Sep 23, 2017

Rakudai Kishi V8 Intermission

Intermission - In Order Not To Regret For A Second Time

If she closed her eyes, she could still remember it clearly.

In her childhood. The memory of the days she spent with her most beloved older brother.

She was always following around behind him.

She wasn’t good at getting spoiled, just following behind him, unable to call out to him, but......every time her older brother saw her figure, he would smile at her, call her name, and wave at her.

She was happy about that.

And when she came closer in response to his wave, he would gently stroke her hair.

That sensation was a bliss.

Her uneventful every day was truly filled with happiness.

── foolish she was.

That’s right, to her past self, Shizuku Kurogane......cursed the her that innocently took her older brother’s love for granted.

If she recalled back in her current self, 「shadow」 existed in every corner of their daily lives.

Amongst the gatherings of many relatives.

Within the pupils that were looking from afar at the sword and magic training they were receiving as if it was natural.

Or the side face of her older brother that she finally found in a wide room──

Whenever her older brother noticed her gaze, he would immediately hide it in his smile......getting spoiled by that smile, she didn’t think deeply about it......certainly, 「shadow」 existed.

Her older probably had probably been fighting it by himself since that time.

Against all the unreasonabilities surrounding him.

She couldn’t notice it at all at that time.

Just getting spoiled by her beloved older brother, she couldn’t become his strength. would be different for the current her.

What was important to him? What was he hoping for?

The current her knew it clearly.

And then......what was it that she should do, as well.

(For that sake, I ──── am fine with losing everything.)