Jun 26, 2016

Volume 11 Interlude 2

 ───Airborne Citadel, terrace on the top floor.

Predawn winds blew, shaking the banner that was put up at the top of the castle. In just one more hour, the sun would rise on the horizon, marking the end of night.

At the time of summoning, there were just three community banners, but now it's different.

Flags of all the communities taking part in the battle, including the Azure flames of 「Will-O-Wisp」 and flame dragon of 「Salamandra」 were bravely fluttering.

This scene was probably also visible to Azi Dakaha who was below.

The scene showcased the tens of banners full of determination to oppose the strongest God killer. In short, it was a magnificent view. This had the effect of further raising their fame.

Surely, It would be appropriate to call it a once in a lifetime beautiful scene.

And yet, to that battle line of banners.................just one flag was missing.


Standing alone on the terrace of the top floor, Kuro Usagi was looking at the banners.

Having a bit of an uncharacteristically lonely expression, she sighed and leaned on the railing.

"...........Even though we are going to have a decisive battle of life and death, there is no flag of encouragement. This really isn't what it should be. Everyone, is it really okay to have it like that?"

Kuro Usagi turned her gaze towards the entrance of the terrace.

Sakamaki Izayoi, Kudou Asuka, and Kasukabe Yo nodded with different facial expressions.

"We are the No Name community after all. Even if we risk our lives on the main stage, we will hardly go down in history."

"Yes. There is a frustrating feeling of not being able to demonstrate our will of participation in the battle on such a large scene, but........."

"..........The current battle is not a battle with the intention of making a name."

The battle is not merely for gaining honor. It's a battle to accomplish what has to be accomplished and to defeat what has to be defeated.  

「Last Embryo」───Resurrected Demon Lord Azi Dakaha, the enemy that doesn't wish to live under the same sky as his enemy, and named himself a calamity that befalls the whole world.

Lives, cities, civilizations, prosperities, order, crime, social ills.

The Demon Lord that bares his fangs at the justice of this world and swallows up the ugly hell with a violent hell.

It's a "Natural Calamity" that intends to befall on everything on this world without exception, just like a tempest, a tsunami, and a thunderstorm.

"Enemy of the world.......huh? It really is quite an opponent, but we will handle it together just like we always have. After all, the current 「No Names」 repaired their connections for the sake of defeating the Demon Lords."

"But even if you say that, the frustration won't go away. If we at least managed to create an alliance flag, the result wouldn't be something like this."

"If we finished making the alliance, this would have been a debut battle. Even that lizard Demon Lord-sama can't read the atmosphere."

The three problem children agreed and nodded at the same time. If this were the usual situation, Kuro Usagi would yell "Is this the time to be fooling around, you Bakas!" and hit them with her Harisen. But at that moment, Kuro Usagi was looking at the three problem children while recalling the conclusion that Alma arrived at.

『───I think Kudou Asuka is a descendant of the former "No Names" that were thrown out into another world』

Those words of Almathea filled her calm character with an unimaginable amount of passion.

Almathea’s theory goes like this:

In the original timeline, the large conglomerate 「Kudou Zaibatsu」 didn't exist. According to Asuka, her family seemed to have a long merchant history, but that is often the case with any other households. Putting it in another way with more bluntness, it could be said to be just another stone along the pavement.

But if such a household was to be assisted by the former members of the 「No Names」, the potential of the family business growing into a large organization that can even influence history would be very high.

Like the mother of Lily who is a descendant of the god Ukanomitama, or the many others who have gifts that specializes in prospering businesses.  If we concluded that their blood was mixed variously and the end of World War 2 created the Atavism, then everything would make sense.

(Izayoi-san, and Asuka san, and Yo-san..........there is no way that the three of them were summoned by coincidence.)

Why didn't they notice this? After all, their spirits possessed the brightness that were undoubtedly inherited from the spirits of the people whom Kuro Usagi envied so much.

Of Canaria, who had the wits and foresight to lead the Community along a proper path.

Of Koumei, who supported the organization with diplomacy through befriending members of many different tribes.

And many comrades, who managed lands and other supporting facilities.

Their culmination───Capable people who followed their paths, are in fact the three problem children who came from parallel worlds.

(Lily and the senior children might become sad...........but surely, they would understand.)

What's done is done. And a broken bowl won't return to it's original form. The old 「No Names」 can no longer be restored to the way it once was.

But even so, it's still possible to fill a new bowl with water.

Kuro Usagi held her hands to her chest and made a solid decision.

(If we manage to safely walk away at the end of this battle................At that time, Kuro Usagi will surely tell this to everyone.)

She motivated herself as her Usamimi stood up.

A little time was left before the start of the final battle.

They didn't borrow the terrace just to grieve on not having a flag. It was also because of Asuka's proposal suggesting on coming there for a bit and drink tea to restore their energy.

Putting her hands on the cart with a tea on it, Kuro Usagi pridefully-


Shook the nekomimi side to side───


"Nekomimi? Eh, what's with these flattering animal ears, are they picking a fight with these high class Usamimi? Eh, in that case I'll accept that fight as many times as necessary!" - full of such intention, she turned her gaze towards the problem children.

But there was something there that exceeded her imaginations.

"I-it suits! It really suits Izayoi-san! As Kasukabe-san would say "Super Good Job"!"

"No, that's wrong Asuka. This already went beyond "Super Good Job". At this point, it even exceeded "Giga Good Job", "Tera Good Job" and "Omega Good Job", it's the ultimate good job─── "AT・GJ"!!![1]"

"Too loud!"

Asuka held her sides while laughing and Yo was serious as usual.

Looking at them with a face dyed with surprise, was Sakamaki Izayoi, no───Reformed, Nekomimi Izayoi.


From the scene that exceeded her imaginations, Kuro Usagi's mind turned blank.

The Nekomimi Headphones that were summoned some time ago were worn on Izayoi's head. They were probably put on at the time of Kuro Usagi's monologue..........But the problem did not lie there.

The nekomimi Headphones on Izayoi's head perfectly suited him.

As a catalyst to his naturally unruly hair, his sharp eyes with a displeased look and his character with a slight tsundere side combined to create a chemical reaction that caused an unknown impulse to erupt from within Kuro Usagi's chest.

"Wh-why did my heart suddenly start beating so fast.........!  As a representative of the Usamimis, I should be protesting about such a situation, but why is it that for some reason, Kuro Usagi's wanting to indulge in the moment and to throw aside her basic responsibilities......!!!
Wh-What in the world is this unknown impulse...........!?"

"It's called moe, Kuro Usagi."

Moe!? MOE!!?

Little Garden Encyclopedia: Moe, it indicates a grown of the sprout that came from the earth. It's the so called new field, connected to the creation of a new world. A different view of the universe.

"H-how did this happen................Did Kuro Usagi finally achieve such enlightenment that I gained my own view of the universe.............!!! But how cynical that the motive of this was the Nekomimi from the rivaling genre.............!!! Such humiliation..............!!!"

"───。 If you get it, then return from the parallel world at once you girls."

Izayoi sighed as if amazed. While he understood that as of late he was closing in little by little towards the danger of becoming the straightman to a tsukkomi, he showed a self-mocking smile as he thought that the current him wasn't that bad a thing as well.

"It wouldn't be a bad thing if such foolish banters could continue forever," Izayoi carried such thoughts that drifted across his mind that his past self would never have considered before.

If he could wish for one thing................It would not be bad to wish for days like this to continue even after the battle.

1 In japanese, it’s Arutimetto Guddo Jobu, so it became AT GJ


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