— Join hands with the Great Me, His Highness. Then make all the God groups, make everything that bound your life burn to nothingness with billion degree flame…!!!”

Head on, ravaging the enemy on the same stage.

Demon King of Confusion for the sake of carrying out his destiny.

His Highness for the sake of obtaining his true freedom.


His Highness finished listening to Demon King of Confusion, began to think while lying on the ground.

His first time to ponder, his life compass that he had never thought about until now. His Highness that lived his life taking orders, even if he thought about how to carry out his order, he never thought for his own life once.

The underground jail that was assaulted by cold wind, was taken over by silence.

Demon King of Confusion was not anxious at all. He could run away anytime if he felt like it.

After at least ten minutes passed while they were facing each other.

His HIghness suddenly curved the corner of his lip.

“Demon King of Confusion. Although you spoke a whole bunch of things like that… but your main objective, is only to obtain the 「Dragon」 Sun Authority on my hand right?”

“Heihaha! It would be a lie to say no!”

The two relaxed their tension, laughed aloud together. But those two did not speak out the words in their heart. His Highness believed that Demon King of Confusion’s vengeful heart was real. The heat this man’s soul possessed, he truly felt envious.

His Highness stood up, speechlessly grabbed the metal bar of the jail, smiled peacefully.

“Although this kind of incite made me unhappy, it is still a thrilling suggestion. OK, I will follow your plan.”

“...Hei hei. There is no return you know?”

“That’s fine. It’s a life without objective anyway… Ah ah, no. There is one now.”

Oh? Demon King of Confusion let out a surprised voice.

His Highness grabbed the metal bar tightly, enthusiasm flashed in his eyes.

“To those people —— 「Ouroboros」 that bound me, a good punch in the face. If I can do it, I will feel elated…!”

His Highness’s right hand dwelled immense power that could not be imagined from his thin arm. Metal bar bearing the strength comparable to star crust, easily and effortlessly bent and destroyed.

Demon King of Confusion threw the key aside, welcomed him with a grand and despicable laugh.

“Heihahahahaha!!! Very good, then your motive will be that. The Great Me wants to beat up 「Great Sage Equalling Heaven」 that bastard! You want to beat up 「Ouroboros」! Complicated explanation is unneeded! ...Hei hei, what, you are just the same as the Great Me imagined! We can get along well!”

“Just similar objective only. — Then, what do we do next? Greeting those Demon Lords there were interested in the Sun Authority Gift Game?”

“Ah ah, regarding that matter.”

“I have a plan for that.”

On the staircase, an unexpected voice came over. Not noticing until now was probably because they were too engrossed in their conversation. Jin Russel and Katsura Rin’s presence appeared before His Highness, then he widened his eyes in surprise.

“Yahoo, His Highness. Still comfortable living underground?”

“How is it possible… But that was surprising. Putting Rin aside, Jin. You also want to join hands with us?”


“Heihaha! The 「Genie Contractor」 this brat possessed is really useful! We will defeat the Demon Lords that rejected our invitation, then make them obey him! If everything goes well, we can gather enough forces in just one year!”

Demon King of Confusion revealed a despicable laughter.

But the meaning of His Highness’s question was something else.

“Not that I want to use Demon King of Confusion’s words, but there is really no turning back. Firstly without question, you cannot return to 「No Name」 for the rest of your life. — Is this fine?”

His Highness reminded Jin. To carry out Demon King of Confusion’s plan, he would be the key of the Alliance. He was not allowed to participate with a half-hearted attitude.

But that was just unnecessary worry.

Jin gently touched the pied piper ring, nodded his head with an unshaken resolve.

“To me… To us, there is a necessity to participate in the Sun Authority Game. And I believe it will eventually help 「No Name」. There is nothing for you to worry.”

—— Heeh, His Highness let out a respectful voice. Jin seemed to know some details about the Sun Authority Game.

Then there was no need to ask further.

As if calculated, Rin also walked forward at this moment.

“Unfortunately, Aura-san has to remain by the teacher’s side. Graiya seems to be coming with us, so we will be together from now on. I want to lay low for a while, so I will be going to the North Floor.”

“Is that so… You can continue to be the Game Controller right?”

His Highness asked as if it was natural, Rin also replied as if it was natural.

“Of course. How can I leave someone who doesn’t know about the world like His Highness alone!”

“I am so grateful until I want to try. But is that fine? The reason you came to Little Garden, was for saving your family right?”

“That won’t change, but for that I must work harder to become a poet. I will also trouble His Highness to help me in that regard, yoroshiku!”

Rin saluted jokingly.

His Highness revealed a bitter smile in amazement and nodded in agreement.

Part 2
—— This was afterwards.

It was an hour later that the jail which imprisoned His Highness had been broken was known. Many years after that, there was no record of them attacking any Community on the surface.

But what’s unbelievable was, immediately after that, incidents of seal mounds that were made by former 「     」 to seal Demon Lords were destroyed one by one.

Traces of fierce fighting could be found, hence the objective was believed to destroy seal mounds, but these incidents had a similarity.

The Demon Lords that were supposed to be unsealed, did not attack any Community, but vanished without anyone knowing.

Due to no major damage was caused by the destruction of seal mounds, the investigation was suspended after about a year, then no one remembered it after another half a year.

1 Ulster refer to one of the 4 cycles of Irish mythology, the strongest warrior should be Cú Chulainn. Sūrya is the Sun and chief of Solar Deities in Hinduism, his son is Karṇa.
2 Nemean Lion From The Labors of Hercules. It has a skin that can't be pierced by any weapon.
3 Just to add information, Héraclès is, with Asclépiós (Asclepius), the only two heroes in Greek mythology which were also Gods. Their principal functions (look on Wikipedia for the full) respectively God of strength, heroes, divine protector of mankind ; and God of Medicine and Healing. Hence the fact that medicine have the Rod of Asclepius as symbol.
4 Narasiṃha (litt. man-lion) is an “avatar of Vishnu and one of Hinduism's most popular deities. Narasiṃha is often visualised as having a human torso and lower body, with a lion face and claws” (Wikipedia).


  1. Found an error in the dialogue between Demon King of Confusion and His Highness in the part of making a Demon King Alliance.

    This sentence.

    The last incarnation of 「Avatara」, the newest and strongest Demon Lord-sama possessing 「Eschatology decadence」.”

    The Japanese raw.

    The last sentence of the second dialogue from left to right.

    There is a を behind the Eschatology Decadence, and を was used to indicate the object of an action and 終わる = "to end, to finish, to close".

    I think it is supposed to be like this:

    The last incarnation of 「Avatāra」, the newest and strongest Hero-san (Demon Lord) who ends/will end the 「Eschatology Decadence」.”

  2. Wow, never expected that there are so many plot twist in this chapter