Aug 19, 2017

Rakudai Kishi V7 Intermission 2

Intermission - Bloody End

After leaving the ring, Ikki went towards the Medical Room to receive first aid before walking towards the audience stand reserved for participants.

He was going to meet up with Stella there.

By the time Ikki returned, Rinna, who was watching the match together with Stella, had already left first to visit Sara, leaving Stella alone.

She congratulated her lover who returned after his narrow victory.

“Congratulations for advancing to the semi-finals. You must be grateful to your parents for giving you that stone head of yours.”

“Haha......As expected, you were observing me very well.”

“You have returned pretty fast, but is it fine not to go into a capsule? Those arms and your skull as well.”

“I have received the first-aid treatment by the staff in the Medical Room using healing technique, so it’s fine for the time being. The arms are hurt pretty bad, but my skull just got a slight crack.”

The reason why there weren’t any additional cracks was because of the sharpness of Edelweiss’s sword which utilized all the energy without waste.

Well, if the slash didn’t contain a sharpness that would not cause additional cracks, he wouldn’t have lost in speed in the first place, so it was weird to say that it was the silver lining in the cloud.

“More importantly, it’s Shizuku’s most important moment now. I can’t be sleeping as a big brother. It won’t be too late to go into capsule after this.”

“Shizuku, I wonder if she can win.”

“......I don’t know. Since I don’t know her opponent’s true strength.”

It would soon be the start of the third match in the third round.

The opponent Shizuku would fight against was that Amane Shinomiya.

A Blazer that used Nameless Glory, an ominous Noble Arts that belonged to the causal interference system, which simply granted his wishes.

In the first round, using its power, Amane had forced one of the powerhouses, White-Robed Knight, Kiriko, to forfeit the match without even fighting. The second round was also won by default like that. His opponent got food poisoning and forfeited, such was the story, but since he had such an ability, it would would be hard to think of it as a coincidence.

And currently, it would be the third round, but──

“She had said that there was some sort of secret plan, but can you think of any?”

“No, I have thought about it, but honestly speaking, I have no idea.”

In any case, he couldn't imagine what kind of battle style she would take.

Just that......there was no doubt that Shizuku was also a powerhouse that it would not be strange for her to become the Seven Stars Sword King.

It would probably be rude to worry too much.

She was also a knight.

Believing in her victory, cheering for her with his friends was the most──

Ikki noticed as he thought up to that point.

“......Speaking of which, where’s Alice?”

In response, Stella shook her head.

“The thing is, I haven’t been able to find him all this time.”

Stella thought that he would be staying next to Shizuku for as long as possible at first, but it was already right before the match.

He should be returning by that time, but──

“Could he be lost?”

“I believe that it doesn’t apply to Alice alone......”

Should he let Stella make a call since he couldn’t use his arms?

And, as he was thinking of that...

「Dear guests. As we don’t have much time, let’s begin the third match of the third round!」

The announcer informed everyone of the program.

──Well, since it’s Alice, he would definitely be cheering for Shizuku.

Even if he was not here, he should be cheering for her properly.

As Ikki thought so, he abandoned the idea of having Stella make a call, and turned his gaze to the ring.

「Third match, competing for the top of D-Block are Hagun Academy first year, Contender Shizuku Kurogane, and Akatsuki Academy first year, Contender Amane Shinomiya! Now, let’s welcome the two Contenders as they enter!」

Spotlights moved to light up the gates on the two sides.

「However, seeing this third round again, every match has the family name 「Kurogane」 entered. As expected of the bloodline of the Great Hero.」

「That’s true. If Contender Shizuku wins this match, the semi-final would be like an internal family battle, that would be interesting on its own, is what I think. Anyway, since Contender Amane had won by default in the first and second round, we have no data on what he is like.」

「The first round was because of a medical emergency, and the second round was food poisoning. He is quite a lucky boy, but what exactly will he show us in this fight? I am looking forward to it.」

Listening to the banter of the announcer and commentator, Ikki was certain.

The Organizing Committee did not know about Amane’s ability.

If they knew that Amane had been winning by default since the mock battle of Kyomon Academy, they would not be saying those lines.

Well, the representatives were chosen based on the standards of each academy.

The Seven Stars Sword-Art Festival Organizing Committee’s job was just organizing the Seven Stars Sword-Art Festival in the end.

They probably wouldn’t obtain the data for the mock battles within academies.

It would be meaningless even if he exposed it.

Because he could not provide any evidence that Amane had affected that astronomical chance of coincidence.

──In the end, how would Shizuku fight against such an incomprehensible opponent?

Ikki focused............and then, he felt something wrong.

It was the same for everyone in the venue.

As for the reason──

「......What happened? Both Contenders are not entering.」

That’s right. Even though they were invited to enter, Shizuku and Amane did not appear.

To that fact...





An   Ominous   Premonition.

「The announcement is already made, right?」

「That should be the case, but......let’s display the waiting room for now.」



Ikki’s premonition was ── right on mark.


The big monitor in the venue displayed a blood stained waiting room──

Then......a scoffing Amane with blood dripping from all over his  body and...

Pinned to the wall by countless swords, with arms stretched out like the crucified Christ......was the figure of Shizuku Kurogane.



An ending with the screen colored in blood.

That showed the end of one battle, and the start of another.

That’s right.

Most would become the greatest trial for the Worst One, Ikki Kurogane──

The nightmare semi-final, the beginning of that──