Jun 26, 2016

Volume 11 Chapter 1

---Airborne Citadel. War Strategizing Assembly.
“I see that all of the pieces (of puzzle) have assembled. Well then, let’s start the final investigation.”
Declaring the start to their meeting, Baron Croix tapped the ground with his Maple leaf staff.
Because the individuals seated around this round table were some of the famous and strong individuals from the vast world of Little Garden.
From the East’s 「Floor Master」, “Great Sage of Maelstroms (The one who devastates seas)”, Kouryuu.
From the South’s 「Floor Master」, Sala Doltrake.

From the North’s 「Floor Master」, the Commander Lapko III.
And there were those who rushed over to help like “Great Sage of Chaos (The one who leaves Heaven in disarray)” — Roc Demon King and the Queen’s knight—Faceless.
Currently, Jack, who had been part of the main force, is now in the emergency ward after the retreat from the frontlines. It really is a pity for Jack and Willa who were powerful players to be unable to attend this meeting, but that is something that could not be helped in any case.
Sakamaki Izayoi took another sip at the tonic prepared for him before raising his question.
“Although you call this an investigation, Azi Dahaka isn’t a Demon Lord who uses a 「Host Master」 authority. I feel that we will not be able to see a chance for victory even if we were to investigate into Azi Dahaka’s mythological roots.”
“Well, who knows?”
Waving his bowler hat, Croix shot his gaze towards Kouryuu.
Kouryuu, who received the gaze, then folded his arms across his chest with a troubled look.
“Hey, lad, actually we did have a bout with him after that but the result was us getting a thrashing. He’s protected by a Gift or spell that is unknown to us and we are out of tricks to play against him. After all, even Karyou-chan’s fire that possess the power to even harm gods and dragons alike seem to be ineffective.”
“Second brother, please do not call me Karyou-chan.”
Roc Demon King pouted as she made her protest.
Izayoi seemed to be deep in thought as he nodded his head and asked Faceless who sat beside him.
“…… I see. Then, what are your thoughts on this, Faceless-sama?”
“I would also agree with Croix and Kouryuu-dono. Since even her--- Karyou-chan’s flames were ineffective,”
“Wait a moment, Queen’s knight. Who gave you the right to call my name,”
“Oh so it’s like that. Then, what’s your opinion on this, Karyou-chan?”
“As I’ve said, don’t call me “Karyou-chan” Aah!!! Do you want me to blast you fools away into the skies?!!”
Roc Demon King was so furious that her veins were bulging at her temples.
*Klak Klack* came the sound of the staff that was being tapped on the ground to call back the attention of everyone as Croix gave a bitter smile before diving back into the discussions.
“I agree with what you said as well. I also feel that Karyou-chan….. KehoKeho, it’s my bad. I’m just joking, so please don’t burn me for real.”
Karyou-chan, whose right arm was wreathed in the Flames of the Golden Wing, successfully pulled back everyone to the main topic.
“……Hm. It is said that you battled that three-headed dragon 200 years ago right? Then you should know of some of its vulnerabilities and such, right, Shinigami?”
All eyes turned to look at Croix then.
200 years ago--- The people who sealed Azi Dahaka, who had wiped out the 「Aristocrats of Little Garden」 were no other than the previous 「No Name」. And being the one of the founders of that Community, it is impossible for Croix to be in the dark about the matters concerning the three headed dragon.
Pressing his bowler hat, Croix gave a shrug of his shoulders, “Hmph. It’s just as everyone thinks it is. I’ve already investigated the matter on the ineffectiveness of Roc Demon King’s Gift on him.”
“But, these are two different matters. Since we are to battle against Azi Dahaka, then we would have to discuss a question on a much more fundamental level---“What is Azi Dahaka, the Last Trial of Humanity (Last Embryo)?”. He’s not an enemy that we can beat with just an analysis on his displayed strength. A battle likened to a fluid matter that changes with the time. It is never too much to be well prepared for a battle.”
“Right. No matter what the case might be, we will need the time to regather our troops and to use our time efficiently.”
Hearing Kouryuu’s words, everyone nodded their heads, regardless of the different expressions they had on their faces.
After understanding their situation, Izayoi then propped his chin with a hand and directed a question to Croix.
“Then, let me take this chance to ask something. Oi, Shinigami.”
“That fellow whom we have fought against before who’s called 「End Emptiness」, is he one of the Final Trials of Humanity as well?”
Simply asking with a simple intention of confirming something, Izayoi had uttered that question nonchalantly. However, those who had heard those words from Izayoi’s mouth were staring at him with their eyes widened in surprise.
Kouryuu then, had also widened those narrow slit eyes of his to the widest as he asked.
“Izayoi-kun…… you, have fought against it?!”
“Well, it’s not so much as a battle. It was more on the level of exchanging a greeting.”
“Then, that’s also something impressive in itself. 「End Emptiness」 is one of the few beings that is clearly known to hold a place in the single digits. To be able to live to tell the tale is very much an accomplishment in itself.”
Even Faceless, who was usually calm and reserved, was nodding her head furiously.
However, Izayoi was taken aback by her words.
“A single digit…..huh? It can be understood as one of the top existences in the world of Little Garden right, masked knight-sama?”
“Of course. Although it is out of simplicity that we categorised it within the ranks of the Demon Lords, 「End Emptiness」 is actually part of the rules that govern the world---and it can actually be seen as an existence that is “partially omnipotent”.”
That, was something which Izayoi had heard from Garol a while back.
It was said that the entity had entered the present time flow from the furthest ends of the concept of time, but that description had been too abstract and it only left a hazy memory within Izayoi. Actually, if it is said to origin from the very end of the concept of time, it would already be a trial that far exceeds the human capability to overcome on their own.
It is not known if Croix understood what was going through Izayoi’s mind at the moment as he gave a bitter laugh while replying.
“It is just as the Queen’s Knight describes it to be. 「End Emptiness」 is quite unique. The reason for it to be positioned amongst the 「Last Embryo」s would be possession of a time limit similar to the other Last Trials. And its disappearance for the last two hundred years could be taken as a result of Azi Dahaka’s sealing that froze time for it as well.”
“Then, if the time limit is up before we are able to clear the game……?”
“Needless to say, the entire world of Little Garden would be blown away by 「End Emptiness」.
Hearing those words, Sala and the other 「Floor Master」s’ faces had tightened up in seriousness.
“……Croix-sama. Are we to assume that the Heavenly Armies are not coming anymore?”
“I guess they are not coming anymore. After all, they do have a time limit for their mobilization….. and this would mean that they are already moving to carry out the measures in case of the worst case scenario and do not have the time to send any reinforcements to us.”
Upon the mention of the Heavenly armies, Roc Demon King and Kouryuu turned their sharp gazes towards Croix.
“That’s hard to say actually. The one in control of the Heavenly Armies are the twelve Adityas[1]…… which also mean it’s under Indra right? I don’t believe that the useless god known by the Heavenly realm to be “only doing unnecessary things” would be able to give this much thought at all.”
“ShiroYoruOu said that Indra’s like the “Big Brother who sets a bad example in the Heavenly Realm”. He’s also often described as a god who acts promptly even though matters at hand are not yet fully understood by himself…….”
“Mhm. About that, I wouldn’t deny as well. ……But bad rumours are bound to attract attention at all times. As a comrade in arms against 「The Locked Away World (Dystopia)」, I believe that he’s an irreplaceable friend and a brave warrior.”
It was undeniable that his expression softened in his recollection of memories, but those eyes did not carry any merriment.
It was plainly a warning to drop all slander against a comrade who once fought under the same flag as himself.
And with regards to the two, who were defeated by the twelve Adityas before, the urge to sprout their retorts had rose to their throats, but they too realised that it was not the time to discuss private grudges at the meeting and could only swallow them back for the moment.
Izayoi gave a sigh as he added his comment to the same topic.
“Mah, I heard that he did help to bestow Divinity to Kuro Usagi after all. So, it shouldn’t be possible for him to not know about the situation here. Or it might be that that act is the most he can do for us at the moment. Anyways, we can only depend on our own forces here to defeat that three headed lizard.”
“Yes, that seems to be the case. Although we did veer off topic for a little--- can we restart the final investigations?”
Croix asked the question again and no one seemed to have any differing opinion from resuming the discussion.
Although it was thus declared to be restarted, it was still not known to any of them on where to start the investigations.
And after a period of silence, Izayoi raised his hand while seemingly to be in a slight daze.
“Concerning this matter, Shinigami. May I ask the full details on the “time limit” that you talked about just now?”
“If I answer that question, wouldn’t it spoil the essence of the game? You are still young, so learn how to use that flexible brain of yours to think a little.”
Croix touched his bowler hat as he laughed. Not forgetting good fun even at these times, it could be said to be the flaw and his good point as a benevolent god. And it would seem that his baiting was with of some sort of hidden agenda.
However the person in question, Izayoi, did not return the smile. The usual him would have added that with two other lines of sarcasm as retorts. Yet, he was in an unusual state of seriousness as he continued to question.
“……Hmph. Taking a close analysis on the three 「Last Trials of Humanity」, it is possible to see the commonalities to the theories that are attributed to them. That is something that you are trying to alert me to right, Shinigami?”
Izayoi looked accusingly at Croix as he returned a conspiratorial grin then.
Beside him, Kouryuu, had an expression of surprise as he turned to ask Izayoi.
“What’s the matter, Izayoi-kun.”
“Well, it’s nothing. Just that up till today, I’ve met so many Demon Lords and Gods of various mythologies but when this fellow is back in the world of Little Garden that my suspicions finally clicked together. That this world of Little Garden is actually--- a world that exists in an interdependent relationship with the timeline of Human history.”
“Wait, that’s not really right actually. To put it more precisely, it should be that the gods are interdependent on the history of the human race. Mah, about ninety percent of the residents in Little Garden are bestowed with Gifts from the Gods, so it can be said in that way too.”
Most of the people present in the room were looking at each other and tilting their heads in query.
Among them, only the Queen’s knight, Faceless, understood the content of their conversation.
“I’ve heard my Queen saying that the Gods are involved in some long lasting paradox game…… and it is what they call the logical error.”
“What does that mean?”
“Please consider the conditions for which a divine spirit is able to exist in.
{Divine spirits happen due to the beliefs of the human race.}
{Humans evolve as they are bestowed the Gifts of the Gods.}
---Then, which of the two would be the start or the end point of the cycle?”

Upon hearing the words from the Queen’s knight, Sala’s expression became hard and the two from the seven sages had also covered their mouths as they came upon some sort of realisation.
“The origin (alpha) of the creator and the end (omega) of the created world…… that is the world of Little Garden?”
“That’s right. From the history of Little Garden, it is also known to be the biggest mysterious paradox. Was it the egg first or was it the chicken first---This is known to us as the 「Bootstrap Paradox」.”
“That’s not possible. Regarding that matter, didn’t the human realm obtain the conclusion to that already? The most supported theory of cosmology in the 2000s is said to be the world view of gods having created the world isn’t it?”
This conclusion would be affected greatly and vary slightly according to the strong religious sects of their time, but besides the proposed theory of the world being constructed in an instant as seen in the theory of creationism, other theories have yet to be proven true as well. And it was one of the truths that wasted much of the history of the human race in researching but have yet to be reached.
Regarding Roc Demon King’s retort, Croix was slightly troubled as he gave a shrug.
“Karyou-chan. If “obtaining the support of humans” is the “insurance of the creationism theory”--- wouldn’t that be equivalent to a “world that has its creation laws decided solely on the whims of the human race”, and that would then imply that the humans themselves are the truth of the cosmology?”
“And this is the truth behind the 「Last Trial of Humanity」 who was elevated to become the strongest god killer.---Of which speaking to this point, Izayoi-kun, you should have noticed something right?”
Thus, all their gazes were focused on Izayoi. Although some of them did notice that he was uncomfortable with his conclusion but noting that Croix, who hosted the meeting, probably singled him for a reason then determined their decision to listen quietly.
Izayoi folded his arms over his chest as he said the answer with a serious expression.
“……Humans and gods are mutual observers. And that is to say, in the occasion that one side were to be wiped out, this relationship would be torn. It would then mean that the truth behind the 「Last Trial of Humanity」 would be ---“
--- 「Factor α which will destroy the human race」.
This was the last trial given to humanity.
Hearing the demystification of the problem from Izayoi, Croix gave an evil grin and nodded his head.
“That’s right. In the Nordic lands, it is Ragnarok, in India, it is Kali Yuga. Ever since the ancient civilizations from long ago, the end point (Omega) X has always been the alarm that had continuously been rung for the gods to take note of. And that is also the name that the gods have given to it. The end of the world--- or, “eschatology”.”
That would be the real face behind those who were called the Last Trials of Humanity. The truth of the “time limit” was then the cause for Izayoi’s expression that took on an unprecedented look of seriousness.
(Then, as I thought, the Last Trial’s time limit is the remaining time left till the Outer world’s humanity is to be destroyed. If this is true……!)
It was a bad premonition and there seemed to be a certainty to the omen.
Although it was clearly easy enough to ask Croix to confirm his thoughts, Izayoi’s own essence was what rendered him unable to speak those words. The possibility of the impending destruction might not be in this world of Little Garden---- but the world that he had forsaken.
Part 2
---Kouen City. The neighboring forest.
Dawn was approaching and a radiance that did not originate from sunlight had enveloped a hilltop that was not far away from Kouen City.
After the summoning of the angels, Demon Lord Maxwell was cloaked in pale white spheres of light that clung to his body. However, there was no sign of him being the least bit interested in making a move. Although it was difficult to determine his appearance from the exterior, the spiritual pressure exerted from the spherical objects were evidence of his presence. And with the passing of time, the number of summoned angels was increasing. The suspicious looking angeloid armored monsters were already numbering close to a dozen and were surrounding the throne of Maxwell.
Noting the situation above, His Highness closed his eyes quietly for a moment.
A defeated angel’s carcass was lying at the side of his feet. It was a completely empty suit of armor that did not have any presence of life in it when he inspected his defeated foe. And although it is still unconfirmed about the mechanisms behind its ability to move, it is understood that it isn’t a living thing at the very least.
(It seemed to be made of a metal that is as flexible as the sacred treasure metal, but that doesn’t seem to be the case as well. Moreover, there’s basically no presence of a spiritual power to be felt by my senses.)
He had speculated initially that there would be some sort of mechanism within the angeloid automatic doll, but that conjecture had been revoked by his findings. And since it wasn’t powered by a spiritual energy of sorts, could that possibly mean that the angeloid shell model provides a certain type of force in itself?
(Could it be that this angeloid…...this shell itself, is the third……?)
Rin who was at the foot of the tree spoke to His Highness who was sorting out the stuff in his mind, “Your Highness. Grai-Oji-chan is coming back soon, let’s retreat to meet up with him before returning to battle.”
Coming back to the present, His Highness stepped off from the tree to land on the ground and noticed the lad in long robes who sat by the campfire, ----Jin Russel.
“Thanks for your hard work. What’s the situation like right now, is it still the same?”
His Highness replied while inching closer to the campfire where he sat himself down
“No, it’s worsening by the second. The number of angeloid creatures are continuing to multiply. And although those things are only capable of simple movements, their strength and ability to jump between dimensions is a shocking threat. Allowing them to continue multiplying will be bad news. Rin, is there any strategy to counter that?”
Being the Game maker in the team led by His Highness, Rin is responsible for the analysis and strategizing of plans. Although, the final decision to be carried out will still lie with High Highness.
However, the Rin who would usually start telling of her strategy with an easy going smile, was being hesitant about her words at the present.
“...... No matter what we decide to do, I would suggest that we do it sooner. After all, the angeloid creatures might multiply infinitely and that might make the threat of Maxwell comparable to even Azi Dahaka.”
“Then, let’s …”
“No not now. Wait for Grai-Oji to come back before deciding on our direction of plans. The enemy is really too strong. We should not make a move when we are not in our full numbers.” Rin asserted in a tone that was completely unlike a child. And that is the real her.
Her childish behaviors were an act when she could maintain her calm.
However, there’s probably no time for her to maintain her act with her current anxiety.
Even Jin, who was hugging his knees at the side, was anxious about the current situation.
(That petal insignia emblazoned on the chestplate of the angeloid creature…… seems very familiar earlier, but I’m sure of it now. That’s the same insignia of the Flag of that automatic doll that Izayoi-san and the others had met in 「Underwood」...... the Community of Coppelia.)
The 「Third Perpetual Motion Machine」- Coppelia.
She had previously been sealed by the Demon Lord 「End Emptiness」, but having been involved with a certain matter with Izayoi and the others, the seal was temporarily removed. If defeating Maxwell meant that the spiritual power is returned to the original wielder, that would mean the returning of power to Coppelia.
Moreover, Rin and the others did not seem to have noticed the unsealing of Coppelia at the present.
To make use of that advantage, Jin’s thoughts raced to draw up a plan.
(If I can incite them to defeat Maxwell on the spot, that might land a heavy blow on the 「Ouroboros」.)
According to their conversation earlier, the 「Third Perpetual Motion Machine」 is an important asset to the 「Ouroboros」. If it’s possible to snatch away that spiritual attainment, it would probably deal them a heavy blow.
(But I cannot be careless about the possibility that 「End Emptiness」, the Demon Lord who sealed Coppelia, might be a member of the 「Ouroboros」 as well.)
And he could feel the start of cold sweat on his back as he thought out the ominous situation in his mind.
Even in the world of gods that is Little Garden, the legendary Demon Lords are also in existence.
Azi Dahaka, the 「Absolute Evil」.
Dystopia, the 「Locked World」.
End Emptiness, the 「Winds of Decadence」.
They were the existences that exceeded the rules of the strongest kind--- and were classified as 「The Last Trials of Humanity」.
If any of them were to work with 「Ouroboros」, that would mean a threat to the entire world of Little Garden. Besides, Jin might not have seen any of them with his own eyes before, but the comment from the prideful Sakamaki Izayoi had also been “I would not want to have a direct confrontation with such a being” when he had only encountered the Demon Lord once and not having known its identity then.
And that was enough to make Jin see it as a reason to determine them as a threat.
(However, 「Winds of Decadence」 had been summoned over to the world of Little Garden as part of the Game logic and it is not a Demon Lord that has its own consciousness. It is said that as long as nothing is standing in the way of its game, it will not directly attack anyone……)
So rather than pondering over the possibility of it being a member, it might be more suitable to think of it as being made use of by others. Moreover, if it is a strong foe of such caliber, the probability of it being a core member of the 「Ouroboros」 would be very high.
(The third perpetual motion machine…… angels…… 「Winds of Decadence」. This makes no sense. I can’t find the connection between them.)
Jin struggled to find a connection but it was not possible for him to derive a path to the solution of the puzzle with his limited knowledge. Moreover, he did not know the actual mission to the existence of 「End Emptiness」.
In addition, the solution to the problem required knowledge of the parallel worlds.
The only person present who could provide that information would be---
“Rin. Those armored angels…… If they were angels, would you know which mythology faction they belong to?”
Propping his chin on his hand nonchalantly, Jin asked to gather more information. And being the one who followed under the successor of 「Ouroboros」, His Highness, it wouldn’t be all too strange for Rin to know of such information.
Rin folded her arms across her chest as she give it some thought before looking up with a troubled look
“......I guess I do know somewhat. But I did consider many stuff about it and have some sort of speculation.”
“Mhm. But it’s really my own opinion and I hope that I’m wrong.”
“What do you mean?”
“Because that would mean that our enemy is far too strong. If my speculation isn’t wrong…… the organization of 「Ouroboros」 will become an organization that far exceeds my thoughts in terms of its size.” Rin gave a small sigh at that.
Although it was obvious that she gave that sigh on purpose, Jin, with his limited interaction time, also knew that Rin was truly feeling the pressure of having no strategies available to counter their problem.
His Highness and his group were planning to rebel against their organization.
And this is only Jin’s speculation. Their positions within the organization weren’t that high.
Even if His Highness were to be promised a guarantee on his life, his identity was still one that was “A prop to realize the goal with a method in place to replace him at any time”. Otherwise, things would not link up to the words that Rin said before of “There’s no need to be killed now”.
(And the most important thing is the key phrase mentioned by Maxwell---- the end of world theory written in the Hindu mythology: “Kali Yuga”. If the spiritual power of His Highness were to be linked to that…..!)
Then there is a definite way to confirm the identity of His Highness. There were no other possibilities. And his existence would fit with the other key phrases dropped by the people around him from time to time.
And the current disasters that happened would be for a reason.
If Jin’s speculation is right, then the real identity of His Highness would be the legendary hero who had never appeared in the world of Little Garden before now. The Hero who is 「Destined to save the future」.
Although it isn’t in its complete state currently, it is possible that his complete form would be stronger than that of the Western son of God and Shak○.[2]
Recorded within the cosmology of the Hindu mythology is the four age cycle of eras.
At the peak of Human civilisation and its advancements, the death and destruction that the prosperous period invites is known as the “End of World Theory (Kali Yuga)”.[3]
And the last hero who would appear to save those people from the end of the world.
As the reincarnation of the Hindu Sun god and possessing an equal or higher spiritual power than that of Shak, that hero’s name is-----
(No, there’s no need to rush that line of thought for now. It’s not too late to arrive at the conclusion after discussing it with Izayoi-san and the others.)
The priority is still Maxwell at the moment.
“I understand. I will just use Rin’s conjecture as part of my reference in the formulating of the plan. If it is alright with you, please give me a simple run down on your speculation.”
“....... Well, sure, it’s alright with me. But don’t lose hope after hearing my speculations okay?” Rin sighed while relieving herself of the responsibility by giving a warning.
She fell silent for a moment to structure her thoughts before starting from the basics of her speculation.
“Firstly, let’s start with the 「Maxwell Demon」. This demon was proven to exist during the early 2000s.”
“......? Do you mean that it has been given the ‘proof of being a demon’ due to its materialization in observable reality?”
“No. It was given proof in scientific research. The details of the proof entails a lot of testings done in the realm of thermophysics so I’m skipping that portion…...And using that concept as the basis for research, humans have successfully obtained the technology to draw energy readings from an environment that was originally devoid of such data. --- Hm, do you get it? Maxwell demon isn’t an actual demon, but it is a real existence due to the physical laws in the world.”
Jin took in three gulps of cold air before he internalized Rin’s words.
The reason behind names of 「Maxwell Demon」 and 「Laplace Demon」 is due to the figure of speech of an existence that is unobservable and unconfirmed…… hence being referred to as the thought experiments that are given a personification in the realm of science.
They are demons that are simultaneously acknowledged to be present and are doubted to exist. However, they were once rejected by the realms of science that they were originated from. And yet, they were acknowledged once more to exist in the world and are even observable. This is a big incident that had never seen a precedent in the history of Little Garden.
Jin wasn’t too clear about what sort of thing could transform data into energy, but if it were a technique that could manifest things from nothing, that would be something that far exceeded the capabilities of human inventions.
To say that it has crossed into the realm of gods would not be a far fetched thing as well.
“Can it be that…… that’s the real identity of the 「Third Perpetual Motion Machine」......!?”
“That’s what I think too. And it would seem that the situation in the parallel world is much more complicated than what we know of it.”
Mu~ Rin hugged her chest with a troubled expression.
Next, she snapped her finger before continuing into the explanation of her speculations.
“Suspicious point number 1:
If the technique that has been discovered during the proving of Maxwell Demons is the 「Third Perpetual Motion Machine」, we will be met with a conflict to our speculation. And that would be the idea of ‘Maxwell Demons being the very existence of the Third Perpetual Motion Machine’. If that is the case, it would result in the query of why is it being named the third in the first place.
Suspicious point number 2:
There is this strange point about having multiple possessors of the 「Third Perpetual Motion Machine」 and there cannot be substitutes for the item that is termed as the last mysterious technique of Mankind. This suggests that the possessors may be of the same existence or have a relationship that is a mutual supportive sort.
Theory number 1:
The aforementioned suspicion cues us in that the Maxwell Demon is unrelated to the 「Third Perpetual Motion Machine」, but the Maxwell Demon holds a part of the spiritual power that is to be obtained from the achievement of such an invention as a result of being part of the requirements for creating the perpetual motion machine.
Theory number 2:
It could be that I’ve been making things too complicated with my thoughts and that it is basically a much simpler reason in reality. Perhaps the Maxwell Demons are equivalent to the 「Third Perpetual Machine」 and that’s it right?
----So baby~, that’s all I’ve got for now, whatcha think?”[4]
“What do you mean by “Whatcha think?”, it’s got to be Theory 1.” Jin concurred with Rin on her first theory. At the same time, Jin was in admiration for this girl who could draw up the connections to have multiple theories within a short span of time. It might also be possible that her knowledge and speed of cognitive analysis are comparable to that of Izayoi’s.
Not wanting to lose to a person of his age, Jin renewed his spirits to ask.
“So the spiritual attainment of Maxwell has been figured out. Then regarding the connection between his spiritual attainment and the angeloid monsters, are we to assume that the process of the discovery is connected to a mythological faction?”
“Mhm, I also think that’s the case.”
“But…...we are in for trouble now. Even if it’s an angeloid creature to us, it’s actually a model that we are not too sure about at first glance and we could have associated it to other objects. Is there any other precedent to this occurrence before?”
Hearing Jin’s question, His Highness propped his chin with a hand as he spoke.
“I heard that when the theory of relativity was established, Einstein’s accomplishment and the Star striped flag were summoned over together. However, their locations are currently unknown. But I guess this is something similar?”
“But that’s an exception of the exceptions.”
“...... What do you mean?”
“It is said that if another person besides Einstein were to come up with the theory of relativity, it would bring about a future that is worse than what it already is. That would then escalate the process and bring forward the date of the end of the world.”
“Therefore, Einstein obtained a massive spiritual power and there was a time that many people called him the real identity of Azi Dahaka.
“That would mean that NBCR[5] weapons are the last trial?...... Mhm, Mah, although it isn’t good enough for a guess, the truth shouldn’t be that far from it as well, right? That way of putting it is quite intriguing and it does have some merit to be mulled over.”
Rin then walked to the side to ponder the possibility in His Highness’s words.
Whereas Jin started to use the time to digest the information that he had heard.
A skill or technique based 「Paradigm Shift」 should not be an accomplishment of an individual but is usually owed to a group of people who worked on it. Then the anthropomorphization of Laplace and Maxwell from their theories are due to the undeterminable theorist in their midst. WIth that in mind, it would be possible to assume that the 「Third Perpetual Motion Machine」 has a connection with a religious organization as can be seen from those angeloid creatures.
Thinking up to this point, Jin suddenly thought of another related matter.
(...... Ei? Seems to be missing something……?)
Just as Jin was feeling that sensation of having heard of a similar topic with regards to the 「Third Perpetual Motion Machine」, a sense of dread was simultaneously creeping onto his entire being.

At the same time as Jin, who was chasing that elusive and dreaded thought, Rin got her next conjecture.
“The phenomenon of Azi Dahaka’s clone to harbor the power to wither away the forest…… that is also a spiritual attainment from the invention of biological weapons?...... no, wait a moment, that’s a weapon that utilizes the dispersion of microbes…… microbes? Oi, wait a moment!!!”
All of a sudden, Rin was shouting.
“Rin. Keep it down! It will be trouble for us if we’re discovered.
“It’s not the time to be thinking about that! Right, it almost slipped through my mind! Microscopic baterias…… No, that’s not it. It’s microscopic particles! And the newest perpetual motion mechanism! Damn, why didn’t I notice such an important detail?!! I’m such a baka!!”
Rin gesticulated her arms and shouted.
“What’s wrong? Quick, explain to us, Rin.” His Highness had wanted to admonish her behavior, but seeing that she was onto something, he hurriedly asked for an explanation.
“What else can it be! The summoning ritual that was used by Maxwell had been “Summon maxwell myths. 3S. Nano machine unit”...... yes, it’s nano machine units! To add that phrase into the summoning ritual, it might just mean that nano machines are the real identity of the Maxwell demon……!!”
Rin was covering her mouth as she spilled the conjecture which she was confident of having linked up the details.
“Even if they have found the absurd technique to materialize data, I doubt that it would be able to create a massive enough power to operate an entire city…… but if it’s just the energy to operate particle sized nano machines…… but it is not clear what the impact of using nanomachines on biological matter can cause…… unless this means that it is related to the 「Genome Tree」?...... If we were to assume the above, rather than calling this a research where a mythological faction has lent their aid, we might as well consider it as a product purely created from experiments. Or perhaps, it is a technique that secures the realm of the god’s divinity and hence gaining aid from them…… but to have such an influence to encompass the world and governance, there are only two such mythological factions…… this is bad, that means the mythological faction backing 「Ouroboros」 is really-----!!?”
“Aiya, you’re actually able to put together a conjecture up to that level? You sure live up to my expectations, Ayazato Rin.”[6]
Suddenly, a cold gust swept over them.
Jin had heightened his vigilance upon hearing the unfamiliar voice. However, the other two were already beyond the level of being tensed. Their usual look of ease were wiped from their faces in an instant and the coloration of blood seemed to drain from their faces.
It was the first time that Jin had seen the duo with such pale and icy expressions. Their shoulders were tensed and it was just as though some adult had caught these two kids in the midst of their mischief. Even though the duo were definitely with brains that did not match the average child’s level of thinking.
The owner of that voice --- The male poet named Grimm of the 「Ouroboros」, appeared before them like his previous encounter with Azi Dahaka, had a shallow smile on his lips as he appraised the duo.
“Awesome. The disciples whom I thought were incompetent have unexpectedly improved themselves by self-study up to this stage? I honestly look forward to seeing your growths in another decade.”
“......What did you come here for? You, the bard, should not have gotten the notice to take part in this operation.
“Hey, hey, that sure is cold of you. It’s one of the rare moments that I came over to help.”
“Help? Ha, I bet that you are here to make use of us. We are not interested in borrowing the strength of a useless poet who had his spiritual power and accomplishments stolen by a saint.”
“That’s really rude huh. We are all ticks who cling onto the fur of the same lion. Wouldn’t that make us sort of buddies?”
“Save your sleep talking for your eternal sleep. We only wish to cut off ties with the 「Ouroboros」. We never intended to have a direct confrontation from the very start. Don’t lump us together with that black-hearted bastard who would want to usurp the 「Ouroboros」 alliance at the slightest chance.”
Yeah, yeah, I got it. The man laughed cheerfully.
Although Jin was curious about the appearance of this strange looking man, he found the immense pressure exerted by his presence too heavy to interrupt their conversation. Unconscious about the grabbing of his hands that were trembling, Jin held his breath and suppressed his questions.
(Who……?! No, it should be, what is that guy……?!)
Is he a human? A demon? Or a phenomenon? Although there wasn’t a real feeling of a physical presence standing before them, his five senses werr telling a different story of there being “something standing there”.
Rather than just an illusion, it was more apt to think of it as the rustle of footsteps in the background.
(His Highness and Rin are being wary of him. However, he doesn’t seem to be their enemy and he is not their comrade as well?...... Come to think of it, aren’t I in the worst spot right now?)
(Yeah, You are obviously in a checkmate there. My condolences to you.)
From the ring of Hamelin, Percher interjected her comment on his situation.
(Percher, is it someone that you know too? Do you have any info on him?) Jin asked as cold sweat beaded his forehead.
(It’s not something as simple as knowing him or not. It’s that I didn’t expect this guy to join up with 「Ouroboros」 as well. By the quality of that voice, he should be the person who summoned me into Little Garden.)
Jin let out a slightly strangled off exclamation while Percher continued with a simplified reply with a slight anxious quality to her tone.
(There seems to be a change in his appearance…… but his voice is still the same as I remember it to be. I’m very sure about that. He’s the legendary demon lord who used to lead the 「Fantasy Magic Grimoires (Grimm Grimoire)」.)
The poet who uses the folklores of 「The Piper of Hamelin」, 「Cinderella」, 「Puss in Boots」 as the medium to summon the demons of the fairytales.
To the extent of being classified as the fourth strongest fantasy creation of humankind.
That is the identity of this man, says Percher.
(Word was that he had died, but it seems that he’s still alive and well. With him around, it does seem more plausible for he to be summoned over…… but I guess if I had thought over it carefully, I would have also figured out as much. It’s clearly something that I had completely overlooked.)
(But if you refer to the fairytales of the Grimm, weren’t they written by the Grimm brothers?)
(......I don’t know. But, I heard His Highness mention something about “having your accomplishments taken away by a saint” or something. Perhaps, it is because of that.)
They two of them were busy speculating, but there were too many mysteries with regards to this man’s identity. Purely figuring out his existence could perhaps be a form of accomplishment in itself.
If they were able to make it back alive.
“Really now, why did you become so arrogant and self-important? If you acted more cutesy or like a maiden in distress, you would definitely fit the characteristic of my favourite toys.”
“What’s close to the ink block will be equally stained black. So now, make it quick, state your intent.”
His Highness responded warily while staring at the man with hostility.
The atmosphere was such that it would seem plausible for His Highness to eliminate the other at the slightest opening.
“You are running out of time? I guess your situation really does call for my empathy, but you should also be relishing in your state of hopelessness for a moment. …. Mah, I guess saying such stuff isn’t of much meaning at this point. My intention is just as I said earlier. I’m here to help you, so in return, do lend me a hand as well.”
“Go eat shit.”
“Seriously now, why did you turn out to be such a brat?”
“Much like my sensei, I’m sure of that. --- Well, although His Highness says that, please do lend us a hand if you do intend to help us. If it’s possible, could you please tell us of your brilliant plan, sensei?”
Rin straightened her posture while clasping her hands before her in her plea.
This attitude from her was more likely born from fear rather than respect. Her current movements were still a great distance away from her usual bouncy and lively persona.
“Well, it can’t be called a strategy, but I just did a little negotiation with a Death God. That fellow, Koumei, also seems to have returned from the West Side. So let’s leave Maxwell to him for now. Rin and Graiya will follow me to wait for an opportunity. Aura will be returning a grimoire and His Highness will be joining the game on the other side. So get going and perform your duty as a candidate of the (Origin).”
The two in question exchanged a glance and sucked in a cold breath at the same time.
The words of that man couldn’t be more clear than that.
“You are letting His Highness…… fight Azi Dahaka? Did you mean it like that?”
“Aah. Although it is earlier than what we had planned it to be, it should be possible to give him a few punches when we have two Sun Authorities right?”
“Then, I will also….!”
“Don’t spout nonsense. How can I allow my cute disciple to simply run around like that.”
A smile was plastered across his face but it lacked the warmth of a teacher’s love for a student.
Be it for the intention of the mission or for his own pleasure of using them as his playthings, none of that was visible on the expression of this man. What is evident for sure is the fact that the shots were now all in the hands of this man to call and beckon.
“Taking into considering the goals of 「Ouroboros」, we are unable to let you defeat Maxwell at this stage. Because that will lead to an early proclamation of the coming of “Kali Yuga”. His defeat would be very troubling from various aspects of the matter.
“......troubling? Whom does it trouble?”
“I will be troubled.”
“Really? Then I better get all my effort out to eliminate this Maxwell!”
“Shut up you smelly rascal brat. Fine, you can just go and fight for the jade seal from his Majesty and come back. Anyhow, you do not have the room to reject the plan, your traitorous intentions are already exposed for quite a while. Don’t forget that you are still of a state of being just a tool who is on probation of being thrown aside if you are unable to give results. If you intend to live for a while longer, you should just listen to the suggestions of the Game maker.”
He might have said it in his shock and hurry to stop His Highness, but he was less easygoing than before.
The last sentence was clearly an order. It hinted that if the orders were to be defied, it would be best for His Highness to be prepared for the worst.
Perhaps His Highness had also realised that about his words and he only gave a loud click of his tongue before sliding his gaze towards Jin and RIn.
“...... Sure, I will have a condition then. You better make sure that they are safe. You can do that right?”
“Hm? I don’t think that you are in the position to ask for conditions. But, I will just let that slide. After all, we’ve known each other for so long.”
The gaze of that man pierced through Jin--- No, it was Percher to be more accurate.
Jin tightened his grip around the ring, seemingly in preparation to protect Percher who gave a tremble within.
His Highness stood between them and stared closely at the man.
“...... I understand. I will let you see for yourself. Azi Dahaka…. 「The Last Trial of Humanity」 will be defeated by me.”

1 Editor Note: The Abityas are the seven celestial spirits of the sun which also includes Surya. The name also means ‘of Aditi’, in reference of Abityas being the offsprings of Aditi in Hinduism.
2 [magrefnotes: I believe that the author censored the name to prevent an offense to a religion. Full name would be that of Buddha’s real name. Would need to confirm the censorship with raws.] [Frozennotes: Well, in raws it was Shak○. So Shakuten. It’s probably a reference to Indra.
3 [magrefnotes: for your extra readings: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yuga bad source that is open to every one to edit, but oh well, lazy to find another one :p]
4 [magrefnotes: gosh, I have no idea how to fit that English word of baby in…..]
5 [magrefnotes:NBCR- Nuclear, Biological, Chemical, Radioactive]
6 [magrefnotes: Just a reminder from jp-ch translator Hong Lian that the girl in [Canaria Orphanage] is called Ayazato Suzuka.]