Aug 19, 2017

Rakudai Kishi V7 Afterword


Thank you very much for buying and reading the seventh volume of Rakudai Kishi no Eiyuutan.

I am Riku Misora, suffering from hay fever. ( It’s currently March.)

The eyes and nose are not really affected, but, anyway, my skin really itches.

This is a really tedious season for a person having Japanese cedar pollen allergy.

And I finally got a cat.

So cute! But it really avoids me! (Bitter laugh)

Well, it’s already six years old, a fine adult. It can’t be helped.

I hope that it will purr in a cute *gorogoro* voice one day.

Now then, leaving aside how the author is doing recently, let’s get to the main topic.

This seventh volume, which is about the Seven Stars Sword-Art Festival, is finally reaching its climax.

The stage of the eighth volume next will be the Seven Stars Sword-Art Festival’s semi-finals.

It will be one of the climaxes in the national arc......that’s the plan.

The author will also raise his spirit and work hard to write out the passion of those people.

Please look forward to it (the hurdle raising style).

Now then, for the last part...

The editor-san in charge for always putting in effort to raise the quality of the manuscript.

Won-san for the cute illustrations of the heroines in their kimonos (Stella’s and Shizuku’s kimono appearance is shown earlier in manga). (TL note: the manga showed Stella’s kimono figure before the content of vol 7 of the Light Novel.)

The staff making the anime while the original work is still in progress.

And then, the readers supporting this work.

Thank you all very much.

Let’s meet again in the eighth volume.


  1. THanks! is it possible to get a link for the PDF??.

  2. Now is the painful part of waitting for the next volume translation,again. :( I'll be looking foward for the next chapter Thank you'frozensama'!

  3. Thanks for the translation. Hopefully we'll get to see the epub for this volume along with okaa San Andreas last embryo volumes.

  4. Will you be continuing with the next volume immediately or will the series be taking a break while you translate the other series?

  5. PDF

    Ty for the translation

  6. Thank you so much for the translation and hopping more novels being translated. Thank you