Dec 16, 2017

Rakudai Kishi V8 Afterword


Greetings. I am the author, Riku Misora.

Thank you for purchasing the eighth volume of Rakudai Kishi no Eiyuutan.

Did you enjoy it?

However, Amane-kun is really a serious child. If Misora ever possessed the power of Nameless Glory, he would be enjoying life in easy mode anyhow he likes (lol)

Well, it’s just that not achieving anything with your own ability won’t give you a sense of fulfillment, so it may certainly be an empty life. I myself as well, was dancing in joy when my debut received excellence award from GA Publisher-san. What a dilemma.

Next will finally be the climax of Seven Stars Sword-Art Festival arc. The final battle with Stella.

It will be the finale of the promise between the two that has brought this series called Rakudai Kishi no Eiyuutan up to here.

You can say that it will be a volume that will summarize everything.

As the author, I will also write it with my all, I will be glad to receive support.

And then, Rakudai Kishi no Eiyuutan’s anime has finally started!

I have attended the scenario meeting a few times, and was involved in it from way back, so I’m really happy.

Did you notice that the first part of episode 1 of the anime is outrageously long?

That is because, starting with the director, along with everyone from the staff, they did not want to cut the battle of Stella vs Ikki, so they made it into a special episode. I am happy.

After that, what made me the happiest is right before the ending of episode 1 (the song is the opening song). The scene where Ikki was going for a handshake but Stella wanted to bump fists.

Seeing that, I thought “I’m really glad that these people are the ones to make it!”.

That’s right. She is such a girl.

I am really grateful that they understood the direction of this series.

I am looking forward to how it will be like from episode 2 onwards.

──Now then, let’s change the topic slightly, I actually went to Taiwan in August.

Rakudai Kishi is published in Taiwan by Sharp Point Press, in regards to that, I went to attend autograph sessions at the Animate[1] and the booth of Sharp Point Press in a manga exhibition event over there.

Before going to Taiwan, Editor-san severely warned me...

“It’s deadly hot” “Salt will actually appear on the towel hung on the neck and make it gritty”

Things like that, hearing those made me rather frightened, but perhaps I went at a good time, or Editor-san made an overly big fuss, I did my work at Taiwan in a rather fine weather.

The first thing left in my mind about the impression of Taiwan was...

“7-eleven, seriously a lot!” something like that.

The chain stores were clearly more densely packed than Japan.

I felt like I would see one shop every minute while riding in a car down the city.

It was just that many. Family Mart also had about that many.

There was also Japan’s fast food chain Yoshinoya in the city, shops also sold Japanese confectionary, fast food, and many others, it was a place rather comfortable for a Japanese.

As a Japanese, Taiwan may be a perfect place for the first overseas trip.

Well, it was about work this time.

Since it was the first overseas autograph session, I had been nervous from the start till end.

However, thanks to the follow-up of Editor-san over there, and riding on the high tension of the Taiwanese readers coming for the autograph session, I calmed down in the latter half of the autograph session. While signing for the readers, there were also people who left Japanese cheering messages, it made me really happy.

This afterword would probably be translated over there when published, so I would like to express my gratitude.

Thank you very much. I received your encouragement.

Also, in that autograph session, Misora had made a mistake of writing the date wrongly for one signature. After signing for over hundreds of times, although the signature itself would not be wrong, the date could become confusing......And it’s a girl on top of that! It was an important female reader, probably few in number, of Rakudai!

I would like to apologize for that here as well, I am very sorry. Sorry.

Then, after finishing my work, I was finally able to do my first sightseeing!

The rumored night city! I always wanted to visit once.

It seemed that Taiwan’s daytime was too hot, so there were many people doing night shopping, and the night city was developed for that sake. Seeing the products displayed, it was certainly such line-ups. Unlike the festival stalls in Japan, the line-ups were clothes and other groceries meant for the locals.

Night city became famous as a tourist attraction, but it was basically a place meant for the locals. That’s why I was happy to be able to see it.

And I ate the famous stinky tofu.

That incredibly stinky tofu had appeared in various mangas. I knew that it was available in the night city from Wakakozake, and had been looking forward to eating it.

Well then, I was nervous while ordering it, thinking what kind of abnormality would be served,  ──however.


Wasn’t it just normal fried tofu?

Such was the case, in the first place, my sense of smell had already been short circuited by the overwhelming stink from the shop (lol). Hence, my personal impression was a normal fried tofu.

Just that, according to what the local Editor-san told me, the one I ordered was still considerably light-weight, there were more stinky ones. I would like to try it out next time.

I interacted with the overseas readers like that, tried the stinky tofu, had a very meaningful trip. Everyone in Taiwan, thank you very much.

And Won-san, who has always been drawing amazing illustrations for this series, has to change the schedule to match the making of the anime, thank you very much.

The person in charge of making the manga, Soramichi-san, thank you very much. The manga is just at the climax of volume 2. Kuraudo is rampaging wildly, so the readers who had not seen it, please take a look!

Next, beginning with the Editor-san, and everyone from the staff, who have been putting in your best effort for the anime of this series, I express my gratitude. Director Oonuma-san and everyone from the scenario team, you all have always been brushing up the scenario until the last minute, thank you very much.

Mikio Sakai-san, thank you for the best hot-blooded opening. I don’t even know how many hundreds of times I have replayed the second PV (lol).

And for perfectly singing out Stella’s feelings in the ending, Ali Project-san, thank you very much.

And finally, for this series to be able to be made into anime, it is thanks to the support of every reader of this series after all. Really, thank you so much!

Thanks to everyone making it into animation, Ikki and co are able to move.

I will be glad if you all can enjoy it.

Then let us meet against at the ninth volume. Good bye!

1 Animate -


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