Apr 11, 2016

V12 Colored Illustrations

It's a beginning of girls-only gathering in the bath of "No Names"!


Behind the scenes!


Kuro Usagi:  Now, since the bath is ready, lets move to the conclusion volume at once!
Izayoi: Wait, Kuro Usagi. I have a thought.
Asuka: I also have a thought.
Yo: Me too.
Kuro Usagi: Uwawa!  Everyone, what is it so suddenly!?
??: Those "thoughts" of yours, I will also hear them!
Kuro Usagi: Who!?

Who is the owner of this sudden mysterious voice!?
Now, the final consultation will begin!!

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  1. The voice is without a doubt the useless person who freeloads off of Homura!

    1. Hey StarlightAT! You plan on updating RoLS any time soon? Please? It's like the best fanfiction I've read (and best or second best written).

  2. Thanks for your work.

    That vol. 12's prologue that's marked as "Done", is it really done or being checked for revisions?

    Once you finish this volume, will you continue with Last Embryo (first time I see in this kind of series starting a whole new title just for having finished the first big arc)?