Jun 26, 2016

Volume 11 Chapter 4

Part 1
—— [Kouen, City of Brilliant Flames], ruins.
In [Kouen City] capital that was devastated by the battle last night, the man called Grimm was holding his stomach laughing while stomping his foot.

DaDaDa! While stomping until dust was floating, he revealed the most distasteful smile.

“Brilliant indeed, His Excellency! At such a crucial timing, to shatter their wonderful dream! That was so cruel! Repaid with three times the interest! Aah, you are so wonderful!!!”

Opening the cloth made of Mythological Fox Demon Tail, inheriting the gift of clairvoyance, he peeked over the different locations of the game stage.

After a round of hysterical laughter, the man wiped away his looming tears and stood up after feeling satisfied.

“This is how it is. This is a Gift Game. This is the Game of Gods and Demons. The bunch from the Outer World feign ignorance about their immaturity and powerlessness once they face a crisis. Whining that is talent, that is cheating. Then they finally result to painstakingly change the rules in ambiguous ways and widening the interpretations to take pride in it, even trying to show off how excellent they are. What’s pitiful is that those little tricks from the minor players are slowly poisoning Little Garden.”

The man drowning in the control of the Three Headed Dragon’s game tightened his fist.

“However...His Excellency is different. Using power to overcome the strong, using tactics to deceive the wise, using majesty to defeat the brave! Aah, that’s right! This is it, the Game Make only those walking the majestic path are capable of! His Excellency, you are the strongest Demon Lord…!!!”

With eyes shining like an innocent child, the man opened both his hands.

The construction of Gift Games was restricted by a silent agreement between several Gods —— 『Geass Roll creation rule』. The most important and respected rule is “a game’s divinity cannot be violated”. In essence, if borrowing the name of Existing Game to continue, one cannot carry out the Existing Game’s prohibited actions.

If it is an original game, the Host and the Participant cannot have different interpretations over the game rules nor reward. If there is no common understanding then the game cannot be established, the Geass Roll also cannot be made. Since that was neither a game nor a duel, only despicable deceit.

Gift Games only stood on the starting line of the stage after surpassing humanity.

In a game of power, wisdom and courage amongst the Transcendents, humans that depended on those trickery do not deserve to stand on stage like Galdo in the past, but to be eliminated by the real players.

“It really makes me want to shout ‘Gods and Buddhas banzai’. The noble path, that led to their loss would not work when facing His Excellency’s Game Make. Don’t you think so, Rin?”

“...Yes, Sensei.”

Rin nodded with a nervous expression. She was a sophisticated Game Maker. She saw through the harsh condition of the Host immediately.

(His Highness...seemed to have hidden off somewhere, what exactly is he planning to do?)

It could not be won alone. But it would be hard to cooperate with the Host, Rin thought.

To cooperate during the fight, a trigger would be necessary.

“Speaking of which, Sensei. Isn’t Maxwell left to a man called Koumei? To just allow him to cut in, this is really unlike Sensei’s behavior…”

“Ahh, it can’t be helped. I didn’t expect his rationale to have deteriorated to the point of ignoring Koumei...However, to be intercepted by Pseudo-Angels and letting that fellow slip past is just...Totally a disgrace that Koumei's past self could not imagine.”

Snorting, the man continued.

“Maxwell is just being Maxwell.. Even without completing his form, he just flew out of the pupa in an incomplete state. That virgin is just impatient, vexing others. He should have changed his soul status, that pervert.”

So damn troublesome, the man viciously clicked his tongue.

“The ‘Third Perpetual Machine’ cannot be used unless there is a proper vessel. Maxwell can be counted as a distant sibling, maybe it is possible...but to be driven berserk by love, this is totally anti-dramatic. If he truly was driven to insanity by love, not destroying the target of affection would render it meaningless. Understanding this point, your provocation still holds meaning.”

To the Sensei in a good mood, Rin responded without energy.
Taking this chance to investigate everything, Rin raised her hand and asked.

“In your honest opinion Sensei, which side do you think will win?”

“Aiya, this is really an unmotivating question. Although I want to ask you to think for yourself, this time would be an exception. —— Ahem. Yes. In a frontal confrontation, I believe My Lord will win.”

Suddenly ceasing his smile, the man answered.

Rin displayed a listening ear and asked again.

“Azi Dahaka received the second seal in the battle from 200 years ago, causing his physical ability to deteriorate. Sensei thinks even with this, winning is impossible?”

“Ahh. Fundamentally as long as His Excellency has ‘Avesta’’, it can be evened out regardless of the difference in power. That is the ‘Another Cosmology’ of rivalry that is able to construct the dualism with the fastest speed. With that Gift, regardless of any opponent or situation, His Excellency’s winning chances will not be lower than 50%.”

“If I remember correctly, it is the ‘Another Cosmology’ that copies the opponent’s abilities exactly as it is to himself...right?”

“Yes. It is because of this Gift, that not matter how many Gods gathered, His Excellency cannot be defeated. The more enemy Gods there are, the stronger His Excellency becomes.”

Also this is the Gift that extinguished the Garuda’s flames. Not only the opponent’s ability, but it also acts as a reverse mirror to cancel Gifts.

Imitating the reverse of opponent’s Cosmology and integrating it into himself in limited usage.

It was ranked as one of the strongest mostly due to this ‘Another Cosmology’.

“Because of this, even a Chief God level being will have a hard time defeating His Excellency. After all everything including the Gift is imitated.”

“...Saying this might offend Sensei, but this is a cheating Gift that seems to be even more powerful than the one in the rumors. But if that really is the case, then nobody can win. Although it is to defeat the clones, if the more people there is, the stronger he becomes, then there is no method left. No need to even think about plans. The Host masters are all going to cry.”

“No, one race is an exception. Also the weakness. I think His Excellency's ‘Another Cosmology’ is a Gift made specifically for that race.”

The man known as Grimm raised his index finger and smiled.

“A type of Cosmology. Wrong, in this case calling it Chronology is better. The specie that shares the same Chronicle as Azi Dahaka, no matter how many it cannot be imitated.”

“ Is that the human race…?”

“Yes. Mah, it was originally human’s pus, should be meaning something similar to disease/trouble). Only those that have inherited the blood of humans can squeeze pass ‘Avesta’’s loophole and challenge His Excellency. It’s also because of this that His Highness’ original body has a human foundation.

According to the legend, Azi Dahaka had the fate of being defeated by “the hero that saved humanity’s future” appearing at the end of the world.

(In that case, the direct confrontation against Azi Dahaka from the Host side has about three, four people. Although it would be best to join forces with that Izayoi-something guy…)

...It won’t work, Rin shook her head in her mind.

As for why it wouldn’t work, it would be because of the fact that the enemy would not naively turn a blind eye over the conflict in [Underwood] and [Kouen City].

If there existed a situation that compels a joint in forces like before, or a sure-win plan, then it would be another matter ——

“Speaking of which, Rin. What happened to those two children?”

“Ah, yes. I tied them up properly.”

“Is that so? Then I need to take them down first. Especially that spotted lass for she is an important piece that might become our trump card. Chances are hard to come by. You better watch and learn.”

“Learn...is it?”

Learn what? Rin tilted her head, the man replied with a suspicious giggle.

Yokkorase[1], the man stood up releasing pressure strong enough to be felt even when separated by the static.

“Do you even need to ask? Of course it is the splendid trick of the ‘Storyteller’ that even dares to deceive the Man-eating fiends.”

Part 2
—— Airborne Citadel·Precipice.

Facing an assault from Maxwell that appeared in the air, non-combatants raised cries and started fleeing. The Citadel had many supporting personnel for the participants led by “No Name”.

If they were attacked by Maxwell, they wouldn’t last even a single hit.

Izayoi held the Geass Roll that recorded Sala’s defeat as he shouted at Croix.

“Hey, Shinigami!”

“I know! Since it’s like this it can’t be helped! Main forces! Divide into three teams for a counter attack!”

Croix used his finger to draw a line, opening an “Astral Gate”. Leticia looked at Roc Demon Lord.

“Affirmative! Karyou-dono and I will handle the Three Headed Dragon!”

“Okay. Don’t be a hindrance, Vampire.”

The two jumped into the “Astral Gate” prepared by Croix.

Kouryuu stood next to the cliff, watching over Kasukabe’s group.

“I will go to the surface. That’s where the Twin Headed Dragon with the Dragon Horn is. The Queen’s knight and Yō probably can’t handle it.”

“Please. As a God, I cannot battle against the Three Headed Dragon. Therefore ——”

“Let’s defeat that stalker! Come on Shinigami!”

Izayoi ran towards the place where Maxwell landed.

Leaving the Redeveloping City, Izayoi stood in front of the castle gate. Recalling the floor map inside the castle with his memory, he estimated where that guy fell.

(Willa did not participate in last night’s battle due to fatigue. Then that guy should be coming after Willa.)

The floor plane in his brain showed that the VIP room Willa was resting at and Maxwell’s landing point were different. The possibility of him rampaging around before finding Willa was not low.

There was no time to think about delaying. Lily and the others appearing before Maxwell is equivalent to death.

Coming to the conclusion of going to the place with a big commotion, Izayoi suddenly focused towards the Hall within the Citadel.


“Oioi, don’t just rush in without thinking! What do you think I am staying here for?!”

Facing the indignated Croix, Izayoi showed a reaction of realization.

“I forgot. You can teleport.”

“...I say, you get careless at important parts. Forget it, leave evacuation to me. You go stop Maxwell.”

“Thanks for that, but where is that guy?”

“I'm going to send you there now. I will follow up soon. Don’t do anything rash.”

Izayoi nodded, and changed his focus again.

At the castle top where Maxwell fell, there were no movements for now. Izayoi remembered Maxwell’s appearance just now and he realized that something was amiss with Maxwell’s mentality.

(From our encounter from before, he still had some sanity. Did [Ouroboros] do something?)

His attire was also different from Maxwell’s previous coat of red and white contrast, It now changed to a white-themed costume. Something like wings also grew from his back, radiating feathers of light.

If he were to describe that appearance, it would be like an angel.

“GE...RE…!!!” (Give me)

Letting out an obviously abnormal creaking sound..

Staring at the still Maxwell after landing, Izayoi clenched his fist.

“In the end you’re just a broken angel? It looks pretty if not for your stalker trait. But now is not the time to play with you…!!!”

Towards Maxwell who fell on all fours, Izayoi swung his fist. Maxwell’s handsome face simply crumbled from the impact.

Although there was feeling, Izayoi thought that wasn’t a fatal hit.

Maxwell immediately regenerated his crumpled face and stared at Izayoi as he screamed.

“GE...RE...WE——WEEEeeeeLAAAAaaaa!!!” (Give me Willa!)

“You got the wrong person, hentai Demon Lord!!!”

Maxwell stood up with his feet and charged at Izayoi with an expression so fearsome that made it look like his mouth was tearing apart. Izayoi swung his fist in reflex, but Maxwell teleported to his back and clutched Izayoi’s neck.

Izayoi did not react to the grip but struggled from feeling a rapid drop in body temperature from his throat.

“This, this bastard…!!!”

Even if Izayoi had a strong body, losing body temperature would cause cell decay and lead to death. Also, it was not directly stealing body temperature but directly injecting cold air into his mouth to steal heat.

Despite being in a berserked mode, this was a rather brilliant tactic coming from him.

Izayoi struggled to free himself from the clutch by twisting his joints while fracturing him and held him like that. But Maxwell continued to use teleport and disappeared from Izayoi’s grasp.

Maxwell floated around the collapsed ceiling. His arm regenerated with the same creaking sound like before.

Izayoi coughed once then clicked his tongue against this troublesome enemy.

(This is teleportation huh. This guy is more troublesome than I thought.)

Without a future sight ability like Kasukabe Yō’s, attacking him was not an easy task. Even if an attack hit, it would immediately regenerate. Nothing was more troublesome than this. Defeating this enemy requires the strongest attack.

Izayoi flexed his right hand confirming the degree of his recovery.

His right fist was shattered from the fight with Three Headed Dragon but greatly recovered thanks to the Gift from Unicorn’s horn. With this, it should withhold Izayoi’s power.

(Just the perfect chance to warm up before fighting the Three Headed Dragon. I can’t fight that Demon Lord without being in the best condition.)

His right hand began to radiate some rays of light. At this moment, a new question came to mind.

(“Another Cosmology”...is it? Since I have this, it means this pillar is the form of the Humanity’s outlook on the Universe…?)

Pondering for a while, he immediately gave up. Thinking too deep into doubts was his bad habit.

What exactly this power meant could be researched in the future. Because to Izayoi, the meaning behind this pillar’s existence was simply victory if it hit.

The question now was how he would make it hit, but Izayoi had a plan.

No matter what, he needed help.

However his opponent would not wait.

Maxwell bent his body backwards and screamed, he then started to steal the surrounding heat.

“WEEeeeeLAAAAaaaa!!!” (Willa!)

Despite losing sanity, he still called Willa’s name. Izayoi suddenly had a thought thought;“Why not just bring Willa here?”, but now was not the time to play around.

The Citadel was surrounded by cold air as if it was in a frigid zone causing ice pillars and icicles to appear on the stone walls.

In addition to that, Maxwell stored the heat that was robbed inside his body.

“Oioi...don’t tell me, he wants to concentrate the vast heat energy and self-destruct…!?”

Izayoi mocked in cold sweat. But this was the only conclusion. The self-detonation coming from the Gift of heat manipulation and super regeneration (nuclear meltdown). The resilient Izayoi might be fine, but the Airborne Citadel might very well crash. That also meant, Lily and others would be in danger.

While planning to raise his right hand without considering the consequences, Croix appeared out of thin air.

“Sorry, to have kept you waiting!”

“You took too long! Was the evacuation completed?”

“Of course! On the other hand, are you ready!?”

Izayoi raised his right hand in response. The two believed that they were thinking of the same plan.

When Maxwell radiated white heat from his body, he began to continuously teleport around the two. Although it was just random continuous jumping that left afterimages, it was a logical defensive method. Factoring the loss of sanity, the locations where he appeared were rendered totally random.

I must not let him buy time for self-detonation.

Croix=Baron abandoned his human form and reverted back to his shady Shinigami appearance, displaying wretched nature as he laughed sharply.

“Jihahaha!!! In conclusion, there is not enough time! The only chance comes after five seconds! One hit to decide the victor!”

The room full of rubble was covered in shade.

The "Boundary" that manifested as a planar darkness was the gate between life and death.

The eternal crossroad between life and death that became a divine spirit of the Voodoo group of gods.

This was the “Boundary Gate” that the “Tuxedo Shinigami”, the Divine Spirit of life and disordered love governed.

Different from Willa and Maxwell who could teleport but with limitations, he could maintain the unlocked condition of the gate. Opening that gate required teleport all the time, which meant that he could summon the target anywhere within that space.

As Croix had shown Izayoi before, he also understood that special trait.

In five seconds Maxwell would appear right in front of Izayoi. For the sake of that hit, he calculated the timing mentally. Despite the possibility of appearing anywhere, it was only a flash of moment.

Even with a tenth of a second timing off, it would be evaded and result in failure.

The two synchronized their breathing and opened their eyes.

“The prelude is over. Disappear, ‘Maxwell Demon Lord’ ——!!!”

Aurora lights filled the surrounding.

Maxwell maintained the vast heat energy while melting away in the light pillar.

1 Yokkorase - The sound of someone standing up while putting some effort in it.