Jun 17, 2017

Rakudai Kishi V7 Chapter 8

Chapter 8 - The Rowdy Medical Room

Part 1
After the match, Ikki entered a capsule set up in the venue to cure his wounds.

Using the capsule, the recoil injury caused by using Ittou Rasetsu, serious to the extent that his flesh was starting to peel off, was completely healed in a matter of minutes. The injury would not affect his next match.

After curing his wounds, Ikki was transferred to a bed in the Medical Room with the help of a medical staff and took a light nap there.

That was because he had been given a light dose of full-body anesthetic before entering the capsule.

And the monitor installed in the Medical Room where he slept was displaying the current match held at the venue.

The one who was fighting was......his little sister, Lorelai Shizuku Kurogane, and last year’s third place, Momiji Asagi.

「D-Block second match, contender Momiji Asagi’s movements are very nimble! This is impressive! So impressive! Lightly evading the barrage of Water Prison Orb, she is gradually closing in! Contender Momiji’s speed is just too fast for contender Shizuku to lock on!」

「She isn’t just fast.」

「What do you mean?」

「The technique contender Momiji has used just now is called trackless step, a unique type of stepping that her master, God of War Torajirou Nangou, is good at. This stepping method lets the user slip out of the opponent’s field of vision, and without a certain degree of expertise in martial arts, it’s difficult to break through this technique if he cannot concentrate on his own body and freely control it. This will be hard to deal with for contender Shizuku, who is completely specialized in magic.」

Just as Yaotome said, Shizuku in the display image could not capture Momiji’s movement and wasn’t doing well in terms of offense.

In the midst of that, Momiji broke through the long range distance from Shizuku, and circled around her back with trackless step.

「Look at that! Contender Shizuku’s back has been exposed!」

And she swung down her Device, which was a Japanese katana-shaped Device clad in crimson flame.

Shizuku could not react to that.

She suffered from this technique once before in the fight against Raikiri, but to break through it, she had to control her brain and body to operate against her instinct and reflex.

It was a technique that could only be obtained after training her body for a long period of time.

It was not something that could be learned quickly.

── However, this girl did not need that.

The instant Momiji’s naked blade was about to gouge into Shizuku’s back, ice wall bursted up from around her feet, stopping the blade in its tracks.

The sudden and unexpected reaction from Shizuku caused Momiji to be shocked.

That moment determined the outcome of the fight.

Momiji, whose movement dulled from the shock, was hit by Shizuku’s Noble Art Water Prison Orb.

「W-What!? She has intercepted contender Momiji who went behind her back and slashed at her without even turning baaack! Contender Momiji has been caught by Water Prison Orb! The Water Prison Orb that hit contender Momiji immediately climbed up her body and blocked her windpipe! Contender Momiji is desperately trying to peel it off, but her target is a liquid! She cannot even grab onto it! H-However, why was contender Shizuku able to tell the location of contender Momiji!?」

「......I see. That’s quite crafty. That girl.」

「Yaotome-pro, what did you understand?」

「Yes. She has used Water Prison Orb as a distraction, and covered the surface of the whole ring with a thin layer of water membrane without anyone noticing. This means, even if she couldn’t see with her eyes, she was able to determine contender Momiji’s position from the waves caused by the shaking of water.」

In that case, it didn’t matter if she could follow her with sight or not.

Shizuku would be able to tell Momiji even if she were to close her eyes.

「Ahh! Right now, contender Momiji has fallen on her knees! And the main referee gives the cue for the match to end! D-Block second round second match’s victory goes to contender Lorelai Shizuku Kurogane! A big sigh comes from the venue! That’s to be expected! The local Bukyoku Academy’s top three that are called the Golden Generation have all been defeated! However, on the other hand, the three contenders from Hagun Academy have all advanced to the third round! The new Akatsuki Academy also has three victors left, displaying their presence! Don’t take your eyes off in the third round at 18:00!」

“Hmm. As expected, she isn’t so pathetic to be done in by the same technique twice.”

Snickering slightly happily, Stella, who was sitting on the pipe chair next to the bed where Ikki was sleeping, turned off the monitor.

And she reviewed on the Festival’s situation up to then again.

The best eight had been determined right after Shizuku’s match.

Well, accurately speaking, there were only seven people, with Stella advancing up to semi-finals.

Those seven people were all forces to be reckoned with.

First, Stella herself, her schoolmate Ikki, and Shizuku made up three.

After the new generation of Ikki’s group and a new force of Akatsuki made their debut, the powerhouses were eliminated one by one, and Rokuson Academy’s Panzer Grizzly Renji Kaga was still hanging in there.

The only A-Rank Knight on par with Stella, Sword Emperor of Wind Ouma Kurogane.

Using an unknown power to win without fighting in the second round, Bad Luck Amane Shinomiya.

And ──

“The last is......this pervert.”

As Stella looked down at her feet suspiciously, there was the girl wrapped up in bandages with disheveled hair, using her phantasmagorical Noble Art just like a kaleidoscope, obtaining an overwhelming victory, Sara Bloodlily.

Sara, who had been aiming to make Ikki her nude model, anticipated that he would be using the capsule for the recoil of Ittou Rasetsu and came to the Medical Room, but she was caught red-handed by Stella, who had also anticipated that to happen, the moment Sara was about to lift up his clothes.

However, despite conducting such act, Sara showed an expression of protest and complained to Stella.

“I’m not a pervert. Please call me an artist.”

“Calling you an erotist is more than enough! Geez, I can’t be careless or show any openings against you!”

“Why?......Even though you cooperated yesterday.”

Sara’s words caused Stella to show a bitter expression as she let out a groan.

“I-It’s true that I was unknowingly tempted by the devil’s whispers when you promised to draw the two of us in the palace, but I have cooled down after a day. Ikki’s portrait drawn by you would certainly be attractive, but after all, if Ikki dislikes the idea, then you can’t.”

“That’s why I’m trying to do this while he’s sleeping.”

“That’s even worse!”

Stella’s eyebrows rose in anger and stepped onto Sara’s back with her sole.

“Ow, ow ow ow......! Breaking, I’m breaking......!”

Although she didn’t exert that much strength, Sara leaked out squeals as if she was really in pain.

Sara became Akatsuki Academy’s member due to her out-of-standard strong ability, but she was not a combatant in the first place. With her unhealthy daily lifestyle and lack of exercise, and in addition to her inborn weak constitution, her body was not strong.

“Screaming from such little force, you’re weak.”

“I’m an artist, so I’m frail unlike a certain female gorilla who can weld bones.”

“You better watch your mouth. I’m still bearing a grudge against you all even before this matter about Ikki. I don’t know what I may do if you get too full of yourself?”


Stella’s veins bulged up as she pulled hard on the bandages that were wrapped around Sara, making her look like a boneless ham.

Being pulled by that extraordinary arm strength, the bandages mercilessly dug into her flesh, and her bones were starting to make sounds of grinding.

The originally weak Bloody Da Vinci could not endure it.

Well, as expected, even Stella did not have the intention of injuring a participant in the Festival outside the ring, regardless of how much she hated the Akatsuki Academy. She let her go after a while and sighed in resignation.

“Haa. Why are you so fixated on Ikki’s nudity in the first place? If I recall correctly, I believe that Mario Rosso’s style was more wide-ranged?”

She painted not only character portraits, but also sceneries and religious paintings.

Her style ranged from abstract to figurative, a free painter not constrained by forms.

That was the Mario Rosso that Stella knew.

Even though she’s like that, why would she be so obstinate on drawing a male’s portrait, a nude one on top of that?

To that question, Sara went silent for a while, then answered.

“......There is a painting that I must complete, no matter what.”


Sara nodded.

“A certain person has spent his whole life to draw a painting of Messiah’s salvation, but in the end, he was unable to complete it. For the sake of completing it......his assistance is necessary. My intuition shouted so.”

“Are you saying that you want to use Ikki as the model to complete that incomplete painting?”


“Then you should have just asked Ouma. Their faces are similar, and his physique is superior. If it has to be nude, wouldn’t he be better?”

“Ouma is...different. It’s true that they look similar outside, but he does not have that gentleness. What he has is only the sharpened strength which deviates from normality. That......the blank in that painting......not suitable for the figure of the Messiah in the center......Even you, if you are aiming to win in this Festival, you should not be content with being the second place.”

“......Well, that’s true.”

“It’s the same as that......Completing that painting is extremely important to me. I will not compromise. I don’t intend to cut corners. It’s the same as you guys risking your lives to fight. Me as well, I am risking my life for the pain......ting.”

Sara’s words carried on bit by bit.

Her voice was small, her pitch also hardly changed, but her words contained her firm determination.

Her unshakable and steel-like core was unimaginable, from looking at that weak body.

Seeing that, Stella............improved her evaluation a little.

Honestly speaking, she did not dislike her.

A person who was straightforward for her goal.

“......I understand your incessant passion towards painting. I will retract calling you an erotist. But it’s still unacceptable if Ikki himself objects. If you want to draw him no matter what, you need to somehow convince Ikki............?”

Stella suddenly noticed while she was talking.

Under her foot, Sara was slightly trembling.

Her constraints should not be that tight anymore......

“What is it? You are trembling.”

“......Release me.”

“No. Because you are going to harass Ikki after I release you, right?”

“I understand......then it’s fine if you don’t release me, so...”


“Bring me a plastic water bottle.”

“Say that first――――!!!!”

“And take off my panties.”

“Don’t say that with this as pretext!? You can’t cross that line as a girl!”

“This is nothing, it often happens in my Atelier when I pull all-nighters.”

“Zip that mouth and stop saying anymore unnecessary things! Wait a bit! I’ll release you......!”

In contrast to the uselessly calm Sara, Stella was trying to untie the bandages wrapping around Sara in panic.


(Eh, huh......how did I tie this again?)

She tied her up securely in the heat of moment, and did not know how to untie her at all.

However, she did not have time to worry about that.

“I-Is it here?”

For the time being, she just pulled a bandage.

Soon after.


The bondage strongly tightened, digging further into Sara’s big breasts.


Her lungs pressured, Sara gasped in agony with a teary face.

“S-Sorry! I made a mistake! Erm, then here!”

After that, Stella pulled the bandages wrapping Sara one by one, but they were all wrong.

Every time Stella pulled the wrong place, the bandages dug deeper and deeper into Sara’s body, eventually rolling up the apron covering Sara’s breasts.

It was a risqué scene where her apron was caught at the nipples and was barely covering them.

“I-It somehow became out of hand......”

“............I-If you tighten that much............I will really......leak out.”

“NOO! You can’t leak! If you seriously can’t hold it anymore, then!”

Stella raised a shriek as the situation kept getting worse and worse.

That voice echoed in the small Medical Room in the dome──


Ikki Kurogane, who was sleeping next to them, regained consciousness.

He rubbed his sleepy eyes and slowly raised himself from the bed.

“Hmm............Huh, Stella, what are you doing?”

He saw the figure of his lover tightening the bandages wrapped around Sara’s voluptuous body as she was gasping in pain.

“Eh? Seriously, what are you doing!?”


Seeing the awakened Ikki, Stella’s expression further panicked.

How should she explain this bizarre situation?

However, it was literally a moment she could not waste.

That’s why Stella omitted the explanation leading up to there and told him only the current situation.

“B-Bad news! Sara is going to leak, yet I can’t untie the bandages!”

“I don’t know how I should handle this situation, but will it be fine if you untie the bandages? Rather, if you can’t untie them, then can’t you just cut them?”

“T-That’s it!”

Ashamed of herself for not being able to think of that due to her panic, Stella slid her Lævateinn between the bandages and Sara’s skin, severed them apart and kicked Sara out of the Medical Room.

“L-Look! I released you now, so hurry up and go!”


After seeing off Sara, who was walking a weird gait towards the toilet, she turned around to face Ikki.

“Thank you, Ikki. Thanks to that, we have avoided the worst outcome.”

“Is that so......It’s fine if that’s the case.”

“......So, after resolving the problem at hand, I hope that you’ll let me explain how it led to that......”

“No, I more or less understood.”

“Eh? Really?”

“I was confused a while ago because I just woke up, but seeing this situation made it obvious. And not to mention, it’s none other than you, Stella. Though not to the point of telepathy, I can still understand you to a certain extent.”

Ikki smiled as he said that.

Seeing Ikki’s response, Stella patted her chest in relief.

Due to the unique situation, she thought that he might have a strange misunderstanding.

“I-I see. Then it’s fine.”

Stella was thankful for her highly comprehensive lover, as happiness bloomed on her face.

She was happy that the two of them could resonate without words.

Ikki gently held the hands of Stella who was showing such a loving expression, and spoke to her with an incredibly honest and caring gaze.

“Yes. That’s why, Stella, do that only between lovers. I will never dislike you, regardless of what fetishes you have.”

“Didn’t you totally misunderstand!?”

Her expression changed.

Shaking off his hands that held hers with all her might, Stella exclaimed.

That misunderstanding was indeed too much for a maiden to endure.

“Ikki, you’re wrong! You misunderstood! I don’t have the hobby of happily performing bondage on girls! That just happened due to a chain of events, or rather, considering the match in the afternoon, I couldn’t shave off her stamina with Illusionary Form, hence I had unwillingly used bandages, it’s not that I like......!”

Almost biting her own tongue in panic, Stella desperately explained the situation.

Seeing Stella like that, Ikki laughed as if he found it funny.

“I’m kidding. I know. You just protected me from Sara-san, right?”

“Wha! Y-You understood and still made fun of me!? Ikki is so terrible!”

Ikki intentionally played a prank on her.

After hearing that, Stella’s cheeks puffed up as she stared at him in anger.

In return, Ikki poked her cheeks in a slightly mean gesture.

“It’s payback for chasing me out of the room yesterday.”


Stella had no words of rebuttal to that.

Rather, her anger was instantly replaced by anxiety.

Her thoughtless act might have made Ikki more unhappy than she thought.

Hence Stella inquired with her pupils swimming in anxiety.

“............Could it be that you are pretty angry?”

“Nope. Poking Stella’s puffed up cheeks is fun, so I’m not bothered by that anymore.”

“What’s with that? Geez......”

Stella sighed in relief and pushed her cheek towards Ikki’s finger on her own.

It might’ve been a gesture which indicated that she had already reflected on herself.

After enjoying the feeling of her soft, blushing cheek, instead of using his finger, Ikki used his palm to stroke Stella’s smooth cheek.

Her skin was smooth no matter how many times he touched it, there was nothing to obstruct his fingertips.

The sensation felt like touching a newborn baby.

That’s why Ikki always ended up indulging himself in touching Stella’s skin.

However, Stella also seemed to like that action, narrowing her eyes from the pleasant feeling, and rubbed her cheek against Ikki’s hand for more caressing.

“Stella. You are like a cat.”


Returning a joking response, Stella continued to act spoiled with Ikki.

A pair of lovers. Even a shallow and brief interaction was a time of happiness for them.

However......That time was...

*Clang* The Medical Room door opened, and that time was ended as someone entered.

The two of them were startled by the sudden visitor.

On the other hand, the person who opened the door and entered took a glimpse at Ikki, whose hand stiffened on Stella’s cheek.

“......Looks like the timing of my entrance is always bad.”

A voice lacking intonation, but scratchy and with heavy reverberation muttered.

The two of them could not respond to that voice.

No, they couldn’t reply.

The shock was too much for them, so much that their thoughts came to a halt for a moment.

The reason was that the person before them was...

“N-No way......!”


Ikki Kurogane’s biological father, a Mage-Knight holding the nickname of Iron Blood.

It was Itsuki Kurogane.

Part 2
“Y-You came to the event venue. I didn’t know.”

“This is a country-wide event. It’s only obvious for me, the head of the Japanese branch, to be here. Not to mention, my three children are participating in it.”

“T-That’s also true, a-ahaha.”

Ikki responded to his father who suddenly showed up.

However, his response was awkward and his smile was twitching.

That would not be strange. Since his father had seen his tryst of love with his lover.

That awkwardness was no joke.

Even Ikki as a guy was like that.

......Sitting on the pipe chair next to Ikki, Stella already had a terrible expression on her face.


Her two small hands rounded into fists as she rested them on her knees, Stella was trembling with her head hanging down.

Her ears were bright red as if fire was about to spew out from her earlobes.

Her head was boiling from too much embarrassment, so much that her eyes were spinning around.

She thought that even the time when Ikki saw her figure as she was changing at the beginning was nowhere near as embarrassing as this. .

(Oh my gosh......Oh my gosh......!)

It still would’ve been better if it was anyone else, but of all people, it had to be her lover’s father, whom she had not greeted even once so far, to see their intimate scene.

She wanted to kill the her from a few minutes ago who was saying “Nya~”.

She would definitely be thought of as an idiotic girl without a doubt.

It was probably the worst kind of first impression.


To be honest, she only felt disdain towards Ikki’s father.

He had caused countless problems for Ikki until then.

Stella could not forgive even one of them.

However, he was still her lover’s father.

In addition, he was also the branch chief of the League of Mage-Knight Nations’ Japan Branch.

Be it Ikki’s girlfriend, or the second imperial princess of Vermillion, it would be bad if she was thought to be such an idiotic girl.

She had to recover herself somehow.

Her overheated head could not think straight.

Itsuki called to Stella who was disordered.

“Princess Stella.”


Her face sprung up and looked towards Itsuki.

In that instant, Itsuki deeply lowered his head to her.

“Pleased to make your acquaintance, Princess Stella. I am Ikki Kurogane’s father, Itsuki Kurogane. My son has been in your care, I apologize for greeting you so late.”

(FFFFFFather-in-law has greeted me fiiiirst!)

The girl who was greeted by her lover’s parent first.

Nevermind recovering herself, that was a big failure.

He had landed the finishing blow.

Failing time after time, something somewhere in Stella’s head gave out a *pan* sound, and steam blew out.

(W-What should I do at this time a-according to Japan’s etiquette!?)

Errm, errm, Stella was desperately trying to think of how to show respect and sincerity towards seniors.

However, her embarrassment from the continuous failures, in addition to the invisible pressure of greeting her lover’s parent, had overheated her head and she was unable to make a proper judgement.

“I’m Stella Vermillion! I’m nothing much, but please take care of me!!”

She used some strange Japanese language, and dogeza on the spot. (TL note: orz)

“......S-Stella, you were not supposed to say ‘nothing much’, but ‘unworthy’. And dogeza may be a little too much......”


Ikki’s pointed out those issues in whispers, and Stella’s dizziness intensified.

In addition to hearing that unusual greeting...


A small, but definite laughter, leaked out from Itsuki’s mouth.

In the narrow and quiet Medical Room, Stella’s ears had obviously heard that.


Stella’s shoulders were trembling.

Tears dripped out as she thought of her miserable performance.

She wanted to erase herself.

And then, on her shoulder...

“......Stella. You don’t have to be so tense.”

Ikki’s hand gently wrapped around her back and supported her up with a hug while consoling her.

And then he stared at his father with a pair of sharp eyes.

“Stella is nervous from suddenly seeing you, father. Aren’t you terrible for laughing at her?”

Hearing his words, Itsuki honestly apologized in response.

“Ahh, sorry about that. I didn’t mean to laugh at you. Just ......I remembered that previously when you were detained, you also had practised dogeza for the sake of greeting Princess Stella’s father. I just find that a little funny......Fu, aren’t you getting along well?”

“Wha, hold on, father!”

“......Ikki did the same thing, too?”


As his embarrassing past was suddenly dug up, Ikki hung his head in shame.

That attitude confirmed Stella’s inquiry.

(Ikki as well......)


The fact that the man who was consoling her with a cool face actually did the same thing at a place she didn’t know about made Stella’s cheeks loosen up.

Her wound-up tension was swiftly lightened.

Probably aiming for this timing, Itsuki again...

“Thank you very much for your polite greeting. Please continue to get along with Ikki from now on.”

As he said that, he gestured for a handshake with Stella.

And Stella responded as if jumping at it.

“Y-Yes. Of course!......Ah.”

And then, the moment she shook Itsuki’s large hand, she thought...

That rough and hard working hand was a bit similar to Ikki’s.

The warmth that gradually transferred through it was similar as well.

(Somehow......different from his image......)

A more rock-like, inorganic and cold hand......was what she imagined of that man.

After all, he was someone who had cornered his own son to that extent.

As the reality was different from her imagination, Stella was confused for a moment.

On the other hand, Ikki, whose shameful act was revealed before his lover, was a little embarrassed...

“So, why did father come here? Could it be that you’re feeling unwell?”

He asked Itsuki, indicating a nuance of worry.

They were in the Medical Room.

The reason for coming here would probably be related to feeling unwell, was what he thought.

However, Itsuki denied that in his reply after separating his hand from the handshake with Stella.

“No. I’ve come here to look for you.”


“Ahh. As the head of Kurogane household, I have something to discuss with Ikki Kurogane.”

Not only Ikki, but even Stella showed a nervous expression to those words.

Up to then, whenever Itsuki...... the Kurogane house had made a move, it would not be anything good.

As such, Stella leaned onto Ikki’s arm, as if supporting him while standing.

A matter with the head of Kurogane household.

In other words, a matter with Ikki’s family.

For an instant, she thought of stepping out as she was an outsider, which was a common sense, but...

(I’m no longer an outsider......!)

Stella abandoned such thinking.

She was Ikki’s lover......no, family.

After the battle with Raikiri, their relationship became like that.

In that case, whatever the Kurogane household was going to do, she would protect Ikki this time.

She would not let him get wounded anymore.

As if displaying such intention, she stayed next to him, and chose to restrain Itsuki.

Itsuki also seemed to have read Stella’s intention from her pair of eyes burning with will, and told them the matter without asking her to leave.

With his unique and lead-like heavy voice...

“Ikki. I am thinking of severing our father-son ties.”

A suggestion that would be the definite solution to all of the problems revolving around Ikki and the Kurogane household.

Part 3

The sudden proposition of severance caused Stella to open her eyes wide and shout out.

“Wait, why must that......!”

“Winning the second match in the Seven Stars Sword-Art Festival......Worst One, no, as Another one, among the best eight in the whole country, that holds a certain degree of influence. My existence as F-Rank is already known by many people, so even Kurogane household’s power would have difficulties with hiding my existence......In that case, you may as well sever our relationship, something like that. Right, father?”

On the other hand, Ikki used a calmer voice than Stella to inquire for the reason.

Itsuki replied with a positive nod.

“......It’s more or less like that. Kurogane is the household that has continued to maintain the order of this country’s Blazers since the era of Samurai. It would be troublesome if someone in that house was the first to break the code of order.

If you were to be treated the same as before, many people would probably start to ‘Challenge’ their own limits.

There would probably be people showing up, admiring you and setting you as their goal.

Your brave battles have a dangerous charm to evoke that, they lead to a certain temptation.

......However, those reckless challenges or desires usually end up being harmful to both the individuals and the organization. Do you understand? You are an existence that is no longer ‘Unbeneficial’ to the Kurogane household......Another One, Ikki Kurogane, has become ‘Harmful’ to the order.”

“Don’t speak nonsenseee!”

In that instant, Stella knocked down the pipe chair as she stood up, and raised an angry shout with her flaming hair glittering.

That pair of pupils was boiling with flame of anger as she yelled with intensity.

“I was foolish......! I was a fool to think that you may be a reasonable person! You, are you still a parent!?”

Stella’s glare was more furious than that of a bloodthirsty wild beast, and overwhelming as well.

A weak-minded person would probably not be able to speak if she were to glare at them like that.

However, the other party was the man who held the duty of the branch chief of the League of Mage-Knight Nations’ Japan Branch.

Itsuki answered without a change to his tone despite Stella’s glare.

“Naturally......However, before that, I am this country’s order, princess. I cannot let it waver, and I cannot let anyone waver it. I swear on my nickname, Iron Blood, as well as the name ‘Itsuki’, given by my father, I will continue to protect the strict order with my own hands.”

In contrast to the Stella’s furiously bright eyes, his grey eyes were shining dully.

What dwelled in the depth of those eyes was the strength of his will, like steel itself.

The hardness of that will was more than sufficient to let Stella understand that it was pointless to talk to him.



Ikki stood up and restrained Stella who was on the verge of rampaging.

“Stop it, Stella.”


“Thank you. You got this angry for me. However......I hope that you can hold back here.”


It was none other than Ikki who dissuaded Stella, and she could not take further action.

She took out her anger that had nowhere to vent by punching the wall, and turned her back on Itsuki.

She probably wouldn’t have been able to hold herself back, if she were to see him any longer.

Whispering another “Thank you” to Stella, Ikki walked towards Itsuki.

“......You aren’t joking about it, right?”

“Of course......This is a chance for you to break free from our influence. I do not have the free time, nor the interest, in interfering with the progress of an unrelated person. It is beneficial for both of us, I think that it’s not a bad suggestion.”

Itsuki’s voice was totally serious.

In fact, just as Itsuki said, that suggestion had merit for Ikki.

They were already walking on separate paths.

It might be better for both sides if they sever their relationship cleanly.


“Father. About that, I cannot just reply ‘Yes, understood’ so easily.”

Ikki avoided answering immediately at the spot.

Itsuki indicated that he understood that.

“Understood. I don’t intend to rush you. I will look for you on another day.”

After telling him that, Itsuki got up from his chair and walked out of the Medical Room.

A heavy atmosphere was lingered behind.

Part 4
“I’m so pissed off! What’s with that guy!”

Stella yelled without reserve and threw a pillow at the door that Itsuki closed.

And then she stared at Ikki with bloodshot eyes.

“Ikki! Is that really your father!? Don’t you actually have some complicated background like being the child of a lover!?”

“But our faces are similar, and I believe that we are blood-related. Probably, should be.”

He didn’t have the confidence to answer back considering his treatment till now.

“Well, it’s not that I don’t understand what my father said. Since he is at the position of managing the Knights in Japan, it would be terrible if all the members started acting rebellious like me.”

Ikki added those words, as if following up on his father to Stella, who was boiling with rage.

Stella made an obviously displeased face hearing that.

“What’s with you, Ikki? Aren’t you being really calm here? Even though he suggested severing your relationship with him.”

Ikki looked at Stella with eyes filled with love from her words, and replied.

“I guess. In the past, I would’ve been depressed, but I already have a girl who told me that she will ‘become my family’ at my side now.”

That’s right. He was already different from the time he was abducted by the Ethics Committee.

Even if his father were to sever their relationship, he still had a partner who had sworn to be his family.

That’s why he was shocked when he heard Itsuki’s suggestion, but he did not panic.

Because he had confirmed that a place he belonged to was next to the girl who was standing beside him.

“Ah, uu~~~~”

On the other hand, Stella turned her blushing face away from his straightforward trust.

She was aware that she was showing a really silly face right then.

Ikki looked at such a Stella with a smile and spoke.

“And also, to be honest, I think that such a day will eventually come......No, essentially, this is something I would have to bring up with my father, about me leaving the Kurogane family. This is a problem that I cannot avoid, no, cannot run away from.”

That was how it would be for continuing to go against the Kurogane, something that he would have to settle in the end.

“......Ikki intends to sever your relationship with that guy?”

“That’s what I intended.”


His ambiguous words caused Stella to tilt her head.

“I was resolved to do that......But for father to bring it up himself...”

He could not give an immediate answer.

Even though he clearly understood that there was no other answer.

As such, Ikki mocked himself.

“Why is it......Even now, I can’t really hate that guy. Is this what it means to be unable to separate from parents?”


But it’s alright. I intend to give him my answer in the near future......No, the answer is already there. What’s left is to convey it. My path and my father’s will never meet. Since we will be parallel no matter how far we walk, I need to properly reach a conclusion.”

“Is that so?”


The voice of a third person came from the gap of the door that was knocked ajar from the impact of the pillow Stella had thrown.

It was the girl who went out of the Medical Room before, whose neat facial features were wasted by her clothes, Sara Bloodlily, standing outside the door.

“You returned?”

“I waited outside since it seemed that you are talking about some complicated things.”

“......I wish that you would use that common sense a little more on your TPO[1] for clothes.”

Taking a glance at the topless-with-apron body of Sara, Stella sighed in resignation.

“Sara-san. Did you want to say something just now?”

“......Not really.”

Sara quietly shook her head to Ikki’s question.

She definitely muttered “Is that so?” when she walked in through the door.

That definitely meant that she probably had some opinion on Ikki’s issue.

However, she did not seem to be enthusiastic to voice it out.

In that case, Ikki would not ask any further.

They were not intimate to the point of asking for her opinion on his own matters, because she was not someone who he would open his heart to.

No, more than that ──

“Instead of that, Another One.”

“I reject.”

“I-I haven’t said anything~......”

“Even if you haven’t said anything yet, I can tell from your eyes!”

Although her face was expressionless like a doll, those pupils shone with desire and curiosity.

Those pupils were the same as the eyes of a wild beast, like when they had met at the party the day before.

As such, Ikki shot Sara down before she could say it.

Having her initiative taken away, Sara was at a loss.

However, she did not chase after Ikki with a half-hearted interest.

She had her own matters that she would not compromise.

That’s why she pulled herself together.

“Actually, I wanted to say that it’s fine if you don’t want to be my model. But you rejected that. Which means......”

“No means no, even if you bring out an elementary school excuse!”

However, Ikki did not pull back.

Rather, he could not pull back.

No matter how famous an artist she was, he was too embarrassed to be stark naked in front of others.

It was not a matter that he could accept with a straight face.

“No matter what you say, I will never be a nude model!”


“Even if you show me a reproachful look, no.”


“No matter how much you do it, no!”

Sara’s shoulder drooped at Ikki’s total refusal.

“......I understand.”

“Are you finally giving up?”

“I will come again when you’re asleep.”

“You didn’t understand anything! Although I already knew it!”

Ikki held his head and raised a sad cry.

That could not go on any longer.

Because of her, even if he locked the room......no, even if he was inside a block of reinforced concrete, she was an ability user who could make a door and enter.

When such a person was targeting him, he could not sleep peacefully, even though he was in the midst of such an important event.

His relationship with his father, Itsuki, was one matter, but he also had to end his strange relationship with that girl.

He had to make her give up, as soon as possible.

So, he grabbed the shoulder of Sara, who was leaving the Medical Room to “come again when he’s asleep”, and pulled her back.

“Wait a minute, Sara-san! No matter how many times you come, I will ──”



His words froze.

The reason was because in the instant Sara turned back, her apron, which was the only thing covering her upper body, had its strap fall off...


The two melon-like huge white breasts bounced out.



The one who raised a high-pitched scream was not Sara, but Stella.

She quickly dived behind Ikki and covered his eyes with her hands.

And she complained.

“I-Ikki! W-WWWWhat are you doing!?”

“N-No! I didn’t do it on purpose! After I grabbed her shoulder, it just......!”

“Ah~, my apron strap has snapped......”

Besides the two people who were making a ruckus with blushing faces, Sara was not shaken in the least, and murmured as she picked up the fallen apron.

Looking closely, the strap of the apron was torn.

“I think that it probably got torn when you were pulling around randomly earlier. That’s why it’s your fault.”

“Uu. S-Somehow when you say that, I get the feeling that I might’ve pulled the strap.”

Then it was probably her fault.

No, no matter how she thought about it, Sara was in the wrong for wearing clothes that would fall off if one strap was torn.

However, Stella judged that it was not the situation to complain about that then.

“Anyway, cover yourself with that sheet over there first! Then give me the key to your hotel room! Since it’s my fault, I will fetch you a change of clothes!”

“Don’t have.”

“Did you lose it? Then tell me your room number and I will inform the reception.”

“It’s not that, I don’t have any other clothes.”

“Whyyy――――――!?!? Isn’t that weird for a girl!?”

“It’s because washing is troublesome.”

“That’s not the level of being simply lazy already!? And you called yourself delicate! You are the one who is like a gorilla! Ahh geez! Then I will give you one of my dresses as compensation, change into that!”

“Taking a dress as compensation for this kind of worn-out apron makes me look like a greedy woman; it’s too shameful, so no.”

“There is a mountain of other things that you should be ashamed of! I’m sure that you cannot take part in the next match wearing something like that! It will totally cause a broadcasting accident!”

“It’s alright. Since the strap is only a little torn, it can be used after tying a knot as emergency treatment.”

Saying so, Sara sloppily tied a knot with the torn strap, reconnecting it, and wore it back.


And she showed a smug look to Stella.

At the same time, Stella felt a severe headache.

(N-No good......! This girl has fatally mistaken the important point............!)

The problem was not whether she could still use that tardy apron.

The problem was that such clothes would cause a broadcasting accident from the most trivial thing.

She did not seem to understand that at all.

She would probably wear that torn apron without any concern and appear for the match with Ikki.

And if she made any vigorous movements there?

Of course, the apron with only a sloppy emergency treatment would not be safe.

First, she would without a doubt be exposed.

If it was just that, it would still be fine.

If that girl’s foolishness was broadcasted to the whole country, it would be a good thing to Stella.

However, what if, one in a ten thousand chance, the exposure were to cause Ikki’s sword to dull, and affect the outcome of the match......if it caused him to lose...

(I will absolutely not accept such a stupid result!)

It was no joke.

It was she who indirectly caused Ikki to be in a disadvantageous third round.

She could not let the anxiety factor increase anymore.


“I have decided......Ikki and me will go take a jersey, so you wear that first. Then, go to the department store wearing that.”

“The department store? You and I?”

“I will also bring a friend who is well-versed in fashion. We will buy your clothes there.”

“??? Why? It’s already fixed, so I don’t ────”

In that instant, along with an unusual sonic boom, something with a huge weight grazed past Sara’s ear, and stabbed into the wall of the corridor.

It was Lævateinn.

Shocked from the sudden hostility, Sara cowered.

Stella showed a first-rate smile towards her.

“If you jump around wearing those worn-out clothes, various things will also jump out, you know~? Well? If you insist? If you still iiiiinsist on wearing that to the ring in the match against Ikki, even though I’m asking you nicely like this, in order to prevent a broadcasting accident from happening in the slimmest chance......I will burn the apron into your skin until it sticks on so that it can never be removed, would you prefer that?”

Stella’s eyes were not smiling at all as she said that.

Sara was rendered incapable to scream, desperately shaking her head.

“Very well. Be a good girl and wait, alright? My smiling face is very cute so you may not know, I am currently in the worst mood possible, so I don’t know what I might do if you run away, you know? Do you understand?”

*Nod nod nod nod!*

Sara nodded with a pale face.

After Stella confirmed her consent, she left the Medical Room with Ikki, who was having cold sweat due to her coerciveness.

1 TPO - Time, Place, Occasion.  


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