Mar 5, 2018

Amagi Brilliant Park V4 Chapter 2

Chapter 2 – Let’s shoot a promotional video!

Good day. This is the Chief of Public Relations, Triken.

I work at a theme park, “Amagi Brilliant Park”,  located in the outskirts of Tokyo. A mere humble dinosaur type mascot, hailing from the Land of Magic's, Rex Land.

My workplace “Amagi Brilliant Park” (hereafter, Amaburi) is an amusement park that was on the verge of collapse until last year. A brilliant high schooler, Mr Kanie Seiya, suddenly appeared and became the acting manager, and we had barely managed to survive, hanging on by a thread. As Chief of Public Relations, I, Triken, assist Mr Kanie with various tasks on a daily basis.
Additionally, I'm also known as the odd jobs labourer.

Now then. This year, our beloved Amaburi had various renovation projects in progress.. Therefore, this time, it has been decided that we’ll be producing a PV.

Yes, a PV. A Promotional Video.

Not just for circulation on the net, but also to be broadcasted as a commercial at the Kanto region’s UHF stations.

A new stage project was prepared before the golden week, but it was outsourced. This time, to reduce the budgeted spending, it had been decided that this humble Triken is to be in charge of the production. Well, I’m the chief of public relations after all, though that consists only of myself. What a terrible park.

At any rate, after much hardships, I created it, the PV that is.

Combining the materials we’ve had taken so far and the free tunes had proved to be successful in its own way. While it won't be a big hit, well, I think it should be fairly inoffensive.

Despite that, the opinions were unfavourable...

“Hmm, how should I say this…… It’s not good or bad, how do I put it. No, rather, this PV feels lacking as a whole…….”

……So the acting manager Mr Kanie Seiya said.

It’s in the office on a May afternoon. We watched the PV that was finally done, but Mr Kanie’s expression remained overcast. I suppose, he had something in particular that he wasn’t pleased with in my, Triken’s production clip.

“Aha. Lacking, you say?”

“It’s too conventional. Streaming the park’s theme music at the beginning, displaying the respective attractions one after another, the “Amagi Brilliant Park” logo with Maple castle in the background. And then the very scene of a happy family rushing into the park from the entrance with retarded smiles, followed by an introductory clip of each area and………”

“It’s no good?”

“Well, it’s not exactly bad per say. Just, it’s too much like a textbook advert……there isn’t an element of surprise…….”


“Well, that's about it, Triken. Your boring personality becomes really apparent in this clip as it is.”


“This kind of work happens once in a while. The basics are suppressed, but even then, they would still yawn. It’s difficult to say ‘this is bad’. Strictly speaking, because the one producing it is boring, the production also becomes boring. That kind of sense.”
“*Cough, cough, cough……!*”

Mr Kanie’s words are excessively brutal. Couldn’t he have phrased it in a softer manner??

However, it’s inevitable. Mr Kanie is such a person. An arrogant, pompous little prick. He’s handsome, intelligent, capable of anything, but is inconsiderate about the feelings of his subordinates. Because of that, he does not have any friends at high school. It’s to be expected.

“Well, Kanie-san. This humble Triken has no taste in films at all, I do not know how to go about doing it, and without any examples, I won’t know how to improve it too.”

“I guess…… Nonetheless, I am also busy. I don’t have time to give you instructions from scratch……. Ohh, in that case……Hey, Sento!? You there!?”

Mr Kanie called out to the secretary’s post behind the cheap partition.

“I can hear you without you raising your voice……. What?”

The secretary, Ms Sento Isuzu suddenly showed herself.

A beautiful girl with a ponytail with the impression of a tsun. An excellent figure, and a huge rack to top it off. Hmm, this is unbearable. This Triken would like to hunch over every time I see her.

“Discuss with Triken. The PV matter.”

“……That’s fine. But I don’t understand films either.”

“It’s better than leaving it all to a single person. Also, you can ask the other employees for their opinions. I will vet through at the end.”


“Alright! Scurry off!”

Forcibly discontinuing the discussion, Mr Kanie returned to his paperwork. Immersing himself in that thick stack of English documents. How amazing it is that he is reading through those bothersome junk! Hmm, this person is an abnormal one after all!

Moving to the public relations department office within the same building, I, Triken and Ms Sento Isuzu had a discussion about the PV. The topic being “how can we improve this PV”.

To be honest, it seems like there are no problems as it is…….

“As I said earlier, my film tastes are nil.”

Ms Isuzu said it with a taciturn look. She doesn’t really seem to display any emotions. Whenever she receives sexual harassment by the park’s mascots, she would get mad and send them halfway into the void. Typically however, she’s usually almost as expressionless as a noh mask.

“I don’t know where it is bad in this PV. But when I watch it, I’m certain that it isn't very flashy. As Kanie-kun had said, I think it’d be good to inquire with everyone and apply them earnestly.”

“Hmm, that would be good. They certainly are entertainers after all. …… However, whose opinions should we seek first?”

“Good point……”

Guessing that it is due to some deliberation, Ms Isuzu tautly raised her index finger and placed it against her fine-looking lips. She had a habitually expressionless character and yet, she was able to plainly express such a charming action, and I hunch over. How outrageous.

“What? You look scrutinising.”


“……Anyway, for a start, we’ll inquire with the featured mascot.”

“Moffle-san, is it?”

Ms Isuzu nodded in silence.

“Hmm. No can do, fumo.”

Said Mr Moffle right after watching the PV backstage. Given the case that Ms Isuzu is occupied with secretarial work, I, Triken have dropped by, by myself.

“How do I say it……ordinary? Such work happens once in a while fumo. There's the basics, but it makes people sleepy. The producer's boring nature ―.”

It’s exactly what Mr Kanie was saying. I’m hurt.

By the way, Mr Moffle is Amaburi’s figurehead mascot. A short, stout, and fluffy 2-head tall wombat and capybara-like rodent appearance, also the park’s veteran “Fairy of Sweets”.

Oops, sorry for the late explanation.

Including this Triken, Mr Moffle and other mascots have no-one inside of them. Hailing from the Land of Magic, we’ve come along to the surface world for a matter of reasons, and are genuine fairies. Among the working fairies in the park, Mr Moffle is an elder.

“……Well, that's how it is, fumo. In any case, the customers will get bored as it is. We have to do something.”

After doing a drawn-out fault finding of my PV, Mr Moffle concluded.

“It is as you said…….But this Triken can’t think up of a specific way to improve it. Any good ideas?”

“Moffu. This……”

Mr Moffle crossed his arms and pondered.

“……I think that’s it fumo. The PV is too textbook, or rather……how about you try including more explosive shots?”

“Explosive, so to say?”

“Moffu. What this PV lacks is……probably action fumo.”


“Yeah, action. Even customers won’t be pleased with a happy family in smiles parading the park fumo. You got to get more thrilling shots without holding back.”

I see. The PV produced by this Triken contained only the lax and gentle figures of customers. Such as the delighted children riding the merry-go-round, and a couple admiring fireworks with fascination.


“For example, this, the opening fireworks fumo. This couple seems happy, but it is boring. Rather, let's replace the fireworks with explosions.”

“Ex, explosion……you say?”

“Yeah. We’ll use plenty of gasoline, kaboooooooom. Within the fiery blaze, the couple will run right through with a ‘prepared for death’ expression……this will go down well fumo. Yeah, it’s gonna be lit.”

Just what is this guy saying?

“B, but……”

“It’s a hit! Run through the explosions as they go off one by one, then at the end the two people get on a vehicle and dive from a cliff. Mid-air stop motion. Then a violent bam, and then slap the “Amagi Brilliant Park” logo, fumo!”

That, instead, was the opening of Seibu Keisatsu[1]. Moreover, it is material that youngsters won’t know of. Please look it up on Nico Nico or Youtube.

“But……won't the ordinary customers be scared off by it……?”

“Don’t worry! Act like you're bluffed and try it out! It'll definitely be popular!”

Mr Moffle seems to be very confident. Since he said so, even this Triken is unable to refuse.

A featured mascot is very busy after all, so I told him “I would adopt it into practice”, and took my leave.

The vehicle springs forth with a flashy explosions from the back.

And that instant, stop motion. Then the “Amagi Brilliant Park” logo in a wild font falls over the scene. Aggressive themed music. The cast make their appearance one after another ―.

With sharp footwork and hooks, a rat-type mascot entombing scoundrels one by one.

《”Blaster Knuckle”, the Fairy of Sweets, Moffle》.

With gun slinging splendor and pin-point marksmanship, a sheep-type mascot burying various rogues in succession.

《”White Feather”, the Fairy of Music, Macaron》.

With a multiplicity of trap, a Pomeranian-type mascot putting lowlifes six feet under.

《”Stealth Fang”, the Fairy of Flowers, Tiramie》.

By the way, those defeated enemies were also the park’s cast. Mr Moffle played an active role in the clip, but there was a scene where he was shot to death by Mr Macaron. Though it’s quite contradictory, I went through with it.

“……How’s that?”

With free materials and the cooperation of the cast in their spare times, the opening scene was hastily made. At the preview, I, Triken tried to ask Ms Sento Isuzu, as she was present.


Ms Isuzu ruminated. I, Triken held my breath anxiously as I slouched.

“I don’t really know but, I wonder if it’s okay.”

“Oh. It’s fine, right?”

“Yes. I believe the appeal is present. Especially something like the scene where Moffle throws up blood and tumbles down in slow motion. It’s fine workmanship."

Oh. I didn’t think I’d receive a positive comment here. This humble Triken feels encouraged.

“That’s good. Then, I’m going by the rhythm, I will listen to every one of the cast’s views as I make it!”

“However, as I’ve said many times over, I don’t understand filming. I also have a bad feeling that I can hardly describe but……in any case, please do your best, Triken.”

“Yes! I’ll face it!”

The next one I asked opinions from was the Fairy of Music, Mr Macaron. This pal of Mr Moffle is the park’s number 2. He is a mascot that has a position like Lupin. Bestowing happiness upon everyone with the influence of music, the white and fluffy, Mr sheep.

“Hmm……it’s complicated ron.”

Mr Macaron said after watching the work-in-progress PV.

“Complicated? Which area……?”

“Well, the action-packed opening is fine but, the music sucks ron.”

“Oh, I guess, certainly……”

Truth be told, it’s true. This PV has a relatively cheap BGM since we are using free material that is not in the budget.

“In that sense, it feels like the neighbourhood Daiei or Seiyu[2] right? You should use more tunes here ron.”

“……You mean?”

“I guess, hip-hop to start with.”


“Be as aggressive as possible. Like *puff*, mitch, or migga, it’s a feeling of saying unscrupulous things ron. This is the successful youth culture . No doubt that customers will rapidly gather ron!”

“Is that so……”

“Hey, what’s with that look? Of course, it’ll be good if it appeals to the aged ron. For that, the Enka[3], right? Enka. That person with an effective fist goes, like this, guuuuuuuu, that feeling of fully expressing oneself., you know.”

“I see……”

“We’re left with the children-oriented part. Some anime or a series of special effects. I think the hot-blooded route is good ron.”

Mr Macaron said with full confidence. That being said by Mr Amaburi’s number 2 mascot, I could not even dispute it.

“Yes. I shall adopt that then.”

Since I couldn’t tinker with the action scene in the opening, I used that tune from the scenes in the middle parts.

Originally, when introducing the recommended attractions of all the areas such as our Amaburi’s “Sorcerer’s Hill” or “Wild Valley”, amiable music was streamed.

For example, in Mr Moffle’s “Sweet House” introductory clip, he had a lovely piccolo performance with the BGM, but ―.

《Yeah, yeah. Fuck tha police, fuck tha FBI too, super fuck tha ‘publicans. Shut the hell up, plug that gap, suck on this. Check out mah dick. Like a towerin’ nuke. Hang on to your shit, yeah!》

― Thus was the hip-hop it had become. Rather than a hit youth culture, it’s some kind of rancid tune on political colouring. There rest is just profane.

Then Mr Macaron’s “Music Theatre” introductory clip, it was overflowing with emotion in itself with the bagpipe performance, but ―

《Caaaaaaaaan, I murderrrrrr yooooooouuuuuuuuuu? I can’t speak of my pent up resentmennnnnt! Howeeeeeeeeveeer, howeeeeeeeeveeeer, Oooooooonce agaaaaaaaaiiiinnnn! Theeeee Sorrooooooooowwww! The waaaaaaaaay, Amagiiiiiiiii!》

― Or some such local performance it had become. It would surely have an effect but, being a children oriented music theatre, it is worrisome to have grown men and women rumbling to fully express themselves.

And then Mr Tiramie’s “Flower Adventure” had an elegant Mozart BGM streaming, but ―

《Burn! Burn! In a fiery blaaaaaaaazze! Burn! Burn! Of righteousneeeeeeesssss! Wiiiiiinnggss! Chiiiiiiimmmmee, the bells of cooooonnnflict! Noooooooow’s the tiiiiiiiiime! Come oooooonnnn, take ooooooooffff! The conjoined onslaught, king, raaaaaaaveeeeeeeeennnnnn! 》

― Or some such theme song it had become. What sounded like four ravens combining to become king raven is becoming of a robot anime but, I don’t really know. Also, playing “Burn! Burn!” in the flowery Flower Adventure attraction is questionable, to say the least.

“………How is it?”

Yet again after Ms Sento Isuzu watched the clip, I, Triken inquired about it.

“Good point……”

Seriously watching the clip until then, Ms Sento Isuzu pondered. I, again, held my breath.

“I don’t really know but, I wonder if it’s okay.”

“Err, is it okay?”

“The old original BGM seemed weird though? It seems like it's played at the neighbourhood Daiei and Seiyu……”

It’s somehow exactly what Mr Macaron was saying.

“In any case, this type of music may be more suited.”

“That’s good. Still, this Triken had anticipated a berating……”

Well, I am encouraged. I would like to hunch over.

“It’ll probably be fine. Keep trying to do your best like this.”

“Yes, please anticipate it!”

Regaining my confidence, I visited the Fairy of Flowers, Mr Tiramie.

Going on from Mr Moffle and Mr Macaron, he comes in as the third most popular mascot of this park. With an appearance of a 2-head tall fluffy Pomeranian, his cuteness  is not inferior to the other two.

And as for Mr Tirmaie’s comments ―

“Hmm. How should I say it……it’s lacking libido mii.”

Mr Tiramie said after watching the production clip.

“Libido, you say?”

“Exactly mii. There’s no way to attract people with this kind of PV mii. To put it bluntly, we need to get lewder.”


That’s right, I almost forgot. Among Amaburi’s head mascots, this Tiramie has especially perverted tendencies. Anything works so long as it’s female, lolis to old hags are a compatibility. From slender anorexic to overweight figures, to say all’s OK, what ill repute.

However, this Triken has some particular tastes with regards to eros too.

I have a least a thousand volumes of AV collection, and have obtained old-fashioned productions that are hard to obtain nowadays, even having personal views of those 70’s era life romance pornos. Of course, I have been watching recent works, and am a regular customer at several shops. Even the employees seek my reviews.

Well, I am not popular with real life females after all.

“I approve of the erotic direction. But……this is the park’s PV after all. I do humbly think that it would be wise to avoid contents that requires a censoring mosaic……”

“I don’t mean to go that far mii. Well, in any case, I would want to see those but……. Anyhow, I think you should bring in the sex appeal mii.”

“……What are you implying?”

“Mini-skirts! Swimsuits! Low-angles! ……It’s important to include those kinds of shots legally, mii!”

“Hmm……I see!”

I can understand what Mr Tiramie said. Family customers are of course important however, it is the father who brings the family to the park. Correct, winning the fathers’ heart is also a prominent role for the PV, is it not……….? Is that what he means?

It is, truly! This Triken hunches involuntarily at Mr Tiramie’s discerning eye!

With myself squealing with a voice brimming with zeal, Mr Tiramie went “um, err? Ye, yeah. Well, that’s right mii.” Replying with a subtle tone of voice.

“……Anyway, I’m itching to view that sort of PV, mii. Keep doing your best, dude.”

“Yes. However, the production budget is limited. I cannot afford to employ such a model for new sex appealing shots”

“What are you saying, mii? If it’s cute little ones, our park is full of em, mii.”

“Ohh, I see.”

Ms Isuzu and Lady Latifa, the four elemental spirits including Ms Muse, the girl group who entered as part-timers recently, Ms Ashe the financial officer, and the many other cast. From the smooth washboards to the bouncy jiggly ones, seizing the whole range.

The problem was as soon as “please act in the shot” is said, isn’t there an unusually high possibility that this Triken would be massacred by those girls?

“I understand your uneasiness, mii.”

Tiramie said as he listened to my concerns.

“Therefore! It’s time for my several years’ worth of prized shots to shine mii!”

“Oh my.”

“Especially these low-angle ones mii. There are a variety at a glance. Lots of them, eh? Let me see……it’s roughly 1TB worth. I’ve arranged the thumbnails accordingly, so feel free to use them mii.”

What profound charity. I hunch in deep inspiration.

“Just wonderful! Mr Tiramie, thou hath the blessings of Libra bestowed upon!”

Because Libra is a goddess, it would be equivalent to sexual harassment towards a god, but such is not something that I am aware of. Hallelujah!

……Be that as it may, using these sorts of sexy shots was the difficult part.

Spending the night getting greatly stimulated by the treasured videos of the gracious female cast, I hunched over repeatedly like a shrimp, my spine almost breaking, but unfortunately, we cannot use material which are likely to identify specific individuals (well, rather, they are very useful for the most part, but not in the PV).

Nevertheless, I, Triken fought hard for it.

After much careful selections, I inserted images (in other words the cuts of the ass and boobs uploaded) that are unable to be identified to specific individuals. What great pains it took to cut them away. In order to please all the fathers in society, even the erotic voices from the free materials are included.

After the entrance square and Maple castle are displayed, there will be a close-up of Ms Isuzu’s ass. Then an “aaaaaaahhhhhhnnnnnnnn” in a titillating voice will set in.
When the Wild Valley’s wilderness of overflowing tropical rainforest is displayed, Ms Muse’s tensed stomach will come out. And accordingly, like before, an “uuffuuunnnnn” in an amorous voice sets in.

When the nightscape of the beautiful Tama Hills as seen from the ferris wheel is projected, Lady Latifa’s smooth, flat swimsuit figure, particularly the less clothed back and ass is displayed. Of course, an “iyaaaaaannnn” voice flows accordingly.

Other than that, it’s important to include these kinds of cuts.

“How about it!? Isn’t it a masterpiece!?”

I said with a clenched fist when the preview ended and Ms Isuzu who had watched the clip folded her arms while tilting her head in puzzlement.

“……This is it?”


“If it appeals to the male customers……I can’t really complain much. Frankly, it would be a lie if I say that there wasn’t any unpleasantness in it. Still, if you like this kind of clips, then I suppose it can’t be helped.”

Just splendid. It seems to be understood. This Triken would be choked in tears of gratitude.

Simply ignoring me, Isuzu moved the mouse with a stern look, checking the clip many times over.

“……Even so, the skirt and swimsuit……most of these costumes are recognizable. I asked a while ago, but……you did hire models, right?”

“Yes! Certainly!”

I, Triken, unhesitatingly asserted. I will not be suspected here. Lying with good enunciation. No, it must be done.

“Then……I guess so. But, having that ass showing somehow feels uneasy……”

“You’re imagining it.”

I declared while slouching. As expected, even Ms Isuzu seems to be overwhelmed by my spirit.

“……Understood. Let’s keep it going this way.”

“Thank you very much! Thank you very much! Thank you very much!”

Putting out the bulges of my ass and chest in the video, while feeling something that might not come true, and beautiful girl holding up GO signs. Since this Triken is already in this situation, he will not stop!

It feels bad? Yes, but it’s rather rewarding.

Thank you very much!

“……Nonetheless, it’s not balanced if it’s merely male-oriented, right?”


From my state of ecstasy, I came to my senses.

“You should also ask the girls’ opinions. Let’s try asking Muse and the others for opinions as well.”

Ms Isuzu has the right idea.

The views of “Amaburi’s famed trio”, namely Moffle, Macaron, and Tiramie are valuable however, they were all male. With that alone, we will be unable to cope with the demands of the diverse guests. At this point, we should seek the thoughts of those in the female camp, right?

Therefore, the place to where I’m headed, is the “Aquario”.

It is a musical-styled indoor attraction. It is where the four great spirits of Earth, Water, Fire, and Wind sing and dance in the beautiful nature ― well, the contents are of such. In the relatively new establishment, even the illumination and acoustics are a sure thing. Moreover, owing to the frequent use of wire-action, it is quite a sight to behold, so popularity was great.

Then again, the four great spirits acting as the leads in the “Aquario” were all good-looking girls. Due to the somewhat large degree of exposure on their on-stage costumes, it’s natural for the spectating fathers to select the top option of “will want to visit this attraction again” on the survey. Yes. Ultimately, these fathers are similar to this Triken, all hands would hunch at the sight of it.

Just that it won’t have a satisfactory reputation to mothers.

……For starters, we’ll have the ladies of the “Aquario” watch the PV.

Yes. As expected, a big no-no.

“Wellll, that’s not it, it’s……”

Said the Spirit of Water, Ms Muse.

“But, it’s nothing but action and sex appeal……”

Said the Spirit of Wind Sylphy.

“In all honesty, it’s gross. May I tweet now?”

Said the Spirit of Fire, Salama.

Hmm, disappointment doesn’t come alone. However, this disappointment is comparatively a reward to this Triken. Rather, I would like to be criticised more severely by beautiful ladies.

Nonetheless, I cannot forget the about work. So I hunched as I inquired.

“I see. I understand that everyone’s not convinced. ……So, what else should be included?”


Muse and the girls promptly pondered. As much as they’ve tried to voice complaints, it appears that they don’t have an alternative. Even so, at that time ―.

“Um, umm…….”

And the Spirit of Earth Ms Kobori raised her hand. She has the most conservative, orderly mood among the four spirits. Even I, Triken, reflexively anticipates.

“What would it be Kobori-san?”

“Th, that……perhaps…...what was it……”

Ms Kobori spoke unconfidently.


“What we thought was that this PV doesn’t have is……after all, guys. So, that’s……”


“Thi, this…! I think that if males with about the same large degree of exposure appears, it’d be great! If possible, passionately intertwining in bikini pants kind of feeling……! Especially those biceps, and pectorals……!”

Ms Kobori had likely summoned up all her courage to say all that. I, Triken, went “okaaaaaay………” making agreeable responses at best, but the spirits of the “Aquario” promptly gave their approvals with clenched fists.

“Err……yeah, you could say that! It’ll surely be a blast!”

“If so……surely, I’d like to see it.”

“Bikini pants……sounds good. May I promote them out?”

The Spirits of Water, Wind, and Fire said all sorts of selfish things as they got excited. Even the Spirit of Earth Ms Kobori was smiling in relief.

Hmm, what a blunder. Ms Kobori is the Spirit of Earth anyway. And above all, I’ve heard that she has a thing for humus.

Simply put, she’s a rotten girl.

“Well…...okay. I hunch……no, I will review it positively.”

That said, my heart was pessimistic about it. I feel an aching in my stomach. What could I possibly do? How do I hire handsome models when the budget is non-existent.

The new images that were sandwiched between key points of the PV are surely full of biceps and pectorals.

That’s right. Those half-nude shots of males are included in addition to the precious “aaaahhhnnn” or whatever voice. Those bikini pants, in accordance to Ms Kobori’s request. Following that, the low-angle photography of snug and tensed fine asses. If those muscle favoring females or denizens of the Shinjuku 2-chome[4] were to watch it, it’ll be a most magnificent masterpiece, but ― in the case of straight men like myself, it’s nothing but a full-on cringe and an eye burn.

Honestly, I feel like dying.

“……So, how is it?”

After previewing the finished product, I got Ms Isuzu to go over it.

“Even if you ask ……”

Ms Isuzu answered in a chagrin.

“Rather than professional bodybuilders, how’s this, having ordinary people in the mix. Whether a considerably aged person or some guy with really weak physique regardless of how you view it.”

“Right. Well. Agreeable…...”

The bodies appearing in the clip had exposed stomachs, ribcages puffing up, nipple hairs were not dealt with……err, well, the point is that it was a disappointing end.

“Did you really hire models?”

“Yes. No. Err……”

“Get to the point.”

Being called thereupon, I, Triken, briefly cast my eyes down. Truth be told, I could no longer repress my feelings of hesitation.

“Errrm……is it not? Well……there wasn’t a budget to hire models. So……I made a request for the figures of the guys down at security……”

Correct. Manning it with a mere four people, they are the guys at Amaburi’s security department. (In outline) Along with security chief Mr Okuro, was a 71-year-old to-be old guard Mr Mori, and a part-time student Mr Arima. Then there seems to be one more part-timer whose name I’ve forgotten.

Nevertheless, literally getting those three guards ― Mr Okura, Mr Mori, and Mr Arima to pitch in to help.

The security guys were hesitant and shy as they were frantically taking a pose in bikini pants in front of my camera. There were tears coming out in that disposition.

“By the way, this lovely ass here belongs to section chief Okuro.”

“That, I haven’t heard. Not that I wanted to.”

“Isn’t it?”

“Couldn’t you have at least thought of any others capable? If it’s handsome guys, there should have been others……”

“But there aren’t. Say, there are, then where at?”


Ms Isuzu’s words started out and went into a mumble.

“……Ohh, it’s fine.”

“Could it have been Mr Kanie?”

“Please shut up.”

“Ah! Bull’s-eye eh? This Triken has hit a bull’s-eye.”

“I said to shut up.”

Said Ms Isuzu, suddenly drawing her musket from her skirt. This person gets like this when she’s mad. The bullets fired from her gun hurts a lot if it hits. It was agonizing.

And so, I stopped probing the matter further.

“……Anyway, about Okuro’s ass. I mean, not the ass, the PV.”


“I’m not particularly opposed to it. I understand that the budget and time was rigid. What I want to know is the reason for me to give it the GO sign.”

“Haha. I see…”

It appears that Ms Isuzu does not seem confident about the course of action for the PV.

“Don’t worry. When Ms Kobori saw this clip, she gave a ‘GOOD!’ with a thumbs up. Even the other spirit girls were relatively alright with it.”

“Really? Then, it’s fine……”

Even having said that, she was not fully satisfied.

“,,,,,,Anyway, how about that place? Just in case, try and ask for the views of our employees……”

“I can’t say that it would suffice. Let’s asks the people who are closer to the visual point of view of the customers.”

“So to say?”

“The recently hired part-timers.”

Welcoming the new year in April, Mr Kanie had employed a large number of new workers. It seemed that he deemed Amaburi’s rebuilding insufficient as it was short handed.

And then, following the interview, we welcomed three notable ladies among the recruited part-timers. It’s those three that we’re inquiring with for their views about the PV.

Without delay, Triken spared time for each and every one of them in the evening to have them watch the PV.

“I think it’s a wonderful PV!”

Said part-timer Bandou Biino.

A healthy female highs schooler. With a positive work temperament, as well, a part-timer eminently brimming with enthusiasm, but for some reason, every place she's close to had frequent occurrences of bloodbaths. It was said that she was stabbed by a frenzied individual during her interview.

“Explosions! Action! Glamour! Ass! Every one of them ample with dynamism! Especially this ― the scene where Moffle spews blood and collapses is stimulating!”

“You, you think?”

“That’s why, you should bring in even more of these intense elements, don’t you think? I mean, blood……right?”

“B, blood……you say?”

“Right. Humans, they’re attracted to things they fear, are they not? I think it’ll be superb to have more of those elements. Let’s put in more blood sprays! That would totally enrapture the customers, yeah!?”

“Err. Well. Okay. I’ll think about it.”

I, Triken, could give no more than a vague reply.

I,shink itsh……I mean, think it’s a wonderful PV.”

Said part-timer Chuujou Shiina as she bit her tongue.

A usually cowering elementary ― nope, high school girl. But her appearance is just about the same as an elementary schooler. The other day, she played a major role in keeping our park afloat in a live show. Incidentally, she’s in the same school as Mr Kanie.

“B, but……but……”

Shiina looked like she has something to add.

“U, umm. No, actually, there’s nothing.”

“Ohh, please do not hesitate. I don’t care about the assessment, so please give your candid opinion.”

“Oh, none at all! Really……! There’s nothing!”

Painfully shrinking away, Shiina’s wrists fluttered as she waved them. Her face turned red as seen.

“Hmm. That’s good if it’s so, but……”

I pass on any further questioning. Even Amaburi has such reserved individuals, does it not. This Triken, slouches at the strong emotion.

“Great. I think it’s a wonderful video.”

Said part-timer Adachi Eiko with a sweet grin.

A tender and trim college girl. “Well endowed” too. Rumors has it that she seemed to be a former AV actress. If it’s true, that momentum would have my head stuck in my crotch however, actresses like her did not turn up in this Triken’s database. I dare say it’s some mistake (confident).


“That’s right. But…... whether it’s okay to speak from the standpoint of a part-timer like me……”

Poking her fingertip to her chin, Eiko deliberated. Her expression is serious.

“No, please speak freely.”

“Yes. Then……if you would excuse my lack of subtlety, I think this PV is lacking emotional elements.”

“Emotional, huh?”



Eiko expressed a smile as she kept silent. With difficulty, unable to continue the conversation.

“Err. Ohh. If you don’t mind, about the emotional elements, it would help to be given an example……”

“Okay. I have a pastime of equestrian.”


“Equestrian. I’ve had some degree of interest since I was a child……”

“O, okay……”

I can’t perceive the flow of the conversation, I’m confused. But Eiko continues to speak to the end at her own pace.

“And so, I was invited by a close animal trainer. That day, I received the opportunity to bear witness to the birth of a horse. I’ve been getting along happily with it since around middle school, the gentle child is called Kikuno Sceptre…….”

“Is, is that so……”

“The child was a result of the mother’s frantic childbirth. It was really……emotional.”


“How about that?”

Let’s see. That. Whatever kind of reaction is fine, right? The birth of a horse. Well, I surely think it’s emotional but ―.

The final stage of the PV.

““Amagi! Amagi! Brilliant! Brilliant, paaaaaaaarkkk!””

……To go along with this theme song, a shocking bloody scene was introduced. Based on Bandou Biino’s request.

Given that there wasn’t even a budget, along with desperate tendencies, I splashed lots of blood on the cast, and had them blown up, killed off.

Mr Tiramie was prostrate in a pool of blood like a murder victim. Mr Macaron screaming “the hell izz dis!?” in the style of Matsuda Yusaku[5] as he looked at his bloodied hand. And Moffle throwing up blood, collapsing in slow motion. All to good use.

Chuujou Shiina did not request anything, so I skipped it.

And then, Adachi Eiko’s request (?).

With her passionate assistance , I got a video of an actual birth of a horse.

The subject horse called Kikuno Sceptre appeared to going through obstructed labor delivery. Despite the hardships of the veterinarian and the assistants, the vet finally dug both hands into the birth canal using lots of strength to tug out the foal. Slowly, slowly, it eventually came out.

This Triken, unfortunately, remains unmoved. Putting it bluntly, it was sickeningly grotesque.

The theme song goes on.

““Buir, buri, buri! Brilliaaaaaaaant, paaaaaaarrrk! A land of magiiiiic! Where dreams……dreams……dreams are booooorrrnn!””

Bump, went the bloodied foal when it fell to the ground, as the hook of the theme song flows. That childbirth was not a dream, though the foal was wrapped in a bloody placenta.

Can I go home already?

Although I’ve had that inclination, it is my job. Since there is a deadline for the latest edition of the PV, I had Ms Isuzu and Mr Kanie watch the video that was in a slightly unrevised state.

Along with Ms Isuzu, Mr Kanie also maintained a lengthy silence, but ―

“What, in the bloody hell, is this!?”

Right, figures. This Triken slouches in shame.

“Just when I thought it began with a sudden explosion, then action and violence. Women’s ass, men’s ass shaking about. Blood spew flying around. And at the end, a birth scene of a horse! You guys, have your heads gotten some screws loose!?

“Err, well. Firstly, please calm down, Kanie-san.”

“Shut up! More importantly……Sento! You say you’ve been checking! But what have you been doing!?”

However, Ms Isuzu had, many times over, been looking back at the subject of question of a PV with unusually passionate eyes. It seemed that something had pulled a chord at her heartstrings.

“………A masterpiece. Where dreams are born……I say it’s a great PV. Where would your complaints be in this?”

“It’s every-frickin-where!!”

And such being the case, the PV which I, Triken, had gone through many ordeals to produce had been rejected, and the initial PV was broadcasted. It appears to be well received.
But since it would be too much of a waste, I have also covertly circulated the version of the PV with everyone’s opinions on a video site.

Yes, that’s right.

It was simply booming in popularity.

It’ll hit a 1 million views achievement very soon.

This Triken, as chief of public relations, hunches ― no, stands proud.

1 Police: Western Division. A tv drama series aired in ’79.
2 Two big Japanese shopping brands.
3 Jap traditional ballads.
4 A gay neighbourhood.
5 An actor in Japanese action films during the 70’s plus.