Sep 6, 2016

Volume 12 Chapter 6

Part 1
Zaza ——, such noise was heard. Tokuteru immediately raised his alert, released his spirit status.

(...Was it my imagination?)

He suppressed his spirit status, finished the wine after meal in one gulp. Probably, it was just the sound of swaying trees in the middle garden.

After Mikado Tokuteru enjoyed his dinner, he did not immediately visit Izayoi, but to connect with alliance member 「Laplace Demons」. He might be planning to verify the theory content he discovered during the bath. Mikado Tokuteru in bathrobe sat down cross-legged on the tatami floor and crossed his arms.

He let the 「Lapko」 who arrived sat on his knee, and told it the reason.

“—That’s all. Quickly open the gate of time that connects to the era Sakamaki Izayoi lived in. He may have already made contact with the inventor of 「Third Perpetual Machine」. We must investigate his experiences.”

Lapko was eating spotted pear happily while listening to Mikado Tokuteru’s explanation.

She was Lapko III who was known as the commander. She walked unsteadily while swaying the red dress she wore, and provided her own opinion.

“Contact with the inventor of 「Third Perpetual Machine」... Ei, that did happen. This is definitely true.”

“What. You already detected it?”

“Detected, this is not the right way to put it. Since I also only found out coincidentally… But, Indra. That has all been past. Up to now there is no need to dig into the past right?”

“It’s not over yet right? As long as the Perpetual Machine’s chronicle and inventor are not determined, a new 「Last Embryo」 may appear.”

「Last Embryo」—— Putting the world in its end, the Demon Lord that would realize the final myth.

Yes, the oldest Demon Lords had all been defeated. The existences that threatened Little Garden had all been vaporised.

Although the threat from 「Ouroboros」 remained, no matter what, their objective should not be to destroy Little Garden. And the stage to conclude the fight would appear in the new future.

“The present where all 「Last Embryo」 had been defeated, the second Sun Authority competition will be pushed forward a lot earlier than predicted. But I didn’t expect the Akashic Record of The End (Omega)[1] would be decided earlier than The Beginning (Alpha).”

“I agree on that. Since the Authority competition also included the intention to choose the person that will defeat the 「Last Embryo」. 「Ouroboros」 secretly collecting Sun Authorities, was probably to get a head start while we hold the Game event without knowing their activities, but now those guys do not need to hide their identities. —— The second Sun Authority competition, will be a head on clash without trickeries.”

“Of course, this is the so-called Gift Game. But once we think about being assigned as organizing staff, we can feel our stomach cringe.”

Hearing Lapko’s bland words, Mikado Tokuteru revealed a bitter smile. Because he could not even imagine her being mentally burdened.

Lapko III continued to enjoy her spotted pear.

“Every realm is busy transferring Sun Authority and choosing 「Origin Candidate」. Since the pawns that could surpass 「Great Sage Equalling Heaven」, 「Kalki」 and Sakamaki Izayoi are not easy to find. We will probably be busy with Game making and building the stage. The investigation on Perpetual Machine could be shelved for the future?”

“That won’t do. 「Third Perpetual Machine」 is too dangerous. I won’t say that it must be under our management, but passing the invention authority to the rightful person that can use it for good purposes is also God Pantheon’s responsibility.”

Tokuteru crossed his arms and declared. As a corner of the Gods, as someone who had fought with 「Last Embryo」 till now, he held onto a sense of justice to watch over humanity not leaving the right path until the end.

“You would be a proper god if you had been working diligently like this.” This sentence already reached Lapko’s III’s throat, but after realizing nobody would become happy even if she said it, she swallowed it back.

“Mah… That’s also true. The whole story of the Perpetual Machine also connects to the mystery of why Izayoi boy was chosen as 「Origin Candidate」. It may be better for you who is the leader of 「Heaven Army」 to know.”

“The reason Sakamaki Izayoi was chosen?”

“Umu. Croix seemed to think that him being chosen as 「Origin Candidate」 was a coincidence, but I have already seen through the truth behind the myth that surrounds him. Since everything happened to now are all closely connected. Including the existence of 「Last Embryo」 and 「Third Perpetual Machine」, let me explain it briefly.”

After she finished the last piece of pear, she stood on top of the plate, raised her index finger.

Mikado Tokuteru maintained his crossed arms and sat upright, listening to the truth she was going to explain.

Part 2

“First let’s talk about the premise. Do you know the spirit status that constructed Aži Dakāha?”

“Do you need to ask that now? Isn’t it the eschatology that combined the tale of Zahhāk from Persian Poem[2] and modern history? At least, that Jibril told me as such.”

Mikado Tokuteru answered her question in slight amusement.

—— Zahhāk, was talking about the king that was destined to become Demon Lord Aži Dakāha in Persian Poem. He who was fancied by Evil God used treachery to obtain the crown, grew the pair of wicked dragons from it's shoulders and used fear to control its citizens[3]. Although the hero of that era[4] defeated the Demon Lord, he could not kill it no matter what. At that time Angel (Jibril[5]) appeared and told him ‘The time to exterminate this Absolute Evil has not arrived’, and used the sealing method to seal it inside the gigantic peak.

Then, in order to bring the end to the world after the Demon Lord resurrected, it destroyed one third of the world. The one that would appear to resist this eschatology was none other than 「Hero destined to save the future」.

Tokuteru continued after understanding the above foundation.

“Considering the inheritance of 「Destroying one third of the world」, Demon Lord Aži Dakāha’s appearance had been misunderstood as 「Perma iceberg collapsing due to irregular Sun activity chronicle」 for a long time.”

“Umu. The perma icebergs in South Pole or something melting would cause water level to rise, in this situation, Earth’s land would shrink by one third… But the truth wasn’t so. Perma iceberg collapse was at best the by product of eschatology.”

Correct — Mikado Tokuteru had another reason to reject the theory of NBCR weapon. It was simple, because he believed that such a level of weapon could not destroy the environment of a planet.

The predicted that the eschatology recorded in 「Zoroastrianism」 was very similar to Indian mythology 「Kali Yuga」 in content[6]. This hinted that super-developed civilization would be vanquished in the kindness recession era.

“Hence we can conclude that the chronicle Aži Dakāha pointed towards — 「Super Weapon that can destroy environment of planet」 and 「Evil authority user that uses the Super Weapon」 theories… Right?”

Inheritance of 「Destroying one third of the world」 = Invention of 「Super Weapon that can destroy environment of planet」.

Inheritance of 「Obtaining the crown because of Evil God」 =  Appearance of 「Evil authority user that uses the Super Weapon」.

The overlapping of these two points led to the appearance of 「Last Embryo」 Aži Dakāha.

“Umu. The former is 「Third Perpetual Machine」. The latter due to the origin of Aži Dakāha’s inheritance being Persia, hence the theory of 「A Middle East country that sponsored energy development」 would be strong.”

Completion of Perpetual Machine, signified countries that produced first tier energy from oil facing destruction.

This would be a fatal invention towards middle east countries. Hence it was deducted that for the sake of new privilege, they were most likely going to become sponsors for the mysterious inventor of the Perpetual Machine. Considering there to be the place of origin for inheritance, it was feared that a new Demon Lord that had similar spirit status as Aži Dakāha might be born from middle east countries.

“The 「Inventor of Perpetual Machine」 that was always treated as a question mark, only this was something even our intelligence network could not investigate. But we finally caught the tail after hearing Izayoi’s words. We heard that Izayoi once travelled the world with Canaria. Then following their route.”

“No. That’s unnecessary.”

Lapko III took out a small bottle from the tiny Gift Card with a Kada sound.

Inside it was a piece of dried blood.

“...Blood clot? What is this?”

“It’s the blood of Sakamaki Izayoi. Saurian Demon King requested me, asking me to confirm whether he is truly a human.”

“Saurian Demon King? Why?”

“Probably because he was worried that if he is a new half Celestial being, 「Great Sage Equalling Heaven」 would be abandoned. Since the Demon Lord of Confusion that is left alone is an example. But the result of the investigation showed that he is 100% pure human. Other than that his livelihood has also been investigated… Indra, please listen calmly to my following words.”

Fumu, Mikado Tokuteru nodded his head exaggeratedly. Not correcting his name was probably because they were old acquaintances. Those two were comrades that fought against Dystopia Demon Lord in West Floor. Both side trusted each other’s ability. Since she seriously said ‘Please be mentally prepared’, then it must be an important case.

Lapko III took a deep breath as if to suppress her excited emotion, and pointed at Izayoi’s blood clot.

“First point. His real name is not 「Sakamaki Izayoi」.”

“Hoh? Then what is it?”

“...「Saigō」. That is his true surname.”

「Saigō」— A surname he never heard of. He felt that it might be related to history of Japan, but it was probably unrelated.

That surname seemed to have some symbolic meaning —— Thinking to that part.

Mikado Tokuteru’s expression had a drastic change.

“ 「Saigō」(西郷)...「Saigō」(西業)? No, don’t tell me?”[7]

“Second point. His, Saigō’s parents are destined to die in the Parallel World Intersection point. Even if Canaria did not abduct him during his infant period, Izayoi boy also had the fate of definitely going missing at that point of time. “

Mikado Tokuteru was speechless. That meant 「Death of Izayoi’s parents」 and 「Izayoi gone missing」 were a 「Paradigm Shift」 in the history. Canaria felt guilty because she thought that it was caused by her action, but that was just an act that was included in the convergence point.

Izayoi’s parents who were supposedly normal people should not be included in the 「Paradigm Shift」.

“Don’t tell me… The inventor of 「Third Perpetual Machine」 is.”

“If we don’t go to that era then we cannot confirm, but that’s basically correct. It was judged from Izayoi and Croix’s words that it is the University professor. Izayoi’s parents were assassinated by an organization that targeted their research. Then at the same time they died, the development method of 「Third Perpetual Machine」 was distributed to an unknown number of people, hence becoming a 「Black Box」.”

—— It was actually like that. Although roughly understood the location of the inventor, as long as the convergence point 「Death of Izayoi’s parents」 did not change, the inventor would not be concentrated to a single person. But the change of convergence point meant the change of Akashic Record. Even three digit could not do it easily. Even if Almighty could create, it could not easily change creation. Because it would contradict with a part of 「Omnipotent Paradox」.

“Invention method distributed to an unknown number of people… That’s how it is huh. Demon Lord 「Aži Dakāha」 is not like king of a country kind of single person or organization, but public mass huh!”

“That’s right. We had deducted it to be an authority holder like Zahhāk, but that at best is just admonition. As long as there is Super Weapon and authority, adding some evil intention… Any human can be corrupted into Aži Dakāha.”

Any human’s soul contained the possibility of Aži Dakāha.

The 「Absolute Evil」 flag he carried, was exactly the trial of humanity itself.

“Then the third point. ‘Sakamaki Izayoi saving the world, exists direct and indirect branching’. Based on my deduction, one of them is the chronicle that crossed the Dystopian eschatology, which is the chronicle Kasukabe Yō exists. The chronicles afterwards are destined to be peaceful… But we did not ‘cross’ Dystopia, but defeated it with ‘vanquish’ method, hence the chronicle she exists became infinitely thin.”

“...That’s it, ah. Even that Kōmei received 「No Former」 brand because of this huh. But, that’s wrong, wait a moment! Which means… What is it about?”

Mikado Tokuteru was overloaded with information and frowned while organizing them.
Lapko III slightly lowered her head after seeing him in that state, and clarified briefly.

“The content of inheritance that Sakamaki Izayoi saving the future, should have come from here.
‘The country or organization that obtained the development method of 「Third Perpetual Machine」 would make the world face the danger of annihilation’,
paired with ‘the existence of hero that obtained the same power of 「Third Perpetual Machine」stops it’.
Then ‘If it is an indirect hero, he would save the world as an inventor’,
or ‘If is is a direct hero, he would save the world as an experimental body’.”

“WhaEx-Experimental body!? Of Perpetual Machine!?”

“Yes. Because since birth, his body had possessed 「Third Perpetual Machine」 — Using the information from surrounding environment, the final secret of humanity that creates energy from nothingness 「3S.nano machine unit」.”

Karan, she knocked the bottle that contained the blood clot.

Reaching this far, Mikado Tokuteru was truly speechless from the shock.

“Then... then… this, is this it? Giving power to Demon Lord Dystopia in the past, then becoming the root of Demon Lord Aži Dakāha, all in this blood clot…?”

“Yes. If Sakamaki Izayoi inherited as the inventor of Perpetual Machine, the Perpetual Machine would be completed in the year 2120s. In this situation, the possibility of his longevity exists, but I think that it would be his children that would save the world. But if he inherited as an experimental body and possess the Gift himself, it would only take several fraction of years to complete compared to the former. Because the finished product, had been lying dominant in his body long ago.”

Izayoi once made Coppélia into a Perpetual Machine with 「Adamantine」 in 「Underwood」, but the Gift inside him was the real reason why 「End Emptiness」 retreated. And because 「End Emptiness」 had seen through that, it acknowledged the clearance of Game and left.

“—— Kihahahaha!!! So this is how! This is how it is! As expected of Lapko-sensei, your deciphering is several million times deeper than my deduction.”

Suddenly, along with a cheerful laughter, a tuxedo silhouette appeared in the parlour.

The two of them put up their guard instantly, but that laughter trait and that shade, they were both very familiar. Tokuteru stood up and opened his arms, welcoming this comrade in the past.

“Croix (lolicon)! Long time no see you bastard, are you still doing well!?”

“Kihahahaha! That’s my line Indra (hitodzumacon)[8]! You already married a wife with such a nice butt, but your chastity is still zero! Playing with too much fire may burn you, you know!?”

“Oi oi don’t scare me, didn’t that make me shake in fear already, seriously! I am completely a human right now, so if my wife comes to hack me please help me out!”

That’s right! The two brute gods laughed out loud shoulder to shoulder. They had not much relationship in their God Pantheon, but they were comrades that fought together in that desperate battle against Demon Lord Dystopia.

They had the destiny to fight against 「Closed-off World」 (Dystopia) until their own faith extinguish. Although they did not have inheritance on par with each other, they had acknowledged each other’s spirit status.

Mainly womanizing and alcoholic, and non god-like behavior were their similarities.

“But I am so surprised. After defeating Dystopia, Dystopia’s final spirit status actually rampaged… Croix know something?”

“No, it was a long time afterwards that I know. Probably around the time when Izayoi beaten about 90% of my spirit status, while I was resurrecting. Waking up after a long time, only then I realized the Perpetual Machine was almost complete. Seeing that caused me to think ‘Ah ah, like that no matter if it’s 「Ideal World」 (Utopia) or 「Closed-off World」 (Dystopia) both can work’.”

The shady gentleman God showed a far-looking expression. Those two could not discern what he had seen in the near future.

But they knew the definition of 「Ideal World」 and 「Closed-off World」 were two sides of a coin.

Some philosopher gave a simple definition of 「Ideal World」.

『That is a country whereby all citizens receive equal earning, building families with no differences, holding a little faith in their hearts, peacefully spend everyday.』

With that as foundation, adding the 「Growth of Perpetual Machine that can mitigate energy problem and social competition 」 and 「The dwindling of Middle Age invention and liberalism」 to the condition of the chronicle, it could result in the appearance of the strongest God-killer 「Dystopia Demon Lord」. The appearance of God Pantheon that supported this Demon Lord was also one of the important reason, but the main reason was the usage of Perpetual Machine after all.

“The real 「Ideal World」 exists in the front which surpassed 「Closed-off World」. We collected the history that created 「Black Death」 (Pest) and smallpox pandemic, used them to boost the growth of invention mindset, and with that method vanquished the chronicle convergence point… But seeing it now, we have only done a bad thing.”

“...That’s true. There may be other methods.”

Tokuteru, Croix and Lapko III all smiled bitterly, and maintained silence.

Because Demon Lord Dystopia was too strong. As a God-killer he was probably above Aži Dakāha. It was a last resort, there was no leeway or time to choose the method.

But this kind of matter, was unrelated to the sacrifices of the spreading disease. Their grudge would probably never disappear from the world.

“...Kihaha. Mah, 「Last Embryo」 had been exterminated. There are plenty time afterwards. Taking this chance, why don’t we think about other possible methods and chronicles.”

“That’s true. We must also consider the opinion from 「Black Percher」.”

“Ah ah. Regarding this matter, that little girl is the witness of era. She must be bearing the possibility of being the pillar of that era. We must get her back from those guys no matter what.”

The trio nodded together.

In the past, they imposed their immaturity on humans.

Human being annihilated by human was only inevitable, but if they lost their lives due to divine interference, that was definitely wrong. Now was still a situation where decision could not easily be made, hence they could not move, but once everything reached a conclusion they would definitely carry out rescue, they swore as such.

What they could do now, was only watching over the whole story.

The days to the god/demon playground they hoped for in Little Garden should not be far away.

Even if he interfered, he would be told ‘You really do only unnecessary things this useless god!’, and nothing else.

...Mah, however.

(Wanting to save Pest is too late. These guys are still so naive.)

Zaza —— Some static noise leaked out.

Some poet (Noise) that was eavesdropping, mocked the oath of the gods and demons, then left that place. Because he was there the general situation had a major change, was matters many years later.

Part 3

By the way, Mikado Tokuteru who had been nagging projected his sight towards Croix as if he thought of something.

“Speaking of which pervert (Croix).”

“What is it affair maniac (Indra).”

“That nickname is too horrible so don’t seriously call me that. At least call me lust maniac… Then, you came here just for these?”

“How can it be Brother. It’s actually about the suggestion on Sun Authority Game, and Izayoi’s reward, just a little.”

“Hey. Is Tokuteru still awake?”

The two took a glance at the other side of the sliding door. Lapko III immediately vanished on the spot, Croix on the other hand morphed into the shadow of wardrobe.

Tokuteru instantly changed a drab uncle expression.

“Have you arrived? Come in!”

“Y-YES! Then, then excuse me!”

“Likewise, excuse me.”

“...Excuse me.”

Oya? Mikado Tokuteru let out a surprised voice.

Izayoi was not the only one to arrive in his room. Along with him were Kudō Asuka who had just changed into the bathrobe after bath, Queen’s Knight Faceless who seemed to be having a bad mood, and Kuro Usagi who was so nervous her usamimi had been shaking non-stop.

Once Kuro Usagi pulled open the sliding door, she knelt down on the spot.

“This, this, this time we troubled you to descend yourself, I thank, thank you from the bottom of my heart! It’s nothing, nothing significant, but at least allow me to pour a cup for you!”

“Oh oh, the rumored 「Moon Rabbit」 huh. I have heard about it. The person here is only the sponsor, the human Mikado Tokuteru. Don’t be so nervous!”

Seeing the stiff Kuro Usagi, Tokuteru could not help but smile bitterly. He could understand her being nervous before her Main God, but there should be a limit.

Izayoi was also amused.

“Mah, at least he is indebted to you. Since for the sake of saving you this Main God,”

“Izayoi ah. Talkative man will lose value you know.”

Tokuteru stared at Izayoi, asking him to keep quiet.

But hearing this topic, Kudō Asuka also responded with a subtle expression.

“So… You are really the one who saved Kuro Usagi from the Purgatory.”

“Ahwawawawa! Ho-How should I apologize…! Kuro Usagi obviously broke the rule, using the armor and spear at the same time…!!!”

“It’s fine, didn’t I say it’s fine already! And it was originally me who owed 「Moon Rabbit」! That is just returning the favor! OK, don’t talk about those gloomy topics, hurry up and pour me some wine!”

Mikado Tokuteru scratched his head awkwardly, then brought out a wine cup.

Even if he was used to getting despised by female, he was not used to receiving gratitude. Izayoi looked at his appearance and giggled, but this topic ended there. Teasing was interesting, but getting awkward would be meaningless.

Faceless who had been silent the whole time, glanced sideway at Asuka, sarcastically spoke.

“...Always saved by others, you.”

“That, that kind of thing…!”

...Might be real. Asuka reluctantly gritted her teeth.

Part 4

Izayoi, Asuka and Faceless walked to the center of the room and sat on the cushion.

Kuro Usagi sat next to Tokuteru, nervously pouring wine. Izayoi and Asuka talked about the important matter while looking at her.

“Speaking of which, it seems Aži Dakāha is the one that destroyed the hometown of 「Moon Rabbit」. He is defeated now, have you thought about taking this chance to rebuild it? I feel that Kuro Usagi also has the corresponding achievement.”

“Wa-Wait a minute, Izayoi-san!”

“Umu, after things reach a conclusion I do want to rebuilt it. But the Rabbit species has mostly dispersed to various lands. The ones I can grasp including this girl only amount to three.”

“Eeeh? Main God also don’t know the accurate location of his familiars?”

“Not like this, if hidden in barrier or other God Pantheon, then I also can’t do anything. On the other hand, if the situation is not like the above I can understand the rough location. Even if it’s the Outer World.”

Hearing Mikado Tokuteru’s words, Asuka’s eyes glittered and asked.

“This kind of thing, other Main Gods are the same?”

“Of course. This kind of thing definitely can understand… Ah ah, so that’s it.”

“Tokuteru showed an understanding expression and nodded, holding his chin.

“You want to bring the old 「     」 members back from the Outer World, so this is how it is… Umu, looking carefully, this little girl’s spirit status, indeed mixed with many acquaintances’ blood.”

Mikado Tokuteru sized up Asuka carefully while rubbing his chin. Asuka was nervous because her origin was seen through from a glance, but still continued the question just now.

“I am convinced of your wisdom. I have also heard about my origin from my servant Alma. Hence I want to leave the Community temporarily, tracing Kudō family’s lineage to save the comrades.”

Asuka’s suggestion shocked Tokuteru a little.

If she was going to leave the Community and journey to the Outer World, it would probably take up considerable number of years. In fact this would be no different from leaving the Community.

“...Asuka. Did you plan the trip after obtaining the understanding of your comrades?”

“Yes. Although I have not obtained everyone’s agreement… I understand that this will be a harsh journey. I, deeply felt the powerlessness from this battle. For the sake of training myself, I decided to leave the Community.”

Which meant it was a warrior’s training journey, something like that.

Asuka was definitely not weak, but her power could be greatly limited depending on situation. She felt that continuing like that would one day hinder her comrades.

“Kuro Usagi. Have you also agreed?”

“...YES. Of course I will feel lonely. But Kuro Usagi does not have the right to interfere with their paths. I wish to accept their own expectations, and support their backs.”

“That so. Then Izayoi?”

“Ojō-sama already said like that, even if I stop her she would still leave.”

“Ara, you sure are understanding.”

The two grinned lightly. Izayoi heard before, she planned on leaving her home even before the summon.

How to stop this kind of crazy girl?

“Speaking of which, you mentioned it in the past. About wanting to see Halloween after you leave your home.”

“Ei. That is a dream from little after all. I will visit 「Halloween Queen」 one day.”

“...Please wait. That, what is that about?”

At this moment, Faceless interrupted for some reason.

Asuka and Izayoi looked at her in astonishment.

“You mean… The matter about visiting the Queen? That is before coming here.”

“No. It’s even earlier. If you didn’t get summoned, didn’t you plan to go somewhere after leaving your home?”

Hering an unexpected question, Asuka blinked.

“You ask where… Just going outside to learn new things, see Halloween Festival only…”

Not understand why he asked that, Asuka showed a confused look. Faceless’ behavior was just that strange.

That appearance was completely different from the time in hot spring just now.

Displaying the shakened expression that could even be felt even with the mask, really unlike her.

She held her chin and entered a deep thought, bitterly muttered.

“...Is that so. Queen and Kudō family, is destined to have connection like this huh.”


“Nothing, excuse me. Back to main topic. How does Mikado-dono view that matter — going to Outer World to save comrades of 「No Name」?”

“Umu… Mah, if borrowing Queen’s power, resummoning the exiled is also not impossible. Just that we need to make use of many Paradox Game loopholes…”

Explaining was too complicated, very troublesome. Tokuteru threw Izayoi a glance with such meaning, hence Izayoi took over the topic like a bother.

“If Little Garden is really a realm that all possibilities exist, then 「Comrades that cannot return to Little Garden」 and 「Comrades that can return to Little Garden」 these two completely opposite truth existing together should be fine. There should not be any timing problem right?”

“Umu. The Paradox Game that would become a problem in this case is not 「Time Paradox」, but the saving side’s 「Liar Paradox」. Let’s skip the detailed explanation, the main point is that every time period only has one chance, if someone who observed the death of a comrade exists in Little Garden then it’s impossible to save that comrade you know?”

“Once is enough. How can I abandon them when there is a possibility?”

Wanting to let the children that had supported 「No Name」 reunite with their parents. Izayoi was not the only one who had thought that. She had always hoped that Lily and the elder children group’s sacrifice could be rewarded one day.

“If possible, I hope that Tokuteru-san can act as the middleman, let me get an audience with Queen…”

Uu, Tokuteru let out a sad cry.

“Queen… Queen ah. Sorry, I have never met 「Queen Halloween」.”

“Is that so?”

“I heard that she is a beauty, so I also wanted to get closer, but I had been on bad terms with Sun God since the past. If there is a middleman I can still make a conversation… Ah ah, like that. So Queen’s Knight is here.”

Everyone’s attention directed to Faceless. Bringing her here should be to request her as a middleman. Kuro Usagi pleaded Mikado Tokuteru while pouring wine for him.

“I know this is a rude request. But even if the Queen is a Demon Lord, if Ind-”


“Mi-Mikado Tokuteru-sama’s request should not be refused. For the sake of our comrades, can you grant your majesty to us…?”

Fumu, Mikado Tokuteru showed a thinking pose.

“Since it’s not others, but the request of the heroes. Accepting this kind of thing is also fine. Since Queen’s Knight can act as the middleman, conversation should not be a problem.”

“Thank...thank you very much! With that the return of comrades can finally be realized!”

Kuro Usagi straightened her usamimi in happiness. Although experiencing the long hardship, she could finally receive the reward. After that they just needed to retake their Community name, the Community three years ago could also revive.

But Faceless interrupted Kuro Usagi’s joy, suddenly stood up and said.

“—— No, please wait.”

“? Faceless-san?”

“Although I agreed to assist before coming here… Please let me correct myself. I cannot provide assistance now.”

Oh, Mikado Tokuteru let out a surprised voice. Lapko III and Croix that had disappeared also realized. Those three, saw through this masked girl’s true identity with a glance.

“It won’t be free, you did say that right, Queen’s Knight. Then what kind of compensation is needed for you to be the middleman?”

“No need for compensation… Actually, I planned to silently leave Little Garden. But since I discovered the method to clear the Game, then I cannot give up my objective.”

That voice contained a passion that could not be imagined from her icy aura in the past. The burning mask represented her emotion right now.

She put her hand on the mask, stared at Asuka with hostility.

“Kudō Asuka. I request a duel with you. If you can win me I will arrange for you to get an audience with Queen.”


“Please allow me to borrow the 「Adamantine Forge」 as the stage and rules. Luckily we both made it to the finals.”

“Wait, wait a moment! I did think about deciding a winner between us, but telling me that so suddenly…!!!”

Despite winning in the 「Hippocamp Rider」, she did not feel that it was a victory with her ability. Opponent was 「No Name」 with teamwork, with just her alone it was an obvious result. And she was saved many times by her, hence she hoped that one day she could decide a winner in a one to one duel.

But towards Asuka’s thoughts, Faceless replied with an uncontrolled laughter.

“I mentioned just now. The reason I saved you, is also because of my own reason. —— Now, I will tell you that reason.”

The voice filled with rage and grudge, caused everyone at the scene to take their stance.

The words just now contained obvious killing intent. The strong killing intent that she constantly let out seemed as if she could begin a massacre anytime, even if it would twist the space. Faceless took off her calm self along with the mask.

The real appearance beneath the mask, caused Asuka and Kuro Usagi to let out a cry.



Karan, the sound of the mask falling onto the floor.

—— 「Face of the Dead」 (Faceless). Understanding the meaning of this knight title, Asuka looked at her with a deathly pale face —— No, her own mirror image.

“—— A very simple matter. If you were killed by someone before I defeat you, I will be troubled. Because if I don’t defeat you by myself… Kudō Ayato (Faceless), would not be born…!!!”

1 Akashic records are said to be some records (compendium) of mostly events stored in the “astral plane”.
2 Shāhnāmeh (شاهنامه‎‎, the Book of Kings) is the longest epic poem written by a single poet: Ferdowsî (فردوسی). It's the central work of the Persian culture. It tells the mythical and historical event of the Persian Empire. This work is also important because it was written in early Modern Persian, so all the Avestan names changed. Aži Dakāha changed in Zahhāk. Ferdowsî also change some of the Avestan histories (see next note).
3 In the Shāhnāmeh, Zahhāk fought against the now-corrupted king Jamshīd (جمشید‎‎, in Avestan: Yima) hence the "Evil God used treachery to obtain the crown". When the Evil God, Ahriman (Av: Angra Mainyu) asked kissed Zahhāk on his two shoulders. "two black snakes grew out of Zahhāk's shoulders. They could not be surgically removed, for as soon as one snake-head had been cut off, another took its place.". Mind that snake are related to dragon, hence this change in Mondaiji.
4 Fereydūn (Av: Θraētaona). See also my previous note. He imprisoned him in Harā Bərəzaitī or in the Alborz Mountains.
5 Jibrīl (جبريل) is a famous angel in Abrahamic monotheism, he’s also called Gabriel in the Torah and the Bible. He’s an angel (or an archangel to be precise) who typically serves as a messenger sent from God to certain people. This didn’t happen either in the Shāhnāma.
6 Mmmh, that’s not really exact. But globally the idea is the same. In Zoroastrianism and in Hinduism this time will be hard for the righteous, and the wickedness will be the “norm”. Look on Wikipedia: Frashokereti (frašō.kərəti) and Kali Yuga (कलियुग).
7 西郷 (Western Village) and 西業(Karma of the West) have the same pronunciation.
8 Hitodzumacon:Hitodzuma (ひとづま, 人妻) means married woman. And “con” is for complex. So... married woman complex


  1. Found an error in typo

    "Wanting to let the children that had supported 「No Name」 reunite with their parents. Izayoi was not the only one who had thought that. She had always hoped that Lily and the elder children group’s sacrifice could be rewarded one day."

    Fix from "she" into "he" instead

    1. Nope, that's not wrong. "She" here refers to Asuka.

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    3. Anyway, the part that described King Zahhak, i thought that there are two dragon heads grew from his shoulders instead of two wings?